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Robust adaptive system identification of steam separator process in thermal power plants

Author(s): Goran S. Kvaščev | Aleksandra Lj. Marjanović | Željko M. Đurović
Useful microbiological testing of confectionery products quality

Author(s): Carmen Corina Visan | Csilla Iuliana Bara
Developing An Effective Strategy to Configure Assembly Systems Using Lean Concepts

Author(s): M.Eswaramoorthi | P.S.S. Prasad | P.V. Mohanram
Identifying dependability requirements for space software systems

Author(s): Marcos Alécio dos Santos Romani | Carlos Henrique Netto Lahoz | Edgar Toshiro Yano
Pour un échantillonnage et un conseil agronomique raisonné, les outils d'aide à la décision

Author(s): Genot, V. | Buffet, D. | Legrain, X. | Goffaux, MJ. | Cugnon, T. | Oger, R. | Bock, L. | Colinet, G.
Some Principles and Requirements in Fish Nutrition

Author(s): J.F.N. Abowei | A.T. Ekubo
Wideband Wireless Access Systems Interference Robustness: Its Effect on Quality of Video Streaming

Author(s): Aderemi A. Atayero | Oleg I. Sheluhin | Yuri A. Ivanov | Julet O. Iruemi
A Novel Framework for Security Requirement Prioritization

Author(s): Shalini Sharma | Ajit Singh Malik
Effect Of Packet Delay Variation On Video/Voice Over Diffserv-Mpls In Ipv4/Ipv6 Networks

Author(s): Md. Tariq Aziz | Mohammad Saiful Islam | Adrian Popescu | Md. Nazmul Islam khan

Author(s): Saurabh Sharma | Satish Nayak | Sushil Mhaske
Link Quality Based Traffic Queue Management at 5.8 GHz

Author(s): Anwar Hassan Ibrahim | Mahamod Ismail | Kasmiran Jumari | Mandeep Singh
Production of canafístula seedlings cultivated in red-yellow alic latosol in response to macronutrients

Author(s): Cezar Augusto Fonseca e Cruz | Haroldo Nogueira de Paiva | Ana Catarina Monteiro Carvalho Mori da Cunha | Júlio César Lima Neves
Design for End-of-Life Value Framework for Vehicles Design and Development Process

Author(s): Muhamad Zameri Mat Saman | Norhayati Zakuan | Gordon Blount
QoS Based and Energy Aware Multi-Path Hierarchical Routing Algorithm in WSNs

Author(s): Sayyed Majid Mazinani | Behzad Homayounfar | Mohammad Reza Mazaheri
QoS Based and Energy Aware Multi-Path Hierarchical Routing Algorithm in WSNs

Author(s): Sayyed Majid Mazinani | Behzad Homayounfar | Mohammad Reza Mazaheri
Energy Efficient Dynamic Integration of Thresholds for Migration at Cloud Data Centers

Author(s): Richa Sinha | Nidhi Purohit | Hiteishi Diwanji
Studies on various grape genotypes through development of bearing zones and pruning severity

Author(s): Palanichamy V#, Bhaskar Mitra, Manish Srivastav and S.K. Singh
What do information reuse and automated processing require in engineering design? Semantic process

Author(s): Ossi Nykänen | Jaakko Salonen | Mikko Markkula | Pekka Ranta | Markus Rokala | Matti Helminen | Vänni Alarotu | Juha Nurmi | Tuija Palonen | Kari T Koskinen | Seppo Pohjolainen
Power Aware Live Migration for Data Centers in Cloud using Dynamic Threshold

Author(s): Richa Sinha | Nidhi Purohit | Hiteshi Diwanji
Uclean: A Requirement Based Object-Oriented Etl Framework

Author(s): Payal Pahwa | Shweta Taneja | Garima Thakur
Effects of Sulphurization Duration of Doses and Cold Storage on SO2 Content of Dried Apricot Fruits of cv. ‘Hacihaliloglu’

