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An experimental assessment of in silico haplotype association mapping in laboratory mice

Author(s): Burgess-Herbert Sarah | Tsaih Shirng-Wern | Stylianou Ioannis | Walsh Kenneth | Cox Allison | Paigen Beverly
A new approach to detect non-pleiotropic QTL for correlated traits

Author(s): S. Casu | J.M. Elsen | A. Carta
Locating QTLs Controlling Salt Tolerance in Barley Using Wheat-Barley Disomic Addition Lines

Author(s): E. Farshadfar | S.A. Safavi | M. Aghaee-Sarbarzeh
Detection of quantitative trait loci for physical traits of cashew apple

Author(s): Francisco Herberth Costa dos Santos | José Jaime Vasconcelos Cavalcanti | Fanuel Pereira da Silva
The QuaLAT project: mapping QTL for milk fatty acid content in the Italian Brown population and in the Israel Holstein Friesian

Author(s): F. Schiavini | V. La Mattina | A. B. Samoré | A. Rossoni | Y. Ungar | Y. Kashi | E. Shimoni | R. Tal | E. Lipkin | M. Soller | A. Bagnato
A statistical model for mapping morphological shape

Author(s): Fu Guifang | Berg Arthur | Das Kiranmoy | Li Jiahan | Li Runze | Wu Rongling
QTLminer: identifying genes regulating quantitative traits

Author(s): Alberts Rudi | Schughart Klaus
Data-driven assessment of eQTL mapping methods

Author(s): Michaelson Jacob | Alberts Rudi | Schughart Klaus | Beyer Andreas
A major QTL controls susceptibility to spinal curvature in the curveback guppy

Author(s): Gorman Kristen | Christians Julian | Parent Jennifer | Ahmadi Roozbeh | Weigel Detlef | Dreyer Christine | Breden Felix
Development and bin mapping of a Rosaceae Conserved Ortholog Set (COS) of markers

Author(s): Cabrera Antonio | Kozik Alex | Howad Werner | Arus Pere | Iezzoni Amy | Knaap Esther
An Improved Approach for Mapping Quantitative Trait Loci in a Pseudo-Testcross: Revisiting a Poplar Mapping Study

Author(s): Song Wu | Jie Yang | Youjun Huang | Yao Li | Tongming Yin | Stan D. Wullschleger | Gerald A. Tuskan | Rongling Wu
A consensus linkage map of the grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella) based on microsatellites and SNPs

Author(s): Xia Jun | Liu Feng | Zhu Ze | Fu Jianjun | Feng Jianbin | Li Jiale | Yue Gen
A SSR-based composite genetic linkage map for the cultivated peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) genome

Author(s): Hong Yanbin | Chen Xiaoping | Liang Xuanqiang | Liu Haiyan | Zhou Guiyuan | Li Shaoxiong | Wen Shijie | Holbrook C Corley | Guo Baozhu
Mapping main, epistatic and sex-specific QTL for body composition in a chicken population divergently selected for low or high growth rate

Author(s): Ankra-Badu Georgina | Shriner Daniel | Le Bihan-Duval Elisabeth | Mignon-Grasteau Sandrine | Pitel Frédérique | Beaumont Catherine | Duclos Michel | Simon Jean | Porter Tom | Vignal Alain | Cogburn Larry | Allison David | Yi Nengjun | Aggrey Samuel
QTLs and candidate genes for desiccation and abscisic acid content in maize kernels

Author(s): Capelle Valérie | Remoué Carine | Moreau Laurence | Reyss Agnès | Mahé Aline | Massonneau Agnès | Falque Matthieu | Charcosset Alain | Thévenot Claudine | Rogowsky Peter | Coursol Sylvie | Prioul Jean-Louis
Identification of a Rice stripe necrosis virus resistance locus and yield component QTLs using Oryza sativa × O. glaberrima introgression lines

Author(s): Gutiérrez Andrés | Carabalí Silvio | Giraldo Olga | Martínez César | Correa Fernando | Prado Gustavo | Tohme Joe | Lorieux Mathias
DNA polymorphisms and haplotype patterns of transcription factors involved in barley endosperm development are associated with key agronomic traits

Author(s): Haseneyer Grit | Stracke Silke | Piepho Hans-Peter | Sauer Sascha | Geiger Hartwig | Graner Andreas
Recombinational landscape of porcine X chromosome and individual variation in female meiotic recombination associated with haplotypes of Chinese pigs

