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Meromorphic Solutions of Some Complex Difference Equations

Author(s): Zhi-Bo Huang | Zong-Xuan Chen
Neuroscience in Psychiatry towards an integrative and personalized medicine in the DSM-V: a proposal

Author(s): Carlos Augusto Novo Olivas | Erick Emmanuel Pérez Solís
Baire and automata

Author(s): Benoit Cagnard | Pierre Simonnet
A model of choice from lists

Author(s): Ariel Rubinstein | Yuval Salant
A model of choice from lists

Author(s): Ariel Rubinstein | Yuval Salant
Extending the Root-Locus Method to Fractional-Order Systems

Author(s): Farshad Merrikh-Bayat | Mahdi Afshar
Properties of rational arithmetic functions

Author(s): Vichian Laohakosol | Nittiya Pabhapote
Equiconvergence of some sequences of rational functions

Author(s): M. A. Bokhari | A. Sharma
Establishment and mitotic stability of an extra-chromosomal mammalian replicon

Author(s): Stehle Isa | Postberg Jan | Rupprecht Sina | Cremer Thomas | Jackson Dean | Lipps Hans
Decision making: rational or hedonic?

Author(s): Cabanac Michel | Bonniot-Cabanac Marie-Claude
JCoast – A biologist-centric software tool for data mining and comparison of prokaryotic (meta)genomes

Author(s): Richter Michael | Lombardot Thierry | Kostadinov Ivaylo | Kottmann Renzo | Duhaime Melissa | Peplies Jörg | Glöckner Frank
On the location of the zeros of analytic functions

Author(s): K. K. Dewan | N. K. Govil
Dirichlet summations and products over primes

Author(s): Geoffrey B. Campbell
Religious Markets In Transition Process: The Case of Turkey

Author(s): Assoc. Prof. Dr. M. Ali KİRMAN
The Finite Discrete KP Hierarchy and the Rational Functions

Author(s): Raúl Felipe | Nancy López
Local extrema in random trees

Author(s): Lane Clark
Some remarks on the space R2(E)

Author(s): Claes Fernström
On Legendre numbers

Author(s): Paul W. Haggard
Rational choice function derived from a fuzzy preference

Author(s): Jin Bai Kim | Kern O. Kymn
On the Weak Computability of Continuous Real Functions

Author(s): Matthew S. Bauer | Xizhong Zheng
Engineering building blocks for self-assembling protein nanoparticles

Author(s): Vázquez Esther | Villaverde Antonio
Statistical analysis of the Bacterial Carbohydrate Structure Data Base (BCSDB): Characteristics and diversity of bacterial carbohydrates in comparison with mammalian glycans

Author(s): Herget Stephan | Toukach Philip | Ranzinger René | Hull William | Knirel Yuriy | von der Lieth Claus-Wilhelm
Efficient, sparse biological network determination

Author(s): August Elias | Papachristodoulou Antonis
An Approximate L p Difference Algorithm for Massive Data Streams

Author(s): Jessica H. Fong | Martin Strauss
3x+1 Minus the +

Author(s): Kenneth G. Monks
Planning and Decision Making Models in Forestry

Author(s): Mario Šporčić | Matija Landekić | Marko Lovrić | Ivan Martinić
A transcriptomic computational analysis of mastic oil-treated Lewis lung carcinomas reveals molecular mechanisms targeting tumor cell growth and survival

Author(s): Moulos Panagiotis | Papadodima Olga | Chatziioannou Aristotelis | Loutrari Heleni | Roussos Charis | Kolisis Fragiskos

Spectral Shaping for Codes with P.S.D. Expressed by Rational Functions

Author(s): ALEXANDRU, N. D. | ALEXANDRU, M. L.
IMMUNOCAT—A Data Management System for Epitope Mapping Studies

Author(s): Jo L. Chung | Jian Sun | John Sidney | Alessandro Sette | Bjoern Peters
On a theorem of Faltings on formal functions ON A THEOREM OF FALTINGS ON FORMAL FUNCTIONS

Author(s): Paola Bonacini | Alessio Del Padrone | Michele Nesci
Genetic inactivation of the Fanconi anemia gene FANCC identified in the hepatocellular carcinoma cell line HuH-7 confers sensitivity towards DNA-interstrand crosslinking agents

Author(s): Palagyi Andreas | Neveling Kornelia | Plinninger Ursula | Ziesch Andreas | Targosz Bianca-Sabrina | Denk Gerald | Ochs Stephanie | Rizzani Antonia | Meier Daniel | Thasler Wolfgang | Hanenberg Helmut | De Toni Enrico | Bassermann Florian | Schäfer Claus | Göke Burkhard | Schindler Detlev | Gallmeier Eike
An Antiapoptotic Neuroprotective Role for Neuroglobin

