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Rayleigh Mixture Distribution

Author(s): Rezaul Karim | Pear Hossain | Sultana Begum | Forhad Hossain
Effect of Sensor Mobility and Channel Fading on Wireless Sensor Network Clustering Algorithms

Author(s): Ahmed H. Gabr | Sherif Keshk | Aliaa A. A. Youssif
Love and Rayleigh Correction Terms and Padé Approximants

Author(s): I. Andrianov | J. Awrejcewicz
Surface electromagnetic waves on two-dimensional rough perfectly conducting surfaces

Author(s): T.A. Leskova | A.A. Maradudin | I. Simonsen
Comparative Study of Channel Estimation Algorithms under Different Channel Scenario

Author(s): Tirthankar Paul | Priyabrata karmakar | Sourav Dhar
BER Analysis of MIMO OFDM System for AWGN and Rayleigh Fading Channel

Author(s): Mitalee Agrawal | Yudhishthir Raut
Performance Analysis of STBC- OFDM System Under Multipath Fading Channel

Author(s): Gunjan Manik | Alka Kalra | Sanjeev Kalra
Performance Analysis of WCDMA using Different Spreading Codes

Author(s): Dr. P. Samundiswary | P.V.S.R.S Viswa Kalyan
Odin-OSIRIS stratospheric aerosol data product and SAGE III intercomparison

Author(s): A. E. Bourassa | L. A. Rieger | N. D. Lloyd | D. A. Degenstein
Response to recharge variation of thin lenses and their mixing zone with underlying saline groundwater

Author(s): S. Eeman | S. E. A. T. M. van der Zee | A. Leijnse | P. G. B. de Louw | C. Maas
Physical and optical properties of 2010 Eyjafjallajökull volcanic eruption aerosol: ground-based, Lidar and airborne measurements in France

Author(s): M. Hervo | B. Quennehen | N. I. Kristiansen | J. Boulon | A. Stohl | P. Fréville | J.-M. Pichon | D. Picard | P. Labazuy | M. Gouhier | J.-C. Roger | A. Colomb | A. Schwarzenboeck | K. Sellegri
Deglaciation records of 17O-excess in East Antarctica: reliable reconstruction of oceanic normalized relative humidity from coastal sites

Author(s): R. Winkler | A. Landais | H. Sodemann | L. Dümbgen | F. Prié | V. Masson-Delmotte | B. Stenni | J. Jouzel
Content-Based Image Unequal Error Protection Strategies for an Open Loop MIMO System

Author(s): Rodolphe Vauzelle | Tudor Palade | Jean-Pierre Cances | Rebeca Colda | Clency Perrine
Single and Multi Coding Schemes for Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Magdi El-Soudani | Hassanein Amer | Nora Ali | Hany ElSayed
An Analytical Algorithm for Scattering Type Determination under Different Weather Conditions

Author(s): Amal M. Al-Hillou | Ali A. D. Al-Zuky | Fatin E. M. Al-Obaidi
Single and Multi Coding Schemes for Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Magdi El-Soudani | Hassanein Amer | Nora Ali | Hany ElSayed
An Analytical Algorithm for Scattering Type Determination under Different Weather Conditions

Author(s): Amal M. Al-Hillou | Ali A. D. Al-Zuky | Fatin E. M. Al-Obaidi
Initial sea-ice growth in open water: properties of grease ice and nilas

Author(s): A. K. Naumann | D. Notz | L. Håvik | A. Sirevaag
Plasmonic band edge effects on the transmission properties of metal gratings

Author(s): D. de Ceglia | M. A. Vincenti | M. Scalora | N. Akozbek | M. J. Bloemer
Resonant excitation of coupled Rayleigh waves in a short and narrow fluid channel clad between two identical metal plates

Author(s): Victor M. García-Chocano | Tomás López-Rios | Arkadii Krokhin | José Sánchez-Dehesa
Análisis de la transferencia de calor en una cavidad ventilada con una pared conductora de calor

