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Daptomycin in experimental murine pneumococcal meningitis

Author(s): Mook-Kanamori Barry | Rouse Mark | Kang Cheol-In | van de Beek Diederik | Steckelberg James | Patel Robin
Norman Bethune - In His Own Words

Author(s): Tyler Rouse
The WHO UNESCO FIP Pharmacy Education Taskforce

Author(s): Anderson Claire | Bates Ian | Beck Diane | Brock Tina | Futter Billy | Mercer Hugo | Rouse Mike | Whitmarsh Sarah | Wuliji Tana | Yonemura Akemi
A remarkable diversity of bone-eating worms (Osedax; Siboglinidae; Annelida)

Author(s): Vrijenhoek Robert | Johnson Shannon | Rouse Greg
A Review of Keratin-Based Biomaterials for Biomedical Applications

Author(s): Jillian G. Rouse | Mark E. Van Dyke
New teaching and learning method in chemistry at comprehensive school

Author(s): Mozeika Daina | Cedere Dagnija | Gedrovics Janis
pax1-1 partially suppresses gain-of-function mutations in Arabidopsis AXR3/IAA17

Author(s): Tanimoto Mimi | Jowett Jemma | Stirnberg Petra | Rouse Dean | Leyser Ottoline
Oximetría de pulso fetal y parto por cesárea

Author(s): Bloom Steven L. | Spong Catherine Y. | Thom Elizabeth | Varner Michael W. | Rouse Dwight J. | Weininger Sandy | Ramin Susan M. | Caritis Steve N. | Peaceman Alan | Sorokin Yoram | Sciscione Anthony | Carpenter Marshall | Mercer Brian | Thorp John | Malone Fergal
New models and online calculator for predicting non-sentinel lymph node status in sentinel lymph node positive breast cancer patients

Author(s): Kohrt Holbrook | Olshen Richard | Bermas Honnie | Goodson William | Wood Douglas | Henry Solomon | Rouse Robert | Bailey Lisa | Philben Vicki | Dirbas Frederick | Dunn Jocelyn | Johnson Denise | Wapnir Irene | Carlson Robert | Stockdale Frank | Hansen Nora | Jeffrey Stefanie
Escalating Plasmodium falciparum antifolate drug resistance mutations in Macha, rural Zambia

Author(s): Mkulama Mtawa | Chishimba Sandra | Sikalima Jay | Rouse Petrica | Thuma Philip | Mharakurwa Sungano
The Role of IL-17 in the Association between Pneumococcal Pneumonia and Allergic Sensitization

Author(s): Hongxia Zhao | Cheol-In Kang | Mark S. Rouse | Robin Patel | Hirohito Kita | Young J. Juhn
To Drive or Not to Drive: Assessment Dilemmas for GPs

Author(s): J. Sims | S. Rouse-Watson | P. Schattner | A. Beveridge | K. M. Jones
Quality assurance in European pharmacy education and training

Author(s): Guimarães Morais JA | Cavaco AM | Rombaut B | Rouse M | Atkinson J
Monitoring the wild black bear's reaction to human and environmental stressors

Author(s): Laske Timothy | Garshelis David | Iaizzo Paul
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