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Adaptive and Probabilistic Power Control Algorithms for RFID Reader Networks

Author(s): Kainan Cha | Anil Ramachandran | Sarangapani Jagannathan
A Hybrid Collision Resolution Protocol for Passive RFID Tag Identification

Author(s): Yan Xin-qing | Yin Zhou-ping | Xiong You-lun
Wireless Healthcare Monitoring with RFID-Enhanced Video Sensor Networks

Author(s): Hande Alemdar | Yunus Durmus | Cem Ersoy
Application of PUF-Enabled RFID Tags in Electronic Banking

Author(s): Saeed Mehmandoust | Reza Ebrahimi Atani
A Salient Missing Link in RFID Security Protocols

Author(s): Imran Erguler | Emin Anarim | Gokay Saldamli
SULMA: A Secure Ultra Light-Weight Mutual Authentication Protocol for Lowcost RFID Tags

Author(s): Mehrdad Kianersi | Mahmoud Gardeshi | Mohammad Arjmand
Tecnologia RFID e seus benefícios

Author(s): Claudia Boechat Seufitelli | Daniele Fontes Henrique | Sérgio Inácio da Rosa | Rogério Atem de Carvalho
An Overview of New Ultra Lightweight RFID Authentication Protocol SASI

Author(s): Muhammad Zakarya | Syed Bilal Hussain Shah | Aftab Alam | Ateeq ur Rahman | Arsh ur Rahman | Izaz ur Rahman | Ayaz Ali Khan | Hameed Hussain | Nazar Abbas
The Design of a Lightweight RFID Middleware

Author(s): Fengqun Lin | Bocheng Chen | C.Y. Chan | C.H. Wu | W.H. Ip | Andy Mai | Hongyang Wang | Wenhuang Liu
Enterprise System Design for RFID Enabled Supply Chains from Experience in Two National Projects

Author(s): John P.T. Mo | Weerayut Lorchirachoonkul | Slavica Gajzer
Design and Development of an RFID-based HIS - A Case Study

Author(s): C.H. Wu | W.H. Ip | S.K. Kwok | G.T.S. Ho | C.Y. Chan
The Study on Using Passive RFID Tags for Indoor Positioning

Author(s): S.L. Ting | S.K. Kwok | Albert H.C. Tsang | George T.S. Ho
Building Distributed E-Healthcare for Elderly Using RFID and Multi-Agent

Author(s): Chuan-Jun Su | Stephen Chingyu Shih
Applications of Fast-Moving RFID Tags in High-speed Railway Systems

Author(s): Xiaoqiang Zhang | Manos Tentzeris
Design of RFID Cloud Services in a Low Bandwidth Network Environment

Author(s): John P.T. Mo | William Lorchirachoonkul
The Application of RFID in Brazilian Harvest Facilities: Two Case Studies

Author(s): Priscilla Cristina Cabral Ribeiro | Annibal Jose Scavarda | Mario Otavio Batalha
An Autonomous Mobile Robotic System for Surveillance of Indoor Environments

Author(s): Donato Di Paola | Annalisa Milella | Grazia Cicirelli | Arcangelo Distante
Research of the Localization of Restaurant Service Robot

Author(s): Yu Qing-xiao | Yuan Can | Fu Zhuang | Zhao Yan-zheng
Data Storage on a RFID Tag for a Distributed System

Author(s): Sarita Pais | Judith Symonds
Telematics Based Security System

Author(s): A.V.Prabu | Baburao Kodavati | Tholada Appa Rao | E.rambabu | Shyam sundar tripathy
Increasing of RFID System Read Range

Author(s): Peter Vestenicky
RFID based patient registration in mass casualty incidents

Author(s): Nestler, Simon | Artinger, Eva | Coskun, Tayfur | Endres, Thomas | Klinker, Gudrun
NFC mit Android

Author(s): Gruntz Dominik
Dynamic Grouping Frame-Slotted Aloha

Author(s): Mian Hammad Nazir | Nathirulla Sheriff
Increasing of RFID System Read Range

