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Red Cross Emblem Its Use and Misuse

Author(s): Venkatesh Maled | Shailesh Male
Zespół całkowitej niewrażliwości na androgeny u 16-letniej fenotypowej dziewczynki

Author(s): Jerzy Starzyk | Aleksandra Górska | Dominika Januś
Zaburzenie różnicowania płci o typie sex reversal u 16-letniego fenotypowego chłopca

Author(s): Jerzy Starzyk | Aleksandra Górska | Dominika Januś
Antivenom injection time related effects of Hemiscorpius lepturus scorpion envenomation in rabbits

Author(s): Zare Mirakabadi, A. | Mahmoodi Khatoonabadi, S. | Teimoorzadeh, S.
How to Choose Mutual Funds that Perform Well? Evidence from Taiwan

Author(s): Li-Chang Hsu | Shang-Ling Ou | Chia-Chen Yang | Yih-Chang Ou
GRASP with Path Relinking for the SumCut Problem

Author(s): Jesús Sánchez-Oro | Abraham Duarte
Molecular Resonances Observed in the Predissociation of Cs2

Author(s): Bongsoo Kim | Keitaro Yoshihara
Knowledge and job opportunities in a gender perspective: Insights from Italy

Author(s): Cipollone Angela | Corsi Marcella | D’Ippoliti Carlo
Family-Group Names In Coleoptera (Insecta)

Author(s): Patrice Bouchard | Yves Bousquet | Anthony Davies | Miguel Alonso-Zarazaga | John Lawrence | Christopher Lyal | Alfred Newton | Chris Reid | Michael Schmitt | Adam Slipinski | Andrew Smith
Piezoresponse force microscopy behaviour of Bi4Ti3O12 ceramics with various excess bismuth

Author(s): Ederson C. Aguiar | Alexandre Z. Simões | Francisco Moura | Mario Cilense | Elson Longo | Jose A. Varela
Mechanically clamped PZT ceramics investigated by First-order reversal curves diagram

Author(s): Laurentiu Stoleriu | Cristina Ciomaga | Fabio Fochi | Pilar Ochoa | José F. Fernández | Carmen Galassi | Vincenzo Buscaglia | Paolo Nanni | Liliana Mitoseriu
First order reversal curves diagrams for describing ferroelectric switching characteristics

Author(s): Liliana Mitoseriu | Laurentiu Stoleriu | Alexandru Stancu | Carmen Galassi | Vincenzo Buscaglia
Composition and grain size-driven ferroelectric-relaxor crossover in Ba(Zr,Ti)O3 ceramics

Author(s): Cristina Elena Ciomaga | Maria T. Buscaglia | Massimo Viviani | Vincenzo Buscaglia | Liliana Mitoseriu | Paolo Nanni | Carmen Galassi
Effect of levothyroxine therapy on hypertension in hypothyroid patients

Author(s): Amit Saxena | A K Kapoor | A R Tiwari | Sarita Bajaj | S Jaiswal
Embryonic hepatocyte transplantation for hepatic cirrhosis: Efficacy and mechanism of action

Author(s): Wen-Ting Bin | Li-Mei Ma | Qing Xu | Xiao-Lin Shi
FBG Sensor for Contact Level Monitoring and Prediction of Perforation in Cardiac Ablation

Author(s): Siu Chun Michael Ho | Mehdi Razavi | Alireza Nazeri | Gangbing Song
Late onset post-LASIK keratectasia with reversal and stabilization after use of latanoprost and corneal collagen cross-linking

Author(s): Aleksandar Stojanovic | Xiangjun Chen | Linyan Zheng | Yile Xu | Filip Stojanovic | Tor Paaske Utheim
Asymmetry of Polarization Reversal and Current-Voltage Characteristics of Pt/PZT-Film/Pt:Ti/SiO2/Si-Substrate Structures

Author(s): S. L. Bravina | N. V. Morozovsky | J. Costecalde | C. Soyer | D. Remiens | D. Deresmes
Lateral Entry Guidance for Lunar Return Vehicles

Author(s): zunshi shui | jun zhou | zhilei ge
Experiences with bimodal hearing and bilateral cochlear implantation in the elderly

Author(s): E.M. Schedlbauer | R. Götze | S. Scholz | I. Todt | A. Ernst
Scanning Tunnelling Spectroscopic Studies of Dirac Fermions in Graphene and Topological Insulators

Author(s): Yeh N.-C. | Teague M. L. | Wu R. T.-P. | Chu H. | Boyd D. A. | Bockrath M. W. | He L. | Xiu F.-X. | wang K.-L.
Cervical cancer : Promoter hypermethylation and its reversal

