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Future High Volume Applications of SAW Device

Author(s): Miloslav Nevesely
IF-Filters for Mobile Telephones

Author(s): Miloslav Nevesely
Advances in SAW Gas Sensors Based on the Condensate-Adsorption Effect

Author(s): Jiuling Liu | Wen Wang | Shunzhou Li | Minghua Liu | Shitang He
S.A.W. Technology for Resonator Structures

Author(s): F. Sleeckx | T. Naten | A. van de Capelle | J. Vandewege
The Last Time I Saw Fritz

Author(s): Marc L. Joslyn
Origin Parameters of Fused Flux Grain Process Dispersion with Air Parámetros de origen del proceso de dispersión con aire de fundentes fundidos

Author(s): Daniel Pérez Pérez | Carlos René Gómez Pérez | Francisco Arturo Ruiz Martínez | Eriel Pérez Zapico
Inverse Circular Saw

Author(s): Gunjan Srivastava | Shafali Agarwal | Vikas Srivastava | Ashish Negi
Outcomes of the 2011 Botanical Nomenclature Section at the XVIII International Botanical Congress

Author(s): James Miller | Vicki Funk | Warren Wagner | Fred R. Barrie | Peter C. Hoch | Patrick Herendeen
New Saw-Flies, Hymenoptera, From Oregon

Author(s): Alex. D. MacGillivray
Future High Volume Applications of SAW Device

Author(s): Miloslav Nevesely
IF-Filters for Mobile Telephones

Author(s): Miloslav Nevesely
Geographic and Ethnic Distribution of P knowlesi infection in Sabah, Malaysia

Author(s): Daw Khin Saw Naing | Fread Anderios | Zaw Lin
Geographic and Ethnic Distribution of P knowlesi infection in Sabah, Malaysia

Author(s): Daw Khin Saw Naing | Fread Anderios | Zaw Lin
Policy, Perception and Health Care Utilization in Myanmar

Author(s): Soe Moe | Daw Khin Saw Naing
O “heróico cinema português” : 1930-1950

Author(s): Carla Patrícia Silva Ribeiro
Distribution and Morphological Study of the Bronchus Associated Lymphatic Tissues (BALT) in Three Months Old Calves

Author(s): Saw Po Po | A. B. Z. Zuki | M. Zamri-Saad | A. Rahman-Omar | A. W. Effendy
Morphological Study of the Jejunal and Ileal Peyer`s Patches of Three-month Old Calves

Author(s): Saw Po Po | ABZ Zuki | M Zamri-Saad | A Rahman-Omar | AW Effendy
The Response of Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissues (GALT) Following Intranasal Administration of P. Multocida B2 in Rats

Author(s): S. Nor-Satinati | A.B.Z. Zuki | M. Zamri-Saad | A.J. Awang-Hazmi | Saw Po Po
Absorption of surface acoustic waves by graphene

Author(s): S. H. Zhang | W. Xu
The Search of the Effects of Verapamil and Papaverin on LIMA Graft Flow in Beating Heart Coronary Bypass

Author(s): İbrahim Sami Karacan | Ömer Ulular | Kanat Özışık | Uğursay Kızıltepe
Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Vibration Sensors

Author(s): Jerzy Filipiak | Lech Solarz | Grzegorz Steczko
La costituzione mista in Polibio

Author(s): John Thornton
A Variational Pertubation Approach

Author(s): L. C. Chan | A. Villanueva
Creep and Viscoelastic Behaviour of Human Dentin

Author(s): T.Jafarzadeh | M.Erfan | DC.Watts

Author(s): Wen-Shen Zhang | Zhi-Juan Liu | Feng Xu | Qi-Ning Xun
Attitudes towards prescribing psychiatric medicines: Do the views of psychology and medical students differ?

Author(s): Carlos De las Cuevas | Wenceslao Peñate | Lilisbeth Perestelo | Amado Rivero | Jeanette Pérez | Marien González | Alia Pérez-Wehbe
Design and Analysis of a Novel Surface Acoustic Wave Micro Position Sensor

Author(s): Kai Yang | Zhigang Li | Liwei Shang | Weidong Yi
Cr(VI) Ions Removal from Aqueous Solutions Using Natural Adsorbents – FTIR Studies

Author(s): Biswajit Singha | Tarun Kumar Naiya | Ashim kumar Bhattacharya | Sudip Kumar Das
Book reviews

Author(s): Redactie KITLV
Book Reviews

Author(s): Redactie KITLV
Development of a New Surface Acoustic Wave Based Gyroscope on a X-112°Y LiTaO3 Substrate

Author(s): Wen Wang | Jiuling Liu | Xiao Xie | Minghua Liu | Shitang He
Acute pancreatitis with saw palmetto use: a case report

Author(s): Bruminhent Jackrapong | Carrera Perliveh | Li Zhongzhen | Amankona Raymond | Roberts Ingram
A fiber-modified adenoviral vector interacts with immunoevasion molecules of the B7 family at the surface of murine leukemia cells derived from dormant tumors

Author(s): Grellier Elodie | Lécolle Katia | Rogée Sophie | Couturier Cyril | D'Halluin Jean-Claude | Hong Saw-See | Fender Pascal | Boulanger Pierre | Quesnel Bruno | Colin Morvane
Does Medical Students' Preference of Test Format (Computer-based vs. Paper-based) have an Influence on Performance?

