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Unital algebras of Hom-associative type and surjective or injective twistings

Author(s): Yaël Frégier | Aron Gohr | Sergei Silvestrov
A Survey of Text Mining Techniques and Applications

Author(s): Vishal Gupta | Gurpreet S. Lehal
Information Equation of State

Author(s): M. Paul Gough
Empirical Analysis Concerning the Correlation Fiscality Rate – Tax Incomes in Romania

Author(s): Raluca Drãcea | Mirela Cristea | Ionut Tomescu
Thai Rhetorical Structure Analysis

Author(s): Somnuk Sinthupoun, | Ohm Sornil,
Sufficient Conditions for Labelled 0-1 Laws

Author(s): Stanley Burris | Karen Yeats
GoWeb: a semantic search engine for the life science web

Author(s): Dietze Heiko | Schroeder Michael
Mistletoe treatments for minimising side effects of anticancer chemotherapy

Author(s): Lange-Lindberg, Anna-Maria | Velasco Garrido, Marcial | Busse, Reinhard
Automatic Summarizer to aid a Q/A system

Author(s): Rajarshi Das | Ajeesh Elikkottil
Paraphrase Recognition using Neural Network Classification

Author(s): Anupriya Rajkumar | A.Chitra
Weak-willed Animals?

Author(s): Thomas Spitzley
Web Information Extraction for Question and Answering System about Prices of Chinese Agricultural Products

Author(s): Wen-Sheng Wang | Li Liu | Qing-Tian Zeng | Xiao-Rong Yang | Neng-Fu Xie
¿Existe una cultura política en los estudiantes del colegio Guillermo Taborda Restrepo de los grados 10 y 11 de 2008 de la ciudad de Medellín?

Author(s): José Fernando Valencia Grajales | Beatríz Eugenia Álvarez | Juan Esteban Amaya | Fabian Escudero
An Ontology-based Question Answering Method with the use of Query Template

Author(s): Lakshmi Palaniappan | Dr. N. Sambasiva Rao

Karp-Miller Trees for a Branching Extension of VASS

Author(s): Kumar Neeraj Verma | Jean Goubault-Larrecq
The development, design, testing, refinement, simulation and application of an evaluation framework for communities of practice and social-professional networks

Author(s): Braithwaite Jeffrey | Westbrook Johanna | Ranmuthugala Geetha | Cunningham Frances | Plumb Jennifer | Wiley Janice | Ball Dianne | Huckson Sue | Hughes Cliff | Johnston Brian | Callen Joanne | Creswick Nerida | Georgiou Andrew | Betbeder-Matibet Luc | Debono Deborah
Vizyon Yönetimi

Author(s): Sefa ÇETİN
A System Dynamics Model for Analyzing Researchers' Behavior in Fee-based Online Knowledge Markets

Author(s): Mostafa Jafari | Roozbeh Hesam Amiri | Atieh Bourouni
Personalized Knowledge Acquisition through Interactive Data Analysis in E-learning System

Author(s): Zhongying Zhao | Shengzhong Feng | Qingtian Zeng | Jianping Fan | Xiaohong Zhang
Evaluating the Development of Virtual Communities of Practice that Support Evidence Based Practice

Author(s): Christine Urquhart | Anne Brice | Janet Cooper | Siân Spink | Rhian Thomas
From shared care to disease management: key-influencing factors

Author(s): Irmgard M.J.G. Eijkelberg | Cor Spreeuwenberg | Ingrid M. Mur-Veeman | Bruce H.R. Wolffenbuttel
Temporal Reasoning in Natural Language Processing: A Survey

Author(s): Suresh Kumar Sanampudi | G.Vijaya Kumari
A Virtual Assistant for Websites

Author(s): José Luiz Andrade Duizith | Lizandro Kirst da Silva | Daniel Ribeiro Brahm | Gustavo Tagliassuchi | Stanley Loh
The Appropriateness of Hierarchies (Editorial)

Author(s): Denise Koufogiannakis
Student nurses´opinion about psychiatric reform  filmed dramatization of madness in machado’s work “o alienista”

Author(s): Francisco Arnoldo Nunes de Miranda, Raionara Cristina de Araújo Santos, Elys Karina Cavalcante dos Santos, Kamila Gonçalves e Silva, Marcos André de Araújo Ferreira
Jus in bello a operace Irácká svoboda

Author(s): Eva DUŘPEKTOVÁ | Zdeněk KŘÍŽ
Lack of awareness of erectile dysfunction in many men with risk factors for erectile dysfunction

Author(s): Shabsigh Ridwan | Kaufman Joel | Magee Michelle | Creanga Dana | Russell David | Budhwani Meeta
Asset Freezing: Smart Sanction or Criminal Charge?