Author(s): Abhimanyu Kumar Jha1,2, Mohsen Nikbakht1, Neena Capalash1 q , Jagdeep Kaur1* q
Fluctuation, Dissipation and the Arrow of Time

Author(s): Michele Campisi | Peter Hänggi
Epidemiologic and clinicopathologic aspects of Leprosy in Dakar; evaluation of 73 new cases

Author(s): Suzanne Oumou Niang | Moussa Diallo | Maodo Ndiaye | Assane Diop | Boubacar Ahy Diatta | Mohamed Wadih | Assane Kane | Mame Thierno Dieng | Charles Insa Badiane
Dynamics of a Stroop matching task: effect of alcohol and reversal with training

Author(s): Isabel A. David | Eliane Volchan | Isabel Alfradique | Mirtes G. Pereira | Ronald Ranvaud | Jaime Vila | Walter Machado-Pinheiro
A Case Report of Camptomelic Dysplasia

Author(s): Zia Islami | Hosein Ataii Nakhaei | Razieh Fallah
Reversal of Warfarin-Induced Hemorrhage in the Emergency Department

Author(s): Meena Zareh | Andrew J Davis | Sean O Henderson
Cluster observations of a transient signature in the magnetotail: implications for the mode of reconnection

Author(s): S. Beyene | C. J. Owen | A. P. Walsh | C. Forsyth | A. N. Fazakerley | S. Kiehas | I. Dandouras | E. Lucek
Defense Mechanisms and Respiratory Parameters

Author(s): Uwe Hentschel | Thomas Van Praag | Manfred Kießling
Parent-Child Relationships in Poland and Germany: A Retrospective Study

Author(s): Jochen Hardt | Malgorzata Dragan | Sonja Schultz | Anette Engfer
Hepatoprotective and Antioxidant Activity of Euphorbia tirucalli

Author(s): T.M. Jyothi | M.M. Shankariah | K. Prabhu | S. Lakshminarasu | G.M. Srinivasa | Siddamsetty Setty Ramachandra
Factor analysis of attentional set-shifting performance in young and aged mice

Author(s): Tanaka Shoji | Young Jared | Gresack Jodi | Geyer Mark | Risbrough Victoria
Simultaneous use of traditional Chinese medicine (Si-Ni-Tang) to treat septic shock patients: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Chen Huang-Chi | Chen Wen-Chi | Lin Kai-Huang | Chen Yung-Hsiang | Lo Lun-Chien | Lee Tsung-Chieh | Hsia Te-Chun | Wang Chu-Hsien | Wu Shin-Hwar | Hsu Hsin-Whae | Chang Yu-Jun | Huang Yu-Chuen | Ku Tien-Hsiung | Horng Ming-Hwarng
Reversal of TMS-induced motor twitch by training is associated with a reduction in excitability of the antagonist muscle

Author(s): Giacobbe Viola | Volpe Bruce | Thickbroom Gary | Fregni Felipe | Pascual-Leone Alvaro | Krebs Hermano | Edwards Dylan
Visual error augmentation enhances learning in three dimensions

Author(s): Sharp Ian | Huang Felix | Patton James
Genome dedoubling by DCJ and reversal

Author(s): Thomas Antoine | Varré Jean-Stéphane | Ouangraoua Aïda
Tumour macrophages as potential targets of bisphosphonates

Author(s): Rogers Thea | Holen Ingunn
Epidemiologic and clinicopathologic aspects of Leprosy in Dakar; evaluation of 73 new cases

Author(s): Suzanne Oumou Niang | Moussa Diallo | Maodo Ndiaye | Assane Diop | Boubacar Ahy Diatta | Mohamed Wadih | Assane Kane | Mame Thierno Dieng | Charles Insa Badiane
Effect of Root Extract Fractions of Kyllinga triceps Rottb on Streptozotocin Induced Diabetic Rats

Author(s): Swaroopa Rani Vanapatla | G Krishna Mohan | B Ravi Kumar

Author(s): J.M. Velázquez | A. Ramírez | C. A. Vargas
Storm-time total electron content and its response to penetration electric fields over South America

Author(s): P. M. de Siqueira | E. R. de Paula | M. T. A. H. Muella | L. F. C. Rezende | M. A. Abdu | W. D. Gonzalez
Allopurinol effects on diastolic dysfunction in ESRD patients with hyperuricemia

Author(s): Sattarzade Badkoobeh R | Nozari Y | Larti F | Safari S | Ahmadi F | Emami M
Is There a Reversal in the Effect of Obesity on Mortality in Old Age?

