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Can Commercial Digital Cameras Be Used as Multispectral Sensors? A Crop Monitoring Test

Author(s): Valentine Lebourgeois | Agnès Bégué | Sylvain Labbé | Benjamin Mallavan | Laurent Prévot | Bruno Roux
Digital Imaging in Mammography towards Detection and Analysis of Human Breast Cancer

Author(s): Prof. Samir Kumar Bandyopadhyay | Indra Kanta Maitra
SAR System for UAV Operation with Motion Error Compensation beyond the Resolution Cell

Author(s): José-Tomás González-Partida | Pablo Almorox-González | Mateo Burgos-Garcia | Blas-Pablo Dorta-Naranjo
A Highly Accurate Classification of TM Data through Correction of Atmospheric Effects

Author(s): Widad Elmahboub | Frank Scarpace | Bill Smith
Trace2PS and FSA2PS: two software toolkits for converting trace and fsa files to PostScript format

Author(s): Krawczyk Justina | Goesmann Alexander | Nolte Ralf | Werber Martin | Weisshaar Bernd
Efficient iris segmentation method with support vector domain description

Author(s): Rongnian Tang | Jiuqiang Han | Xinman Zhang
Cone Beam Micro-CT System for Small Animal Imaging and Performance Evaluation

Author(s): Shouping Zhu | Jie Tian | Guorui Yan | Chenghu Qin | Jinchao Feng
Revision of Khoikhoiinae (Hymenoptera, Braconidae)

Author(s): Michael Sharkey | Simon van Noort | James Whitfield
Graphle: Interactive exploration of large, dense graphs

Author(s): Huttenhower Curtis | Mehmood Sajid | Troyanskaya Olga
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Ebroul Izquierdo | Anthony TS Ho | Hyoung Joong Kim | Qianni Zhang
Preliminary investigation of the use of digital image analysis for raw ham evaluation

Author(s): D. Lo Fiego | M. Comellini | M. C. Ielo | A. Ulrici | L. A. Volpelli | F. Tassone | L. Nanni Costa
K-Means Based Fingerprint Segmentation with Sensor Interoperability

Author(s): Gongping Yang | Guang-Tong Zhou | Yilong Yin | Xiukun Yang
Feature Detection Techniques for Preprocessing Proteomic Data

Author(s): Kimberly F. Sellers | Jeffrey C. Miecznikowski
Egg Embryo Development Detection with Hyperspectral Imaging

Author(s): Kurt C. Lawrence | Douglas P. Smith | William R. Windham | Gerald W. Heitschmidt | Bosoon Park
On the Design and Implementation of Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks

Author(s): Thomas Davis | Qing Pang | Gordon W. Skelton | Natarajan Meghanathan
The exchangeability of shape

Author(s): Dujardin Jean-Pierre | Kaba Dramane | Henry Amy
An Efficient Adaptive Filtering for CFA Demosaicking

Author(s): Dev. R. Newlin, | Elwin Chandra Monie
The INTERPRET Decision-Support System version 3.0 for evaluation of Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy data from human brain tumours and other abnormal brain masses

Author(s): Pérez-Ruiz Alexander | Julià-Sapé Margarida | Mercadal Guillem | Olier Iván | Majós Carles | Arús Carles
iCOD : an integrated clinical omics database based on the systems-pathology view of disease

Author(s): Shimokawa Kazuro | Mogushi Kaoru | Shoji Satoshi | Hiraishi Atsuko | Ido Keisuke | Mizushima Hiroshi | Tanaka Hiroshi
Spectral emissivity and temperature maps of the Solfatara crater from DAIS hyperspectral images

Author(s): L. Merucci | M. P. Bogliolo | M. F. Buongiorno | S. Teggi
Comparison between Digital Image Processing and Spectrophotometric Measurements Methods

Author(s): Bogdan Adnan HAIFA | Vladimir BACÂREA | Oana IACOB | Tudor CĂLINICI | Alexandru ŞCHIOPU
Estimation of intra-operator variability in perfusion parameter measurements using DCE-US

Author(s): Marianne Gauthier, Ingrid Leguerney, Jessie Thalmensi, Mohamed Chebil, Sarah Parisot, Pierre Peronneau, Alain Roche, Nathalie Lassau
A Cascaded Fingerprint Quality Assessment Scheme for Improved System Accuracy

Author(s): Zia Saquib | Santosh Kumar Soni | Sweta Suhasaria | Pratibha Mokal
Automatic detection of the carotid artery boundary on cross-sectional MR image sequences using a circle model guided dynamic programming

Author(s): Cheng Da-Chuan | Billich Christian | Liu Shing-Hong | Brunner Horst | Qiu Yi-Chen | Shen Yu-Lin | Brambs Hans | Schmidt-Trucksäss Arno | Schütz Uwe
An Algorithm for Image Compression Using 2D Wavelet Transform

Manufacturing of metallic porous structures to be used in capillary pumping systems

Author(s): Reimbrecht Eduardo Gonçalves | Bazzo Edson | Almeida Luis Henrique Seabra | Silva Henrique Cislagui | Binder Cristiano | Muzart Joel Louis Rene
Correction of nonuniform attenuation and image fusion in SPECT imaging by means of separate X-ray CT.