Author(s): Melissa van den Broek | Monique Hazelhorst | Wouter de Zanger
Hepatocellular carcinoma, human immunodeficiency virus and viral hepatitis in the HAART era

Author(s): Douglas C Macdonald, Mark Nelson, Mark Bower, Thomas Powles
Corpus annotation for mining biomedical events from literature

Author(s): Kim Jin-Dong | Ohta Tomoko | Tsujii Jun'ichi
Optimizations for the EcoPod field identification tool

Author(s): Manoharan Aswath | Stamberger Jeannie | Yu YuanYuan | Paepcke Andreas
The European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer prostate-specific quality of life module (PR-25) in Hindi and Marathi: Translation and pilot testing process

Author(s): Wadasadawala Tabassum | Murthy Vedang | Mahantshetty Umesh | Engineer Reena | Shrivastava Shyamkishore | Dinshaw Ketayun
Potential and limitations of using soil mapping information to understand landscape hydrology

Author(s): F. Terribile | A. Coppola | G. Langella | M. Martina | A. Basile
Named Entity Recognition for Punjabi Language Text Summarization

Author(s): Vishal Gupta | Gurpreet Singh Lehal
Parts Of Speech Tagging for Indian Languages: A Literature Survey

Author(s): V.Chitraa | Dr.Antony Selvadoss Thanamani
Question Answering System for an Effective Collaborative Learning

Author(s): Prof. Kohei Arai | Anik Nur Handayani
Teaching of Critical Analysis of Drug Advertisements to Medical Students

Author(s): Veena Nayak | Bharti Chogtu | Shalini Adiga | Bairy KL
Preparing for reading comprehension: Fostering text comprehension skills in preschool and early elementary school children

Author(s): Paul van den BROEK | Panayiota KENDEOU | Sandra LOUSBERG | Gootje VISSER
The Relationship between the Arrangement of Constituents and Reading Speed

Author(s): Zahra Jokar | Seyyed Mohammad Ali Soozandehfar
The Learners’ Attitudes towards Using Different Learning Methods in E-Learning Portal Environment

Author(s): Issham Ismail | Rozhan M. Idrus | Hanysah Baharum | Munirah Rosli Rosli | Azidah Abu Ziden
Reasoning in Legal Text Documents with Extracted Event Information

Author(s): Venkateswrlu Naik. M | Vanitha Guda | Inturi Srujana
Lexical Disambiguation in Natural Language Questions-NLQs

Author(s): Omar Al-Harbi | Shaidah Jusoh | Norita Md Norwawi
Question Processing and Clustering in INDOC: A Biomedical Question Answering System

Author(s): Sondhi Parikshit | Raj Purushottam | Kumar V Vinod | Mittal Ankush
A qualitative study of older adults' responses to sitting-time questions: do we get the information we want?

Author(s): van Uffelen Jannique | Heesch Kristiann | Hill Robert | Brown Wendy
A New Method for Calculating Similarity between Sentences and Application on Automatic Abstracting

Author(s): Wenqian JI | Zhoujun LI | Wenhan CHAO | Xiaoming CHEN
Could periodic patterns in human mortality be sensitive to solar activity?

Author(s): R. Díaz-Sandoval | R. Erdélyi | R. Maheswaran
SMS for Question-Answering in the m-Learning Scenario

Author(s): S. R. Balasundaram | B. Ramadoss
QArabPro: A Rule Based Question Answering System for Reading Comprehension Tests in Arabic

Author(s): M. Akour | S. Abufardeh | K. Magel | Q. Al-Radaideh
A New Question Answering System for the Arabic Language

Author(s): Ghassan Kanaan | Awni Hammouri | Riyad Al-Shalabi | Majdi Swalha
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