Author(s): Ma Junwu | Iannuccelli Nathalie | Duan Yanyu | Huang Weibing | Guo Beili | Riquet Juliette | Huang Lusheng | Milan Denis
From QTL to candidate gene: Genetical genomics of simple and complex traits in potato using a pooling strategy

Author(s): Kloosterman Bjorn | Oortwijn Marian | uitdeWilligen Jan | America Twan | de Vos Ric | Visser Richard | Bachem Christian
Mapping QTL affecting milk somatic Cell count in the Italian Brown Swiss dairy Cattle – the QuaLAT Project

Author(s): A. Bagnato | F. Schiavini | V. La Mattina | E. Santus | M. Soller | E. Lipkin
QTL Analysis of Forage Quantity and Quality-Related Traits of Barley

Author(s): B Siahsar | A Taleei | A Peyghambari | M Naghavi | A Rezaee | SH Kohkan
A comparison of SNPs and microsatellites as linkage mapping markers: lessons from the zebra finch (Taeniopygia guttata)

Author(s): Ball Alexander | Stapley Jessica | Dawson Deborah | Birkhead Tim | Burke Terry | Slate Jon
Intricate environment-modulated genetic networks control isoflavone accumulation in soybean seeds

Author(s): Gutierrez-Gonzalez Juan | Wu Xiaolei | Gillman Jason | Lee Jeong-Dong | Zhong Rui | Yu Oliver | Shannon Grover | Ellersieck Mark | Nguyen Henry | Sleper David
Functional mapping of genotype-environment interactions for soybean growth by a semiparametric approach

Author(s): Li Qin | Huang Zhongwen | Xu Meng | Wang Chenguang | Gai Junyi | Huang Youjun | Pang Xiaoming | Wu Rongling
Resistance loci affecting distinct stages of fungal pathogenesis: use of introgression lines for QTL mapping and characterization in the maize - Setosphaeria turcica pathosystem

Author(s): Chung Chia-Lin | Longfellow Joy | Walsh Ellie | Kerdieh Zura | Van Esbroeck George | Balint-Kurti Peter | Nelson Rebecca
A gene frequency model for QTL mapping using Bayesian inference

Author(s): He Wei | Fernando Rohan | Dekkers Jack | Gilbert Helene
Combined detection and introgression of QTL in outbred populations

Author(s): Yazdi M Hossein | Sonesson Anna | Woolliams John | Meuwissen Theodorus
Genotype and expression analysis of two inbred mouse strains and two derived congenic strains suggest that most gene expression is trans regulated and sensitive to genetic background

Author(s): Noyes Harry | Agaba Morris | Anderson Susan | Archibald Alan | Brass Andy | Gibson John | Hall Laurence | Hulme Helen | Oh Sung | Kemp Stephen
Discovery and Characterization of Proteins Associated with Aflatoxin-Resistance: Evaluating Their Potential as Breeding Markers

Author(s): Robert L. Brown | Zhi-Yuan Chen | Marilyn Warburton | Meng Luo | Abebe Menkir | Ahmad Fakhoury | Deepak Bhatnagar
Genome-wide mapping of Quantitative Trait Loci for fatness, fat cell characteristics and fat metabolism in three porcine F2 crosses

Author(s): Geldermann Hermann | Čepica Stanislav | Stratil Antonin | Bartenschlager Heinz | Preuss Siegfried
Characteristics of linkage disequilibrium in North American Holsteins

Author(s): Bohmanova Jarmila | Sargolzaei Mehdi | Schenkel Flavio
Meta-analysis of cotton fiber quality QTLs across diverse environments in a Gossypium hirsutum x G. barbadense RIL population

Author(s): Lacape Jean-Marc | Llewellyn Danny | Jacobs John | Arioli Tony | Becker David | Calhoun Steve | Al-Ghazi Yves | Liu Shiming | Palaï Oumarou | Georges Sophie | Giband Marc | de Assunção Henrique | Barroso Paulo | Claverie Michel | Gawryziak Gérard | Jean Janine | Vialle Michèle | Viot Christopher
Genetic Mapping of QTLS for Grain Dimension in Rice Grown in Two Asian Countries

