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Recent Progress on the Bismuth Containing Complex Oxide Photocatalysts

Author(s): WANG Wen-Zhong, SHANG Meng, YIN Wen-Zong, REN Jia, ZHOU Lin
Adverse effects of endocrine disruptors on the foetal testis development: focus on the phthalates.

Author(s): RenĂŠ Habert | Vincent Muczynski | Abdelali Lehraiki | Romain Lambrot | Charlotte LĂŠcureuil | Christine Levacher | HervĂŠ Coffigny | Catherine Pairault | Delphine Moison | RenĂŠ Frydman | Virginie Rouiller-Fabre
Ontogenesis of testicular function in humans.

Author(s): Virginie Rouiller-Fabre | Vincent Muczynski | Romain Lambrot | Charlotte LĂŠcureuil | HervĂŠ Coffigny | Catherine Pairault | Delphine Moison | GaĂŤlle Angenard | Mariana Bakalska | Anne Marie Courtot | RenĂŠ Frydman | RenĂŠ Habert
Observation of atmospheric aerosols at Mt. Hua and Mt. Tai in Central and East China during spring 2009 – Part 2: Impact of dust storm on organic aerosol composition and size distribution

Author(s): G. H. Wang | J. J. Li | C. L. Cheng | B. H. Zhou | M. J. Xie | S. Y. Hu | J. J. Meng | T. Sun | Y. Q. Ren | J. J. Cao | S. X. Liu | T. Zhang | Z. Z. Zhao
Multiple-factor controls on terrestrial N2O flux over North America from 1979 through 2010

Author(s): X. F. Xu | H. Q. Tian | M. L. Liu | W. Ren | G. S. Chen | C. Q. Lu | C. Zhang
Changes in carbon fluxes and pools induced by cropland expansion in South and Southeast Asia in the 20th century

Author(s): B. Tao | H. Tian | G. Chen | W. Ren | C. Lu | K. D. Alley | X. Xu | M. Liu | S. Pan | H. Virji
PET Imaging of Integrin Positive Tumors Using 18F Labeled Knottin Peptides

Author(s): Shuanglong Liu, Hongguang Liu, Gang Ren, Richard H. Kimura, Jennifer R. Cochran, Zhen Cheng
Individual Tree Simulation and Stand Visualization of Pinus Tabulaeformis Plantation

Author(s): Guanglei Gao | Guodong Ding | Yintong Zang | Wenjun Liang | , Lina Ren
Lack of Association between CLEC5A Gene Single-Nucleotide Polymorphisms and Kawasaki Disease in Taiwanese Children

Author(s): Ho-Chang Kuo | Ya-Ling Yang | Yu-Wen Hsu | Wei-Chiao Chen | Hong-Ren Yu | Chi-Di Liang | Yao-Ting Tsai | Ying-Hsien Huang | Wei-Pin Chang | Kuender D. Yang | Wei-Chiao Chang
Bimodal Fluorescence and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Using Water-Soluble Hexagonal NaYF4:Ce,Tb,Gd Nanocrystals

Author(s): Wen Ting Ren | Liang Bo Liang | Fei Qi | Zheng Bo Sun | Zhi Yong Yang | Xiao Qi Huang | Qi Zhu Wu | Hong Yan Zhu | Xue Feng Yu | Hong Quan | Qi Yong Gong
Evaluation of Lentiviral-Mediated Expression of Sodium Iodide Symporter in Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer and the Efficacy of In Vivo Imaging and Therapy

Author(s): Chien-Chih Ke | Ya-Ju Hsieh | Luen Hwu | Fu-Hui Wang | Fu-Du Chen | Lee-Shing Chu | Oscar K. Lee | Chin-Wen Chi | Chen-Hsen Lee | Ren-Shyan Liu
The Relationship between Socio-cultural Context, Parenting Style, Adolescents’ Learning Style, and Scholastic Achievement

Author(s): S. M. Assadi | N. Zokaei | H. Kaviani | M. R. Mohammadi | M.R. Gohari
First Diagnosis of Gender Identity Disorder: Case Report

Author(s): H. R. Attar | M. Rasoulian
Psychiatric Disorders in Families of ADHD Children

Author(s): P. Hebrani | J. Alaghband Rad | M. R. Mohammadi
Comparison of Behavioral Disorders in Single Child vs. Multiple Children Families

Author(s): Sh. S. Goodarzi | F. Derakhshanpour | S. Sadr | M. T. Yasami
Neutral Operator and Neutral Differential Equation

