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Gravitational Lensing in Astronomy

Author(s): Wambsganss Joachim
A Few Remarks on "The Length of the Day: A Cosmological Perspective"

Author(s): Christianto V. | Pitkanen M. | Smarandache F.
Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology with Gravitational Waves

Author(s): Sathyaprakash B. S. | Schutz Bernard F.
Binary and Millisecond Pulsars

Author(s): Duncan R. Lorimer
Quasi-Normal Modes of Stars and Black Holes

Author(s): Kokkotas Kostas | Schmidt Bernd
Rotating Stars in Relativity

Author(s): Stergioulas Nikolaos
Relativistic Fluid Dynamics: Physics for Many Different Scales

Author(s): Andersson Nils | Comer Gregory L.
Critical Phenomena in Gravitational Collapse

Author(s): Gundlach Carsten | Martín-García José M.
Physics of Neutron Star Crusts

Author(s): Chamel Nicolas | Haensel Pawel
Brane-World Gravity

Author(s): Roy Maartens | Kazuya Koyama
Relativistic Binaries in Globular Clusters

Author(s): Benacquista Matthew
Brane-World Gravity

Author(s): Maartens Roy
Relativistic Binaries in Globular Clusters

Author(s): Benacquista Matthew J.
The Evolution of Compact Binary Star Systems

Author(s): Postnov Konstantin A. | Yungelson, Lev R.
Detecting ultra-high energy cosmic rays from space with unprecedented acceptance: objectives and design of the JEM-EUSO mission

Author(s): M. Casolino | J. H. Adams | M. E. Bertaina | M. J. Christl | T. Ebisuzaki | P. Gorodetzky | Y. Hachisu | F. Kajino | Y. Kawasaki | G. Medina-Tanco | H. Miyamoto | H. Ohomori | E. Parizot | I. Park | P. Picozza | N. Sakaki | A. Santangelo | K. Shinozaki | Y. Takizawa | K. Tsuno | JEM-EUSO collaboration
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