Author(s): Kadir OZTURK | Ramazan KONAK | Bulent OZTURK | Salih ATAY | Belgin CELIK | Makbule YANAR | Mehmet Naim DEMİRTAS | Sezai ERCISLI
Effects of Lignocellulosic in Wood Used as Substrate on the Quality and Yield of Mushrooms

Author(s): Mercy Badu | Sylvester K. Twumasi | Nathaniel O. Boadi
The Contruction and Application of Question Bank Management System in Teaching Hospital

Author(s): LI You | LIU Guang-qiong | Xiang Guo-chun | Tan Qiong | LIU Gang
WebMGA: a customizable web server for fast metagenomic sequence analysis

Author(s): Wu Sitao | Zhu Zhengwei | Fu Liming | Niu Beifang | Li Weizhong
Efficient bitstream switching for streaming of H.264/AVC coded video

Author(s): Altaf Muhammad | Khan Ekram | Ghanbari Mohammad | Qadri Nadia
Machine Perception in Automation:A Call to Arms

Author(s): Bruckner Dietmar | Velik Rosemarie | Penya Yoseba
Development of standardized laboratory methods and quality processes for a phase III study of the RTS, S/AS01 candidate malaria vaccine

Author(s): Swysen Christine | Vekemans Johan | Bruls Myriam | Oyakhirome Sunny | Drakeley Chris | Kremsner Peter | Greenwood Brian | Ofori-Anyinam Opokua | Okech Brenda | Villafana Tonya | Carter Terrell | Savarese Barbara | Duse Adriano | Reijman Andrea | Ingram Charlotte | Frean John | Ogutu Bernhards

Author(s): Adabara N. U. | Mawak J.D. | Momohjimoh A. | Bala J.D. | Abdulrahaman A.A. | Oyedum U.M. | Jagaba A.
Reclamation of salt-affected soils using amendments and growing wheat crop

Author(s): Behzad Murtaza*, Ghulam Murtaza, Muhammad Zia-ur-Rehman, Abdul Ghafoor, Saqib Abubakar and Muhammad Sabir

Author(s): Matangu-deba-noel | Tang Yang-Ping | Feng Qing-Xiu | M.Haseeb
Architecture Centric Development in Software Product Lines

Author(s): Aurangzeb Khan | Farooque Azam | Jahanzaib Khan
Opinions of Clinicians towards Use of Computer Applications for Detecting Drug-Food Interactions

Author(s): AS Gharamaleki | A Ahmadi | F Faraji Khiavi | SH Arpanahi | K Jafarian
A New Experience in Medical Student Admission in Iran

Author(s): R Majdzadeh | S Nedjat | H Keshavarz | A Rashidian | B Eynollahi | B Larijani | KB Lankarani
Production, quality control and bodistribution studies of labeled (ethylenediamine tetra (methylene phosphonic acid) with thulium-170.

Author(s): Simindokht Shirvani-Arani | Ali Bahrami-Samani | Amir Reza Jalilian | Mohammad Ghannadi Maragheh
Quality By Design: Facilitate A Robust Pharmaceutical Process

Author(s): Satish L Kharad1*, Smita Rane, Nitesh Sharma, Rohit Velhankar
A Context Aware Vertical Handover Algorithm for Vehicular Communication

Author(s): Sourav Dhar | Amitava Ray | Rabindra Nath Bera

Author(s): Cristina BOŢA-AVRAM | Atanasiu POP
Evaluating the 3G Network Performance by Virtual Testing

Author(s): Prabu Jayakumar | Chiew Foong Kwong
Good winds are expected!

Author(s): Carlos Renato Zacharias
AVS-P3: Algorithm and Implementation

Author(s): Tao Zhang | Dong Yuxi | Zhang Wen
Testing Conformance of BPEL Business Process Based on Model Checking

Author(s): Rongsheng Dong | Zhao Wei | Xiangyu Luo | Fang Liu
STB Based Multimedia Information Publication System

Author(s): Xuan Li | Lixin Lin | Xin Liu | Dejian Ye | Weihui Dai
An Energy-efficient Multi-candidate Greedy Routing Scheme in Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Tu Dang Nguyen | Wook Choi | Thiep Minh Ha | Hyunseung Choo
Energy-Quality System Design for Wireless Communication