Author(s): Ke Xiao | Hailong Zuo | Yanjun Dong | Lijun Luo | Hanwei Mei | M. Matsuo
Mapping Quantitative Trait Loci Associated with Leaf Senescence During Maturation of Rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Author(s): Dongzhi Lin | Junzhi Zhang | Hailong Zuo | Jianlong Xu | Lijun Luo | Yanjun Dong
Mapping Quantitative Trait Loci for Waterlogging Tolerance in Cucumber Using SRAP and ISSR Markers

Author(s): Martin Agyei Yeboah | Chen Xuehao | Chen Rong Feng | Mouammar Alfandi | Guohua Liang | Minghong Gu
Associations Between Microsatellite Markers and Traits Related to Performance, Carcass and Organs in Chickens

Author(s): C. Boschiero | M.F. Rosario | M.C. Ledur | R.L.R. Campos | M. Ambo | L.L. Coutinho | A.S.A.M.T. Moura
Potential Association Between Microsatellite Markers on Chicken Chromosomes 6, 7 and 8 and Body Weight

Author(s): R.L.R. Campos | M. Ambo | M.F. Rosario | A.S.A.M.T. Moura | C. Boschiero | K. Nones | M.C. Ledur | L.L. Coutinho
Assessment of Genetic Relationships Between Two Species of Jute Plants Using Phenotypic and RAPD Markers

Author(s): L.A. Ogunkanmi | W.O. Okunowo | O.O. Oyelakin | B.O. Oboh | O.O. Adesina | K.O. Adekoya | O.T. Ogundipe
Application of molecular markers in apple breeding

Author(s): Marić Slađana | Lukić Milan | Cerović Radosav | Mitrović Milisav | Bošković Radovan
SNP and SSR marker analysis and mapping of a maize population

Author(s): Šimić Domagoj | Ledenčan Tatjana | Jambrović Antun | Zdunić Zvonimir | Brkić Josip | Brkić Andrija | Mladenović-Drinić Snežana | Brkić Ivan
Identification of expression QTL (eQTL) of genes expressed in porcine M. longissimus dorsi and associated with meat quality traits

Author(s): Ponsuksili Siriluck | Murani Eduard | Schwerin Manfred | Schellander Karl | Wimmers Klaus
A fast and cost-effective approach to develop and map EST-SSR markers: oak as a case study

Author(s): Durand Jérôme | Bodénès Catherine | Chancerel Emilie | Frigerio Jean-Marc | Vendramin Giovanni | Sebastiani Federico | Buonamici Anna | Gailing Oliver | Koelewijn Hans-Peter | Villani Fiorella | Mattioni Claudia | Cherubini Marcello | Goicoechea Pablo | Herrán Ana | Ikaran Ziortza | Cabané Cyril | Ueno Saneyoshi | Alberto Florian | Dumoulin Pierre-Yves | Guichoux Erwan | de Daruvar Antoine | Kremer Antoine | Plomion Christophe
Integrating the markers Pan I and haemoglobin with the genetic linkage map of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua)

Author(s): Borza Tudor | Higgins Brent | Simpson Gary | Bowman Sharen
A BAC/BIBAC-based physical map of chickpea, Cicer arietinum L

Author(s): Zhang Xiaojun | Scheuring Chantel | Zhang Meiping | Dong Jennifer | Zhang Yang | Huang James | Lee Mi-Kyung | Abbo Shahal | Sherman Amir | Shtienberg Dani | Chen Weidong | Muehlbauer Fred | Zhang Hong-Bin
Effect of family relatedness on characteristics of estimated IBD probabilities in relation to precision of QTL estimates

Author(s): Freyer Gertraude | Hernández-Sánchez Jules | Vukasinovic Natascha
Integrated database for identifying candidate genes for Aspergillus flavus resistance in maize

Author(s): Kelley Rowena | Gresham Cathy | Harper Jonathan | Bridges Susan | Warburton Marilyn | Hawkins Leigh | Pechanova Olga | Peethambaran Bela | Pechan Tibor | Luthe Dawn | Mylroie J | Ankala Arunkanth | Ozkan Seval | Henry W | Williams W
Joint QTL analysis of three connected F2-crosses in pigs

Author(s): Rückert Christine | Bennewitz Jörn
Integrative mapping analysis of chicken microchromosome 16 organization

Author(s): Solinhac Romain | Leroux Sophie | Galkina Svetlana | Chazara Olympe | Feve Katia | Vignoles Florence | Morisson Mireille | Derjusheva Svetlana | Bed'hom Bertrand | Vignal Alain | Fillon Valérie | Pitel Frédérique
Does probabilistic modelling of linkage disequilibrium evolution improve the accuracy of QTL location in animal pedigree?