Author(s): Thomas Brittain | Joanna Skommer | Subadhip Raychaudhuri | Nigel Birch
Generation and Development of RNA Ligase Ribozymes with Modular Architecture Through “Design and Selection”

Author(s): Yuki Fujita | Junya Ishikawa | Hiroyuki Furuta | Yoshiya Ikawa
The role of encouragement in primary schools

Author(s): Lalić Nataša Z.
Allosteric Inhibitors of NMDA Receptor Functions

Author(s): Gabriela K. Popescu | Swetha Murthy | William F. Borschel

Author(s): PN Kumar, | Ashutosh Jha | Gautham TK, | Jitesh Mohan | Rama Subramanian AJ | VP Mohandas
A Recurrence Relation Approach to Higher Order Quantum Superintegrability

Author(s): Ernie G. Kalnins | Jonathan M. Kress | Willard Miller Jr.
On the existence of Levi Foliations

Trypanosoma cruzi-induced host immune system dysfunction: a rationale for parasite immunosuppressive factor(s) encoding gene targeting

Author(s): Ouaissi Ali | Da Silva Anabela Cordeiro | Guevara Angel Gustavo | Couthino Margarida | Guilvard Eliane
Functional genomics and expression analysis of the Corynebacterium glutamicum fpr2-cysIXHDNYZ gene cluster involved in assimilatory sulphate reduction

Author(s): Rückert Christian | Koch Daniel | Rey Daniel | Albersmeier Andreas | Mormann Sascha | Pühler Alfred | Kalinowski Jörn
PlnTFDB: an integrative plant transcription factor database

Author(s): Riaño-Pachón Diego | Ruzicic Slobodan | Dreyer Ingo | Mueller-Roeber Bernd
A structural analysis of in vitro catalytic activities of hammerhead ribozymes

Author(s): Shao Yu | Wu Susan | Chan Chi | Klapper Jessie | Schneider Erasmus | Ding Ye
Rational Probabilistic Deciders—Part I: Individual Behavior

Author(s): P. T. Kabamba | W.-C. Lin | S. M. Meerkov
The representation of practice

Author(s): Brown, Neil
El edificio Botines de León. Cómo se restauró

Author(s): Díez Sáenz de Miera, Mariano | Compadre Díez, Felix
Some theorems on generalized polars with arbitrary weight

Author(s): Neyamat Zaheer | Aijaz A. Khan
On Legendre numbers of the second kind

Author(s): Paul W. Haggard
On rational approximation in a ball in ℂN

Author(s): P. W. Darko | S. M. Einstein-Matthews | C. H. Lutterodt
Fuzzy Based Adaptive Filters in Color Image Processing

Author(s): D. Sreenivasa Rao | Y. Gangadhar | V.S. Giridhar Akula
On the distribution of rational functions on consecutive powers

Author(s): Jaime Gutierrez | Igor E. Shparlinski
Weighted limit theorems for general Dirichlet series. II

Author(s): Jonas Genys | Antanas Laurinčikas
Stability Analysis of Fractional-order Systems

Author(s): Manisha K.Bhole | Mukesh D. Patil | Vishwesh A. Vyawahare
Pharmacogenetics from ethno-cultural perspectives

Author(s): Chee Ng | David Castle
Structural Requirements of N-Substituted Spiropiperidine Analogues as Agonists of Nociceptin/Orphanin FQ Receptor

Author(s): Pingping Bao | Xiaole Zhang | Hong Ren | Yan Li | Zulin Mu | Shuwei Zhang | Guohui Li | Ling Yang
Meromorphic Solutions of Some Complex Difference Equations

Author(s): Huang Zhi-Bo | Chen Zong-Xuan
Markov and Bernstein type inequalities for polynomials

Author(s): Govil NK | Mohapatra RN
Low Magnesium Concentration in Erythrocytes of Children with Acute Asthma

Author(s): Mostafa Sedighi | Zahra Pourpak | Behrouz Bavarian | Reza Safar Alizadeh | Ahad Zare | Mostafa Moin
Assertiveness and Anxiety in Midwifery & Nursing Students

Author(s): * T (Ph.D) Taghavi Larijani | ** ND (MSc.) Sharifi Neiestanak | *** M (MSc.) Aghajani | **** A (MSc.). Mehran
Schools and Communities of Norm-awareness

Author(s): Gabriella Pusztai
Implementation of force distribution analysis for molecular dynamics simulations

Author(s): Stacklies Wolfram | Seifert Christian | Graeter Frauke
Situational Context and Marked Code-Switching

Author(s): Mao-di DONG | Ting-guo ZHANG
A New Separable Logarithmic Algorithm for Non-Linear Optimization

Author(s): Abbas Y.A. Bayati | Hawraz N. Jabbar
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