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Examining the dimensions and correlates of workplace stress among Australian veterinarians

Author(s): Smith Derek | Leggat Peter | Speare Richard | Townley-Jones Maureen
World species of the genus Platyscelio Kieffer (Hymenoptera: Platygastridae)

Author(s): Charuwat Taekul | Norman Johnson | Lubomir Masner | Andrew Polaszek | Rajmohana K.
The Economic Contribution of the Resources Sector by Regional Areas in Queensland

Author(s): John Rolfe | Daniel Gregg | Galina Ivanova | Reuben Lawrence | David Rynne
Long-range forecasting of intermittent streamflow

Author(s): F. F. van Ogtrop | R. W. Vervoort | G. Z. Heller | D. M. Stasinopoulos | R. A. Rigby
Freestyle Books: An exhibition review

Author(s): Spowart, Doug
Vasoactive neuropeptides in clinical ophthalmology: An association with autoimmune retinopathy?

Author(s): Donald R Staines | Ekua W Brenu | Sonya Marshall-Gradisnik
A case of cephalothin-associated urolithiasis

Author(s): Ivan WM Lim | Peter JO Stride | Robert L Horvath
Developing the atlas of cancer in Queensland: methodological issues

Author(s): Cramb Susanna | Mengersen Kerrie | Baade Peter
Pharmacotherapy for treatment-resistant schizophrenia

Author(s): Meghan E Mcilwain | Jeff Harrison | Amanda J Wheeler | et al
Increased traffic exposure and negative birth outcomes: a prospective cohort in Australia

Author(s): Barnett Adrian | Plonka Kathryn | Seow W Kim | Wilson Lee-Ann | Hansen Craig
Optical, physical and chemical characteristics of Australian Desert dust aerosols: results from a field experiment

Author(s): M. Radhi | M. A. Box | G. P. Box | R. M. Mitchell | D. D. Cohen | E. Stelcer | M. D. Keywood
Evaluation of Pathogen Removal in a Solar Sludge Drying Facility Using Microbial Indicators

Author(s): Emily F. Shanahan | Anne Roiko | Neil W. Tindale | Michael P. Thomas | Ronald Walpole | D. İpek Kurtböke
The population approach to falls injury prevention in older people: findings of a two community trial

Author(s): McClure Rod | Hughes Karen | Ren Cizao | McKenzie Kirsten | Dietrich Uta | Vardon Paul | Davis Elizabeth | Newman Beth
Study Protocol - Accurate assessment of kidney function in Indigenous Australians: aims and methods of the eGFR Study

Author(s): Maple-Brown Louise | Lawton Paul | Hughes Jaquelyne | Sharma Suresh | Jones Graham | Ellis Andrew | Hoy Wendy | Cass Alan | MacIsaac Richard | Sinha Ashim | Thomas Mark | Piers Leonard | Ward Leigh | Drabsch Katrina | Panagiotopoulos Sianna | McDermott Robyn | Warr Kevin | Cherian Sajiv | Brown Alex | Jerums George | O'Dea Kerin
Study protocol: national research partnership to improve primary health care performance and outcomes for Indigenous peoples

Author(s): Bailie Ross | Si Damin | Shannon Cindy | Semmens James | Rowley Kevin | Scrimgeour David | Nagel Tricia | Anderson Ian | Connors Christine | Weeramanthri Tarun | Thompson Sandra | McDermott Robyn | Burke Hugh | Moore Elizabeth | Leon Dallas | Weston Richard | Grogan Haylene | Stanley Andrew | Gardner Karen
A prospective, longitudinal study of growth, nutrition and sedentary behaviour in young children with cerebral palsy

Author(s): Bell Kristie | Boyd Roslyn | Tweedy Sean | Weir Kelly | Stevenson Richard | Davies Peter
Dementia risk factors for Australian baby boomers

