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A New Fourth-Order Embedded Method Based on the Harmonic Mean

Author(s): Nazeeruddin Yaacob | Bahrom Sanugi
Time-Marching Method for Computations of High-Speed Compressible Flow on Structured and Unstructured Grid

Author(s): K. C. Ng | M. Z. Yusoff | K. Yusoff | H. Hasini | N. H. Shuaib
Computation of the third, fourth and fifth stability regions in a Paul trap

Author(s): H. Noshad | G. H. Janipour-Shahroud-Kolaee
Cost Minimization Model of Gas Transmission Line for Indonesian SIJ Pipeline Network

Author(s): Septoratno Siregar | Edy Soewono | Daniel Siregar | Satya A. Putra | Yana Budicakrayana
Transient Stability Assessment of the Nigerian 330kV Network

Author(s): Prof Anthony O. Ibe | Ameze Odia

Open-Loop Responses of Flexible Gantry Crane System

Author(s): Edwar Yazid | Setyamartana Parman | Khairul Fuad
Acceleration of Runge-Kutta integration schemes

Author(s): Phailaung Phohomsiri | Firdaus E. Udwadia
The Application of Visual Basic Computer Programming Language to Simulate Numerical Iterations

Author(s): Abdulkadir Baba HASSAN | Matthew Sunday ABOLARIN | Onawola Hassan JIMOH
Symmetric Uniformly Accurate Gauss-Runge-Kutta Method

Author(s): Dauda G. YAKUBU | Samaila MARKUS | Amina HAMZA | Abubakar M. KWAMI
Dynamic Stability of Axially Accelerating Viscoelastic Plate

Author(s): Yin-Feng Zhou | Zhong-Min Wang
New Nonlinear Four-Step Method for y'' = f(t, y)

Author(s): Nazeeruddin Yaacob | Phang Chang
Numerical Treatment of Delay Differential Equations by Runge-Kutta Method Using Hermite Interpolation

Author(s): Fudziah Ismail | Raed Ali Al-Khasawneh | Aung San Lwin | Mohamed Suleiman
Direct Solution of nth-Order IVPs by Homotopy Analysis Method

Author(s): A. Sami Bataineh | M. S. M. Noorani | I. Hashim
Solving Differential Equations in R: Package deSolve

Author(s): Karline Soetaert | Thomas Petzoldt | R. Woodrow Setzer
Preconditioning of fully implicit Runge-Kutta schemes for parabolic PDEs

Author(s): Gunnar A. Staff | Kent-Andre Mardal | Trygve K. Nilssen
On a New Reliable Algorithm

Author(s): A. K. Alomari | M. S. M. Noorani | R. Nazar
Solution of Linear Electrical Circuit Problem using Neural Networks

Author(s): J.Abdul Samath | P.Senthil Kumar | Ayisha Begum
A new particle-like method for high-speed flows with chemical non-equilibrium

Author(s): Fábio Rodrigues Guzzo | João Luiz F. Azevedo
On the Stability of Numerical Methods for Nonlinear Volterra Integral Equations

Author(s): E. Messina | Y. Muroya | E. Russo | A. Vecchio
A Zero-Dissipative Runge-Kutta-Nyström Method with Minimal Phase-Lag

Author(s): Norazak Senu | Mohamed Suleiman | Fudziah Ismail | Mohamed Othman
Characteristics-Based Finite-Volume Solution for Natural Convection Around a Horizontal Cylinder

Author(s): Seyed Esmail Razavi | Farzad Barar | Vahid Farhangmehr
Preliminary results of the ion trajectory tracking in the acceleration region of the VINCY Cyclotron

Author(s): Ilić Anđelija Ž. | Ristić-Đurović Jasna L. | Ćirković Saša T.
Preliminary results of ion trajectory tracking in the acceleration region of the VINCY cyclotron

Author(s): Ilić Anđelija Ž. | Ristić-Đurović Jasna L. | Ćirković Saša T.
A Simplified Derivation and Analysis of Fourth Order Runge Kutta Method

Author(s): Musa H. | Ibrahim Saidu | M. Y. Waziri
Availability Evaluation of An Agricultural Machine (A Numerical Approach)

Author(s): Archana Sharma | Jai Singh | Kuldeep Kumar
A Singly Diagonally Implicit Runge-Kutta-Nystrom Method with Reduced Phase-lag

Author(s): N. Senu | M. Suleiman | F. Ismail | M. Othman
Solving the nonlinear Schrödinger equation using exponential integrators

Author(s): Håvard Berland | Brynjulf Owren | Bård Skaflestad
Robustly Shape from Calibrated Images under Complex Illumination

Author(s): Shuangtao Ma | Jiuqiang Han | Xinman Zhang
A Study on the Hydrotreating of Coal Hydroliquefaction Residue and its Kinetics

Author(s): Jue Huang | Xilan Lu | Dexiang Zhang | Jinsheng Gao
Comparison of time stepping schemes on the cable equation

