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BAKHTIN'S CHRONOTOPE ON THE ROAD: Space, Time, and Place in Road Movies Since the 1970s

Author(s): Alexandra Ganser, Julia Pühringer, Markus Rheindorf
Using earthquakes to uncover the Earth's inner secrets: interactive exhibits for geophysical education

Author(s): C. Nostro | G. Cultrera | P. Burrato | A. Tertulliani | P. Macrì | A. Winkler | C. Castellano | P. Casale | F. Di Felice | F. Doumaz | A. Piscini | P. Scarlato | M. Vallocchia | A. Marsili | L. Badiali | A. Bono | S. Stramondo | L. Alfonsi | E. Baroux | M. G. Ciaccio | A. Frepoli
Road movie à Bruxelles ?

Author(s): Isabelle Debilly

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