Author(s): Hochlehnert Achim | Brass Konstantin | Moeltner Andreas | Juenger Jana

Author(s): Mimi Omar | Tong Seng Fah | Nordin Salleh | Teng Cheong Lieng | Khoo Ee Ming | Abdul Kareem Abdul Rahman | Zailinawati Abu Hassan | Verna Lee Kar Mun | Chen Wei Seng | Wan Mohd Shihabudin Wan Mamat | Noridah Mohd Salleh | Fauziah Zainal Ehsan
Regional climate model experiments to investigate the Asian monsoon in the Late Miocene

Author(s): H. Tang | A. Micheels | J. Eronen | M. Fortelius
Effect of variable frequency electromagnetic field on deposit formation in installations with geothermal water in Sijarinjska spa (Serbia)

Author(s): Stojiljković Dragan T. | Mitić Nebojša Č. | Šmelcerović Andrija | Kaličanin Biljana | Tasić-Kostov Marija | Đurović-Petrović Maja
Assessment of urinary L-fucose level in gasterointestinal and gynecological neoplasms

Author(s): Ansari M | Javadi E | Vosughi M | Nikeghbal V
Effects of Phase III Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs on Anxiety and Quality of Life in Anxious Patients after Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery

Author(s): Tahereh Dehdari | Alireza Heidarnia | Ali Ramezankhani | Saeed Sadeghian | Fazlollah Ghofranipour | Gholamreza Babaei Ruchi | Soraya Etemadi
Congenital Arterial Calcification; A Case Report

Author(s): M. Vahabi Moghadam | M. Khiabani
Las arenas negras de Mejías: nueva fuente para la obtención de consumibles para la soldadura por arco eléctrico

Author(s): Rafael Quintana-Puchol | Lorenzo Perdomo-González | Amado Cruz-Crespo | Luis Gómez-Rodríuez
Managing cultural expectations

Author(s): Peter Trowles
Evaluación de uniones soldadas obtenidas con fundentes fundidos desarrollados con minerales cubanos

Author(s): Carlos R. Gómez-Pérez | Rafael Quintana-Puchol | Lorenzo Perdomo-González | Gilma Castellanos-Hernández
Latin-American Network of University Museums

Author(s): William Alfonso López Rosas
Malignant melanoma of the vagina.

Author(s): Rahat ARA | Saw OHNMAR
Surface Wave Characteristics at the Interface of Welded Elastic Halfspaces

Author(s): J. N. Sharma | K. K. Sharma | Ashwani Kumar
Fines y principios

Author(s): Cristina Gastón Guirao
Ronchamp. Un monstruo y tres lugares

Author(s): Guillermo Cabeza Arnáiz

Microfluidic Devices: Useful Tools for Bioprocess Intensification

Author(s): Marco P.C. Marques | Pedro Fernandes

The potential role of mother-in-law in prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV: a mixed methods study from the Kilimanjaro region, northern Tanzania

Author(s): Falnes Eli | Moland Karen | Tylleskär Thorkild | de Paoli Marina | Leshabari Sebalda | Engebretsen Ingunn
Combinatorial growth of Si nanoribbons

Author(s): Park Tae-Eon | Lee Ki-Young | Kim Ilsoo | Chang Joonyeon | Voorhees Peter | Choi Heon-Jin
Application of Twin Screw Extrusion in the Manufacture of Cocrystals, Part I: Four Case Studies

Author(s): Dominick Daurio | Cesar Medina | Robert Saw | Karthik Nagapudi | Fernando Alvarez-Núñez
The Jurassic of Denmark and Greenland: Jurassic lithostratigraphy and stratigraphic development onshore and offshore Denmark

Author(s): Michelsen, Olaf | Nielsen, Lars Henrik | Johannessen, Peter N. | Andsbjerg, Jan | Surlyk, Finn
A comparison of multiple shRNA expression methods for combinatorial RNAi

Author(s): Mcintyre Glen | Arndt Allison | Gillespie Kirsten | Mak Wendy | Fanning Gregory
Indian vaccine innovation: the case of Shantha Biotechnics

Author(s): Chakma Justin | Masum Hassan | Perampaladas Kumar | Heys Jennifer | Singer Peter
Land slide disaster in eastern Uganda: rapid assessment of water, sanitation and hygiene situation in Bulucheke camp, Bududa district

Author(s): Atuyambe Lynn | Ediau Michael | Orach Christopher | Musenero Monica | Bazeyo William
Collaborating with consumer and community representatives in health and medical research in Australia: results from an evaluation

Author(s): Payne Janet | D'Antoine Heather | France Kathryn | McKenzie Anne | Henley Nadine | Bartu Anne | Elliott Elizabeth | Bower Carol
Did changing primary care delivery models change performance? A population based study using health administrative data

Author(s): Jaakkimainen R Liisa | Barnsley Jan | Klein-Geltink Julie | Kopp Alexander | Glazier Richard
Community-based intervention to promote breast cancer awareness and screening: The Korean experience

Author(s): Park Keeho | Hong Woi | Kye Su | Jung Euichul | Kim Myung-hyun | Park Hyeong
How local IRBs view central IRBs in the US

Author(s): Klitzman Robert
Frequency Response Optimization of Saw Filter using Canonical Genetic Algorithm

Author(s): Prachi Chaudhary | Ms. Priyanka | Manoj Duhan
Effects of Individual Tree Detection Error Sources on Forest Management Planning Calculations

Author(s): Mikko Vastaranta | Markus Holopainen | Xiaowei Yu | Juha Hyyppä | Antti Mäkinen | Jussi Rasinmäki | Timo Melkas | Harri Kaartinen | Hannu Hyyppä
Nation Drag: Uses of the Exotic

Author(s): Micol Seigel
Evaluación de la germinación y crecimiento de Plántula de Chiltepín (Capsicum annuum L variedad glabriusculum.) en invernadero

Author(s): Araiza Lizarde Nidia | Araiza Lizarde Evelia | Martínez Martínez Juan Guillermo
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