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Measurement of Ultra-Short Solitary Electromagnetic Pulses

Author(s): Eva Gescheidtova | Miloslav Steinbauer | Pavel Fiala
Implementation of a Controller Unit for an Intelligent Ventilation System (IVS) for a BTS Room

Author(s): Sadeque Reza Khan | Ahmed Al Mansur | S.M. Ferdous
Data Mining for Knowledge Discovery from Imaging Reports

Author(s): Mahtab Karami | Reza Safdari | Soheila Refahi
Investigating student communities with network analysis of interactions in a physics learning center

Author(s): Eric Brewe1,2 | Laird Kramer2 | Vashti Sawtelle2 | Eric Brewe1,2
Textual and language flaws: problems for Spanish doctors in producing abstracts in English

Author(s): Lourdes Divasson Cilveti | Isabel K. León Pérez
The role of employee engagement in work-related outcomes

Author(s): Dr. Padmakumar Ram | Dr. Gantasala V. Prabhakar

Author(s): Mubbsher Munawar Khan | Ishfaq Ahmed | Muhammad Musarrat Nawaz | Muhammad Ramzan
Intention To Halal Products In The World Markets

Author(s): Kambiz Heidarzadeh Hanzaee | Mohammad Reza Ramezani
Economic Growth and Population Growth: Empirical Testing Using Malaysian Data

Author(s): Dullah Mulok | Rozilee Asid | Mori Kogid | Jaratin Lily
Intellectual Capital and Business Performance: Evidence from Nigeria

Author(s): Olayinka Marte Uadiale | Uwalomwa Uwuigbe
Fundamental Analysis and the Prediction of Earnings

Author(s): Dyna Seng | Jason R. Hancock
Purposes of Performance Appraisal System: A Perceptual Study of Civil Servants in District Dera Ismail Khan Pakistan

Author(s): Malik Ikramullah | Bahadar Shah | Shadiullah Khan | Faqir Sajjad Ul Hassan | Tariq Zaman
Effect Of Packet Delay Variation On Video/Voice Over Diffserv-Mpls In Ipv4/Ipv6 Networks

Author(s): Md. Tariq Aziz | Mohammad Saiful Islam | Adrian Popescu | Md. Nazmul Islam khan
Strategies for Successful Information Technology Adoption in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Author(s): Morteza Ghobakhloo | Tang Sai Hong | Mohammad Sadegh Sabouri | Norzima Zulkifli
Analysis of Cooking Utensils Containing Aluminium Scrap in Senegal

Author(s): Mamadou Babacar Ndiaye | Sandrine Bec | Bernard Coquillet | Ibrahima Khalil Cissé
Analysis of ESP university students’ reading strategy awareness

Author(s): Ana Cristina Lahuerta Martínez
Organizations Adoption of MyKad Initiative

Author(s): Han Foon Neo | Paul H.P. Yeow | Uchenna C. Eze | Huck Soo Loo
Wanted: Bibliotechnologist

Author(s): Lisa Craft
Infra Red Digital Imaging in Medicine

Author(s): Zvonko Damnjanović | Dejan Petrović | Radoje Pantović | Zaviša Smiljanić
Women’s experiences of unwanted pregnancy

Author(s): Foroughossadat Mortazavi | Maryam Damghanian | Zahra Mottaghi | Mohammad Shariati
Perceived Social Support among Hospital Personnel and its Influential factors: A case study

Author(s): M. Mardani Hamuleh | P. Raeissi | H. Heidari | M. Mahbobi
Team-working and stress in health and social care

Author(s): Constantine Kahuro Ngigi
Element-Based Computational Model

Author(s): Conrad Mueller
Factors affecting adherence to the use of hip protectors in nursing homes

Author(s): Jonathan Mamo | Chantal Fenech | Nicholas Mamo
Physical and mental health at third age - risk factors

Author(s): Manolescu Suzana | Rada Cornelia
Assessment of the satisfaction of participants in training for employment

Author(s): De-Miguel, Mario | San-Fabián, José-Luis | Belver José-Luis | Argüelles, María-Cruz
Infertility Stress: The Role of Coping Strategies, Personality Trait, and Social Support

Author(s): Batool Rashidi | Soheila Hosseini | Pooya Beigi | Mahya Ghazizadeh | Mohammad Naghi Farahani
Analysis of attitudes towards disability among university students: a focus on the theory of reasoned action

