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Effects of Aging and Display Contrast on the Legibility of Characters on Mobile Phone Screens

Author(s): Satoshi Hasegawa | Masaru Miyao | Shohei Matsunuma | Kazuhiro Fujikake | Masako Omori
Analysis of consumer information brochures on osteoporosis prevention and treatment

Author(s): Meyer, Gabriele | Steckelberg, Anke | Mühlhauser, Ingrid
How do healthcare consumers process and evaluate comparative healthcare information? A qualitative study using cognitive interviews

Author(s): Damman Olga | Hendriks Michelle | Rademakers Jany | Delnoij Diana | Groenewegen Peter
Use of index readability of Flesh (ILF) in manual educative for mastectomized women: methodological study

Author(s): Mariza Silva Oliveira | Francisco Stélio Sousa | Ana Fátima Carvalho Fernandes

Author(s): Alba Rosa Fernandez | Fred Manrique-Abril | Camila Bautista-Saavedra
Readability Analysis of Malaysian Short Stories in English

Author(s): Imran Ho Abdullah | Ruzy Suliza Hashim
Reflections on Translating Philosophical and Religious Texts

Author(s): Paul L. Swanson | James W. Heisig
DNA microarray data and contextual analysis of correlation graphs

Author(s): Rougemont Jacques | Hingamp Pascal
Digital Levelling in Subterranean Spaces

Author(s): Tomáš Jiřikovský
What medical journal editing means to me

Author(s): Harvey Marcovitch
Students’ understanding of light concepts primary school:

Author(s): Çiğdem ŞAHİN | Hava İPEK | Alipaşa AYAS3
simecol: An Object-Oriented Framework for Ecological Modeling in R

Author(s): Thomas Petzoldt | Karsten Rinke
Cómo realizar una comunicación científica. Aspectos tipográficos (III)

Author(s): Gutierrez Couto, U | Blanco Pérez, A | Casal Acción, B
GBParsy: A GenBank flatfile parser library with high speed

Author(s): Lee Tae-Ho | Kim Yeon-Ki | Nahm Baek Hie
Enhancing Written Communications to Address Health Literacy

Author(s): Gloria Mayer | Michael Villaire
Solving Differential Equations in R: Package deSolve

Author(s): Karline Soetaert | Thomas Petzoldt | R. Woodrow Setzer
Evaluation of patients’ inform consent forms in oncology: readability of the information

Author(s): Hayriye ERTEM-VEHİD | İ. Müfit GİRESUNLU | Hilal KÖKSALAN
Program Translation via a New Dependence Model

Author(s): Zine-Eddine Bouras | Amer Nizar AbuAli
Performance of the Genotype® MTBDRPlus assay in the diagnosis of tuberculosis and drug resistance in Samara, Russian Federation

Author(s): Nikolayevskyy Vladyslav | Balabanova Yanina | Simak Tatyana | Malomanova Nadezhda | Fedorin Ivan | Drobniewski Francis
BFL: a node and edge betweenness based fast layout algorithm for large scale networks

Author(s): Hashimoto Tatsunori | Nagasaki Masao | Kojima Kaname | Miyano Satoru
Survey-based naming conventions for use in OBO Foundry ontology development

Author(s): Schober Daniel | Smith Barry | Lewis Suzanna | Kusnierczyk Waclaw | Lomax Jane | Mungall Chris | Taylor Chris | Rocca-Serra Philippe | Sansone Susanna-Assunta
Performance-based readability testing of participant information for a Phase 3 IVF trial

Author(s): Knapp Peter | Raynor DK | Silcock Jonathan | Parkinson Brian
Mining Textual Contents of Financial Reports

Author(s): Antonina Kloptchenko | Camilla Magnusson | Barbro Back | Ari Visa | Hannu Vanharanta
Session-Based Programming for Parallel Algorithms: Expressiveness and Performance

Author(s): Andi Bejleri | Raymond Hu | Nobuko Yoshida
A modified QuickDASH-9 provides a valid outcome instrument for upper limb function

Author(s): Gabel C | Yelland Michael | Melloh Markus | Burkett Brendan
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Ebroul Izquierdo | Anthony TS Ho | Hyoung Joong Kim | Qianni Zhang
A Frequency Diverse Gen2 RFID System with Isolated Continuous Wave Emitters