Author(s): Cierco-Ayrolles Christine | Dejean Sébastien | Legarra Andrés | Gilbert Hélène | Druet Tom | Ytournel Florence | Estivals Delphine | Oumouhou Naïma | Mangin Brigitte
solQTL: a tool for QTL analysis, visualization and linking to genomes at SGN database

Author(s): Tecle Isaak | Menda Naama | Buels Robert | van der Knaap Esther | Mueller Lukas
Variation and inheritance of iron reductase activity in the roots of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) and association with seed iron accumulation QTL

Author(s): Blair Matthew | Knewtson Sharon | Astudillo Carolina | Li Chee-Ming | Fernandez Andrea | Grusak Michael
Quantitative trait loci mapping reveals candidate pathways regulating cell cycle duration in Plasmodium falciparum

Author(s): Reilly Ayala Heather | Wacker Mark | Siwo Geoffrey | Ferdig Michael
Efficient algorithms for multidimensional global optimization in genetic mapping of complex traits

Author(s): Kajsa Ljungberg | Kateryna Mishchenko, Sverker Holmgren
Generation and analysis of expressed sequence tags (ESTs) for marker development in yam (Dioscorea alata L.)

Author(s): Narina Satya | Buyyarapu Ramesh | Kottapalli Kameswara | Sartie Alieu | Ali Mohamed | Robert Asiedu | Hodeba Mignouna | Sayre Brian | Scheffler Brian
A new mapping method for quantitative trait loci of silkworm

Author(s): Xu Hai-Ming | Wei Chang-Shuai | Tang Yun-Ting | Zhu Zhi-Hong | Sima Yang-Fu | Lou Xiang-Yang
Information content in genome-wide scans: concordance between patterns of genetic differentiation and linkage mapping associations

Author(s): Wiener Pamela | Edriss Mohammad | Williams John | Waddington David | Law Andrew | Woolliams John | Gutiérrez-Gil Beatriz
A second generation genetic map of the bumblebee Bombus terrestris (Linnaeus, 1758) reveals slow genome and chromosome evolution in the Apidae

Author(s): Stolle Eckart | Wilfert Lena | Schmid-Hempel Regula | Schmid-Hempel Paul | Kube Michael | Reinhardt Richard | Moritz Robin
Fine mapping and replication of QTL in outbred chicken advanced intercross lines

Author(s): Besnier Francois | Wahlberg Per | Rönnegård Lars | Ek Weronica | Andersson Leif | Siegel Paul | Carlborg Orjan
A locally congenic backcross design in pig: a new regional fine QTL mapping approach miming congenic strains used in mouse

Author(s): Riquet Juliette | Gilbert Hélène | Servin Bertrand | Sanchez Marie-Pierre | Iannuccelli Nathalie | Billon Yvon | Bidanel Jean-Pierre | Milan Denis
Recent and historical recombination in the admixed Norwegian Red cattle breed

Author(s): Sodeland Marte | Kent Matthew | Hayes Ben | Grove Harald | Lien Sigbjørn
Genetic dissection of maize phenology using an intraspecific introgression library

Author(s): Salvi Silvio | Corneti Simona | Bellotti Massimo | Carraro Nicola | Sanguineti Maria | Castelletti Sara | Tuberosa Roberto
Construction and application for QTL analysis of a Restriction Site Associated DNA (RAD) linkage map in barley

Author(s): Chutimanitsakun Yada | Nipper Rick | Cuesta-Marcos Alfonso | Cistué Luis | Corey Ann | Filichkina Tanya | Johnson Eric | Hayes Patrick
Genomic mapping of social behavior traits in a F2 cross derived from mice selectively bred for high aggression

Author(s): Nehrenberg Derrick | Wang Shiliang | Buus Ryan | Perkins James | de Villena Fernando | Pomp Daniel
Population- and genome-specific patterns of linkage disequilibrium and SNP variation in spring and winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Author(s): Chao Shiaoman | Dubcovsky Jorge | Dvorak Jan | Luo Ming-Cheng | Baenziger Stephen | Matnyazov Rustam | Clark Dale | Talbert Luther | Anderson James | Dreisigacker Susanne | Glover Karl | Chen Jianli | Campbell Kim | Bruckner Phil | Rudd Jackie | Haley Scott | Carver Brett | Perry Sid | Sorrells Mark | Akhunov Eduard
Quantitative trait loci for variation in immune response to a Foot-and-Mouth Disease virus peptide

