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Review of tapeworms of rodents in the Republic of Buryatia, with emphasis on anoplocephalid cestodes

Author(s): Voitto Haukisalmi | Heikki Henttonen | Lotta Hardman | Michael Hardman | Juha Laakkonen | Galina Murueva | Jukka Niemimaa | Stanislav Shulunov | Olli Vapalahti
Professor Pavel Nikolaevich Nikolaev (to the 130-th anniversary)

Author(s): Chernenkov Y.V. | Shvarts Y.G. | Erugina M.V. | Zavialov A.I.
CRISTA-NF measurements with unprecedented vertical resolution during the RECONCILE aircraft campaign

Author(s): J. Ungermann | C. Kalicinsky | F. Olschewski | P. Knieling | L. Hoffmann | J. Blank | W. Woiwode | H. Oelhaf | E. Hösen | C. M. Volk | A. Ulanovsky | F. Ravegnani | K. Weigel | F. Stroh | M. Riese
Aerosol optical depth retrieval in the Arctic region using MODIS based on prior knowledge

Author(s): L. Mei | Y. Xue | G. de Leeuw | T. Hou | J. Guang | L. Yang | Y. Li | H. Xu | X. He
Sources of carbonaceous aerosols and deposited black carbon in the Arctic in winter-spring: implications for radiative forcing

Author(s): Q. Wang | D. J. Jacob | J. A. Fisher | J. Mao | E. M. Leibensperger | C. C. Carouge | P. Le Sager | Y. Kondo | J. L. Jimenez | M. J. Cubison | S. J. Doherty
Integration of remote sensing data and surface observations to estimate the impact of the Russian wildfires over Europe and Asia during August 2010

Author(s): L. Mei | Y. Xue | G. de Leeuw | J. Guang | Y. Wang | Y. Li | H. Xu | L. Yang | T. Hou | X. He | C. Wu | J. Dong | Z. Chen
The formula of double-glazed window in high-rise buildings (rus)

Author(s): Kurenkova A.Yu. | Kuzmenko A.V. | Kurenkova O.M.
In the light of bilateral relations of OSCE Minsk group member countries

Author(s): Jović-Lazić Ana | Jelisavac-Trošić Sanja | Jazić Aleksandar
Scientific contributions of Alexandr P. Rasnitsyn, 1959 to present

Author(s): Michael Engel | Dmitry Shcherbakov
Climate Change may Reduce Annual Temperature-Dependent Mortality in Subarctic: A Case Study of Archangelsk, Russian Federation

Author(s): Dmitry Shaposhnikov | Boris Revich | Valentin Meleshko | Veronika Govorkova | Tatyana Pavlova
Avoidable mortality in the Russian regions

Author(s): Sabgajda T.P. | Ivanova A.E. | Semenova V.G. | Evdokuškina G.N.

Author(s): Ionuţ Vasiliniuc | Manuela Huţupaşu
The role of calcifying nanoparticles in biology and medicine

Author(s): Kutikhin AG | Brusina EB | Yuzhalin AE
This Is So NP!

Author(s): Elizaveta Bylinina

Author(s): Azizollah DABAGHI
Analysis of ozone and nitric acid in spring and summer Arctic pollution using aircraft, ground-based, satellite observations and MOZART-4 model: source attribution and partitioning

Author(s): C. Wespes | L. Emmons | D. P. Edwards | J. Hannigan | D. Hurtmans | M. Saunois | P.-F. Coheur | C. Clerbaux | M. T. Coffey | R. L. Batchelor | R. Lindenmaier | K. Strong | A. J. Weinheimer | J. B. Nowak | T. B. Ryerson | J. D. Crounse | P. O. Wennberg
Biomass burning emissions estimated with a global fire assimilation system based on observed fire radiative power

Author(s): J. W. Kaiser | A. Heil | M. O. Andreae | A. Benedetti | N. Chubarova | L. Jones | J.-J. Morcrette | M. Razinger | M. G. Schultz | M. Suttie | G. R. van der Werf
How relevant is the deposition of mercury onto snowpacks? – Part 2: A modeling study

Author(s): D. Durnford | A. Dastoor | A. Ryzhkov | L. Poissant | M. Pilote | D. Figueras-Nieto
Models of Academic Pursuits

