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Magnetic Non-destructive Testing of Plastically Deformed Mild Steel

Author(s): Jozef Pala | Jan Bydzovsky | Tibor Smida
Hindcast experiments of tropospheric composition during the summer 2010 fires over Western Russia

Author(s): V. Huijnen | J. Flemming | J. W. Kaiser | A. Inness | J. Leitão | A. Heil | H. J. Eskes | M. G. Schultz | A. Benedetti | G. Dufour | M. Eremenko
1-D-Var retrieval of daytime total columnar water vapour from MERIS measurements

Author(s): R. Lindstrot | R. Preusker | H. Diedrich | L. Doppler | R. Bennartz | J. Fischer
Thigh muscles electromyographic activity during lunge exercise to fatigue. DOI: 10.5007/1980-0037.2012v14n1p83

Author(s): Gisele Rodrigues Leite Garcia | Nuno Manuel Frade Sousa | Vivian Maria Arakelian | Jéssica Fernanda Garcia | Runer Augusto Marson | Sérgio Eduardo de Andrade Perez | Vilmar Baldissera
Nondestructive inspection of plastic deformation in commercial carbon steels using magnetic Barkhausen noise

Author(s): J.L. Rodriguez | J.A. Perez Benitez | J. Capo Sanchez | L.R. Padovese | Re. Betancourt Riera
A Comparative Study of Convective Parameterization Schemes in WRFNMM Model

Author(s): Litta A. J. | Sumam Mary Idicula | U. C. Mohanty
An Intuitive Signal Processing Approach for Temperature Fluctuations in Fuel Subassemblies

Author(s): Paawan Sharma | N Murali | P Mohanakrishnan | P Swaminathan
Effect of Antecedent Conditions on Prediction of Pore-Water Pressure using Artificial Neural Networks

Author(s): Muhammad Raza Ul Mustafa | Rezaur Rahman Bhuiyan | Mohamed Hasnain Isa | Saied Saiedi | Harianto Rahardjo
A Model Based, Anatomy Dependent Method for Ultra-Fast Creation of Primary SPECT Projections

Author(s): Faraz Kalantari | Hossein Rajabi | Mohsen Saghari | Alireza Emami Ardekani
Prediction of the ash content of wheat flours using spectral and chemometric methods

Kalibrasi Single-Normal Hot-Wire Probe Sigmond Cohn Alloy 851 untuk Aliran Jet Terpulsasi

Author(s): Klaus Bremhorst | Hariyo Priambudi Setyo Pratomo
Magnetic Non-destructive Testing of Plastically Deformed Mild Steel

Author(s): Jozef Pala | Jan Bydzovsky | Tibor Smida
Evaluation and bias correction of satellite rainfall data for drought monitoring in Indonesia

Author(s): R. R. E. Vernimmen | A. Hooijer | Mamenun | E. Aldrian | A. I. J. M. van Dijk
Improving the accuracy of the AFWA-NASA (ANSA) blended snow-cover product over the Lower Great Lakes region

Author(s): D. K. Hall | J. L. Foster | S. Kumar | J. Y. L. Chien | G. A. Riggs
Analog based pharmacophore strategy to identify novel leukotriene a4 hydrolase (LTA4H) inhibitors

Author(s): Kranthi Raj K, Pathak LP, Muttineni Ravikumar, Ramachandrana D
Late ventricular potentials can be predicted from twelve-lead ECG in post-infarction heart failure '

Author(s): Ioana Mozos | Mircea Hancu | Corina Serban | Anca Tudor | Lelia Susan
Assessment of the Effect of High or Low Protein Diet on the Human Urine Metabolome as Measured by NMR

Author(s): Lone G. Rasmussen | Hanne Winning | Francesco Savorani | Henrik Toft | Thomas M. Larsen | Lars O. Dragsted | Arne Astrup | Søren B. Engelsen
A characterization of higher order nets using Weyl sums and its applications

Author(s): Jan Baldeaux | Josef Dick | Friedrich Pillichshammer
Comparison of Four Distributions for Frequency Analysis of Wind Speed

Author(s): Sabereh Darbandi | Mohammad Taghi Aalami | Hakimeh Asadi
Benchmarking homogenization algorithms for monthly data

Author(s): V. K. C. Venema | O. Mestre | E. Aguilar | I. Auer | J. A. Guijarro | P. Domonkos | G. Vertacnik | T. Szentimrey | P. Stepanek | P. Zahradnicek | J. Viarre | G. Müller-Westermeier | M. Lakatos | C. N. Williams | M. J. Menne | R. Lindau | D. Rasol | E. Rustemeier | K. Kolokythas | T. Marinova | L. Andresen | F. Acquaotta | S. Fratianni | S. Cheval | M. Klancar | M. Brunetti | C. Gruber | M. Prohom Duran | T. Likso | P. Esteban | T. Brandsma
Measuring variations of δ18O and δ2H in atmospheric water vapour using laser spectroscopy: an instrument characterisation study