Author(s): Peter K. Panegyres | Victoria Gray
Optical, physical and chemical characteristics of Australian continental aerosols: results from a field experiment

Author(s): M. Radhi | M. A. Box | G. P. Box | R. M. Mitchell | D. D. Cohen | E. Stelcer | M. D. Keywood
Risk factors and obstetric complications of large for gestational age births with adjustments for community effects: results from a new cohort study

Author(s): Ng Shu-Kay | Olog Adriana | Spinks Anneliese | Cameron Cate | Searle Judy | McClure Rod
Alcohol, metabolic risk and elevated serum gamma-glutamyl transferase (GGT) in Indigenous Australians

Author(s): Haren Matthew | Li Ming | Petkov John | McDermott Robyn
Poetry by Hinemoana Baker

Author(s): Hinemoana Baker
Research workshop to research work: initial steps in establishing health research systems on Malaita, Solomon Islands

Author(s): Redman-MacLaren Michelle | MacLaren David | Solomon Janella | Muse Alwin | Asugeni Rowena | Harrington Humpress | Kekuabata Esau | Speare Richard | Clough Alan
Forecasting Population Changes and Service Requirements in the Regions: A Study of Two Regional Councils in Queensland, Australia

Author(s): Wasantha Athukorala | Prasad Neelawela | Clevo Wilson | Evonne Miller | Tony Sahama | Peter Grace | Mike Hefferan | Premawansa Dissanayake | Oshan Manawadu
Combination therapy of statin and ezetimibe for the treatment of familial hypercholesterolemia

Author(s): Ian Hamilton-Craig | Karam Kostner | David Colquhoun | et al
Age-related changes of ocular parameters in Korean subjects

Author(s): Dae Woong Lee | Joon Mo Kim | Chul Young Choi | et al
Urotensin II in cardiovascular regulation

Author(s): Fraser D Russell
Reliability of Routinely Collected Hospital Data for Child Maltreatment Surveillance

Author(s): McKenzie Kirsten | Scott Debbie | Waller Garry | Campbell Margaret
Spatial distribution of suicide in Queensland, Australia

Author(s): Qi Xin | Tong Shilu | Hu Wenbiao
Impact of fecal incontinence on quality of life

Author(s): Lynne Bartlett, Madeleine Nowak, Yik-Hong Ho
Delivery of maternal health care in Indigenous primary care services: baseline data for an ongoing quality improvement initiative

Author(s): Rumbold Alice | Bailie Ross | Si Damin | Dowden Michelle | Kennedy Catherine | Cox Rhonda | O'Donoghue Lynette | Liddle Helen | Kwedza Ru | Thompson Sandra | Burke Hugh | Brown Alex | Weeramanthri Tarun | Connors Christine
A randomised, feasibility trial of a tele-health intervention for Acute Coronary Syndrome patients with depression ('MoodCare'): Study protocol

Author(s): O'Neil Adrienne | Hawkes Anna | Chan Bianca | Sanderson Kristy | Forbes Andrew | Hollingsworth Bruce | Atherton John | Hare David | Jelinek Michael | Eadie Kathy | Taylor C Barr | Oldenburg Brian
A real-time, quantitative PCR method using hydrolysis probes for the monitoring of Plasmodium falciparum load in experimentally infected human volunteers

Author(s): Rockett Rebecca | Tozer Sarah | Peatey Chris | Bialasiewicz Seweryn | Whiley David | Nissen Michael | Trenholme Katharine | Mc Carthy James | Sloots Theo
Emergence of new types of Theileria orientalis in Australian cattle and possible cause of theileriosis outbreaks

Author(s): Kamau Joseph | de Vos Albertus | Playford Matthew | Salim Bashir | Kinyanjui Peter | Sugimoto Chihiro
The 2011 Brisbane Floods: Causes, Impacts and Implications

Author(s): Robin C. van den Honert | John McAneney
Long-range forecasting of intermittent streamflow

