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A Note of Extended Proca Equations and Superconductivity

Author(s): Christianto V. | Smarandache F. | Lichtenberg F.
A Molecular–Structure Hypothesis

Author(s): Jan C. A. Boeyens
Inequalities for Quaternion Matrices

Author(s): Zübeyde Ulukök | Ramazan Türkmen
Una epistemología histórica del producto vectorial: Del cuaternión al análisis vectorial

Author(s): Gustavo Martínez-Sierra | Pierre Francois Benoit Poirier
On an Orthogonal Space-Time-Polarization Block Code

Author(s): Beata J. Wysocki | Tadeusz A. Wysocki | Sarah Spence Adams
The Cartesian Path Planning of Free- Floating Space Robot using Particle Swarm Optimization

Author(s): Wenfu Xu | Cheng Li | Bin Liang | Yu Liu | Yangsheng Xu
Quaternion CR-submanifolds of a quaternion Kaehler manifold

Author(s): Bassil J. Papantoniou | M. Hasan Shahid
On generalized quaternion algebras

Author(s): George Szeto
On free ring extensions of degree n

Author(s): George Szeto
A Derivation of Maxwell Equations in Quaternion Space

Author(s): Christianto V. | Smarandache F.
Optimal Statistical Operations for 3-Dimensional Rotational Data: Geometric Interpretations and Application to Prosthesis Kinematics

Author(s): Øyvind Stavdahl | Anne K. Bondhus | Kristin Y. Pettersen | Kjell E. Malvig
Colour-Texture Image Segmentation using Hypercomplex Gabor Analysis

Author(s): B.D.Venkatramana Reddy | T.Jayachandra Prasad
Finiteness of Hermitian Levels of Some Algebras

Author(s): Clotilzio Moreira dos Santos
Quaternionic Lattice Structures for Four-Channel Paraunitary Filter Banks

Author(s): Marek Parfieniuk | Alexander Petrovsky
Yang-Mills Field from Quaternion Space Geometry, and its Klein-Gordon Representation

Author(s): Yefremov A. | Smarandache F. | Christianto V.
Attitude Determination Using a MEMS-Based Flight Information Measurement Unit

Author(s): Der-Ming Ma | Jaw-Kuen Shiau | I.-Chiang Wang | Yu-Heng Lin
A New Wave Equation of the Electron

Author(s): Arbab I. Arbab
Determination of Kingpin Axis from Wheel Points Using Dual Quaternion Analysis

Author(s): Yung-Chang Chen | Hsing-Hui Huang | Ching-Hsu Hsieh | Jia-Bin Lin
Metadata Extended Model Based On Geological Domain Ontology

Author(s): Ying HUANG | Mingqiang GUO | Xiangang LUO | Zhong XIE
Quaternion Based Omnidirectional Machine Condition Monitoring System

Author(s): Wai-Kit Wong | Chu-Kiong Loo | Way-Soong Lim
Quaternionic Lattice Structures for Four-Channel Paraunitary Filter Banks

Author(s): Parfieniuk Marek | Petrovsky Alexander
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