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Position Control of PMSM in Sliding Mode

Author(s): Peter Bris | Jan Vittek | Pavol Makys
Automated recognition and counting of the immunoreactive neuroendocrine cells in chronic gastritis (the preliminary study).

Author(s): Tomasz Markiewicz | Cezary Jochymski | Janina Slodkowska | Wojciech Kozlowski
Quantization of the Electric Conductivity in Carbon Nanotubes

Author(s): M. A. Grado-Caffaro | M. Grado-Caffaro
Numerical Techniques in Loop Quantum Cosmology

Author(s): David Brizuela | Daniel Cartin | Gaurav Khanna
New Features for the Classification of Mammographic Masses

Author(s): Florian Wagner | Thomas Wittenberg
Compression-Based Tools for Navigation with an Image Database

Author(s): Antonella Di Lillo | Ajay Daptardar | Kevin Thomas | James A. Storer | Giovanni Motta

Author(s): Ashanta Ranjan Routray | Munesh Chandra Adhikary
Quantization of total fumonisins produced by Fusarium verticillioides strains in some maize and sorghum genotypes by ELISA

Author(s): Rahdžu Vahid | Parčamijan Marjam | Feizbaš Tagi Mohamed | Zamani Majid
Kernel Sparse Feature Selection Based on Semantics in Text Classification

Author(s): Zhantao Deng | Guyu Hu | Zhisong Pan | Yanyan Zhang
FPGA Based Hardware Efficient Digital Decimation Filter for Σ-Δ ADC

Author(s): Subir Kr. Maity | Himadri Sekhar Das
Position Control of PMSM in Sliding Mode

Author(s): Peter Bris | Jan Vittek | Pavol Makys
Robust Quantized Approach to Fuzzy Networked Control Systems

Author(s): Abdul-Wahid A. Saif | Magdi S. Mahmoud
Robust Quantized Approach to Fuzzy Networked Control Systems

Author(s): Abdul-Wahid A. Saif | Magdi S. Mahmoud
Matter in Loop Quantum Gravity

Author(s): Ghanashyam Date | Golam Mortuza Hossain
Image Deblocking in Wavelet Domain Based on Local Laplace Prior

Author(s): Vijay Kumar Nath | Deepika Hazarika
Content Based Image Retrieval using Color and Texture

Author(s): Manimala Singha | K.Hemachandran
Texture Analysis Using Multidimensional Histogram

Author(s): Payel Saha | Sudhir Sawarkar
Static Behaviors of Confined Time-Arrival Operators

Author(s): R. R. Bahague Jr. | E. A. Galapon
SVD vs PCA: Comparison of Performance in an Imaging Spectrometer

Author(s): Wilma Oblefias | Maricor Soriano | Caesar Saloma
Symbolic sensitivity analysis of the new second–order IIR structure

Author(s): G. Jovanovic–Dolecek | S.K. Mitra
Statistical Thermodynamics of Polymer Quantum Systems

Author(s): Guillermo Chacón-Acosta | Elisa Manrique | Leonardo Dagdug | Hugo A. Morales-Técotl
Error Filtering Schemes for Color Images in Visual Cryptography

Author(s): Shiny Malar F.R | Jeya Kumar M.K
The Role of Anxiety Sensitivity, Fear of Pain and Experiential Avoidance in Experimental Pain

Author(s): Ana Isabel Masedo Gutiérrez | María Rosa Esteve Zarazaga | Stefaan Van Damme
Classical and Quantum Dynamics on Orbifolds

Author(s): Yuri A. Kordyukov
Wideband Speech Recovery Using Psychoacoustic Criteria

Author(s): Berisha Visar | Spanias Andreas
Anonymous Fingerprinting with Robust QIM Watermarking Techniques

Author(s): Prins JP | Erkin Z | Lagendijk RL
Scalable Multiple-Description Image Coding Based on Embedded Quantization