Author(s): F. F. van Ogtrop | R. W. Vervoort | G. Z. Heller | D. M. Stasinopoulos | R. A. Rigby
Book Reviews

Author(s): G.W.J. Drewes | Taufik Abdullah | Th. van den End | T.Valentino Sitoy | R. Hagesteijn | David G. Marr | R. Hagesteijn | Constance M. Wilson | Barbara Harrisson | John S. Guy | V.J.H. Houben | G.D. Larson | Marijke J. Klokke | Stephanie Morgan | Liaw Yock Fang | Mohamad Jajuli | S.D.G. de Lima | A.B. Adam | J. Thomas Lindblad | K.M. Robinson | Pauline Lunsingh Scheurleer | J.E. van Lohuizen-de Leeuw | H.M.J. Maier | V. Matheson | Wolfgang Marschall | Sandra A. Niessen | Peter Meel | Ben Scholtens | Anke Niehof | Patrick Guinness | C.H.M. Nooy-Palm | Toby Alice Volkman | Gert J. Oostindie | Jean Louis Poulalion | Harry A. Poeze | Bob Hering | Harry A. Poeze | S. Pompe | Philipus M. Hadjon | J.M.C. Pragt | Volker Moeller | J.J. Ras | Friedrich Seltmann | R. Roolvink | Russell Jones | R. Roolvink | Russell Jones | Wim Rutgers | Harry Theirlynck | C. Salmon | John R. Clammer | C. Salmon | Ingo Wandelt | Mathieu Schoffeleers | Mathieu Schoffeleers | Jules de Palm | Henk Schulte Nordholt | H. von Saher | G.J. Schutte | W.Ph. Coolhaas | H. Steinhauer | Jeff Siegel | H. Steinhauer | L.E. Visser | Taufik Abdullah | H.A.J. Klooster | Maarten van der Wee | Jan Breman
Book Reviews

Author(s): D.C. Geirnaert-Martin | Mattiebelle Gittinger | David T. Hill | ? Rendra | F.C. Kamma | Siegfried Zöllner | J.E. van Lohuizen-de Leeuw | B.N. Goswamy | Clive Moore | B.B, Hering | Clive Moore | Paul Webb | Karel Steenbrink | James L. Peacock | C. Vreede-de Stuers | Sitisoemandari Soeroto | R.L. Winzeler | Clive S. Kessler
Book Reviews

Author(s): G.A. Nagelkerke | Gerard J. Telkamp | H.J. de Graaf | W.Ph. Coolhaas | C.D. Grijns | John H. Wolff | A. Ploeg | Fredrik Barth | A. Teeuw | H. Aveling | C. van Dijk | C. Smit | H.J.M. Claessen | S. Husin Ali | J.J. Romkes | Rodney Needham | J.B. Avé | Erik Jensen
Book Reviews

Author(s): H.J.M. Claessen | David Lewis | P. van Emst | Carl Lumholtz | D.C. Geirnaert-Martin | Robert Wessing | B.G. Grijpstra | William Wood | R. Hagesteijn | M. Jacq-Hergoualc’h | C.K. Jonker-de Putter | John Ingleson | P.E. de Josselin de Jong | Roland Werner | P.E. de Josselin de Jong | Roland Werner | Simon Kooijman | Peter Gathercole | Adrianus Koster | Mario Vassallo | Clive Moore | E. Utrecht | Arie de Ruijter | Jonathan Friedman | Arie de Ruijter | C.F. Hallpike | J.J. de Wolf | J.H. Konter
Book Reviews