Author(s): Hsin-Chin Liu | Yi-Fan Chen | Yung-Ting Chen
Use of injectable transponders for the identification and traceability of pigs

Author(s): Liviana Prola | Giovanni Perona | Massimiliano Tursi | Pier Paolo Mussa
XML-BSPM: an XML format for storing Body Surface Potential Map recordings

Author(s): Bond Raymond | Finlay Dewar | Nugent Chris | Moore George
Assessment of the quality and variability of health information on chronic pain websites using the DISCERN instrument

Author(s): Kaicker Jatin | Debono Victoria | Dang Wilfred | Buckley Norman | Thabane Lehana
Examining the readability of patient-informed consent forms

Author(s): Marli Terblanche | Lesley Burgess
Malaria rapid diagnostic kits: quality of packaging, design and labelling of boxes and components and readability and accuracy of information inserts

Author(s): Gillet Philippe | Maltha Jessica | Hermans Veerle | Ravinetto Raffaella | Bruggeman Cathrien | Jacobs Jan
The Study on Using Passive RFID Tags for Indoor Positioning

Author(s): S.L. Ting | S.K. Kwok | Albert H.C. Tsang | George T.S. Ho
Building a Knowledge Repository: Linking Jordanian Universities E-library in an Integrated Database System

Author(s): Faleh, A. Alhawary | Hani, J. Irtaimeh | Khaled, Bany Hamdan
The Study on Using Passive RFID Tags for Indoor Positioning

Author(s): S.L. Ting | S.K. Kwok | Albert H.C. Tsang | George T.S. Ho
Application of Threshold Techniques for Readability Improvement of Jawi Historical Manuscript Images

Author(s): Hafizan Mat Som | Jasni Mohamad Zain | Amzari Jihadi Ghazali
Does anybody read "evidence-based" articles?

Author(s): Loke Yoon | Derry Sheena
Readability of pediatric health materials for preventive dental care

Author(s): Hendrickson Rachel | Huebner Colleen | Riedy Christine
An internet survey of 2,596 people with fibromyalgia

Author(s): Bennett Robert | Jones Jessie | Turk Dennis | Russell I Jon | Matallana Lynne
Characterisation of Technological Innovation Management Journals

Author(s): Teresa Garcia M. | Valle Santos A. | Liduina Pereira do Carmo
"Gtool5": a Fortran90 library of input/output interfaces for self-descriptive multi-dimensional numerical data

Author(s): M. Ishiwatari | E. Toyoda | Y. Morikawa | S. Takehiro | Y. Sasaki | S. Nishizawa | M. Odaka | N. Otobe | Y. O. Takahashi | K. Nakajima | T. Horinouchi | M. Shiotani | Y.-Y. Hayashi | Gtool development group
What do information reuse and automated processing require in engineering design? Semantic process

Author(s): Ossi Nykänen | Jaakko Salonen | Mikko Markkula | Pekka Ranta | Markus Rokala | Matti Helminen | Vänni Alarotu | Juha Nurmi | Tuija Palonen | Kari T Koskinen | Seppo Pohjolainen
Study of Neural Network Algorithm for Straight-Line Drawings of Planar Graphs

Author(s): Mohamed A. El-Sayed | S. Abdel-Khalek | Hanan H. Amin
Agile parallel bioinformatics workflow management using Pwrake

Author(s): Mishima Hiroyuki | Sasaki Kensaku | Tanaka Masahiro | Tatebe Osamu | Yoshiura Koh-ichiro
Readability Formulas and Cohesive Markers in Reading Comprehension

Author(s): Abbas Ali Rezaee | Mohammad Hussein Norouzi
Éléments pour adapter les systèmes de recherche d’information aux dyslexiques

Author(s): Lauriane Sitbon | Patrice Bellot | Philippe Blache
Improving Web Page Readability by Plain Language

Author(s): Walayat Hussain | Osama Sohaib | Arif Ali
mmView: a web-based viewer of the mmCIF format

Author(s): Čech Petr | Svozil Daniel
A follow-up study on the quality of alcohol dependence-related information on the web

Author(s): Coquard Olivier | Fernandez Sebastien | Zullino Daniele | Khazaal Yasser
Model Transformation Using a Simplified Metamodel

Author(s): Hongming Liu | Xiaoping Jia

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