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A cost-effect analysis of an intervention against radon in homes

Author(s): Hein Stigum | Terje Strand | Per Magnus
Meta-analysis of residential exposure to radon gas and lung cancer

Author(s): Pavia Maria | Bianco Aida | Pileggi Claudia | Angelillo Italo F.
A radiological study of some ornamental stones: the bluish granites from Extremadura (Spain)

Author(s): D. Pereira | L. Neves | A. Pereira | M. Peinado | J. A. Blanco | J. J. Tejado
A multifactorial assessment of carcinogenic risks of radon for the population residing in a Russian radon hazard zone

Author(s): Lezhnin Vladimir L. | Polzik Evgeny V. | Kazantsev Vladimir S. | Zhukovsky Mikhail V. | Pakholkina Olga A.
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