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A newly designed hydroxyapatite ceramic burr-hole button

Author(s): Hiroshi Kashimura | Kuniaki Ogasawara | Yoshitaka Kubo | et al
Characterising Super-Earths

Author(s): Valencia D.
The radius anomaly in the planet/brown dwarf overlapping mass regime

Author(s): Leconte J. | Chabrier G. | Baraffe I. | Levrard B.
A comparison of eddy-covariance and large aperture scintillometer measurements with respect to the energy balance closure problem

Author(s): S. M. Liu | Z. W. Xu | W. Z. Wang | Z. Z. Jia | M. J. Zhu | J. Bai | J. M. Wang
Design of Screens for Sand Control of Wells

Author(s): Marina Sidorová | Ján Pinka
Peristaltic viscoelastic fluid motion in a tube

Author(s): Elsayed F. Elshehawey | Ayman M. F. Sobh
An Optimization Problem for Evaluation of Image Segmentation Methods

Author(s): Javad Alikhani koupaei, Marjan Abdechiri
Magnetic curvature driven Rayleigh-Taylor instability revisited

Author(s): O. A. Pokhotelov | O. G. Onishchenko
Remote sensing the vertical profile of cloud droplet effective radius, thermodynamic phase, and temperature

Author(s): J. Vanderlei Martins | A. Marshak | L. A. Remer | D. Rosenfeld | Y. J. Kaufman | R. Fernandez-Borda | I. Koren | V. Zubko | P. Artaxo
Antagonismo in vitro de Trichoderma harzianum Rifai sobre Fusarium solani (Mart.) Sacc., asociado a la marchitez en maracuyá

Author(s): Carol Libeth Suárez Meza | Reinel José Fernández Barbosa | Nelson Osvaldo Valero | Rocío Margarita Gámez Carrillo | Alberto Rafael Páez Redondo
Novel Heuristics for Cell Radius Determination in WCDMA Systems and Their Application to Strategic Planning Studies

Author(s): A. Portilla-Figueras | S. Salcedo-Sanz | Klaus D. Hackbarth | F. López-Ferreras | G. Esteve-Asensio
Mesoscale energetics and flows induced by sea-land and mountain-valley contrasts

Author(s): S. Federico | G. A. Dalu | C. Bellecci | M. Colacino
The spherical segmented Langmuir probe in a flowing thermal plasma: numerical model of the current collection

Author(s): E. Séran | J.-J. Berthelier | F. Z. Saouri | J.-P. Lebreton
Identification of scanning errors using touch trigger probe head

Author(s): M. Soković | M. Cedilnik | J. Kopač

Author(s): Fei Yu | Chin-Chen Chang | Ben M. Chen | Wen Chen | Yongjun Chen
A new Peer to Peer Caching Techniques for Transmission The Video over Wireless Ad Hoc Network

Author(s): Saleh Ali K. Al-Omari | Putra Sumari | Mohammad Azmi Q. Al-Madi
Numerical Modelling of Drug Release from 2D HPMC-Matrices

Author(s): Rumiana Blagoeva | Assen Nedev
Experimental model of a bone gap by radial ostectomy in rabbits

Author(s): Antonio Carlos Cunha Lacreta Junior | Everton Regonato | Lucas Bahdour Cossi | Ciro Alexandre Teixeira Cruvinel | Júlio Carlos Canola
A Study on Software-based Sensing Technology for Multiple Object Control in AR Video

Author(s): Sungmo Jung | Jae-gu Song | Dae-Joon Hwang | Jae Young Ahn | Seoksoo Kim
A Simulated Annealing method to solve a generalized maximal covering location problem

Author(s): M. Saeed Jabalameli | Behzad Bankian Tabrizi | Mohammad Moshref Javadi
Capacitated Facility Location Problem with Variable Coverage Radius in Distribution System

Author(s): M. Saeed Jabalameli | Behzad Bankian Tabrizi | Mohammad Moshref Javadi
Application of Taguchi approach and Utility Concept in solving the Multi-objective Problem when

Author(s): M. Kaladhar | K. V. Subbaiah | Ch. Srinivasa Rao | K. Narayana Rao
Investigation of Davydov splitting in the ir spectra of crystalline dicarboxylic acids

Author(s): S.I. Kshnyakina | Yu.M. Lopatkin | T.A. Havrilko
Impact of Stand, Site and Structural Characteristics on Stand Regeneration Planning in Pedunculate Oak Forests

