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Coping and return to work: Measurement and theoretical issues

Author(s): Magnus Odéen | Lars Ole Kristensen | Holger Ursin
Measuring Efficiency of Teaching Hospitals in Malaysia

Author(s): Hossein Moshiri | Syed Mohammed Aljunid | Rahmah Mohd Amin | Mazna Dahlui | Wan Norlida Ibrahim
Controls on runoff generation and scale-dependence in a distributed hydrologic model

Author(s): E. R. Vivoni | D. Entekhabi | R. L. Bras | V. Y. Ivanov
Discrete Return Lidar in Natural Resources: Recommendations for Project Planning, Data Processing, and Deliverables

Author(s): Jeffrey S. Evans | Andrew T. Hudak | Russ Faux | Alistair M. S. Smith
Economic Evaluation of Milk cake with different packaging materials

Author(s): Landge | S.N. | Kulkarni D.N and Gaikwad | S.M.
Digital Video Broadcast Return Channel via Satellite (DVB-RCS) Hub for Satellite Based E-Learning

Author(s): N.G.Vasantha Kumar | Mohanchur Sarkar | Vishal Agarwal | B.P. Chaniara | S.V.Mehta | V.S.Palsule | K.S.Dasgupta
Equatorial electrojet as part of the global circuit: a case-study from the IEEY

Author(s): A. T. Kobea | C. Amory-Mazaudier | J. M. Do | H. Lühr | E. Houngninou | J. Vassal | E. Blanc | J. J. Curto
Intense high-altitude auroral electric fields - temporal and spatial characteristics

Author(s): T. Johansson | S. Figueiredo | T. Karlsson | G. Marklund | A. Fazakerley | S. Buchert | P.-A. Lindqvist | H. Nilsson
Effects of Inputs Utilization on Rice Production Risk in Guilan Province

Author(s): M Kopahi | H Sadat Barikani | M Kavoosi Kelashomi | M Sasoli
Economic Efficiency of Small Scale Farmers in Ogun State, Nigeria

Author(s): Adeyemo, R. | Oke, JTO. | Akinola, AA.
Percutaneous Vertebroplasty for the Treatment of Osteoporotic Vertebral Compression Fractures: A Preliminary Report

Author(s): Jyi-Feng Chen | Shih-Tseng Lee | Tai-Ngar Lui | Chieh-Tsai Wu | Cheng-Chieh Liao
Technical Efficiency of Sunflower Production in Trakya Region by DEA

Author(s): C. Gunden | B. Miran | G. Unakitan
An integrated care program to prevent work disability due to chronic low back pain: a process evaluation within a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Lambeek Ludeke | van Mechelen Willem | Buijs Peter | Loisel Patrick | Anema Johannes
Inferring branching pathways in genome-scale metabolic networks

Author(s): Pitkänen Esa | Jouhten Paula | Rousu Juho
Statistical trend analysis and extreme distribution of significant wave height from 1958 to 1999 – an application to the Italian Seas

Author(s): G. Martucci | S. Carniel | J. Chiggiato | M. Sclavo | P. Lionello | M. B. Galati
South Atlantic circulation in a world ocean model

Author(s): Matthew H. England | Véronique C. Garçon
Co-bedding as a Comfort measure For Twins undergoing painful procedures (CComForT Trial)

Author(s): Campbell-Yeo Marsha | Johnston C Celeste | Joseph KS | Feeley Nancy | Chambers Christine | Barrington Keith
Excitation of twin-vortex flow in the nightside high-latitude ionosphere during an isolated substorm

Author(s): A. Grocott | S. W. H. Cowley | J. B. Sigwarth | J. F. Watermann | T. K. Yeoman
Separating spatial and temporal variations in auroral electric and magnetic fields by Cluster multipoint measurements

Author(s): T. Karlsson | G. T. Marklund | S. Figueiredo | T. Johansson | S. Buchert
Characterization of VHF radar observations associated with equatorial Spread F by narrow-band optical measurements

Author(s): R. Sekar | D. Chakrabarty | R. Narayanan | S. Sripathi | A. K. Patra | K. S. V. Subbarao
Statistical study of high-latitude plasma flow during magnetospheric substorms

Author(s): G. Provan | M. Lester | S. B. Mende | S. E. Milan
Temporal evolution of two auroral arcs as measured by the Cluster satellite and coordinated ground-based instruments