Author(s): Peter Vestenicky
A Novel and Cost Effective Approach to Public Vehicle Tracking System

Author(s): Deepak Mishra | Apurv Vasal | Puneet Tandon
Study of the communication distance of a MEMS Pressure Sensor Integrated in a RFID Passive Tag

Případová studie: Řízení toku materiálu prostřednictvím RFID

Author(s): Petr Sodomka | Hana Klčová | Lukáš Petrucha
Smart RFID Based Design for Inventory Management in Health Care

Author(s): S. Moslehpour, | K. Jenab | N. Namburi
A Low Cost Approach to Large Smart Shelf Setups

ASAP: A MAC Protocol for Dense and Time-Constrained RFID Systems

Author(s): Khandelwal Girish | Lee Kyounghwan | Yener Aylin | Serbetli Semih
Object Association and Identification in Heterogeneous Sensors Environment

Author(s): Cho ShungHan | Hong Sangjin | Moon Nammee | Park Peom | Oh Seong-Jun
A Salient Missing Link in RFID Security Protocols

Author(s): Erguler Imran | Anarim Emin | Saldamli Gokay
An Energy and Application Scenario Aware Active RFID Protocol

Author(s): Nilsson Björn | Bengtsson Lars | Svensson Bertil
"Who Counterfeited My Viagra?" Probabilistic Item Removal Detection via RFID Tag Cooperation

Author(s): Conti Mauro | Di Pietro Roberto | Spognardi Angelo
Electromagnetic modeling of UHF RFID tags

Author(s): Milošević Nemanja | Kolundžija Branko

Characteristics and Application of a Novel Loop Antenna to UHF RFID Receivers

Author(s): Zijian Xing | Ling Wang | Changying Wu | Jianying Li | Meng Zhang
Improved Kalman Filter Method for Measurement Noise Reduction in Multi Sensor RFID Systems

Author(s): Ki Hwan Eom | Seung Joon Lee | Yeo Sun Kyung | Chang Won Lee | Min Chul Kim | Kyung Kwon Jung
An RFID-Based Road Information in Foggy Environment

Author(s): M. Reza Salehnamadi | M. Sattari
Multi-objective Optimization of RFID Network Based on Genetic Programming

Author(s): Pan Weijie | Li Shaobo | Xie Qingsheng | Yang Guanci
An Approach for Removing Redundant Data from RFID Data Streams

Author(s): Hairulnizam Mahdin | Jemal Abawajy
Design Patterns, Future Solutions for RFID Applications

Author(s): PAU Corneliu Valentin | MIHAILESCU Marius Iulian | STANESCU Octavian
A New Laboratory Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) System for Behavioural Tracking of Marine Organisms

Author(s): Jacopo Aguzzi | Valerio Sbragaglia | David Sarriá | José Antonio García | Corrado Costa | Joaquín del Río | Antoni Mànuel | Paolo Menesatti | Francesc Sardà

Author(s): Wasinee Noonpakdee | Jiang Liu | Shigeru Shimamoto
Designing an electronic identification system and its potential use inbeeftraceability

Author(s): Hector I. Reyes-Moncayo | Ana B. Vacca-Casanova | Agustín Góngora-Orjuela
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Feng Gao | Tokuro Matsuo | Junhu Zhang | Shifei Ding
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Qihai Zhou | Yan Li
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Deng-Yiv Chiu | Chen-Shu Wang | Wen-Chih Chang
An Authentication Protocol for RFID Tag and Its Simulation

Author(s): Shang-ping Wang | Qiao-mei Ma | Ya-ling Zhang | You-sheng Li
Foreword of Special Issue on “E-Service and Applications”

Author(s): Jason C. Hung | Hsing-I Wang
A Diffusion of Innovations Approach to Investigate the RFID Adoption in Taiwan Logistics Industry

Author(s): Yu-Bing Wang | Kuan-Yu Lin | Lily Chang | Jason C. Hung
The Design of RFID Conveyor Belt Gate Systems Using an Antenna Control Unit

