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Noise in Mode-locked Hybrid Soliton Pulse Source

Author(s): Nuran Dogru | M. Sadettin Ozyazici
Recurrent massive bleeding due to dissecting intramural hematoma of the esophagus: Treatment with therapeutic angiography

Author(s): Jaejun Shim, Jae Young Jang, Young Hwangbo, Seok Ho Dong, Joo Hyeong Oh, Hyo Jong Kim, Byung-Ho Kim, Young Woon Chang, Rin Chang
An Open Source Approach for Modern Teaching Methods: The Interactive TGUI System

Author(s): Gerlinde Dinges | Alexander Kowarik | Bernhard Meindl | Matthias Templ
Time course analysis of RNA stability in human placenta

Author(s): Fajardy Isabelle | Moitrot Emmanuelle | Vambergue Anne | Vandersippe-Millot Maryse | Deruelle Philippe | Rousseaux Jean
Reverse transcription-quantitative polymerase chain reaction: description of a RIN-based algorithm for accurate data normalization

Author(s): Ho-Pun-Cheung Alexandre | Bascoul-Mollevi Caroline | Assenat Eric | Boissière-Michot Florence | Bibeau Frédéric | Cellier Dominic | Ychou Marc | Lopez-Crapez Evelyne
T cells cooperate with palmitic acid in induction of beta cell apoptosis

Author(s): Cvjetićanin Tamara | Stojanović Ivana | Timotijević Gordana | Stošić-Grujičić Stanislava | Miljković Djordje
Hypoglycemic and beta cell protective effects of andrographolide analogue for diabetes treatment

Author(s): Zhang Zaijun | Jiang Jie | Yu Pei | Zeng Xiangping | Larrick James | Wang Yuqiang
Quality control in microarray assessment of gene expression in human airway epithelium

Author(s): Raman Tina | O'Connor Timothy | Hackett Neil | Wang Wei | Harvey Ben-Gary | Attiyeh Marc | Dang David | Teater Matthew | Crystal Ronald
Lipid peroxidation and renal injury in renal ischemia/reperfusion: Effect of Benincasa cerifera

Author(s): Bhalodia Y | Vaghasiya J | Malaviya S | Jivani N | Sheth N
Whole genome transcript profiling from fingerstick blood samples: a comparison and feasibility study

Author(s): Robison Elizabeth | Mondala Tony | Williams Adam | Head Steven | Salomon Daniel | Kurian Sunil
Evaluation of a novel approach for the measurement of RNA quality

Author(s): Wilkes Timothy | Devonshire Alison | Ellison Stephen | Foy Carole
RNA isolation method for single embryo transcriptome analysis in zebrafish

Author(s): de Jong Mark | Rauwerda Han | Bruning Oskar | Verkooijen Jurgo | Spaink Herman | Breit Timo
Senescence of rin, rin/rin, rin/+ and +/+ tomato fruits

Author(s): Zdravković Jasmina | Marković Živoslav | Stanković Ljiljana | Zdravković Milan | Damjanović Milan
The expression of tin gene in prolongated tomato fruit ripening - Lycopersicom esculentum Mill.

Author(s): Zdravković Jasmina | Marković Živoslav | Damjanović Milan | Zdravković Milan | Đorđević Radiša
Tailoring electronic structure of polyazomethines thin films

Author(s): J. Weszka | B. Hajduk | M. Domański | M. Chwastek | J. Jurusik | B. Jarząbek | H. Bednarski | P. Jarka
Regeneration and DNA demethylation do not trigger PDX-1 expression in rat hepatocytes

Author(s): Rudolf T Pillich | Gianfranco Scarsella | Gianfranco Risuleo
Maintaining RNA integrity in a homogeneous population of mammary epithelial cells isolated by Laser Capture Microdissection

Author(s): Bevilacqua Claudia | Makhzami Samira | Helbling Jean-Christophe | Defrenaix Pierre | Martin Patrice

Author(s): Kee-In Lee | Hye-Rin Bin | Do-Min Lee | Chong-Hyeak Kim
Global Transcriptomic Profiling Using Small Volumes of Whole Blood: A Cost-Effective Method for Translational Genomic Biomarker Identification in Small Animals

Author(s): Meagan M. Fricano | Amy C. Ditewig | Paul M. Jung | Michael J. Liguori | Eric A. G. Blomme | Yi Yang
Neurotrophins and Neurotrophin Receptors mRNAs Expression in Pancreatic Islets and Insulinoma Cell Lines

Author(s): Bonini P | Pierucci D | Cicconi S | Porzio O | Lauro R | Marlier LNJL | Borboni P
Resting 123I-BMIPP scintigraphy for detection of organic coronary stenosis and therapeutic outcome in patients with chest pain.