Author(s): Gavrilescu AugustinI | Verdicchio Fabio | Munteanu Adrian | Moerman Ingrid | Cornelis Jan | Schelkens Peter
Greedy sparse decompositions: a comparative study

Author(s): Dymarski Przemyslaw | Moreau Nicolas | Richard Gaël
Anonymous Biometric Access Control

Author(s): Ye Shuiming | Luo Ying | Zhao Jian | Cheung Sen-ChingS
High-Rate Data-Hiding Robust to Linear Filtering for Colored Hosts

Author(s): Scagliola Michele | Pérez-González Fernando | Guccione Pietro
Quality Enhancement of Compressed Audio Based on Statistical Conversion

Author(s): Cantzos Demetrios | Mouchtaris Athanasios | Kyriakakis Chris
Beamforming under Quantization Errors in Wireless Binaural Hearing Aids

Author(s): Srinivasan Sriram | Pandharipande Ashish | Janse Kees
Adaptive Near-Optimal Multiuser Detection Using a Stochastic and Hysteretic Hopfield Net Receiver

Author(s): Jeney Gábor | Levendovszky János | Pap László | van der Meulen EC
Motion Compensation on DCT Domain

Author(s): Koc Ut-Va | Liu KJ Ray
Temporal Resolution Enhancement in Compressed Video Sequences

Author(s): Robertson Mark A | Stevenson Robert L
Quantization Effects and Stabilization of the Fast-Kalman Algorithm

Author(s): Papaodysseus Constantin | Alexiou Constantin | Roussopoulos George | Panagopoulos Athanasios
Progressive Syntax-Rich Coding of Multichannel Audio Sources

Author(s): Yang Dai | Ai Hongmei | Kyriakakis Chris | Kuo C-C Jay
Embedding Color Watermarks in Color Images

Author(s): Chou Chun-Hsien | Wu Tung-Lin
FMO-based H.264 frame layer rate control for low bit rate video transmission

Author(s): Cajote Rhandley | Aramvith Supavadee | Miyanaga Yoshikazu
Comparison of OQPSK and CPM for Communications at 60 GHz with a Nonideal Front End

Author(s): Nsenga Jimmy | Van Thillo Wim | Horlin François | Bourdoux André | Lauwereins Rudy
SQNR Estimation of Fixed-Point DSP Algorithms

Author(s): Caffarena Gabriel | Carreras Carlos | López JuanA | Fernández Ángel
Video Enhancement from Multiple Compressed Copies in Transform Domain

Author(s): Nguyen VietAnh | Chen Zhenzhong | Tan Yap-Peng
Dynamic Quality Control for Transform Domain Wyner-Ziv Video Coding

Author(s): Sofke Sören | Pereira Fernando | Müller Erika
Bit Error Rate Analysis for an OFDM System with Channel Estimation in a Nonlinear and Frequency-Selective Fading Channel

Author(s): Ligata Amir | Gacanin Haris | Adachi Fumiyuki | Smolnikar Miha | Mohorcic Mihael
Resource Allocation in MU-OFDM Cognitive Radio Systems with Partial Channel State Information

Author(s): Huang Dong | Shen Zhiqi | Miao Chunyan | Leung Cyril
OFDM versus Single Carrier: A Realistic Multi-Antenna Comparison

Author(s): Tubbax Jan | Van der Perre Liesbet | Engels Marc | De Man Hugo | Moonen Marc
Filters Ranking for DWT-Domain Robust Digital Watermarking

Author(s): Dietze Martin | Jassim Sabah
A Robust Color Object Analysis Approach to Efficient Image Retrieval

Author(s): Zhang Ruofei | Zhang Zhongfei (Mark)
Gene Prediction Using Multinomial Probit Regression with Bayesian Gene Selection

Author(s): Zhou Xiaobo | Wang Xiaodong | Dougherty Edward R
Approaching the MIMO Capacity with a Low-Rate Feedback Channel in V-BLAST