Author(s): Novo-Corti, Isabel | Muñoz-Cantero, Jesús Miguel | Calvo-Porral, Cristina
Policy, Perception and Health Care Utilization in Myanmar

Author(s): Soe Moe | Daw Khin Saw Naing
Treatment of AIDS: A Prevention Pill

Author(s): Matin Ahmad Khan

Author(s): Dragoi Ionut | David Marcel | Boldea Monica
Novel microfilaricidal activity of nanosilver

Author(s): Singh SK | Goswami K | Sharma RD | Reddy MVR | Dash D
Soil Quality Response to Long-Term Nutrients and Management Practice to Potato Production in Ultisols of Subtropical China

Author(s): Odunze A. C. | Jinshui Wu | Shoulong Liu | Hanhua Zhu | Tida Ge | Yi Wang | Qiao Luo
A Framework for Sharing Knowledge in Product Development by E-collaboration through Project Management

Author(s): Marjan Mohammadjafari | Shamsuddin Ahmed | Siti Zawiah Md Dawal | Hadi Zayandehroodi
Drivers of Customers’ Reactions to Service Failures: The Israeli Experience

Author(s): Aviv Shoham | Yossi Gavish | Sigal Segev
A Systematic Review of Social Factors and Suicidal Behavior in Older Adulthood

Author(s): Madeleine Mellqvist Fässberg | Kimberly A. van Orden | Paul Duberstein | Annette Erlangsen | Sylvie Lapierre | Ehud Bodner | Silvia Sara Canetto | Diego De Leo | Katalin Szanto | Margda Waern
Differences in zinc status and the leptin axis in anorexic and recovered adolescents and young adults: a pilot study

Author(s): F.D. Zepf | I. Sungurtekin | F. Glass | L. Elstrodt | D. Peetz | G. Hintereder | J. Kratzsch | C.S. Biskup | F. Poustka | L. Wöckel
Rare and threatened pondweed communities in anthropogenic water bodies of Opole Silesia (SW Poland)

Author(s): Arkadiusz Nowak | Sylwia Nowak | Izabela Czerniawska-Kusza
Academic Procrastinators and Their Self-Regulation

Author(s): Rayne A. Sperling | Seung Won Park
GIS Database Template for EnvironmentalManagement of Mining in Indonesia

Author(s): Akihiro Hamanaka | Kikuo Matsui | Hideaki Nagawa | Sri Maryati | Hideki Shimada | Takashi Sasaoka

Author(s): PESSOA, Aline Neves | NOVAES, Beatriz Cavalcanti de Albuquerque Caiuby | PEREIRA, Lilian Kuhn | CAMARGO, Zuleica Antonia
Identifyng barriers to successful research during medical school

Author(s): Chayan Chakraborti | Daniel J. Bourgeois III | Elizabeth Gleeson | William Gunderson
Web 2.0 collaboration tools to support student research in hydrology – an opinion

Author(s): A. Pathirana | B. Gersonius | M. Radhakrishnan
Proyección, diseño y construcción de plataforma robótica para investigación en inteligencia artificial

Author(s): Fredy Hernán Martínez Sarmiento | Mariela Castiblanco Ortiz
“Mainstreaming” Interprofessional Education within Hospital Settings: Findings from a Multiple Case Study

Author(s): Elisa Hollenberg | Scott Reeves | Mary Agnes Beduz | Lianne Jeffs | Debbie Kwan | Jacques Lee | Mandy Lowe | Jane Merkley | Lynne Sinclair | Maria Tassone | Ivy Oandasan

Author(s): Hee Young Lee, Co-Editor-in-Chief
Discover, Reuse and Share Knowledge on Service Oriented Architectures

Author(s): Jesus Soto Carrion | Lei Shu | Elisa Garcia Gordo
Identifying barriers to successful research during medical school

Author(s): Chayan Chakraborti | Daniel J. Bourgeois III | Elizabeth Gleeson | William Gunderson
Discursive interactions and the use of analogies in physics teaching

Author(s): Fernanda Cátia Bozelli | Roberto Nardi
Implementation of m-learning through MLE Moodle

Author(s): Amit R. Manakshe | Vijay S. Gulhane
Implementing Social Group Shopping using Support Vector Machines

Author(s): Prasanna Kothalkar | Priyanka Desai
Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing Using Data Reconstruction Based Approach

Author(s): Kshitij Pathak | Narendra S. Chaudhari | Aruna Tiwari
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