Author(s): Jingli Ren | Zhibo Cheng | Stefan Siegmund
Root tissue and shoot litter decomposition of dominant species Stipa baicalensis in Hulun Buir meadow steppe of Inner Mongolia, China

Author(s): ZHANG Cai-Hong | ZHANG Lei-Ming | LIU Xing-Ren | XIN Xiao-Ping | LI Sheng-Gong
Short-term gas exchange responses of Betula utilis to simulated global warming in a timberline ecotone, eastern Tibetan Plateau, China

Author(s): XU Zhen-Feng | HU Ting-Xing | ZHANG Li | ZHANG Yuan-Bin | XIAN Jun-Ren | WANG Kai-Yun
Camera Calibration for Direct-Reading Water-Meter Based on Round Feature

Author(s): Li Xue-Cong | Wang Ren-Huang | Liu Hong-Jiang
Computer Vision Based Method and System for Online Measurement of Geometric Parameters of Train Wheel Sets

Author(s): Zhi-Feng Zhang | Zhan Gao | Yuan-Yuan Liu | Feng-Chun Jiang | Yan-Li Yang | Yu-Fen Ren | Hong-Jun Yang | Kun Yang | Xiao-Dong Zhang
Least Squares Fitting of Piecewise Algebraic Curves

Author(s): Chun-Gang Zhu | Ren-Hong Wang

Author(s): Jing-Jing Liu | Ren-Lin Zheng | Sheng-Yong Yang | Yong-Mei Xie
Ethane-1,2-diaminium (R)-2-[4-(1-carboxylatoethoxy)phenoxy]acetate

Author(s): Chang-Yue Ren | Guang-Feng Hou | Ying-Hui Yu | Jin-Sheng Gao

Author(s): ngel R os Utrera | Ren Carlos Calder n Robles | Jorge V ctor Rosete Fern ndez | Juvencio Lagunes Lagunes

Author(s): ngel R os Utrera | Ren Carlos Calder n Robles | Jorge V ctor Rosete Fern ndez | Juvencio Lagunes Lagunes
Weber y su concepción de la democracia posible

Author(s): René Vázquez García
New subgenus and new species of Oriental Omophorus (Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Metatygini)

Author(s): Zhiliang Wang | Miguel Alonso-Zarazaga | Li Ren | Runzhi Zhang
A review of the genus Serangium Blackburn (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae) from China

Author(s): Xingmin Wang | Shunxiang Ren | Xiaosheng Chen
A New Cytotoxic Sesquiterpene Quinone Produced by Penicillium sp. F00120 Isolated from a Deep Sea Sediment Sample

Author(s): Xiuping Lin | Xuefeng Zhou | Fazuo Wang | Kaisheng Liu | Bin Yang | Xianwen Yang | Yan Peng | Juan Liu | Zhe Ren | Yonghong Liu
Assessment of Human Exposure to Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs) in China

Author(s): REN Zhong-yuan | MENG Xiang-zhou | CHEN Ling
Effects of the Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 10 (CDK10) on the Tamoxifen Sensitivity of Keloid Samples

Author(s): Ying Liu | Zhibo Xiao | Daping Yang | Lihong Ren | Guofeng Liu | Lin Yang
Determination of epinephrine by the Briggs-Rauscher oscillating system using non-equilibrium stationary state

Author(s): Gao Jinzhang | Liu Yanjun | Ren Jie | Zhang Xiaoli | Ming Li | Yang Wu

Author(s): Jie Wu | Chao Huang | Guo-Qiang Li | Hai-Yan Tian | Ren-Wang Jiang

Author(s): Fang Cai | Jie Wu | Hai-Yan Tian | Xiao-Feng Yuan | Ren-Wang Jiang
Diethyl 2,2-bis(3,5-di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxybenzyl)malonate

Author(s): Tao Zeng | Yu-Ping Hou | Wan-Zhong Ren | Wen-You Xu
Bone marrow stromal cells can promote the neurogenesis in subventricular zone in the rat with focal cerebral ischemia

Author(s): Pushuai Wen | Jing Huanjiu | Pengfei Zhang | Fu Ren | Youfeng Wen
Ethnopharmacokinetic- and Activity-Guided Isolation of a New Antidepressive Compound from Fructus Aurantii Found in the Traditional Chinese Medicine Chaihu-Shugan-San: A New Approach and Its Application