Author(s): Yamabe H | Fujiwara S | Rin K | Ando M | Yokoyama M | Sakamoro T | Ishida T | Itagane H | Mori T
Plexin B3 promotes neurite outgrowth, interacts homophilically, and interacts with Rin

Author(s): Hartwig Christine | Veske Andres | Krejcova Sarka | Rosenberger Georg | Finckh Ulrich
Eficacia y seguridad de la cardioversión eléctrica ambulatoria en la fibrilación auricular persistente

Author(s): Diego E. Rosso | Gastón Albina | María V. Sammartino | Emilio Montecchio | Luis Barja | Rubén Laiño | Daniel Ortega | Alberto Giniger
The RIN: an RNA integrity number for assigning integrity values to RNA measurements

Author(s): Schroeder Andreas | Mueller Odilo | Stocker Susanne | Salowsky Ruediger | Leiber Michael | Gassmann Marcus | Lightfoot Samar | Menzel Wolfram | Granzow Martin | Ragg Thomas
Assessment of the relationship between pre-chip and post-chip quality measures for Affymetrix GeneChip expression data

Author(s): Jones Lesley | Goldstein Darlene | Hughes Gareth | Strand Andrew | Collin Francois | Dunnett Stephen | Kooperberg Charles | Aragaki Aaron | Olson James | Augood Sarah | Faull Richard | Luthi-Carter Ruth | Moskvina Valentina | Hodges Angela
Comminution of logging residues with a tub grinder: Calculation of productivity and procurement cost of wood chips

Author(s): Takuyuki Yoshioka | Rin Sakurai | Kazuhiro Aruga | Toshio Nitami | Hideo Sakai | Hiroshi Kobayashi
Carbenoxolone induced depression of rhythmogenesis in the pre-Bötzinger Complex

Author(s): Elsen Frank | Shields Edward | Roe Matthew | VanDam Richard | Kelty Jonathan
Effects of Cooking on Antioxidant Activities and Polyphenol Content of Edible Mushrooms Commonly Consumed in Thailand

Author(s): Aikkarach Kettawan | Kunlaya Chanlekha | Ratchanee Kongkachuichai | Rin Charoensiri
Regional and cell-type-specific effects of DAMGO on striatal D1 and D2 dopamine receptor-expressing medium-sized spiny neurons

Author(s): Yao‑Ying Ma | Carlos Cepeda | Payush Chatta | Lana Franklin | Christopher J Evans | Michael S Levine
RNA isolation for transcriptomics of human and mouse small skin biopsies

Author(s): Bruning Oskar | Rodenburg Wendy | Radonic Teodora | Zwinderman Aeilko | de Vries Annemieke | Breit Timo | de Jong Mark
Biobanking after robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy: a quality assessment of providing prostate tissue for RNA studies

Author(s): Dev Harveer | Rickman David | Sooriakumaran Prasanna | Srivastava Abhishek | Grover Sonal | Leung Robert | Kim Robert | Kitabayashi Naoki | Esqueva Raquel | Park Kyung | Padilla Jessica | Rubin Mark | Tewari Ashutosh
Magnetoluminescence from trion and biexciton in type-II quantum dot

Author(s): Okuyama Rin | Eto Mikio | Hyuga Hiroyuki
Importance of pre-analytical steps for transcriptome and RT-qPCR analyses in the context of the phase II randomised multicentre trial REMAGUS02 of neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer patients

Author(s): de Cremoux Patricia | Valet Fabien | Gentien David | Lehmann-Che Jacqueline | Scott Véronique | Tran-Perennou Carine | Barbaroux Catherine | Servant Nicolas | Vacher Sophie | Sigal-Zafrani Brigitte | Mathieu Marie-Christine | Bertheau Philippe | Guinebretière Jean-Marc | Asselain Bernard | Marty Michel | Spyratos Frédérique
Coded OFDM in Fiber-Optics Communication Systems with Optimum biasing of Laser

Author(s): Er. Kamaljit Singh Bhatia | Dr. R. S. Kaler | Dr. T.S.Kamal | Dr. Rajneesh Kaler
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