Author(s): A. T. Aikio | K. Mursula | S. Buchert | F. Forme | O. Amm | G. Marklund | M. Dunlop | D. Fontaine | A. Vaivads | A. Fazakerley
VHF signal power suppression in stratiform and convective precipitation

Author(s): A. J. McDonald | K. P. Monahan | D. A. Hooper | C. Gaffard
EISCAT observations of plasma patches at sub-auroral cusp latitudes

Author(s): J. Moen | H. C. Carlson | K. Oksavik | C. P. Nielsen | S. E. Pryse | H. R. Middleton | I. W. McCrea | P. Gallop
Plasma transport along discrete auroral arcs and its contribution to the ionospheric plasma convection

Author(s): A. Kullen | S. Buchert | T. Karlsson | T. Johansson | S. Lileo | A. Eriksson | H. Nilsson | A. Marchaudon | A. N. Fazakerley
The Efficiency of General Public Hospitals in Fars Province, Southern Iran

Author(s): N Hatam | Sh Moslehi | M Askarian | N Shokrpour | A Keshtkaran | M Abbasi
Trans-Cultural Adaptation and Psychometric Properties of the 'Sense of Coherence Scale' in Mothers of Preschool Children

Author(s): Karina Bonanato | Daniela Barbabela Tavares Branco | João Paulo Tibães Mota | Maria Letícia Ramos-Jorge | Saul Martins Paiva | Isabela Almeida Pordeus | Karl Christoph Kaeppler
Pain and intra-operative amnesia evaluation with local anesthesia and sedation in patients subjected to rhinosseptoplasties

Author(s): Weber, Raimar | Barboza Junior, Luiz Carlos de Melo | Jurado, José Roberto Parisi
Characterisation of extreme winter precipitation in Mediterranean coastal sites and associated anomalous atmospheric circulation patterns

Author(s): A. Toreti | E. Xoplaki | D. Maraun | F. G. Kuglitsch | H. Wanner | J. Luterbacher
Statistical trend analysis and extreme distribution of significant wave height from 1958 to 1999 – an application to the Italian Seas

Author(s): G. Martucci | S. Carniel | J. Chiggiato | M. Sclavo | P. Lionello | M. B. Galati
Does self-management for return to work increase the effectiveness of vocational rehabilitation for chronic compensated musculoskeletal disorders? - Protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Ellis Niki | Johnston Venerina | Gargett Susan | MacKenzie Alison | Strong Jennifer | Battersby Malcolm | McLeod Rebecca | Adam Keith | Jull Gwendolen
The Effect of Base Map Scale on the Accuracy of Floodplain Zoning Using GIS

Author(s): Sayyed Mahmood Reza Behbahani | Hamid Reza Ghajarnia | Mohammad Ebrahim Bani-Habib
Lightning Electromagnetic Fields Modeling Using an Indirect Hybrid Method- Interaction with an Overhead Power Line

Author(s): Zin Eddine Azzouz | Boualem Ghemri | Abdenbi Mimouni | Abderrezzak Cherifi
Small Scale Dairy Farming Practice in a Selective Area of Bangladesh

Author(s): M.M. Hossain | M.M. Hossain | M.M. Rashid | M. Asaduzzaman | M.M. Rahman
Spatial variability in floodplain sedimentation: the use of generalized linear mixed-effects models

Author(s): A. Cabezas | M. Angulo-Martínez | M. Gonzalez-Sanchís | J. J. Jimenez | F. A. Comín
Bed blockers: A study on the elderly patients in a teaching hospital in India

Author(s): Praveen Kumar N | Nanda Shinge | Parameshwar S
Novel technology in the treatment of acne scars: The matrix-tunable radiofrequency technology

Author(s): Ramesh M | Gopal M | Kumar Sharath | Talwar Ankur
Refugees and Health

Author(s): Ozge Karadag | Kerim Hakan Altintas
Revision anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction due to knee instability

Author(s): Milankov Miroslav | Miličić Aleksandar | Savić Dragan | Stanković Milan | Ninković Srđan | Matijević Radmila | Radić Srđan
LEARN 2 MOVE 2-3: a randomized controlled trial on the efficacy of child-focused intervention and context-focused intervention in preschool children with cerebral palsy