Author(s): Chung Seong Taek | Lozano Angel | Huang Howard C | Sutivong Arak | Cioffi John M
Virtually Lossless Compression of Astrophysical Images

Author(s): Lastri Cinzia | Aiazzi Bruno | Alparone Luciano | Baronti Stefano
Interactive Exploration for Image Retrieval

Author(s): Cord Matthieu | Philipp-Foliguet Sylvie | Gosselin Philippe-Henri | Fournier Jérôme
Anthropomorphic Coding of Speech and Audio: A Model Inversion Approach

Author(s): Feldbauer Christian | Kubin Gernot | Kleijn W Bastiaan
Frame-Based Multiple-Description Video Coding with Extended Orthogonal Filter Banks

Author(s): Bernardini R | Durigon M | Rinaldo R | Vitali A | Zontone P
Quantization Noise Shaping on Arbitrary Frame Expansions

Author(s): Boufounos Petros T | Oppenheim Alan V
Joint Source-Channel Coding by Means of an Oversampled Filter Bank Code

Author(s): Marinkovic Slavica | Guillemot Christine
Efficient Closed-Loop Schemes for MIMO-OFDM-Based WLANs

Author(s): Zheng Xiayu | Jiang Yi | Li Jian
Content-Aware Scalability-Type Selection for Rate Adaptation of Scalable Video

Author(s): Akyol Emrah | Tekalp A Murat | Civanlar M Reha
Distortion-Free 1-Bit PWM Coding for Digital Audio Signals

Author(s): Floros Andreas | Mourjopoulos John
Distributed Iterative Multiuser Detection through Base Station Cooperation

Author(s): Khattak Shahid | Rave Wolfgang | Fettweis Gerhard
Distributed Temporal Multiple Description Coding for Robust Video Transmission

Author(s): Crave Olivier | Guillemot Christine | Pesquet-Popescu Béatrice | Tillier Christophe
Color in Image and Video Processing: Most Recent Trends and Future Research Directions

Author(s): Trémeau Alain | Tominaga Shoji | Plataniotis KonstantinosN
Compression of Human Motion Animation Using the Reduction of Interjoint Correlation

Author(s): Li Shiyu | Okuda Masahiro | Takahashi Shin-ichi
Hybrid Modeling of Intra-DCT Coefficients for Real-Time Video Encoding

Author(s): Li Jin | Gabbouj Moncef | Takala Jarmo
A Novel Quantize-and-Forward Cooperative System: Channel Estimation and M-PSK Detection Performance

Author(s): Avram Iancu | Aerts Nico | Duyck Dieter | Moeneclaey Marc
Channel Capacity Bounds in the Presence of Quantized Channel State Information

Author(s): Makki Behrooz | Beygi Lotfollah | Eriksson Thomas
Color-Based Image Retrieval Using Perceptually Modified Hausdorff Distance

Author(s): Park BoGun | Lee KyoungMu | Lee SangUk
Simple Statistical Analysis of the Impact of Some Nonidealities in Downstream VDSL with Linear Precoding

Author(s): Baldi Marco | Chiaraluce Franco | Garello Roberto | Polano Marco | Valentini Marcello
Modified Clipped LMS Algorithm

Author(s): Lotfizad Mojtaba | Yazdi Hadi Sadoghi
Electroencephalogram Signals Processing for the Diagnosis of Petit mal and Grand mal Epilepsies Using an Artificial Neural Network

Author(s): M. R. Arab | A. A. Suratgar | V. M. Martínez‐Hernández | A. Rezaei Ashtiani
Texture and Shape based Classification of Brain Tumors using Linear Vector Quantization

Author(s): Neelam Marshkole | Bikesh Kumar Singh | A. S Thoke
Quaternionic Lattice Structures for Four-Channel Paraunitary Filter Banks

Author(s): Parfieniuk Marek | Petrovsky Alexander
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