Author(s): Chong Ryol Park | Seung Joon Lee | Ki Hwan Eom
Simulation of an SEIR infectious disease model on the dynamic contact network of conference attendees

Author(s): Stehlé Juliette | Voirin Nicolas | Barrat Alain | Cattuto Ciro | Colizza Vittoria | Isella Lorenzo | Régis Corinne | Pinton Jean-François | Khanafer Nagham | Van den Broeck Wouter | Vanhems Philippe
Enhanced Hash Chain based Scheme for Security and Privacy in RFID Systems

Author(s): Vaibhaw Dixit | Harsh K. Verma | Akhil K. Singh
Big Brother: A Road Map for Building Ubiquitous Surveillance System in Nigeria

Author(s): Simon Enoch Yusuf | Oluwakayode Osagbemi
Integrating RFIDs and Smart Objects into a UnifiedInternet of Things Architecture

Author(s): Evangelos A. Kosmatos | Nikolaos D. Tselikas | Anthony C. Boucouvalas
Electromagnetic compatibility of implantable neurostimulators to RFID emitters

Author(s): Pantchenko Oxana | Seidman Seth | Guag Joshua | Witters Donald | Sponberg Curt
The Flexible Bus Systems Using Zigbee as a Communication Medium

Author(s): Razi Iqbal | Kenichi Yukimatsu | Tatsuya Ichikawa

Author(s): Sameh A. Ibrahim | Noha A. Mostaf
Distributed Sensor Network Based on RFID System for Localization of Multiple Mobile Agents

Author(s): Byoung-Suk Choi | Joon-Woo Lee | Ju-Jang Lee | Kyoung-Taik Park
Study on the Wireless Heat Meters

Author(s): Rujian Ma | Xueyan Yang | Xiao Wang | Enping Zhang
An Introduction to RFID Technology

Author(s): Sanjay Ahuja | Pavan Potti
Energy Efficient In-network RFID Data Filtering Scheme in Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Ali Kashif Bashir | Se-Jung Lim | Chauhdary Sajjad Hussain | Myong-Soon Park

Author(s): Ben-Jeng Wang | Tzu-An Chiang | Fu-Chiang Hsu | Yung-Chieh Chien
Comparison of various Security Protocols in RFID

Author(s): Vaibhaw Dixit | Harsh K. Verma | Akhil K. Singh
RFID-Based Clinical Decision Support System using Simulation Modeling

Author(s): Lilac Al-Safadi | Zainab AL-Sulaiman
New Analysis and Design of a RF Rectifier for RFID and Implantable Devices

Author(s): Dong-Sheng Liu | Feng-Bo Li | Xue-Cheng Zou | Yao Liu | Xue-Mei Hui | Xiong-Fei Tao
Improving Enterprise Access Security Using RFID

Author(s): zakaria Saleh | Izzat Alsmadi | Ahmed Mashhour
RF and THz Identification Using a New Generation of Chipless RFID Tags

Author(s): E. Perret | M. Hamdi | A. Vena | F. Garet | M. Bernier | L. Duvillaret | S. Tedjini
Theoretical Findings and Measurements on Planning a UHF RFID System inside a Room

Author(s): A. G. Dimitriou | A. Bletsas | A. C. Polycarpou | J. N. Sahalos
A Compact Printed Monopole Antenna for Dual-band RFID and WLAN Applications

Author(s): J. R. Panda | A. S. R. Saladi | R. S. Kshetrimayum
The Design of a Lightweight RFID Middleware

Author(s): Fengqun Lin | Bocheng Chen | C.Y. Chan | C.H. Wu | W.H. Ip | Andy Mai | Hongyang Wang | Wenhuang Liu
Enterprise System Design for RFID Enabled Supply Chains from Experience in Two National Projects

Author(s): John P.T. Mo | Weerayut Lorchirachoonkul | Slavica Gajzer
A PKI-based Track and Trace Network for Cross-boundary Container Security

Author(s): S.L. Ting | W.H. Ip | W.H.K. Lam | E.W.T. Ngai
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