Author(s): Rong Fan | Xi Huang | Yang Wang | Xiao Chen | Ping Ren | Hui Ji | Ying Xie | Yingjin Zhang | Wei Huang | Xinjian Qiu | Zhaoqian Liu | Honghao Zhou | Lan Fan | Lichen Gao
Daytime HONO vertical gradients during SHARP 2009 in Houston, TX

Author(s): K. W. Wong | C. Tsai | B. Lefer | C. Haman | N. Grossberg | W. H. Brune | X. Ren | W. Luke | J. Stutz

Effect of magnetic nanoparticles on apoptosis and cell cycle induced by wogonin in Raji cells

Author(s): Wang L | Zhang HJ | Chen BA | Xia GH | Wang S | Cheng J | Shao Z | Gao C | Bao W | Tian L | Ren YY | Xu PP | Cai XH | Liu R | Wang XM
Thermal Shock Behavior of the SiC―SiC Joints Joined with Na2O―B2O3―SiO2 Glass Solder

Author(s): LUO Zhao-Hua, JIANG Dong-Liang, ZHANG Jing-Xian, LIN Qing-Ling, CHEN Zhong-Ming, HUANG Zheng-Ren
Fabrication and Properties of Porous Alumina―based Ceramic Core

Author(s): WANG Bao-Quan, YU Jian-Bo, REN Zhong-Ming, ZENG Yu-Ping
Crystal Structures and Microwave Dielectric Properties of (Ba1―xSrx)La4Ti4O15 (x=0.8―0.95) Ceramics

Author(s): LIU Lin, FANG You-Wei, DENG Xin-Feng, ZHUANG Wen-Dong, TANG Bin, ZHANG Shu-Ren
Characterizations of Polyamidoamine Dendrimers with Scattering Techniques

Author(s): Xiangyu Wang | Ludovic Guerrand | Bin Wu | Xin Li | Lauren Boldon | Wei-Ren Chen | Li Liu
Struvite Precipitation for Ammonia Nitrogen Removal in 7-Aminocephalosporanic Acid Wastewater

Author(s): Zaixing Li | Xuguang Ren | Jiane Zuo | Yanfang Liu | Erhong Duan | Jingliang Yang | Ping Chen | Yongjun Wang
RGD-conjugated gold nanorods induce radiosensitization in melanoma cancer cells by downregulating αvβ3 expression

Author(s): Xu WC | Luo T | Li P | Zhou CQ | Cui DX | Pang B | Ren QS | Fu S
Major Phenolic Compounds, Antioxidant Capacity and Antidiabetic Potential of Rice Bean (Vigna umbellata L.) in China

Author(s): Yang Yao | Xu-Zhen Cheng | Li-Xia Wang | Su-Hua Wang | Guixing Ren

Author(s): Xiao-Feng Yuan | Hai-Yan Tian | Jin-Hang Li | Tong Yu | Ren-Wang Jiang
2,3,4-Trihydroxybenzoic acid 0.25-hydrate

Author(s): Jin-Hang Li | Fu-Yue Dong | Fang Cai | Xiao-Feng Yuan | Ren-Wang Jiang
4-Benzyl-4-ethylmorpholin-1-ium hexafluorophosphate

Author(s): Fang Yang | Hongjun Zang | Bowen Cheng | Xianlin Xu | Yuanlin Ren
Ethyl 1-(4-chlorobenzyl)-3-phenyl-1H-pyrazole-5-carboxylate

Author(s): Ben-Qian Hao | Wei-Ren Xu | Fan-Cui Meng | Gui-Yun Duan
Interleukin-8 associates with adhesion, migration, invasion and chemosensitivity of human gastric cancer cells

Author(s): Wen-Xia Kuai | Qiong Wang | Xiao-Zhong Yang | Yao Zhao | Ren Yu | Xiao-Jun Tang
Minimum Error Entropy Filter for Fault Detection of Networked Control Systems

Author(s): Jianhua Zhang | Lilong Du | Mifeng Ren | Guolian Hou
Chronic bile duct hyperplasia is a chronic graft dysfunction following liver transplantation

Author(s): Jian-Wen Jiang | Zhi-Gang Ren | Guang-Ying Cui | Zhao Zhang | Hai-Yang Xie | Lin Zhou
Quantification of choline concentration following liver cell apoptosis using 1H magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Author(s): Zhi-Wei Shen | Zhen Cao | Ke-Zeng You | Zhong-Xian Yang | Ye-Yu Xiao | Xiao-Fang Cheng | Yao-Wen Chen | Ren-Hua Wu
Dynamics of serrated flow in a bulk metallic glass