Author(s): Leach Richard | Craigmile Susan | Knott Sara | Williams John | Glass Elizabeth
Natural diversity of potato (Solanum tuberosum) invertases

Author(s): Draffehn Astrid | Meller Sebastian | Li Li | Gebhardt Christiane
Developing high throughput genotyped chromosome segment substitution lines based on population whole-genome re-sequencing in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Author(s): Xu Jianjun | Zhao Qiang | Du Peina | Xu Chenwu | Wang Baohe | Feng Qi | Liu Qiaoquan | Tang Shuzhu | Gu Minghong | Han Bin | Liang Guohua
Germline transformation of the stalk-eyed fly, Teleopsis dalmanni

Author(s): Warren Ian | Fowler Kevin | Smith Hazel
Combining two Meishan F2 crosses improves the detection of QTL on pig chromosomes 2, 4 and 6

Author(s): Tortereau Flavie | Gilbert Hélène | Heuven Henri | Bidanel Jean-Pierre | Groenen Martien | Riquet Juliette
Differential gene expression in nearly isogenic lines with QTL for partial resistance to Puccinia hordei in barley

Author(s): Chen Xinwei | Niks Rients | Hedley Peter | Morris Jenny | Druka Arnis | Marcel Thierry | Vels Anton | Waugh Robbie
A Genetic Analysis of Aluminium Tolerance in Cereals

Author(s): Sheeba Navakode | Annette Weidner | Rajeev K. Varshney | Ulrike Lohwasser | Uwe Scholz | Marion S. Röder | Andreas Börner
A first generation integrated map of the rainbow trout genome

Author(s): Palti Yniv | Genet Carine | Luo Ming-Cheng | Charlet Aurélie | Gao Guangtu | Hu Yuqin | Castaño-Sánchez Cecilia | Tabet-Canale Kamila | Krieg Francine | Yao Jianbo | Vallejo Roger | Rexroad Caird
Number and mode of inheritance of QTL influencing backfat thickness on SSC2p in Sino-European pig pedigrees

Author(s): Tortereau Flavie | Gilbert Hélène | Heuven Henri | Bidanel Jean-Pierre | Groenen Martien | Riquet Juliette
QTL mapping in white spruce: gene maps and genomic regions underlying adaptive traits across pedigrees, years and environments

Author(s): Pelgas Betty | Bousquet Jean | Meirmans Patrick | Ritland Kermit | Isabel Nathalie
Advancing the STMS genomic resources for defining new locations on the intraspecific genetic linkage map of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)

Author(s): Gaur Rashmi | Sethy Niroj | Choudhary Shalu | Shokeen Bhumika | Gupta Varsha | Bhatia Sabhyata
QTL Mapping of Adult-Plant Resistance to Stripe Rust in Chinese Wheat Cultivar Chuanyu 16

Author(s): Ling Wu | Youliang Zheng | Xianchun Xia | Yunliang Peng | Huazhong Zhu | Yongjian Liu | Yu Wu | Shizhao Li | Zhonghu He
QTL Mapping: A Few Key points

Author(s): S A Angaji
Mapping QTL for Grain Yield under Moisture Stress Environments in Rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Author(s): Supriyo CHAKRABORTY | Sheng-Chu WANG | Zhao-Bang ZENG
Molecular characterization of a long range haplotype affecting protein yield and mastitis susceptibility in Norwegian Red cattle

Author(s): Sodeland Marte | Grove Harald | Kent Matthew | Taylor Simon | Svendsen Morten | Hayes Ben | Lien Sigbjørn
Mapping quantitative trait loci for T lymphocyte subpopulations in peripheral blood in swine

Author(s): Lu Xin | Liu Jian-Feng | Gong Yuan-Fang | Wang Zhi-Peng | Liu Yang | Zhang Qin
Mapping QTLs for oil traits and eQTLs for oleosin genes in jatropha

Author(s): Liu Peng | Wang Chun | Li Lei | Sun Fei | Liu Peng | Yue Gen
Detection of growth-related QTL in turbot (Scophthalmus maximus)