Author(s): Jiska Cohen-Mansfield | Rotem Perach
Time Reversal in Subwavelength-Scaled Resonant Media: Beating the Diffraction Limit

Author(s): Fabrice Lemoult | Abdelwaheb Ourir | Julien de Rosny | Arnaud Tourin | Mathias Fink | Geoffroy Lerosey
Spatial Frequency Dependence of the Human Visual Cortex Response on Temporal Frequency Modulation Studied by fMRI

Author(s): A. Mirzajani | N. Riyahi-Alam | M.A. Oghabian | K. Firouznia | H. Saberi
Use of Flumazenil to Provide Adequate Recovery Time Post-Midazolom Infusion in a General Intensive Care Unit


Author(s): Gholamreza Pourmand | & Firouzeh Akbari

Author(s): Mehta Hiren R | Patel Paresh B | Galani Varsha J | Patel Kinjal B
Crack growth during poling and polarisation reversal in commercial piezoceramics

Author(s): Algueró, M. | Cheng, B. L. | Gibson, I. R. | Guiu, F. | Reece, M. J.
Molecular Quantum Spintronics: Supramolecular Spin Valves Based on Single-Molecule Magnets and Carbon Nanotubes

Author(s): Matias Urdampilleta | Ngoc-Viet Nguyen | Jean-Pierre Cleuziou | Svetlana Klyatskaya | Mario Ruben | Wolfgang Wernsdorfer
Procesos reversibles durante la inversión de la magnetización en la ferrita de cobalto

Author(s): Medina-Boudri, A. | Cornejo, D. R. | Bertorello, H. R. | Matutes-Aquino, J.
Dependencia térmica del proceso de inversión de la imanación en microhilos magnéticos biestables

Author(s): Vázquez, M. | Zhukov, A. P. | García, K. L. | Pirota, K. R. | Varga, R. | Martínez, J. L.
Spin reversal in Gd(Me,Mn)O3 (Me = Co, Ni)

Author(s): Peña, O. | Ghanimi, K. | Moure, C. | Gutiérrez, D. | Durán, P.
Field-induced transitions and magnetization reserval in ErxY1-xCo0.50Mn0.50O3 (0.0 ≤ x ≤ 1.0)

Author(s): Antunes, A. B. | Baibich, M. N. | Moure, C. | Gil, V. | Allegret-Maret, V. | Peña, O.
Mn-substituted perovskites RECoxMn1-xO3: a comparison between magnetic properties of LaCoxMn1-xO3 and GdCoxMn1-xO3

Author(s): Campos, C. | Pecchi, G. | Moure, C. | Gil, V. | Barahona, P. | Peña, O.
Magnetic behavior of solid solutions REMe0.50Mn0.50O3 (RE = Y, La, Pr, Nd, Eu, Gd, Er ; Me = Ni,Co)

Author(s): Peña, O. | Barahona, P. | Gil, V. | Tartaj, J. | Moure, C.
Ketamine and midazolam sedation for pediatric gastrointestinal endoscopy in the Arab world

Author(s): Mohamad-Iqbal S Miqdady | Wail A Hayajneh | Ruba Abdelhadi | Mark A Gilger
Dynamics of molecular motors in reversible burnt-bridge models

Author(s): M.N. Artyomov | A.Yu. Morozov | A.B. Kolomeisky
Cannibalism in Montaigne, de Certeau and Derrida

Author(s): Carles Serra Pagès
Link-based quantitative methods to identify differentially coexpressed genes and gene Pairs

Author(s): Yu Hui | Liu Bao-Hong | Ye Zhi-Qiang | Li Chun | Li Yi-Xue | Li Yuan-Yuan
Catatonia and jaw dislocation in the postoperative period with epidural morphine

Author(s): Parida Satyen | Allampalli Varsha | Krishnappa Sudeep
Seasonal and genetic influences on sex expression in a backcrossed segregating papaya population.

Author(s): Helaine Christine Cancela Ramos | Messias Gonzaga Pereira | Francisco Filho da Silva | Alexandre Pio Viana | Antônio Ferreguetti
Image Registration in Digital Images for Variability in VEP

Author(s): N Sivanandan | N J R Muniraj
Reversal to air-driven sound production revealed by a molecular phylogeny of tongueless frogs, family Pipidae

Author(s): Irisarri Iker | Vences Miguel | San Mauro Diego | Glaw Frank | Zardoya Rafael
The Reversal Intervention for Metabolic Syndrome (TRIMS) study: rationale, design, and baseline data

Author(s): Dunkley Alison | Davies Melanie | Stone Margaret | Taub Nicholas | Troughton Jacqui | Yates Thomas | Khunti Kamlesh

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