Author(s): J. L. Ren | C. Chen | G. Wang | N. Mattern | J. Eckert
Using metal nanostructures to form hydrocarbons from carbon dioxide, water and sunlight

Author(s): Cong Wang | Mengyan Shen | Haibin Huo | Haizhou Ren | Michael Johnson

Author(s): René L. Sánchez Vertiz Ruiz | Gustavo A. Segura Lazcano
Evaluación de un tratamiento cognitivo-conductual para la fibromialgia

Uso del programa Delta para el estudio de los hongos aphyllophorales no poroides de México

Author(s): Ren H. Andrade Gallegos | Jos G. Marmolejo | Fortunato Garza Oca as | Andr s Eduardo Estrada Castill n
Síntomas psicosomáticos y estrés: comparación de un modelo estructural entre hombres y mujeres

Author(s): M nica Teresa Gonz lez Ram rez | Ren Landero Hern ndez
Meta-analysis of robotic and laparoscopic surgery for treatment of rectal cancer

Author(s): Shuang Lin | Hong-Gang Jiang | Zhi-Heng Chen | Shu-Yang Zhou | Xiao-Sun Liu | Ji-Ren Yu
Preparation and Characteristic of Iron-Binding Peptides from Shrimp Processing Discards Hydrolysates

Author(s): Zhang-yan Ren | Guang-rong Huang | Jia-xin Jiang | Wen-wei Chen
Cyclodextrin-erythromycin complexes as a drug delivery device for orthopedic application

Author(s): Song W | Yu X | Wang S | Blasier R | Markel DC | Mao G | Shi T | Ren W
Mean Structure and Variability of the Cold Dome Northeast of Taiwan

Author(s): Sen Jan | Chung-Chi Chen | Ya-Ling Tsai | Yiing Jiang Yang | Joe Wang | Ching-Sheng Chern | Glen Gawarkiewicz | Ren-Chieh Lien | Luca Centurioni | Jia-Yu Kuo |
Circulation and Intrusions Northeast of Taiwan: Chasing and Predicting Uncertainty in the Cold Dome

Author(s): Glen Gawarkiewicz | Sen Jan | Pierre F.J. Lermusiaux | Julie L. McClean | Luca Centurioni | Kevin Taylor | Bruce Cornuelle | Timothy F. Duda | Joe Wang | Yiing Jiang Yang | Thomas Sanford | Ren-Chieh Lien | Craig Lee | Ming-An Lee | Wayne Leslie | Patrick J. Haley Jr. | Pearn P. Niiler | Ganesh Gopalakrishnan | Pedro Velez-Belchi | Dong-Kyu Lee | Yoo Yin Kim
Typhoon-Ocean Interaction in the Western North Pacific: Part 2

Author(s): IamFei Pun | Ya-Ting Chang | I.-I. Lin | Tswen Yung Tang | Ren-Chieh Lien |
Seasonal and Mesoscale Variability of the Kuroshio Near Its Origin

Author(s): Daniel L. Rudnick | Sen Jan | Luca Centurioni | Craig M. Lee | Ren-Chieh Lien | Joe Wang | Dong-Kyu Lee | Ruo-Shan Tseng | Yoo Yin Kim | Ching-Sheng Chern
From Luzon Strait to Dongsha Plateau: Stages in the Life of an Internal Wave

Author(s): David M. Farmer | Matthew H. Alford | Ren-Chieh Lien | Yiing Jiang Yang | Ming-Huei Chang | Qiang Li
Erlotinib inhibits progression to dysplasia in a colitis-associated colon cancer model

Author(s): Beatriz Pagán | Angel A Isidro | Myrella L Cruz | Yuan Ren | Domenico Coppola | Jie Wu | Caroline B Appleyard
Genetic Diversity and Identification of Chinese-Grown Pecan Using ISSR and SSR Markers

Author(s): Xiao-Dong Jia | Tao Wang | Min Zhai | Yong-Rong Li | Zhong-Ren Guo
Structural Requirements of N-Substituted Spiropiperidine Analogues as Agonists of Nociceptin/Orphanin FQ Receptor

Author(s): Pingping Bao | Xiaole Zhang | Hong Ren | Yan Li | Zulin Mu | Shuwei Zhang | Guohui Li | Ling Yang
De la Niña Blanca y la Flaquita, a la Santa Muerte. (Hacia la inversión del mundo religioso)