Author(s): Chuan Li | Vasilios Alexiades
Numerical solution to nonlinear Tricomi equation using WENO schemes

Author(s): Adrian Sescu | Abdollah A. Afjeh | Carmen Sescu
Numerical simulation of complex 3D compressible viscous flows through rotating blade passage

Author(s): Despotović M. | Babić Milun | Milovanović D. | Šušteršič Vanja
Epoxidación de aceite de soja refinado mediante oxígeno molecular. Influencia de las variables. Estudio cinético

Author(s): Martínez de la Cuesta, P. J. | Rus Martínez, E. | Román Cortés, V.
Study of the moving single bubble sonoluminescence

Author(s): M. AliAsgarian | S. Z. Kalantari
Gas Deliverability Model with Different Vertical Wells Properties

Author(s): L. Mucharam | P. Sukarno | S. Siregar | Z. Syihab | E. Soewono | M. Apri | F. Irzal
Formation of vortex clusters on a sphere

Author(s): V. Pavlov | D. Buisine | V. Goncharov
Adsorción de proteínas por afinidad en procesos por lotes: modelación, estimación de parámetros y simulación

Author(s): Búsani , Ivan | Montesinos , Rosa Ma. | Rentería , Ma. Eugenia | Tejeda Mansir, Armando
Accelerated Runge-Kutta Methods

Author(s): Firdaus  E. Udwadia | Artin Farahani
Periodic Modulation of Nonlinearity in a Fiber Bragg Grating: A Numerical Investigation

Author(s): Jose Wally Mendonça Menezes | Antonio Sergio Bezerra Sombra | Apiano Ferreira de Morais Neto | Antonio Francisco Gomes Furtado Filho | José Rubens Rodrigues de Sousa
Periodic Modulation of Nonlinearity in a Fiber Bragg Grating: A Numerical Investigation

Author(s): Jose Wally Mendonça Menezes | Antonio Sergio Bezerra Sombra | Apiano Ferreira de Morais Neto | Antonio Francisco Gomes Furtado Filho | José Rubens Rodrigues de Sousa

Author(s): Amir Farshi | Fahimeh Naderi | Jafar Sadeghzadeh
The role of Nd3+ in the population inversion between 1G4 and 3H6 states of Tm3+ in Yb:Nd:Tm:YLF crystal

Author(s): André Felipe Henriques Librantz | Lilia Coronato Courrol | Laércio Gomes | Izilda Marcia Ranieri | Sonia Lícia Baldochi
Analysis of Cr Atoms Three-Dimensional Deposition Characteristics

Author(s): Hua-Lei Yang | Wen-Tao Zhang | Jian Yang
Difference schemes for nonlinear BVPs using Runge-Kutta IVP-solvers

Author(s): Gavrilyuk IP | Hermann M | Kutniv MV | Makarov VL

Author(s): D. Malivuk | S. Nježić | S. Lekić | Z. Rajilić
Indentación por impacto de baja energía: modelo completo

Author(s): Jiménez, O. | Sánchez-Soto, M. | Santana, O. O. | Maspoch, M. L. | Gordillo, A. | Velasco, J. I. | Martínez, A. B.

Author(s): Maziar Jalaal | Esmaiil Ghasemi | Davood Domairry Ganji | Hasan Bararnia | Soheil Soleimani | Milad Geraili Nejad | Mehdi Esmaeilpour
Strong-Stability-Preserving, K-Step, 5- to 10-Stage, Hermite-Birkhoff Time-Discretizations of Order 12

Author(s): Truong Nguyen-Ba | Huong Nguyen-Thu | Re´mi Vaillancourt
Modeling left ventricular diastolic dysfunction: classification and key indicators

Author(s): Luo Chuan | Ramachandran Deepa | Ware David | Ma Tony | Clark John
Mathematical Model for Synthesis Reaction of Diacylglycerol by Irreversible Esterification Mechanism

Author(s): Heri Hermansyah | Tania Surya Utami | Fajar Achmadi Prianto
Solution of Modified Equations of Emden-Type by Differential Transform Method

Author(s): Supriya Mukherjee | Banamali Roy | Pratik Kumar Chatterjee
Boundary Layer Flow and Heat Transfer of a Dusty Fluid over a Stretching Vertical Surface

Author(s): Bijjanal Jayanna Gireesha | Gosikere Kenchappa Ramesh | Hatti Jayappa Lokesh | Channabasappa Shanthappa Bagewadi
Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of Tumor Therapy with Oncolytic Virus

Author(s): Manju Agarwal | Archana S. Bhadauria
Theoretical aspects about simulating the reaction to impact of apples on rigid plane surfaces

Author(s): CĂSĂNDROIU Tudor | STAN, Gabriel Cătălin | MOISE Victor
Predication of 3-D Viscous Flowfield of a Centrifugal Impeller

Author(s): Limin Gao | Xudong Feng | Jian Xie
On Error Estimation in Runge-Kutta Methods

Author(s): Ochoche ABRAHAM | Gbolahan BOLARIN

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