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Some aspects of RNA repair and editing

Author(s): Kovalchuk M. V.
Small RNA expression and strain specificity in the rat

Author(s): Linsen Sam | de Wit Elzo | de Bruijn Ewart | Cuppen Edwin
Quality Control During Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthesis

Author(s): Prćtorius-Ibba, M. | Ataide, S. | Hausmann, C. | Levengood, J. | Ling, J. | Wang, S. | Roy, H. | Ibba, M.
Taking U out, with two nucleases?

Author(s): Mian I Saira | Worthey Elizabeth | Salavati Reza
Gene expression profiles in primary pancreatic tumors and metastatic lesions of Ela-c-myc transgenic mice

Author(s): Thakur Archana | Bollig Aliccia | Wu Jiusheng | Liao Dezhong
Characterization of APOBEC3G binding to 7SL RNA

Author(s): Bach Daniel | Peddi Shyam | Mangeat Bastien | Lakkaraju Asvin | Strub Katharina | Trono Didier
Evidence for ADAR-induced hypermutation of the Drosophila sigma virus (Rhabdoviridae)

Author(s): Carpenter Jennifer | Keegan Liam | Wilfert Lena | O'Connell Mary | Jiggins Francis
Micro-RNA in development

Author(s): Thikekar V.P. | Sawant J.J. | More M.K. | Nair V.K. | Athalekar P. | Patil D. | Kulkarni S. | Gomase V.S.
Consistent levels of A-to-I RNA editing across individuals in coding sequences and non-conserved Alu repeats

Author(s): Greenberger Shoshana | Levanon Erez | Paz-Yaacov Nurit | Barzilai Aviv | Safran Michal | Osenberg Sivan | Amariglio Ninette | Rechavi Gideon | Eisenberg Eli
RNA editing of nuclear transcripts in Arabidopsis thaliana

Author(s): Meng Yijun | Chen Dijun | Jin YongFeng | Mao Chuanzao | Wu Ping | Chen Ming
Complex chloroplast RNA metabolism: just debugging the genetic programme?

Author(s): Maier Uwe | Bozarth Andrew | Funk Helena | Zauner Stefan | Rensing Stefan | Schmitz-Linneweber Christian | Börner Thomas | Tillich Michael
Comparing methods of detection and quantitation of RNA editing of rat glycine receptor alpha3P185L

Author(s): Aya Nakae, Tatsuya Tanaka, Keiko Miyake, Makiko Hase, Takashi Mashimo
Synchronous visual analysis and editing of RNA sequence and secondary structure alignments using 4SALE

Author(s): Seibel Philipp | Müller Tobias | Dandekar Thomas | Wolf Matthias
Loss of matK RNA editing in seed plant chloroplasts

Author(s): Tillich Michael | Le Sy Vinh | Schulerowitz Katrin | von Haeseler Arndt | Maier Uwe | Schmitz-Linneweber Christian
RNA Editing and its Control in Hepatitis Delta Virus Replication

Author(s): Renxiang Chen | Sarah D. Linnstaedt | John L. Casey
A computational screen for site selective A-to-I editing detects novel sites in neuron specific Hu proteins

Author(s): Ensterö Mats | Åkerborg Örjan | Lundin Daniel | Wang Bei | Furey Terrence | Öhman Marie | Lagergren Jens
An unedited 1.1 kb mitochondrial orfB gene transcript in the Wild Abortive Cytoplasmic Male Sterility (WA-CMS) system of Oryza sativa L. subsp. indica

Author(s): Das Srirupa | Sen Supriya | Chakraborty Anirban | Chakraborti Papia | Maiti Mrinal | Basu Asitava | Basu Debabrata | Sen Soumitra
Are substitution rates and RNA editing correlated?

Author(s): Cuenca Argelia | Petersen Gitte | Seberg Ole | Davis Jerrold | Stevenson Dennis
HaloWeb: the haloarchaeal genomes database

Author(s): DasSarma Satyajit | Capes Melinda | DasSarma Priya | DasSarma Shiladitya
Horizontal acquisition of multiple mitochondrial genes from a parasitic plant followed by gene conversion with host mitochondrial genes

Author(s): Mower Jeffrey | Stefanović Saša | Hao Weilong | Gummow Julie | Jain Kanika | Ahmed Dana | Palmer Jeffrey
ADAR2-dependent RNA editing of GluR2 is involved in thiamine deficiency-induced alteration of calcium dynamics