Author(s): Sánchez-Molano Enrique | Cerna Alex | Toro Miguel | Bouza Carmen | Hermida Miguel | Pardo Belén | Cabaleiro Santiago | Fernández Jesús | Martínez Paulino
A fitness assay for comparing RNAi effects across multiple C. elegans genotypes

Author(s): Elvin Mark | Snoek Laurens | Frejno Martin | Klemstein Ulrike | Kammenga Jan | Poulin Gino
Localization of QTLs for in vitro plant regeneration in tomato

Author(s): Trujillo-Moya Carlos | Gisbert Carmina | Vilanova Santiago | Nuez Fernando
QTL detection for Aeromonas salmonicida resistance related traits in turbot (Scophthalmus maximus)

Author(s): Rodríguez-Ramilo Silvia | Toro Miguel | Bouza Carmen | Hermida Miguel | Pardo Belén | Cabaleiro Santiago | Martínez Paulino | Fernández Jesús
Progeny-testing of full-sibs IBD in a SSC2 QTL region highlights epistatic interactions for fatness traits in pigs

Author(s): Tortereau Flavie | Sanchez Marie-Pierre | Fève Katia | Gilbert Hélène | Iannuccelli Nathalie | Billon Yvon | Milan Denis | Bidanel Jean-Pierre | Riquet Juliette
Genetic variation of γ-tocopherol methyltransferase gene contributes to elevated α-tocopherol content in soybean seeds

Author(s): Dwiyanti Maria | Yamada Tetsuya | Sato Masako | Abe Jun | Kitamura Keisuke
Quantitative trait loci for yield and morphological traits in maize under drought stress

Author(s): Nikolić Ana | Anđelković Violeta | Dodig Dejan | Ignjatović-Micić Dragana
Mapping quantitative trait loci (QTL) in sheep. IV. Analysis of lactation persistency and extended lactation traits in sheep

Author(s): Jonas Elisabeth | Thomson Peter | Hall Evelyn | McGill David | Lam Mary | Raadsma Herman
Detection of segregation distortion loci in triticale (x Triticosecale Wittmack) based on a high-density DArT marker consensus genetic linkage map

Author(s): Alheit Katharina | Reif Jochen | Maurer Hans | Hahn Volker | Weissmann Elmar | Miedaner Thomas | Würschum Tobias
Functional markers for gene mapping and genetic diversity studies in sugarcane

Author(s): Marconi Thiago | Costa Estela | Miranda Hercília | Mancini Melina | Cardoso-Silva Cláudio | Oliveira Karine | Pinto Luciana | Mollinari Marcelo | Garcia Antônio | Souza Anete
QTLRel: an R Package for Genome-wide Association Studies in which Relatedness is a Concern

Author(s): Cheng Riyan | Abney Mark | Palmer Abraham | Skol Andrew
A consensus linkage map for molecular markers and Quantitative Trait Loci associated with economically important traits in melon (Cucumis melo L.)

Author(s): Diaz Aurora | Fergany Mohamed | Formisano Gelsomina | Ziarsolo Peio | Blanca José | Fei Zhanjun | Staub Jack | Zalapa Juan | Cuevas Hugo | Dace Gayle | Oliver Marc | Boissot Nathalie | Dogimont Catherine | Pitrat Michel | Hofstede René | van Koert Paul | Harel-Beja Rotem | Tzuri Galil | Portnoy Vitaly | Cohen Shahar | Schaffer Arthur | Katzir Nurit | Xu Yong | Zhang Haiying | Fukino Nobuko | Matsumoto Satoru | Garcia-Mas Jordi | Monforte Antonio
QTL detection for physicochemical characteristics of cashew apple

Author(s): Francisco Herbeth Costa dos Santos | José Jaime Vasconcelos Cavalcanti | Fanuel Pereira da Silva
A high-resolution linkage map for comparative genome analysis and QTL fine mapping in Asian seabass, Lates calcarifer

Author(s): Wang Chun | Bai Zhi | He Xiao | Lin Grace | Xia Jun | Sun Fei | Lo Loong | Feng Felicia | Zhu Ze | Yue Gen
qtl.outbred: Interfacing outbred line cross data with the R/qtl mapping software

Author(s): Nelson Ronald | Shen Xia | Carlborg Örjan
Characterisation of a novel paralog of scavenger receptor class B member I (SCARB1) in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)

