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Synthesis of quantum circuits in Linear Nearest Neighbor model using Positive Davio Lattices

Author(s): Marek Perkowski | Martin Lukac | Dipal Shah | Michitaka Kameyama
The Quality Costs

Author(s): Arsenie Constantin PAULICĂ
Molecular Speciation Effect on Docking and Drug Design. A Computational Study for Mangiferin, a Carbohydrate-Polyphenol Bioconjugate as a Test Case

Author(s): Alberto Rojas Hernández | Arturo Rojo Domínguez | Berenice Gómez Zaleta | Felipe Aparicio | Gerardo Pérez Hernández | Hiram I. Beltrán
Low Cost Quantum Realization of Reversible Multiplier Circuit

Author(s): M.S. Islam | M.M. Rahman | Z. Begum | M.Z. Hafiz
Designing a Hamming Coder/Decoder Using QCAs

Author(s): Mirmansour Ziabari | Ahmad Mohades Kassai | Amirkoushyar Ziabari | Shahin Enayati Maklavani
Low Power Reversible Parallel Binary Adder/Subtractor

Author(s): Rangaraju H G | Venugopal U | Muralidhara K N | Raja K B
A Novel Quantum Dots–Based Point of Care Test for Syphilis

Author(s): Yang Hao | Li Ding | He Rong | Guo Qin | Wang Kan | Zhang Xueqing | Huang Peng | Cui Daxiang
Low-Cost Flexible Nano-Sulfide/Carbon Composite Counter Electrode for Quantum-Dot-Sensitized Solar Cell

Author(s): Deng Minghui | Zhang Quanxin | Huang Shuqing | Li Dongmei | Luo Yanhong | Shen Qing | Toyoda Taro | Meng Qingbo
Synthesis of Reversible Circuits for Large Reversible Functions

Author(s): Nouraddin Alhagi | Maher Hawash | Marek Perkowski
Design of Reversible Sequential Circuit Using Reversible Logic Synthesis

Author(s): Md. Belayet Ali | Md. Mosharof Hossin | Md. Eneyat Ullah
A Shared-cube Approach to ESOP-based Synthesis of Reversible Logic

Author(s): Noor M. Nayeem | Jacqueline E. Rice
Protocol of Secure Key Distribution Using Hash Functions and Quantum Authenticated Channels (KDP-6DP)

Author(s): Mohammed M.A. Majeed | Khalid A.S. Al-Khateeb | Mohamed R. Wahiddin | Magdy M. Saeb
Novel Low Power Comparator Design using Reversible Logic Gates

Author(s): Nagamani A N | Jayashree H V | H R Bhagyalakshmi
Effects of clonal integration on growth of stoloniferous herb Centella asiatica suffering from heterogeneous heavy metal Cd2+ stress

Author(s): LIU Fu-Jun | LI Yun-Xiang | LIAO Yong-Mei | CHEN Jin-Song | QUAN Qiu-Mei | GONG Xin-Yue
Silicon and Germanium Nanostructures for Photovoltaic Applications: Ab-Initio Results

Author(s): Ossicini Stefano | Amato Michele | Guerra Roberto | Palummo Maurizia | Pulci Olivia
A Quick and Parallel Analytical Method Based on Quantum Dots Labeling for ToRCH-Related Antibodies

Author(s): Yang Hao | Guo Qing | He Rong | Li Ding | Zhang Xueqing | Bao Chenchen | Hu Hengyao | Cui Daxiang
Efficient Reversible Montgomery Multiplier and Its Application to Hardware Cryptography

Author(s): Noor M. Nayeem | Lafifa Jamal | Hafiz M.H. Babu
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