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The Thermodynamics of Black Holes

Author(s): Wald Robert M.
Analogue Gravity

Author(s): Carlos Barceló | Stefano Liberati | Matt Visser
Isolated and Dynamical Horizons and Their Applications

Author(s): Ashtekar Abhay | Krishnan Badri
Analogue Gravity

Author(s): Barceló Carlos | Liberati Stefano | Visser Matt
S-Denying of the Signature Conditions Expands General Relativity's Space

Author(s): Rabounski D. | Smarandache F. | Borissova L.
Quantum Gravity: Unification of Principles and Interactions, and Promises of Spectral Geometry

Author(s): Bernhelm Booß-Bavnbek | Giampiero Esposito | Matthias Lesch
Dark Matter and Dark Energy: Breaking the Continuum Hypothesis?

Author(s): Casuso Romate E. | Beckman J.
Multi-Spaces and Many Worlds from Conservation Laws

Author(s): Basini G. | Capozziello S.
The Spacetime Structure of Open Quantum Relativity

Author(s): Basini G. | Capozziello S.
Critical Phenomena in Gravitational Collapse

Author(s): Gundlach Carsten | Martín-García José M.
The Planck Vacuum

Author(s): Daywitt W. C.
Quantization of Midisuperspace Models

Author(s): J. Fernando Barbero G. | Eduardo J. S. Villaseñor
Entropy Bounds, Holographic Principle and Uncertainty Relation

Author(s): M. G. Ivanov | I. V. Volovich
Noether Symmetries and Covariant Conservation Laws in Classical, Relativistic and Quantum Physics

Author(s): Lorenzo Fatibene | Mauro Francaviglia | Silvio Mercadante
Brane-World Gravity

Author(s): Roy Maartens | Kazuya Koyama
Stochastic Gravity: Theory and Applications

Author(s): Hu Bei Lok | Verdaguer Enric
Loop Quantum Gravity

Author(s): Rovelli Carlo
Brane-World Gravity

Author(s): Maartens Roy
Entangled States and Quantum Causality Threshold in the General Theory of Relativity

Author(s): Rabounski D. | Borissova L. | Smarandache F.
Loop Quantum Cosmology

Author(s): Bojowald Martin
Faster than Hermitian Time Evolution

Author(s): Carl M. Bender
Loop Quantum Cosmology

Author(s): Bojowald Martin
Loop Quantum Gravity

Author(s): Rovelli Carlo
Mathematical model I. Electron and quantum mechanics

Author(s): Nitin Ramchandra Gadre
Is the Notion of Time Really Fundamental?

Author(s): Florian Girelli | Stefano Liberati | Lorenzo Sindoni
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