Author(s): Lee Shuchen | Yang Guang | Yong Yue | Liu Ying | Zhao Liyun | Xu Jing | Zhang Xiaomin | Wan Yanjie | Feng Chun | Fan Zhiqin | Liu Yong | Luo Jia | Ke Zun-Ji
Altered 5-HT2C receptor agonist-induced responses and 5-HT2C receptor RNA editing in the amygdala of serotonin transporter knockout mice

Author(s): Moya Pablo | Fox Meredith | Jensen Catherine | Laporte Justin | French Helen | Wendland Jens | Murphy Dennis
Integrative analysis of next generation sequencing for small non-coding RNAs and transcriptional regulation in Myelodysplastic Syndromes

Author(s): Beck Dominik | Ayers Steve | Wen Jianguo | Brandl Miriam | Pham Tuan | Webb Paul | Chang Chung-Che | Zhou Xiaobo
The single-stranded DNA-binding protein of Deinococcus radiodurans

Author(s): Eggington Julie | Haruta Nami | Wood Elizabeth | Cox Michael
Ancient Adaptive Evolution of the Primate Antiviral DNA-Editing Enzyme APOBEC3G

Author(s): Sawyer Sara L | Emerman Michael | Malik Harmit S
Widespread A-to-I RNA Editing of Alu-Containing mRNAs in the Human Transcriptome

Author(s): Athanasiadis Alekos | Rich Alexander | Maas Stefan
Multiple major increases and decreases in mitochondrial substitution rates in the plant family Geraniaceae

Author(s): Parkinson Christopher | Mower Jeffrey | Qiu Yin-Long | Shirk Andrew | Song Keming | Young Nelson | dePamphilis Claude | Palmer Jeffrey
The complete chloroplast genome sequence of Gossypium hirsutum: organization and phylogenetic relationships to other angiosperms

Author(s): Lee Seung-Bum | Kaittanis Charalambos | Jansen Robert | Hostetler Jessica | Tallon Luke | Town Christopher | Daniell Henry
Trypanosoma cruzi mitochondrial maxicircles display species- and strain-specific variation and a conserved element in the non-coding region

Author(s): Westenberger Scott | Cerqueira Gustavo | El-Sayed Najib | Zingales Bianca | Campbell David | Sturm Nancy
4SALE – A tool for synchronous RNA sequence and secondary structure alignment and editing

Author(s): Seibel Philipp | Müller Tobias | Dandekar Thomas | Schultz Jörg | Wolf Matthias
The conserved protein kinase-A target motif in synapsin of Drosophila is effectively modified by pre-mRNA editing

Author(s): Diegelmann Sören | Nieratschker Vanessa | Werner Ursula | Hoppe Jürgen | Zars Troy | Buchner Erich
p150 ADAR1 isoform involved in maintenance of HeLa cell proliferation

Author(s): Wang Haifang | Hou Zheng | Wu Yumei | Ma Xue | Luo Xiaoxing
Bias in random forest variable importance measures: Illustrations, sources and a solution

Author(s): Strobl Carolin | Boulesteix Anne-Laure | Zeileis Achim | Hothorn Torsten
A population study of the minicircles in Trypanosoma cruzi: predicting guide RNAs in the absence of empirical RNA editing

Author(s): Thomas Sean | Martinez LL Isadora | Westenberger Scott | Sturm Nancy
Complete DNA sequences of the plastid genomes of two parasitic flowering plant species, Cuscuta reflexa and Cuscuta gronovii

Author(s): Funk Helena | Berg Sabine | Krupinska Karin | Maier Uwe | Krause Kirsten
Broad genomic and transcriptional analysis reveals a highly derived genome in dinoflagellate mitochondria

Author(s): Jackson Christopher | Norman John | Schnare Murray | Gray Michael | Keeling Patrick | Waller Ross
The mitochondrial genome of the hexactinellid sponge Aphrocallistes vastus: Evidence for programmed translational frameshifting

Author(s): Rosengarten Rafael | Sperling Erik | Moreno Maria | Leys Sally | Dellaporta Stephen
Strategies for measuring evolutionary conservation of RNA secondary structures

Author(s): Gruber Andreas | Bernhart Stephan | Hofacker Ivo | Washietl Stefan
Epigenetics, Nervous System Tumors, and Cancer Stem Cells

Author(s): Irfan A. Qureshi | Mark F. Mehler
The heterogeneous ribonuclear protein C interacts with the hepatitis delta virus small antigen

Author(s): Casaca Ana | Fardilha Margarida | da Cruz e Silva Edgar | Cunha Celso
Stochastic sequence-level model of coupled transcription and translation in prokaryotes

Author(s): Mäkelä Jarno | Lloyd-Price Jason | Yli-Harja Olli | Ribeiro Andre

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