Author(s): C. Ramón-Prieto | J. Xamán-Villaseñor | G. Álvarez-García | F. Noh-Pat

Study of Performance of the combined MIM0 MMSE VBLAST-OFDM for Wi-Fi (802.11n)

Author(s): Souhila Ferouani | G. Abdellaoui | F. Debbat | F. T. Bendimerad
Image Independent Filter for Removal of Speckle Noise

Author(s): K. Bala Prakash | R.Venu Babu | B.VenuGopal

Author(s): M. Nazimuzzaman | Himadri S. Saha | Md. Imdadul Islam | M. R. Amin
Optimal rain rate estimation algorithm for light and heavy rain using polarimetric measurements

Author(s): A. Elmzoughi | R. Abdelfattah | V. Santalla Del Rio | Z. Belhadj
Line Spectral Frequency-based Noise Suppression for Speech-Centric Interface of Smart Devices

Author(s): JANG, G. J. | PARK, J. S. | KIM, J. H. | SEO, Y. H.
Heatlines in Free Convection within Closed Cavities: Three Study Cases

Author(s): Cervantes de Gortari J.G. | Torchia–Núñez J.C. | Serrano–Gutiérrez J.A. | Muñoz–Barrera A. | Guzmán–Vázquez E. | Chávez–López O. | Gutiérrez–Coria F. | Rosas–Yescas I. | Martínez–Galván E.
A Design Method of Noncoherent Unitary Space-Time Codes

Author(s): Li Peng | Qiuping Peng | Lingling Yang
Performance Evaluation of FM-COOK Chaotic Communication System

Author(s): Hikmat N. Abdullah | Alejandro A. Valenzuela
Novel Semi-blind Channel Estimation Schemes for Rayleigh Flat Fading MIMO Channels

Author(s): Jaymin Bhalani | Dharmendra Chauhan | Y. P. Kosta | A. I. Trivedi
DSC and universal bit-level combining for HARQ systems

Author(s): Lv Tiejun | Xia Jinhuan | Long Feichi
An analytical model for the intercell interference power in the downlink of wireless cellular networks

Author(s): Pijcke Benoit | Zwingelstein-Colin Marie | Gazalet Marc | Gharbi Mohamed | Corlay Patrick
Chip-Level Channel Equalization in WCDMA Downlink

Author(s): Hooli Kari | Juntti Markku | Heikkilä Markku J | Komulainen Petri | Latva-aho Matti | Lilleberg Jorma
Space-Time Codes for Wireless Optical Communications

Author(s): Haas Shane M | Shapiro Jeffrey H | Tarokh Vahid
A Generalized Algorithm for the Generation of Correlated Rayleigh Fading Envelopes in Wireless Channels

Author(s): Tran Le Chung | Wysocki Tadeusz A | Mertins Alfred | Seberry Jennifer
Two-Stage Maximum Likelihood Estimation (TSMLE) for MT-CDMA Signals in the Indoor Environment

Author(s): Rahman Quazi Mehbubar | Sesay Abu B | Hefnawi Mostafa
An Implementation of Nonlinear Multiuser Detection in Rayleigh Fading Channel

Author(s): Leong WaiYie | Homer John | Mandic Danilo P
Exploiting Diversity for Coverage Extension of Bluetooth-Based Mobile Services

Author(s): Masini Barbara M | Conti Andrea | Dardari Davide | Pasolini Gianni
Performance Analysis of Space-Time Block Codes in Flat Fading MIMO Channels with Offsets

Author(s): Bhatnagar Manav R | Vishwanath R | Bhatnagar Vaibhav
Capacity Performance of Adaptive Receive Antenna Subarray Formation for MIMO Systems

Author(s): Theofilakos Panagiotis | Kanatas Athanasios G
Spectral Efficiency Comparison of OFDM/FBMC for Uplink Cognitive Radio Networks

Author(s): Zhang H | Le Ruyet D | Roviras D | Medjahdi Y | Sun H
An Adaptive Channel Model for VBLAST in Vehicular Networks

