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Solving p-Laplacian equations on complete manifolds

Author(s): Mohammed Benalili | Youssef Maliki
A note on extremal functions for sharp Sobolev inequalities

Author(s): Ezequiel R. Barbosa | Marcos Montenegro
Monogenic Functions in Conformal Geometry

Author(s): Michael Eastwood | John Ryan
Biwave Maps into Manifolds

Author(s): Yuan-Jen Chiang
Heterogeneous Riemannian Manifolds

Author(s): James J. Hebda
Spectral Distances: Results for Moyal Plane and Noncommutative Torus

Author(s): Eric Cagnache | Jean-Christophe Wallet
Indefinite Almost Paracontact Metric Manifolds

Author(s): Mukut Mani Tripathi | Erol Kılıç | Selcen Yüksel Perktaş | Sadık Keleş
Geodesics without conjugate points and curvatures at infinity

Bernstein-type theorems in hypersurfaces with constant mean curvature

Epsilon Nielsen fixed point theory

Author(s): Robert F. Brown
Epsilon Nielsen fixed point theory

Author(s): Robert F. Brown
Branson's Q-curvature in Riemannian and Spin Geometry

Author(s): Oussama Hijazi | Simon Raulot
Hessians, warped products and eigenvalues

Author(s): Castañeda , Nelson
On a class of exact locally conformal cosymlectic manifolds

Author(s): I. Mihai | L. Verstraelen | R. Rosca
Biharmonic maps on V-manifolds

Author(s): Yuan-Jen Chiang | Hongan Sun
Harmonic morphisms and subharmonic functions

Author(s): Gundon Choi | Gabjin Yun
On Riemannian manifolds endowed with a locally conformal cosymplectic structure

Author(s): Ion Mihai | Radu Rosca | Valentin Ghişoiu
On hypersurfaces in a locally affine Riemannian Banach manifold II

Author(s): El-Said R. Lashin | Tarek F. Mersal
Screen conformal half-lightlike submanifolds

Author(s): K. L. Duggal | B. Sahin
A note on Chen's basic equality for submanifolds in a Sasakian space form

Author(s): Mukut Mani Tripathi | Jeong-Sik Kim | Seon-Bu Kim
Randers manifolds of positive constant curvature

Author(s): Aurel Bejancu | Hani Reda Farran
Poisson structures on cotangent bundles

Author(s): Gabriel Mitric
Almost contact metric 3-submersions

Author(s): Bill Watson
Pseudo-Reimannian manifolds endowed with an almost para f-structure

Author(s): Vladislav V. Goldberg | Radu Rosca
Two theorems on (ϵ)-Sasakian manifolds

Author(s): Xu Xufeng | Chao Xiaoli
On the CR structure of the tangent sphere bundle

Author(s): Elisabetta Barletta | Sorin Dragomir
Covariance Tracking via Geometric Particle Filtering

Author(s): Yunpeng Liu | Guangwei Li | Zelin Shi
Pseudoinversion of degenerate metrics

Author(s): C. Atindogbe | J.-P. Ezin | Joël Tossa
On the ME-manifold in n-*g-UFT and its conformal change

Author(s): Kyung Tae Chung | Gwang Sik Eun
Epsilon Nielsen fixed point theory

Author(s): Brown Robert F
Covariance Tracking via Geometric Particle Filtering

Author(s): Liu Yunpeng | Li Guangwei | Shi Zelin
g-Natural metrics on tangent bundles and Jacobi operators

Author(s): S. Degla | L. Todjihounde
The 2-Transitive Transplantable Isospectral Drums

Author(s): Jeroen Schillewaert | Koen Thas
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