Author(s): Elvira P. Tarasova
«Dead Men Attack» (Osovets, 1915): Archive Sources Approach

Author(s): Alexander А. Cherkasov | Alexander А. Ryabtsev | Vyacheslav I. Menjkovsky

Author(s): Peter TÓTH | Monika TÓTHOVÁ | Jozef LUKÁŠ
Estimation of loss caused by earthquakes and secondary technological hazards

Author(s): N. I. Frolova | V. I. Larionov | S. P. Suschev | J. Bonnin
In-situ observation of Asian pollution transported into the Arctic lowermost stratosphere

Author(s): A. Roiger | H. Schlager | A. Schäfler | H. Huntrieser | M. Scheibe | H. Aufmhoff | O. R. Cooper | H. Sodemann | A. Stohl | J. Burkhart | M. Lazzara | C. Schiller | K. S. Law | F. Arnold
Interannual variability of ozone and carbon monoxide at the Whistler high elevation site: 2002–2006

Author(s): A. M. Macdonald | K. G. Anlauf | W. R. Leaitch | E. Chan | D. W. Tarasick

Author(s): Dobromir Yordanov | Zlatotsvet Tsonev | Aleksandar Dimitrov | Petko Petkov
Morphological and lithodynamic conditions in the marine coastal zone of the Vistula Spit (Gulf of Gdańsk, Baltic Sea)

Author(s): Jana Kobelyanskaya | Valentyna P. Bobykina | Halina Piekarek-Jankowska
A Study of the Cytotoxicity of a New Nonwoven Polymeric Fibrous Bandaging Material In-Vitro

Author(s): A.M. Dygai | L.M. Ogorodova | S.G. Psakhie | Y.P. Belsky | N.V. Belska | M.G. Danilets | A.A. Ligatcheva | A.A. Сhurin
Book Reviews

Author(s): Redactie KITLV
Book Reviews

Author(s): B.V.A. Röling | Paul Shepard | L. Sluimers | J.F. Cady | H.J. de Graaf | Nicholas Tarling | W. Brand | N.A. Simoniya | B.H.M. Vlekke | Alistair Lamb | R.S. Karni | Beda Lim | L. Sluimers | R.K. Goldsen
Evaluation of disease activity in a population of Russian JIA patients

Author(s): Kostareva OM | Nikishina IP | Erdes SF | Salugina SO
Association of the polymorphisms P53 gene with juvenile idiopathic arthritis in children Russian Fedration

Author(s): Kozhevnikov Alexey | Moskalenko Michael | Pozdeeva Nina | Dubko Margarita | Larionova Valentina | Novik Gennagy
Potential application of Russian Tarragon (Artemisia dracunculus L.) in health and sports

Author(s): Pischel Ivo | Burkard Natalie | Kauschka Michaela | Butterweck Veronika | Bloomer Richard
Analysis of undiagnosed tuberculosis-related deaths identified at post-mortem among HIV-infected patients in Russia: a descriptive study

Author(s): Balabanova Yanina | Tchernyshev Vladimir | Tsigankov Igor | Maximova Svetlana | Mikheeva Natalya | Fedyukovitch Ljudmila | Kuznetsov Sergey | Fedorin Ivan | Drobniewski Francis
Nikola Tesla and robotics

Author(s): Vukobratović Miomir
Public Health Education in Central and Eastern Europe, and Central Asia

Author(s): Róza Ádany | Anita Villerusa | Jovanka Bislimovska | Maksut Kulzhanov
New products for a better characterisation of smoke plume and gas/aerosol dispersion from boreal eurasian forest fires: the ALANIS Smoke Plume project

Author(s): J.-P. Muller | V. Yershov | D. Fisher | M. Krol | W. Peters | J. San-Miguel | I. Palumbo | F. Sedano | P. Strobl | C. Clerbaux | M. George | J. Helbert | B. Guillaume
An important fingerprint of wildfires on the European aerosol load

Author(s): F. Barnaba | F. Angelini | G. Curci | G. P. Gobbi
NASA A-Train and Terra observations of the 2010 Russian wildfires

Author(s): J. C. Witte | A. R. Douglass | A. da Silva | O. Torres | R. Levy | B. N. Duncan
Physical Activity: Exploring Views of Older Russian-Speaking Slavic Immigrants

Author(s): Janet Purath | Catherine Van Son | Cynthia F. Corbett

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