Author(s): Sundvold Hilde | Helgeland Hanna | Baranski Matthew | Omholt Stig | Våge Dag
Detection of QTL with effects on osmoregulation capacities in the rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Author(s): Le Bras Yvan | Dechamp Nicolas | Krieg Francine | Filangi Olivier | Guyomard René | Boussaha Mekki | Bovenhuis Henk | Pottinger Thomas | Prunet Patrick | Le Roy Pascale | Quillet Edwige
Fast empirical Bayesian LASSO for multiple quantitative trait locus mapping

Author(s): Cai Xiaodong | Huang Anhui | Xu Shizhong
Integration of Solexa sequences on an ultradense genetic map in Brassica rapa L.

Author(s): Li Wei | Zhang Jiefu | Mou Yanglong | Geng Jianfeng | McVetty Peter | Hu Shengwu | Li Genyi
Analysis of BAC-end sequences in rainbow trout: Content characterization and assessment of synteny between trout and other fish genomes

Author(s): Genet Carine | Dehais Patrice | Palti Yniv | Gao Guangtu | Gavory Frederick | Wincker Patrick | Quillet Edwige | Boussaha Mekki
Comprehensive genetic dissection of wood properties in a widely-grown tropical tree: Eucalyptus

Author(s): Gion Jean-Marc | Carouché Audrey | Deweer Sylvie | Bedon Franck | Pichavant Frédérique | Charpentier Jean-Paul | Baillères Henri | Rozenberg Philippe | Carocha Victor | Ognouabi Nina | Verhaegen Daniel | Grima-Pettenati Jacqueline | Vigneron Philippe | Plomion Christophe
Whole genome QTL mapping for growth, meat quality and breast meat yield traits in turkey

Author(s): Aslam Muhammad | Bastiaansen John | Crooijmans Richard | Vereijken Addie | Groenen Martien
Mapping of QTL affecting incidence of blood and meat inclusions in egg layers

Author(s): Honkatukia Mervi | Tuiskula-Haavisto Maria | Ahola Virpi | Uimari Pekka | Schmutz Matthias | Preisinger Rudolf | Cavero David | Vennerström Pia | Arango Jesus | O'Sullivan Neil | Fulton Janet | Vilkki Johanna
Development and implementation of a highly-multiplexed SNP array for genetic mapping in maritime pine and comparative mapping with loblolly pine

Author(s): Chancerel Emilie | Lepoittevin Camille | Le Provost Grégoire | Lin Yao-Cheng | Jaramillo-Correa Juan | Eckert Andrew | Wegrzyn Jill | Zelenika Diana | Boland Anne | Frigerio Jean-Marc | Chaumeil Philippe | Garnier-Géré Pauline | Boury Christophe | Grivet Delphine | González-Martínez Santiago | Rouzé Pierre | Van de Peer Yves | Neale David | Cervera Maria | Kremer Antoine | Plomion Christophe
Large scale genome-wide association and LDLA mapping study identifies QTLs for boar taint and related sex steroids

Author(s): Grindflek Eli | Lien Sigbjørn | Hamland Hanne | Hansen Marianne | Kent Matthew | van Son Maren | Meuwissen Theo
A Public Platform for the Verification of the Phenotypic Effect of Candidate Genes for Resistance to Aflatoxin Accumulation and Aspergillus flavus Infection in Maize

Author(s): Marilyn L. Warburton | William Paul Williams | Leigh Hawkins | Susan Bridges | Cathy Gresham | Jonathan Harper | Seval Ozkan | J. Erik Mylroie | Xueyan Shan
QTL Mapping for chinese northern-style steamed bread specific volume

Author(s): Peng Wu | Bin Liu | Tao Zhou | Zhuokun Li | Haiyun Du | Jiteng Wang | Jichun Tian
Molecular Mapping of QTLs for Drought Related Traits at Seedling Stage under PEG Induced Stress Conditions in Rice

Author(s): Akkareddy Srividya | Lakshminarayana R. Vemireddy | Puram Venkata Ramanarao | Sakile Sridhar | Mudduluru Jayaprada | Ghanta Anuradha | Battiprolu Srilakshmi | Hariprasad K. Reddy | Arramsetty Subramanyam Hariprasad | Ebrahimali Abubackar Siddiq

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