Author(s): F. Aemisegger | P. Sturm | P. Graf | H. Sodemann | S. Pfahl | A. Knohl | H. Wernli
Quality Assessment of Pixel-Level ImageFusion Using Fuzzy Logic

Author(s): Srinivasa Rao Dammavalam | Seetha Maddala | Krishna Prasad MHM
Self-polarizing terahertz liquid crystal phase shifter

Author(s): Xiao-wen Lin | Jing-bo Wu | Wei Hu | Zhi-gang Zheng | Zi-jian Wu | Ge Zhu | Fei Xu | Biao-bing Jin | Yan-qing Lu
A Hybrid Algorithm for Classification of Compressed ECG

Author(s): Shubhada S.Ardhapurkar | Ramandra R. Manthalkar | Suhas S.Gajre
Human facial neural activities and gesture recognition for machine-interfacing applications

Author(s): Hamedi M | Salleh SH | Tan TS | Ismail K | Ali J | Dee-Uam C | Pavaganun C | Yupapin PP
Avaliação da função muscular em usuários de prótese total dupla

Author(s): Ferreira, Daniel Filgueiras et al.

A Multi-sensor Upper Tropospheric Ozone Product (MUTOP) based on TES ozone and GOES water vapor: validation with ozonesondes

Author(s): J. L. Moody | S. R. Felker | A. J. Wimmers | G. Osterman | K. Bowman | A. M. Thompson | D. W. Tarasick
Validation of Spectral and Broadband UV-B (290 - 325 nm) Irradiance for Canada

Author(s): Jacqueline Binyamin | John Davies | Bruce McArthur
Blunt Traumatic Cervical Spine Fractures in Iran

Author(s): Soheil Saadat | Aliashraf Eghbali | Alexander R. Vaccaro | Mahdi Sharif-Alhoseini | Vafa Rahimi-Movaghar
Water Velocity Measurements on a Vertical Barrier Screen at the Bonneville Dam Second Powerhouse

Author(s): James S. Hughes | Z. Daniel Deng | Mark A. Weiland | Jayson J. Martinez | Yong Yuan
Calibrating Single-Ended Fiber-Optic Raman Spectra Distributed Temperature Sensing Data

Author(s): Mark B. Hausner | Francisco Suárez | Kenneth E. Glander | Nick van de Giesen | John S. Selker | Scott W. Tyler
A novel ULA-based geometry for improving AOA estimation

Author(s): Shirvani-Moghaddam Shahriar | Akbari Farida
Two sharp double inequalities for Seiffert mean

Author(s): Chu Yu-Ming | Wang Miao-Kun | Gong Wei-Ming
60 GHz Indoor Propagation Studies for Wireless Communications Based on a Ray-Tracing Method

Author(s): Lim C-P | Lee M | Burkholder RJ | Volakis JL | Marhefka RJ
Shooter Localization in Wireless Microphone Networks

Author(s): Lindgren David | Wilsson Olof | Gustafsson Fredrik | Habberstad Hans
A Propagation Environment Modeling in Foliage

Author(s): Liang Jing | Liang Qilian | Samn SherwoodW
Detection of Disturbances in Voltage Signals for Power Quality Analysis Using HOS

Author(s): Ribeiro Moisés V | Marques Cristiano Augusto G | Duque Carlos A | Cerqueira Augusto S | Pereira José Luiz R
Positioning Based on Factor Graphs

Author(s): Mensing Christian | Plass Simon
Maximum Likelihood Position Location with a Limited Number of References

Author(s): D. Munoz-Rodriguez | L. Suarez-Robles | C. Vargas-Rosales | J. R. Rodriguez-Cruz

Author(s): Benyovszki Annamaria | Bordas Eszter | Kurti Laszlo - Adam | Szodorai Melinda
Comparison of lidar-derived PM10 with regional modeling and ground-based observations in the frame of MEGAPOLI experiment

Author(s): P. Royer | P. Chazette | K. Sartelet | Q. J. Zhang | M. Beekmann | J.-C. Raut
Vegetation height products between 60° S and 60° N from ICESat GLAS data

Author(s): S. O. Los | J. A. B. Rosette | N. Kljun | P. R. J. North | J. C. Suárez | C. Hopkinson | R. A. Hill | L. Chasmer | E. van Gorsel | C. Mahoney | J. A. J. Berni
Assimilation of IASI partial tropospheric columns with an Ensemble Kalman Filter over Europe

Author(s): A. Coman | G. Foret | M. Beekmann | M. Eremenko | G. Dufour | B. Gaubert | A. Ung | C. Schmechtig | J.-M. Flaud | G. Bergametti
Estimating Crown Variables of Individual Trees Using Airborne and Terrestrial Laser Scanners

Author(s): Sung-Eun Jung | Doo-Ahn Kwak | Taejin Park | Woo-Kyun Lee | Seongjin Yoo

Author(s): K. Kannan | S. Arumuga Perumal
From Mini to Micro Scale—Feasibility of Raman Spectroscopy as a Process Analytical Tool (PAT)