Author(s): Ketelaar Marjolijn | Kruijsen Anne | Verschuren Olaf | Jongmans Marian | Gorter Jan | Verheijden Johannes | Reinders-Messelink Heleen | Lindeman Eline
Intraperitoneal aerosolization of bupivacaine is a safe and effective method in controlling postoperative pain in laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass

Author(s): Nawar A Alkhamesi | James M Kane | Jr | Paul J Guske | Jonathan W Wallace | Peter C Rantis | Jr
A stochastic design rainfall generator based on copulas and mass curves

Author(s): S. Vandenberghe | N. E. C. Verhoest | E. Buyse | B. De Baets
Rainfall-runoff modelling and palaeoflood hydrology applied to reconstruct centennial scale records of flooding and aquifer recharge in ungauged ephemeral rivers

Author(s): G. Benito | B. A. Botero | V. R. Thorndycraft | M. Rico | Y. Sánchez-Moya | A. Sopeña | M. J. Machado | O. Dahan
From Editor

Author(s): Ugur DEmiray
Conscious Sedation Reduces Patient Discomfort and Improves Satisfaction in Flexible Bronchoscopy

Author(s): Yung-Lun Ni | Yu-Lun Lo | Ting-Yu Lin | Yueh-Fu Fang | Han-Pin Kuo
Rainfall-runoff modelling and palaeoflood hydrology applied to reconstruct centennial scale records of flooding and aquifer recharge in ungauged ephemeral rivers

Author(s): G. Benito | B. A. Botero | V. R. Thorndycraft | M. Rico | Y. Sánchez-Moya | A. Sopeña | M. J. Machado | O. Dahan
Comparison of

Author(s): Jamal Akhavan Moghaddam | Shaban Mehrvarz | Hassan ali Mohebbi | Farzad Panahie
A prospective study comparing LigaSure and open hemorrhoidectomy

Author(s): Sadegh Fazeli M | Safari S | Kazemeini A | Larti F | Joneidi E | Rahimi M | Meisami A
Energy Return on Investment (EROI) of Oil Shale

Author(s): Cutler J. Cleveland | Peter A. O’Connor
Results of Clinicians Using a Therapeutic Robotic System in an Inpatient Stroke Rehabilitation Unit

Author(s): Abdullah Hussein | Tarry Cole | Lambert Cynthia | Barreca Susan | Allen Brian
High-resolution refinement of a storm loss model and estimation of return periods of loss-intensive storms over Germany

Author(s): M. G. Donat | T. Pardowitz | G. C. Leckebusch | U. Ulbrich | O. Burghoff
A study and comparison of massage and rest on the knee extensor muscles fatigue and isokinetic parameters

Author(s): Cobra Ghasemi | Ali Ashraf Jamshidi | Masoodeh Mostofi | Mohammad Reza Keihany
The effect of early post cesarean feeding on women’s satisfaction

Author(s): Mohadeseh Adeli | Nastaran Razmjo | Fatemeh Tara | Saeed Ebrahimzadeh
Evaluation of stressors and coping strategies for stress in Indian anaesthesiologists

Author(s): Shidhaye R | Divekar D | Dhulkhed V | Goel Gaurav | Gupta Arunkumar | Shidhaye Rahul
Providers’ perspectives on collaboration

Author(s): Patricia Bruner | Roberta Waite | Maureen P. Davey
Needle and syringe programs in Yunnan, China yield health and financial return

Author(s): Zhang Lei | Yap Lorraine | Xun Zhuang | Wu Zunyou | Wilson David
The caregiving relationship and quality of life among partners of stroke survivors: A cross-sectional study

Author(s): McPherson Christine | Wilson Keith | Chyurlia Livia | Leclerc Charles
Microarray analysis and scale-free gene networks identify candidate regulators in drought-stressed roots of loblolly pine (P. taeda L.)

Author(s): Lorenz W Walter | Alba Rob | Yu Yuan-Sheng | Bordeaux John | Simões Marta | Dean Jeffrey
Spatial and temporal evaluation of erosion with RUSLE: a case study in an olive orchard microcatchment in Spain

Author(s): E. V. Taguas | P. Cuadrado | J. L. Ayuso | Y. Yuan | R. Pérez
Role of volcanic forcing on future global carbon cycle

Author(s): J. F. Tjiputra | O. H. Otterå
A Stochastic Production Investigation of Fish Farms in Ghana

Author(s): E. E. Onumah | H. D. Acquah

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