Author(s): Yuwei Zhang | Ye Li | Dengyu Qiao
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Mohammad M. Banat
Delay Prediction for Real-Time Video Adaptive Transmisson over TCP

Author(s): Yonghua Xiong | Min Wu | Weijia Jia
Foreword of Special Issue on “E-Service and Applications”

Author(s): Jason C. Hung | Hsing-I Wang
New Algorithms on the Solution to Drifting Problem of GPS Positioning

Author(s): Guanli Huang | Bin Yang | Keyu Jiang
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Khan Mohammad Iftekharuddin | Mohammed Nazrul Islam | Mohammad Ataul Karim | Mohammad Abdus Salam
Physical-chemical evaluation of UHT and pasteurized Milk commercialized in Londrina – PR

Author(s): Aloisio Henrique Pereira de Souza | Marly Sayuri Katsuda | Lúcia Felicidade Dias
Clinical Outcome and Cost in Patients with Off-pump vs. On-Pump Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery

Author(s): Seyed Khalil Forouzannia | Mohammad Hassan Abdollahi | Seyed Jalil Mirhosseini | Habibollah Hosseini | Seyed Hossein Moshtaghion | Azam Golzar | Naeimeh Naserzadeh | Seyed Mohammad Ghoraishian | Tohid Emami Meybodi
A Novel Architecture for Motion Estimation

Author(s): Subarna Chatterjee
A Framework for Modelling Software Requirements

Author(s): Dhirendra Pandey | Ugrasen Suman | A K Ramani
From the Guest Editors

Author(s): Dragoslava D Stojiljković | Stojan V Petrović
A Trust Model for Secure and QoS Routing in MANETS

Author(s): Shilpa S G | Mrs. N.R. Sunitha | B.B. Amberker
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Evaluation of an economical total mix ration for dairy cattle with locally available feed resources

Author(s): Sampath, W.A.K. | Perera, A.N.F. | Gamika A. Prathapasinghe
High-throughput SNP genotyping in the highly heterozygous genome of Eucalyptus: assay success, polymorphism and transferability across species

Author(s): Grattapaglia Dario | Silva-Junior Orzenil | Kirst Matias | de Lima Bruno | Faria Danielle | Pappas Georgios
Rebooting the human mitochondrial phylogeny: an automated and scalable methodology with expert knowledge

Author(s): Blanco Roberto | Mayordomo Elvira | Montoya Julio | Ruiz-Pesini Eduardo
NORMA-Gene: A simple and robust method for qPCR normalization based on target gene data

Author(s): Heckmann Lars-Henrik | Sørensen Peter | Krogh Paul | Sørensen Jesper
A Model for the Controlled Development of Software Complexity Impacts

Author(s): Ghazal Keshavarz | Nasser Modiri | Mirmohsen Pedram
Regional Distribution of Soil Phosphorus Across Congregation-Grazing Zones of Forage-Based Pastures with Cow-Calf Operations in Florida

Author(s): Gilbert C. Sigua | Robert O. Myer | Samuel W. Coleman | Cheryl Mackowiak | Martin Adjei | Chad C. Chase | Joseph Albano
A Survey on the Common Network Traffic Sources Models

Author(s): Ahmed M. Mohammed | Adel F. Agamy
Space and ground segment performance and lessons learned of the FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC mission: four years in orbit

Author(s): C.-J. Fong | D. Whiteley | E. Yang | K. Cook | V. Chu | B. Schreiner | D. Ector | P. Wilczynski | T.-Y. Liu | N. Yen
Wireless Mobile Evolution to 4G Network

Author(s): Mohammed Jaloun | Zouhair Guennoun
Joint Power Control and Spectrum Allocation for Cognitive Radio with QoS Constraint

Author(s): Zhijin Zhao | Zhen Peng | Zhidong Zhao | Shilian Zheng
A novel study design for antibiotic trials in acute exacerbations of COPD: MAESTRAL methodology

Author(s): Wilson R | Anzueto A | Miravitlles M | Arvis P | Faragó G | Haverstock D | Trajanovic M | Sethi S

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