Author(s): Raúl René Villamil Uriarte | José Luis Cisneros
Benzyl 5-phenylpyrazolo[5,1-a]isoquinoline-1-carboxylate

Author(s): Yu-Kun Lu | Xiao Yao | Li-Wen Luo | Ren-Qing Lü | Yun-Qi Liu

Author(s): Jinlong Dong | Gailing Zhang | Meiyu Guo | Chuan Wu | Jianguo Ren

Author(s): Ruitao Zhu | Yuehong Ren | Wenjuan Li
Poly[[(4,4′-bipyridine-κN)[μ3-(S)-2-hydroxybutanedioato-κ4O1,O2:O4:O4′]zinc] dihydrate]

Author(s): Yu-Kun Lu | Jian Liu | Cheng-Lin Diao | Ren-Qing Lü | Yun-Qi Liu
Poly[[tetraaqua-μ4-fumarato-di-μ3-fumarato-dineodymium(III)] trihydrate]

Author(s): Hong-ren Chen | Tian-sheng Tang | Jin Wang | Pei-lian Liu | Zeng Zhuo
Inhibitors of Testosterone Biosynthetic and Metabolic Activation Enzymes

Author(s): Leping Ye | Zhi-Jian Su | Ren-Shan Ge
Detailed comparisons of airborne formaldehyde measurements with box models during the 2006 INTEX-B and MILAGRO campaigns: potential evidence for significant impacts of unmeasured and multi-generation volatile organic carbon compounds

Author(s): A. Fried | C. Cantrell | J. Olson | J. H. Crawford | P. Weibring | J. Walega | D. Richter | W. Junkermann | R. Volkamer | R. Sinreich | B. G. Heikes | D. O'Sullivan | D. R. Blake | N. Blake | S. Meinardi | E. Apel | A. Weinheimer | D. Knapp | A. Perring | R. C. Cohen | H. Fuelberg | R. E. Shetter | S. R. Hall | K. Ullmann | W. H. Brune | J. Mao | X. Ren | L. G. Huey | H. B. Singh | J. W. Hair | D. Riemer | G. Diskin | G. Sachse
Effects of mulching and intercropping on the functional diversity of soil microbial communities in tea plantations

Author(s): Huaqin Xu | Runlin Xiao | Tongqing Song | Wen Luo | Quan Ren | Yao Huang
Anti-Hepatitis B Virus Activity of Flavonoids from Marchantia convoluta

Author(s): Xiao Jian-bo | Ren Feng-lian | Ming Xu
Antioxidant Activity, Antiproliferation of Colon Cancer Cells, and Chemical Composition of Grape Pomace

Author(s): John W. Parry | Haiwen Li | Jia-Ren Liu | Kequan Zhou | Lei Zhang | Shuxin Ren
Controlling fusarium head blight of wheat (triticum aestivum L.) with genetics

Author(s): Li Zhang | Peigao Luo | Zhenglong Ren | Huai-yu Zhang
Removal of Mercury by Foam Fractionation Using Surfactin, a Biosurfactant

Author(s): Hau-Ren Chen | Chien-Cheng Chen | A. Satyanarayana Reddy | Chien-Yen Chen | Wun Rong Li | Min-Jen Tseng | Hung-Tsan Liu | Wei Pan | Jyoti Prakash Maity | Shashi B. Atla
Lamivudine plus adefovir combination therapy versus entecavir monotherapy for lamivudine-resistant chronic hepatitis B: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Author(s): Sheng Yun-Jian | Liu Jun-Ying | Tong Shi-Wen | Hu Huai-Dong | Zhang Da-Zhi | Hu Peng | Ren Hong
Histological and transcriptome-wide level characteristics of fetal myofiber hyperplasia during the second half of gestation in Texel and Ujumqin sheep

Author(s): Ren Hangxing | Li Li | Su Hongwei | Xu Lingyang | Wei Caihong | Zhang Li | Li Hongbin | Liu Wenzhong | Du Lixin
At last, a Pennsylvanian stem-stonefly (Plecoptera) discovered

Author(s): Béthoux Olivier | Cui Yingying | Kondratieff Boris | Stark Bill | Ren Dong
Genome-wide association analysis of thirty one production, health, reproduction and body conformation traits in contemporary U.S. Holstein cows

Author(s): Cole John | Wiggans George | Ma Li | Sonstegard Tad | Lawlor Thomas | Crooker Brian | Van Tassell Curtis | Yang Jing | Wang Shengwen | Matukumalli Lakshmi | Da Yang
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