Author(s): Abdalla GhassanMT | Abu-Rgheff MosaA | Senouci Sidi-Mohammed
Cooperative Detection for Primary User in Cognitive Radio Networks

Author(s): Zhu Jia | Zou Yulong | Zheng Baoyu
A Scheduling Algorithm for Minimizing the Packet Error Probability in Clusterized TDMA Networks

Author(s): Toyserkani ArashT | Rydström Mats | Ström ErikG | Svensson Arne
Advances in Relay Networks: Performance and Capacity Analysis of Space-Time Analog Network Coding

Author(s): Tanoli ShujaatAliKhan | Khan Imran | Rajatheva Nandana | Adachi Fumiyuki
On the Evaluation of MB-OFDM UWB Interference Effects on a WiMAX Receiver

Author(s): Cano Eduardo | Rabbachin Alberto | Fuehrer Detlef | Fortuny Joaquim
Performance Analysis of Two-Hop OSTBC Transmission over Rayleigh Fading Channels

Author(s): Li Guangping | Blostein StevenD | Qin Jiayin
Diversity Properties of Multiantenna Small Handheld Terminals

Author(s): Kotterman Wim ATh | Pedersen Gert F | Olesen Kim
EM-Based Channel Estimation Algorithms for OFDM

Author(s): Ma Xiaoqiang | Kobayashi Hisashi | Schwartz Stuart C
DS-CDMA Receiver Based on a Five-Port Technology

Author(s): Maljević Ivo | Sousa Elvino S
Iterative List Decoding of Concatenated Source-Channel Codes

Author(s): Hedayat Ahmadreza | Nosratinia Aria
Super-Orthogonal Space-Time Turbo Transmit Diversity for CDMA

Author(s): van Wyk Daniël J | Linde Louis P | van Rooyen Pieter GW
Link Adaptation for Framed Multimedia Data Transmission over a DS-CDMA Communication System

Author(s): Poulliat Charly | Fijalkow Inbar | Declercq David
Iterative Refinement Methods for Time-Domain Equalizer Design

Author(s): Arslan Güner | Lu Biao | Clark Lloyd D | Evans Brian L
Optimal Training for Time-Selective Wireless Fading Channels Using Cutoff Rate

Author(s): Misra Saswat | Swami Ananthram | Tong Lang
New Approaches for Channel Prediction Based on Sinusoidal Modeling

Author(s): Chen Ming | Ekman Torbjörn | Viberg Mats
Iterative Reconfigurable Tree Search Detection of MIMO Systems

Author(s): Zheng Wu | Song Wentao | Luo Hanwen | Liu Xingzhao
Performance of JPEG Image Transmission Using Proposed Asymmetric Turbo Code

Author(s): Ramasamy K | Siddiqi Mohammad Umar | Alias Mohamad Yusoff
Performance Analysis of SNR-Based Scheduling Policies in Asymmetric Broadcast Ergodic Fading Channel

Author(s): Pérez Jesús | Ibáñez Jesús | Vía Javier | Santamaría Ignacio
Joint NC-ARQ and AMC for QoS-Guaranteed Mobile Multicast

Author(s): Wang Haibo | Schwefel Hans-Peter | Chu Xiaoli | Skjødeberg Toftegaard Thomas
On the K and KG fading channels

Author(s): Aleksić Danijela | Stefanović Mihajlo | Popović Zoran | Radenković Dragan | Ristić Jovan D.
Network Coding Based Security for Routing Attacks in WRN: Frechet Interference and Rayleigh Outage Evaluation

Author(s): R. Villalpando-Hernández | C. Vargas-Rosales | D. Muñoz-Rodríguez | J. R. Rodríguez
Processes controlling the Si-isotopic composition in the Southern Ocean and application for paleoceanography

Author(s): F. Fripiat | A.-J. Cavagna | F. Dehairs | A. de Brauwere | L. André | D. Cardinal
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