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A Review of Routing Protocols in Wireless Mesh Networks (WMN)

Author(s): V.Srikanth | A.Chenchu Jeevan | B.Avinash | T.Sai kiran | S.Suresh Babu
A Survey on Routing Protocols that really Exploit Wireless Mesh Network Features

Author(s): José Núñez-Martínez | Josep Mangues-Bafalluy
Performance Analysis of On-Demand Routing Protocols in Wireless Mesh Networks

Author(s): Arafatur RAHMAN | Saiful AZAD | Farhat ANWAR
Global Optimization of Multi Radio Mesh Access Point Location in Underground Area

Author(s): Manani M. Moutairou | Hasnaâ Aniss | Gilles Y. Delisle | Nadir Hakem
New algorithm for packet routing in mobile ad-hoc networks

Author(s): Kojić Nenad S. | Zajeganović-Ivančić Marija B. | Reljin Irini S. | Reljin Branimir D.
A Cognitive Improved Hierarchical AODV Routing Protocol for Cognitive Wireless Mesh Network

Author(s): Pei Tingrui | Zhao Zhi | Zeng Wenli | Zhang Zhaoxia
Disjoint Path Routing for Multi-Channel Multi-Interface Wireless Mesh Network

Author(s): Takeshi Ikenaga | Koji Tsubouchi | Daiki Nobayashi | Yutaka Fukuda
An Improved Hop-Count Metric for Infrastructural Wireless Mesh Network

Author(s): Paramjeet Kaur Bedi, | Mahendra Singh Aswal, | Praveen Kumar
Impact of Node Density on Scalable Routing Protocol in Wireless Mesh Networks

Author(s): Sanjeev Jain | Vinay Kumar | Sudarshan Tiwari
Channel Assignment Algorithms for MRMC Wireless Mesh Networks

Author(s): Mohammad A Hoque | Xiaoyan Hong
A Review of Cluster-Based Congestion Control Protocols in Wireless Mesh Networks

Author(s): Adebanjo Adekiigbe | Kamalrulnizam Abu Bakar | Ogunnusi Olumide Simeon
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