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Analysis of a conserved RGE/RGD motif in HCV E2 in mediating entry

Author(s): Rothwangl Katharina | Rong Lijun
Bone sialoprotein does not interact with pro-gelatinase A (MMP-2) or mediate MMP-2 activation

Author(s): Hwang Queena | Cheifetz Sela | Overall Christopher | McCulloch Christopher | Sodek Jaro
ADAM-15 Disintegrin-Like Domain Structure and Function

Author(s): Dong Lu | Mike Scully | Vijay Kakkar | Xinjie Lu
Snake venom metalloproteinases and disintegrins: interactions with cells

Author(s): Kamiguti A.S. | Zuzel M. | Theakston R.D.G.
Unique sequence features of the Human Adenovirus 31 complete genomic sequence are conserved in clinical isolates

Author(s): Hofmayer Soeren | Madisch Ijad | Darr Sebastian | Rehren Fabienne | Heim Albert
Intracellular targets of RGDS peptide in melanoma cells

Author(s): Aguzzi Maria | Fortugno Paola | Giampietri Claudia | Ragone Gianluca | Capogrossi Maurizio | Facchiano Antonio
Preparation of RGD-modified Long Circulating Liposome Loading Matrine, and its in vitro Anti-cancer Effects

Author(s): Xiao-yan Liu, Li-ming Ruan, Wei-wei Mao, Jin-Qiang Wang, You-qing Shen, Mei-hua Sui
Evaluation of the anti-angiogenic properties of the new selective αVβ3 integrin antagonist RGDechiHCit

Author(s): Santulli Gaetano | Basilicata Maria | De Simone Mariarosaria | Del Giudice Carmine | Anastasio Antonio | Sorriento Daniela | Saviano Michele | Del Gatto Annarita | Trimarco Bruno | Pedone Carlo | Zaccaro Laura | Iaccarino Guido
TGFβ1 signaling via αVβ6 integrin

Author(s): Kracklauer Martin | Schmidt Christian | Sclabas Guido
Disintegrins: integrin selective ligands which activate integrin-coupled signaling and modulate leukocyte functions

Author(s): Barja-Fidalgo C. | Coelho A.L.J. | Saldanha-Gama R. | Helal-Neto E. | Mariano-Oliveira A. | Freitas M.S. de
X-ray structure of engineered human Aortic Preferentially Expressed Protein-1 (APEG-1)

Author(s): Manjasetty Babu | Niesen Frank | Scheich Christoph | Roske Yvette | Goetz Frank | Behlke Joachim | Sievert Volker | Heinemann Udo | Büssow Konrad
Different rates of (non-)synonymous mutations in astrovirus genes; correlation with gene function

Author(s): van Hemert Formijn | Lukashov Vladimir | Berkhout Ben
STAT3 Activation in Pressure-Overloaded Feline Myocardium: Role for Integrins and the Tyrosine Kinase BMX

Author(s): Christopher D. Willey, Arun P. Palanisamy, Rebecca K. Johnston, Santhosh K. Mani, Hirokazu Shiraishi, William J. Tuxworth, Michael R. Zile, Sundaravadivel Balasubramanian, Dhandapani Kuppuswamy
RGD peptide-mediated chitosan-based polymeric micelles targeting delivery for integrin-overexpressing tumor cells

Author(s): Cai LL | Liu P | Li X | Huang X | Ye YQ | Chen FY | Yuan H | Hu FQ | Du YZ
RGD-tagged helical rosette nanotubes aggravate acute lipopolysaccharide-induced lung inflammation

Author(s): Suri SS | Mills S | Aulakh GK | Rakotondradany F | Fenniri H | Singh B
In-vitro and in-vivo phenotype of type Asia 1 foot-and-mouth disease viruses utilizing two non-RGD receptor recognition sites

Author(s): Li Pinghua | Lu Zengjun | Bao Huifang | Li Dong | King Donald | Sun Pu | Bai Xingwen | Cao Weijun | Gubbins Simon | Chen Yingli | Xie Baoxia | Guo Jianhong | Yin Hong | Liu Zaixin
Functional Annotation Of Renin And Angiotensin Converting Enzymes By Sequence Analysis.

Author(s): Sampoornam Balakrishnan 1 | Saraswathy Pannerselvam 2 | Shila Samuel* 3
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