Author(s): Markus Wirges | Joshua Müller | Péter Kása | Géza Regdon | Klára Pintye-Hódi | Klaus Knop | Peter Kleinebudde
A New Parameter Estimation Algorithm for Actual COSPAS-SARSAT Beacons

Author(s): Kun Wang | Jing Tian | Siliang Wu
The Equation for Prediction of Lean Meat Percentage by Hennessy Grading Probe in Croatia

Author(s): Goran Kušec | Ivona Đurkin | Boris Lukić | Žarko Radišić | Antun Petričević | Zlata Maltar
Regional Models of Diameter as a Function of Individual Tree Attributes, Climate and Site Characteristics for Six Major Tree Species in Alberta, Canada

Author(s): Francesco Cortini | Cosmin N. Filipescu | Arthur Groot | Dan A. MacIsaac | Thompson Nunifu
Tsallis Entropy for Geometry Simplification

Author(s): Pascual Castelló | Carlos González | Miguel Chover | Mateu Sbert | Miquel Feixas
Estimating the nitrogen content in wheat leaves by near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy

Author(s): YAO Xia | TANG Shou-Peng | CAO Wei-Xing | TIAN Yong-Chao | ZHU Yan
Benchmarking monthly homogenization algorithms

Author(s): V. K. C. Venema | O. Mestre | E. Aguilar | I. Auer | J. A. Guijarro | P. Domonkos | G. Vertacnik | T. Szentimrey | P. Stepanek | P. Zahradnicek | J. Viarre | G. Müller-Westermeier | M. Lakatos | C. N. Williams | M. Menne | R. Lindau | D. Rasol | E. Rustemeier | K. Kolokythas | T. Marinova | L. Andresen | F. Acquaotta | S. Fratianni | S. Cheval | M. Klancar | M. Brunetti | C. Gruber | M. Prohom Duran | T. Likso | P. Esteban | T. Brandsma
The within-day behaviour of 6 minute rainfall intensity in Australia

Author(s): A. W. Western | B. Anderson | L. Siriwardena | F. H. S. Chiew | A. Seed | G. Blöschl
Bias correction of satellite rainfall estimates using a radar-gauge product – a case study in Oklahoma (USA)

Author(s): K. Tesfagiorgis | S. E. Mahani | N. Y. Krakauer | R. Khanbilvardi
Global dust model intercomparison in AeroCom phase I

Author(s): N. Huneeus | M. Schulz | Y. Balkanski | J. Griesfeller | J. Prospero | S. Kinne | S. Bauer | O. Boucher | M. Chin | F. Dentener | T. Diehl | R. Easter | D. Fillmore | S. Ghan | P. Ginoux | A. Grini | L. Horowitz | D. Koch | M. C. Krol | W. Landing | X. Liu | N. Mahowald | R. Miller | J.-J. Morcrette | G. Myhre | J. Penner | J. Perlwitz | P. Stier | T. Takemura | C. S. Zender
Design and development of mesalamine loaded PLGA nanoparticles

Author(s): Nilesh M. Mahajan*1, Dr. Dinesh M. Sakarkar2, Amit S. Manmode3
The Statistical methods of Pixel-Based Image Fusion Techniques

Author(s): Firouz AL-wassai | N.V. Kalyankar | Ali A. Al-Zaky
Arithmetic and Frequency Filtering Methods of Pixel-Based Image Fusion Techniques

Author(s): Firouz Abdullah Al-Wassai | N. V. Kalyankar | Ali A Al-Zuky
Influence of the Hydrophobicity of Polyelectrolytes on Polyelectrolyte Complex Formation and Complex Particle Structure and Shape

Author(s): Mandy Mende | Simona Schwarz | Stefan Zschoche | Gudrun Petzold | Andreas Janke
Estimation of Solar Radiation at a Particular Place: Comparative study between Soft Computing and Statistical Approach

Author(s): Bimal Datta | Srimanta Pal | Rohit Roy Chowdhury | Swagata Sarkar | Abhiroop Datta
Measuring the 3-D wind vector with a weight-shift microlight aircraft

Author(s): S. Metzger | W. Junkermann | K. Butterbach-Bahl | H. P. Schmid | T. Foken
A multi-sensor upper tropospheric ozone product (MUTOP) based on TES Ozone and GOES water vapor: derivation

Author(s): S. R. Felker | J. L. Moody | A. J. Wimmers | G. Osterman | K. Bowman
Properties of a short questionnaire for assessing Primary Care experiences for children in a population survey

Author(s): Berra Silvina | Rocha Kátia | Rodríguez-Sanz Maica | Pasarín M Isabel | Rajmil Luis | Borrell Carme | Starfield Barbara
Validation of brief screening tools for depressive and alcohol use disorders among TB and HIV patients in primary care in Zambia

Author(s): Chishinga Nathaniel | Kinyanda Eugene | Weiss Helen | Patel Vikram | Ayles Helen | Seedat Soraya
Surface Electromyography-Based Facial Expression Recognition in Bi-Polar Configuration

Author(s): Mahyar Hamedi | Sh-Hussain Salleh | Tan T. Swee | Kamarulafizam
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