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Plastic Optical Fiber Displacement Sensor Based on Dual Cycling Bending

Author(s): Jao-Hwa Kuang | Pao-Chuan Chen | Yung-Chuan Chen
Design and Development of Attachment for Hydraulic Stacker

Author(s): S.H. Gawande | A.A. Arole | K.H. Barhate, | R.P. Gujar | M. Viroff
Occupational dermatoses in Beedi rollers

Author(s): Kuruvila Maria | Mukhi Sanjay | Kumar Pramod | Rao Gatha | Sridhar K | Kotian M

Author(s): Tiberiu LAURIAN | Andrei TUDOR | Costel MAFTEI | Doru TURCAN | Gabriel KRAFT
Influence of Normal Force and Tangential Braking Force on the Fatigue Damage

Author(s): Wen Zhong, Wei Qin | Guo Jun & Qiyue Liu
Comparison of rollers after sowing of buckwheat

Author(s): B. Mursec | M. Janzekovic | F. Cus | U. Zuperl
Effects of Trawling on Seamounts

Author(s): Malcolm R. Clark
Study of the Effect of Speed Variation at Breaker Card Cylinder on Fibre Length and Yarn Quality

Author(s): A. K. M. Mahabubuzzaman | Latifa Binte Lutfar | M. K. Kabir | Nazmina Chowdhury
The Effect of Leadframe Oxidation of a Quad Flat No-Lead Semiconductor Package under Cyclic Loading

Author(s): Shahrum Abdullah | Mohamad Faizal Abdullah | Ahmad Kamal Ariffin
Effective Parameters of Broken Rice During Paddy Hulling Using Rubber Roll Huller

Author(s): M. Payman | I. Bagheri | M.R. Alizadeh | R. Roohi
Experimental and numerical study of a fractured marble epistyle restored with layers of titanium bars

Author(s): Kourkoulis S.-K. | Mentzini M. | Ganniari-Papageorgiou E.
Cool-Season Turfgrass Species and Cultivars: Response to Simulated Traffic in Central Italy

Author(s): Carlo F. Cereti | Roberto Ruggeri | Francesco Rossini
Control of a five motors web transport system based on the Energetic Macroscopic Representation

Author(s): Hachemi Glaoui, | Abdeldejbar Hazzab | Bousmaha Bouchiba, | Ismaïl Khalil Bousserhane
Designing Omni-Directional Mobile Robot with Mecanum Wheel

Author(s): Jefri E.M. Salih | Mohamed Rizon | Sazali Yaacob
Wear of conveyor chains with polymer rollers

Author(s): erremans, V. | Rolly, T. | De Baets, P. | De Pauw, J. | Sukumaran, J. | Perez Delgado, Y.
High Performance Technology for the Strip Scrap Processing

Author(s): B.V. Barichko | V.V. Panov
Development of Soil Compaction Analysis Software (SCAN) Integrating a Low Cost GPS Receiver and Compactometer

Author(s): Jinsang Hwang | Hongsik Yun | Juhyong Kim | Yongcheol Suh | Sungnam Hong | Dongha Lee
Manufacturing Technology of Rollers with Bimetallic Bands for Continuous-Casting Machine

Author(s): L.A. Shapran | A.Yu. Hitko | V.Ye. Hrychikov | L.H. Ivanova
Development of Roller Ends Forced-Contact Model and Cambering Technology for UCM Temper Mill (II)——Development of cambering technology for UCM temper mill

Author(s): Zhenhua Bai | Xiaodong Shi | Hongxin Si | Linfang Han | Ruibing Long | Shoumin Wu | Xiujun Li | Dongdong Zhang
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