Author(s): Kashiwagi T | Yutani K | Fukuchi M | Naruse H | Iwasaki T | Yokozuka K | Inoue S | Kondo S
Semi-automated segmentation and quantification of adipose tissue in calf and thigh by MRI: a preliminary study in patients with monogenic metabolic syndrome

Author(s): Al-Attar Salam | Pollex Rebecca | Robinson John | Miskie Brooke | Walcarius Rhonda | Rutt Brian | Hegele Robert
The large scale observing system component of ADRICOSM: the satellite system

Author(s): Roberto SCIARRA | Emanuele BÖHM | Emma D’ACUNZO | Rosalia SANTOLERI
Analyzing in situ gene expression in the mouse brain with image registration, feature extraction and block clustering

Author(s): Jagalur Manjunatha | Pal Chris | Learned-Miller Erik | Zoeller R Thomas | Kulp David
Image and Video Indexing Using Networks of Operators

Author(s): Stéphane Ayache | Georges Quénot | Jérôme Gensel
RETINOBASE: a web database, data mining and analysis platform for gene expression data on retina

Author(s): Kalathur Ravi | Gagniere Nicolas | Berthommier Guillaume | Poidevin Laetitia | Raffelsberger Wolfgang | Ripp Raymond | Léveillard Thierry | Poch Olivier
Testing the portal imager GLAaS algorithm for machine quality assurance

Author(s): Nicolini G | Vanetti E | Clivio A | Fogliata A | Boka G | Cozzi L
Detection of Abnormal Masses using Divide and Conquer Algorithmin Digital Mammogram

Author(s): Indra Kanta Maitra | Sanjay Nag | Samir K. Bandyopadhyay
Statistical analysis in enrichment of total whey protein by continuous foam fractionation method

Author(s): Goutam Mukhopadhyay | Jasmina Khanam | Arunabha Nanda | Nripendra Nath Bala | Won Chun Oh
Origin Parameters of Fused Flux Grain Process Dispersion with Air Parámetros de origen del proceso de dispersión con aire de fundentes fundidos

Author(s): Daniel Pérez Pérez | Carlos René Gómez Pérez | Francisco Arturo Ruiz Martínez | Eriel Pérez Zapico

Data Hiding in JPEG Images

Author(s): S. K. Muttoo | Sushil Kumar
Two-Level Evaluation on Sensor Interoperability of Features in Fingerprint Image Segmentation

Author(s): Gongping Yang | Ying Li | Yilong Yin | Ya-Shuo Li
Dynamic Real Time Distributed Sensor Network Based Database Management System Using XML, JAVA and PHP Technologies

Author(s): D. Sudharsan | J. Adinarayana | S. Ninomiya | M. Hirafuji | T. Kiura
Identification of Potato Genotypes Using Digital Image Analysis

Author(s): Máté CSÁK | Géza HEGEDŰS | Zsolt POLGÁR
Image and Video Indexing Using Networks of Operators

Author(s): Ayache Stéphane | Quénot Georges | Gensel Jérôme
-Means Based Fingerprint Segmentation with Sensor Interoperability

Author(s): Yang Gongping | Zhou Guang-Tong | Yin Yilong | Yang Xiukun
Face Recognition from Still Images to Video Sequences: A Local-Feature-Based Framework

Author(s): Chen Shaokang | Mau Sandra | Harandi MehrtashT | Sanderson Conrad | Bigdeli Abbas | Lovell BrianC
An SIMD Programmable Vision Chip with High-Speed Focal Plane Image Processing

Author(s): Ginhac Dominique | Dubois Jérôme | Paindavoine Michel | Heyrman Barthélémy
Synthesis and Characterization of Cobalt-Doped WS2 Nanorods for Lithium Battery Applications

Author(s): Wang Shiquan | Li Guohua | Du Guodong | Li Li | Jiang Xueya | Feng Chuanqi | Guo Zaiping | Kim Seungjoo
Improved 3-D Particle Tracking Velocimetry with Colored Particles

Author(s): Christian Bendicks | Dominique Tarlet | Christoph Roloff | Robert Bordás | Bernd Wunderlich | Bernd Michaelis | Dominique Thévenin
DCP Series

Author(s): Philip Stearns
Photorealistic Building Reconstruction from Mobile Laser Scanning Data

Author(s): Lingli Zhu | Juha Hyyppä | Antero Kukko | Harri Kaartinen | Ruizhi Chen
Surface Electromyography-Based Facial Expression Recognition in Bi-Polar Configuration

Author(s): Mahyar Hamedi | Sh-Hussain Salleh | Tan T. Swee | Kamarulafizam
Comparative Study of the Effect of Lossy and Lossless Block Based Binary Plane Techniques on Medical Images

Author(s): Nalla S. Chandra | Mahaboob B. Shaik | A. Govardhan | M. Balraju
cDNA Microarray Genome Image Processing Using Fixed Spot Position

Author(s): Basim Alhadidi | Hussam N. Fakhouri | Omar S. AlMousa
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