Author(s): Juro Čavlović | Krunoslav Teslak | Anamarija Jazbec | Mislav Vedriš
A remark on infinity harmonic functions

Author(s): Michael G. Crandall | L. C. Evans
The role of surface defects in HOPG on the electrochemical and physical deposition of Ag

Giant cell tumors of lower end of the radius : Problems and solutions

Author(s): Dhammi I | Jain A | Maheshwari Aditya | Singh M
Failure of dual radius hydroxyapatite-coated acetabular cups

Author(s): D'Angelo Fabio | Molina Mauro | Riva Giacomo | Zatti Giovanni | Cherubino Paolo
Diameter-based Protocol in the IP Multimedia Subsystem

Author(s): Vinay Kumar.S.B | Manjula N Harihar
Improved Multiple-Scenario Radio Network Dimensioning for WCDMA

Author(s): Yifei Tan | Teong Chee Chuah | Thiaw Seng Ng
Processo de dobramento de chapas metálicas

Author(s): Geraldo Magela Barbosa
Novel Heuristics for Cell Radius Determination in WCDMA Systems and Their Application to Strategic Planning Studies

Author(s): Portilla-Figueras A | Salcedo-Sanz S | Hackbarth KlausD | López-Ferreras F | Esteve-Asensio G
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Hsing-Chung Chen | Franz I.S. Ko | Yung-Chen Chou | Shyan-Ming Yuan | Yaw-Chung Chen | Chin-Chen Chang | Jyh-Horng Wen | Shiuh-Jeng Wang | Yuh-Ren Tsai | Keh-Ming Lu
Towards direct coupling of regional climate models and ice sheet models by mass balance gradients: application to the Greenland Ice Sheet

Author(s): M. M. Helsen | R. S. W. van de Wal | M. R. van den Broeke | W. J. van de Berg | J. Oerlemans
The variability of tropical ice cloud properties as a function of the large-scale context from ground-based radar-lidar observations over Darwin, Australia

Author(s): A. Protat | J. Delanoë | P. T. May | J. Haynes | C. Jakob | E. O'Connor | M. Pope | M. C. Wheeler
Optimal edge detection using multiple operators for image understanding

Author(s): Giannarou Stamatia | Stathaki Tania
Low bone mass in microscopic colitis

Author(s): Lőrinczy Katalin | Lakatos Gábor | Müllner Katalin | Hritz István | Lakatos Péter | Tulassay Zsolt | Miheller Pál
Stability Loss of Rotating Elastoplastic Discs of the Specific Form

Author(s): Dmitrii Makarovich Lila | Anatolii Andreevich Martynyuk
Cluster-Based Design for Two-hop Cellular Networks

Author(s): Hrishikesh VENKATARAMAN | Sinan SINANOVIC | Harald HAAS

Author(s): Asger Hobolth | Eva B Vedel Jensen
Synchronous Aggregation Scheduling with Minimal Latency in Multihop SensorNet

Author(s): Liqun Shan | Jinkuan Wang | Yanchao Zhao | Yanchang Liu
Effect of Impact Level and Fruit Properties on Golden Delicious Apple Bruising

Author(s): Arzhang Javadi | Ebrahim Ahmadi | Mohammad H. Abbaspour-Fard | Morteza Sadeghi | Hamid R. Ghassemzadeh | Saeed Zarifneshat | Mohammad T. Shervani-Tabar
Synthesis of Al3Fe5O12 Cubic Structure by Extremely Low Sintering Temperature of Sol Gel Technique

Author(s): Noorhana Yahya | Ramadan A.H. Masoud | Hanita Daud | Azizuddin A. Aziz | Hasnah M. Zaid
Die Radius Affecting Sheet Metal Extrusion Quality for Fine Blanking Process

Author(s): Chatkaew Suriyapha | Suthep Yiemchaiyaphum | Bopit Bubphachot
Closed Die Forging Geometrical Parameters Optimization for Al-MMC

Author(s): M. Jolgaf | S. B. Sulaiman | M. K.A Ariffin | A. A. Faieza
On Numerical Ranges of Nilpotent Elements of C*-Algebra

Author(s): A. Abdollahi | M. T. Heydari | M. Moosavi
Computer-Aided Design Data Extraction Approach to Identify Product Information

Author(s): Mohamad F.A. Jabal | Mohd. S.M. Rahim | Nur Z.S. Othman | Daut Daman
A new method to find the potential center of N-Body systems

Author(s): F. Cruz | L. A. Aguilar | D. D. Carpintero
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