Author(s): Wouter E.A. van Beek | Henri Maurier | Wouter E.A. van Beek | A.M. Hocart | Martin van Bruinessen | B.B. Hering | Martin van Bruinessen | B.B. Hering | Martin van Bruinessen | L.B. Venema | H.J.M. Claessen | Colin Renfrew | H. Dagmar | Fred R. Myers | Mies Grijns | Ann Laura Stoler | Mies Grijns | Rosanne Rutten | Nico de Jonge | Rodney Needham | Anton Ploeg | Kenneth E. Read | Rien Ploeg | Tom R. Zuidema | Harry A. Poeze | E.E. van Delden | Harry A. Poeze | J.J.P. de Jong | Harry A. Poeze | D.C.L. Schoonoord | R. de Ridder | Edmundo Magaña | P.G. Rivière | Edmundo Magaña | A. de Ruijter | P.E. de Josselin de Jong | Mary F. Somers Heidhues | Yoe-Sioe Liem | N.J.M. Zorgdrager | H. Beach
A multilevel investigation of inequalities in clinical and psychosocial outcomes for women after breast cancer

Author(s): Youl Philippa | Baade Peter | Aitken Joanne | Chambers Suzanne | Turrell Gavin | Pyke Christopher | Dunn Jeffrey
Cardiovascular risk among Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal smoking male prisoners: inequalities compared to the wider community

Author(s): Richmond Robyn | Wilhelm Kay | Indig Devon | Butler Tony | Archer Vicki | Wodak Alex
Aquatic Insects in Eastern Australia: A Window on Ecology and Evolution of Dispersal in Streams

Author(s): Jane M. Hughes | Joel A. Huey | Alison J. McLean | Olivier Baggiano
Patient's self-evaluation of two education programs for age-related skin changes in the face: a prospective, randomized, controlled study

Author(s): Williams LM | Alderman JE | Cussell G | Goldston J | Hamilton N | Lim AC | Goodman GJ | Halstead MB | Rogers JD
Preliminary report on early Miocene freshwater ostracods (Crustacea) with soft part preservation from the Riversleigh site, NW Queensland, Australia

Author(s): Matzke-Karasz Renate | Smith Robin J. | Neil John V. | Godthelp Henk | Archer Mike | Hand Susanne J.
The Working After Cancer Study (WACS): a population-based study of middle-aged workers diagnosed with colorectal cancer and their return to work experiences

Author(s): Gordon Louisa | Lynch Brigid | Beesley Vanessa | Graves Nicholas | McGrath Catherine | O'Rourke Peter | Webb Penelope
Raiding the Coral Nurseries?

Author(s): Alison M. Jones
Degree of motivation of international hospitality students in their work place

Author(s): Seoung-Hoon Shin | Timothy Jeonglyeol Lee
Randomized placebo-controlled trial on azithromycin to reduce the morbidity of bronchiolitis in Indigenous Australian infants: rationale and protocol

Author(s): Chang Anne | Grimwood Keith | White Andrew | Maclennan Carolyn | Sloots Theo | Sive Alan | McCallum Gabrielle | Mackay Ian | Morris Peter
Assessment of function and clinical utility of alcohol and other drug web sites: An observational, qualitative study

Author(s): Kay-Lambkin Frances | White Angela | Baker Amanda | Kavanagh David | Klein Britt | Proudfoot Judith | Drennan Judy | Connor Jason | Young Ross
Are we there yet? Australian road safety targets and road traffic crash fatalities

Author(s): Gargett Susan | Connelly Luke | Nghiem Son
Associations of body mass index and waist circumference with: energy intake and percentage energy from macronutrients, in a cohort of australian children

Author(s): Elliott Sarah | Truby Helen | Lee Amanda | Harper Catherine | Abbott Rebecca | Davies Peter
Surveillance of hospitalizations with pandemic A(H1N1) 2009 influenza infection in Queensland, Australia

Author(s): Hai Phung | Frank Beard | Christine Selvey | Ranil Appuhamy | Frances Birrell
Comparative efficacy of eptifibatide and abciximab in primary angioplasty study

Author(s): Rohan Jayasinghe | Matias Yudi | Sanjay Jayasinghe
Pediatric health, medicine, and therapeutics

Author(s): Claire E Wainwright

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