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Redetermination of 3,5-dimethylphenol

Author(s): Richard Betz | Cedric McCleland | Harold Marchand
Academic Achievements of Doctors Who Studied at A Domestic Institute for Clinical Medicine

Author(s): Chang-Chun Hsiao | Ming-Huei Chou | Jiin-Haur Chuang
Evaluation of Vitamin B-Complex Efficacy add on Citalopram in Outpatient with Major Depressive Disorder

Author(s): Boostani H | Pakseresht S | Amany R | Nokhostin M | Haghdoost MR
Absence of high amplitude propagating contractions in subjects with chronic spinal cord injury

Author(s): Hanumantha R Ancha, Noel R Fajardo, William A Bauman, Alan S Rosman, Marinella Galea, Graham Creasey, Mark A Korsten
Revistes font en el SCI-E

Author(s): Badia Segura, Maria | Alonso, José | Juan, Joan
Revistas fuente en el SCI-E

Author(s): Badia Segura, Maria | Alonso, José | Juan, Joan
El Factor de Impacto (FI) en la evaluación de las revistas biomédicas

Author(s): Carlo V. Caballero Uribe | Mayra Cuello | Ayleen Lubo | Diana Martínez | Angela Marriaga | Francisco Ospino | Sandy Palacio
Mold Fabrication for 3D Dual Damascene Imprinting

Author(s): Saydur Rahman SM | Cui Bo
Nasal Dermoid Sinus-Cyst,Review Article And Case Report

Author(s): Abshirini H | fazlipour A
Reduction in antioxidant enzyme expression and sustained inflammation enhance tissue damage in the subacute phase of spinal cord contusive injury

Author(s): Wang Chih-Yen | Chen Jen-Kun | Wu Yi-Ting | Tsai May-Jywan | Shyue Song-Kun | Yang Chung-Shi | Tzeng Shun-Fen
Gait kinematic analysis in patients with a mild form of central cord syndrome

Author(s): Gil-Agudo Angel | Pérez-Nombela Soraya | Forner-Cordero Arturo | Pérez-Rizo Enrique | Crespo-Ruiz Beatriz | del Ama-Espinosa Antonio
Prevalence of Obesity and its Association with Demographic Indices in Referents to University Jahad Khozestan Clinic

Author(s): Naghashpour M | Shakerinejad Gh | Haghighizadeh MH | Hajinajaf S | Jarvandi F
Treatment and Outcome of Malignant External Auditory Canal and Middle Ear tumor in Ghaem Hospital - Mashhad

Author(s): Naeimi M | Ghassemi MM | Arabkhani R | Haghjoo Sh | Hosseinnejad Aryani F | Safavi M
Relationship between clinical and psychological variables in women with spinal cord injury

Author(s): Mª Ángeles Alcedo-Rodríguez | Antonio León Aguado-Díaz | Lara García-Carenas | Benito Arias-Martínez
Bladder management methods and urological complications in spinal cord injury patients

Author(s): Singh Roop | Rohilla Rajesh | Sangwan Kapil | Siwach Ramchander | Magu Narender | Sangwan Sukhbir
SDF1 in the dorsal corticospinal tract promotes CXCR4+ cell migration after spinal cord injury

Author(s): Tysseling Vicki | Mithal Divakar | Sahni Vibhu | Birch Derin | Jung Hosung | Miller Richard | Kessler John
A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for RNA Structural Alignment

Author(s): Abdesslem Layeb | Imen Bensetira | Kenza Bouaroudj
Efficacy and Safety of rh-Endostatin Combined with Chemotherapy 
versus Chemotherapy Alone for Advanced NSCLC: A Meta-analysis Review

Author(s): Dedong CAO | Wei GE | Huimin WANG | Ling ZHANG | Yongfa ZHENG | Jinzhong ZHANG
Measuring the ultrashallow profiles of P implants into Si

Author(s): M. A. Bolorizadeh | I. V. Mitchell
Characterization and Degradation Behavior of Agar–Carbomer Based Hydrogels for Drug Delivery Applications: Solute Effect

Author(s): Filippo Rossi | Marco Santoro | Tommaso Casalini | Pietro Veglianese | Maurizio Masi | Giuseppe Perale
The Power of Spectacle

Author(s): Anna Greenspan
Erythromycin A dimethyl sulfoxide disolvate 1.43-hydrate

Author(s): Jürgen Brüning | Tanja K. Trepte | Jan W. Bats | Martin U. Schmidt
Comparison of Formocresol and Ferric Sulfate Pulpotomy in Primary Molars: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Author(s): M. Fallahinejad Ghajari | N. Memar Kermani | MJ. Kharazi Fard | M. Vatanpour
Spinal Clinic for Obese Out-Patient Project (SCOOP)—A 1 Year Report

Author(s): Samford Wong | Allison Graham | George Grimble | Alastair Forbes
Delayed inflammatory mRNA and protein expression after spinal cord injury

Author(s): Byrnes Kimberly | Washington Patricia | Knoblach Susan | Hoffman Eric | Faden Alan
Multiple-Clock-Cycle Architecture for the VLSI Design of a System for Time-Frequency Analysis

Author(s): Ivanović Veselin N | Stojanović Radovan | Stanković L Jubivša
Prevalence of Nonfluency in Second Grade School Children in Ahvaz

Author(s): H Khorramshahi | M Majlesi | M Rasoolzade
Present and Desired Status of Student Counseling in Opinions of AJUMS

Author(s): AH Shakurnia | P Asadollahi | H Elhampour | A Khodadadi

Influence of the secondary electron emission on the characteristics of radio frequency plasmas

Author(s): Bojarov Aleksandar | Radmilović-Rađenović Marija | Savić Marija
Corrigendum to "Linsley's EAS time structure method for the primary cosmic ray spectrum at LAAS" published in Astrophys. Space Sci. Trans., 7, 335–344, 2011

Author(s): A. Iyono | H. Matsumoto | K. Okei | S. Tsuji | S. Ohara | N. Ochi | T. Konishi | N. Takahashi | I. Yamamoto | T. Nakatsuka | T. Nakamura | N. Ohmori | K. Saito
Association between the Socio-Economic Indicators and Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) in Iran

Author(s): SH Salarilak | HR Khalkhali | R Entezarmahdi | FG Pakdel | HR Faroukheslamloo

Author(s): Shahandeh H. | Wameghi R. | Hatamizadeh N. | Kazemnejad A
Consistency of students’ conceptions of wave propagation: Findings from a conceptual survey in mechanical waves

Author(s): Apisit Tongchai | Manjula Devi Sharma | Ian D. Johnston | Kwan Arayathanitkul | Chernchok Soankwan
Neuroimaging in Childhood Hemoglobinopathies

Author(s): I. Fani | A. Hekmatnia | R. Basiratnia
Management of Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Diseases and their Complications

Author(s): J.A. Ansari | Mateen Sayyed | Faizan Sayeed

Author(s): V Rahimi-Movaghar | A Yazdi | S Saadat

Author(s): Iancu C | Mocan L
An Overview of Pharmacological Approaches for Management and Repair of Spinal Cord Injuries

Author(s): Alireza Khoshnevisan | Azam Mardani | Shahab kamali
Bibliometric analysis of public health research in Africa: The overall trend and regional comparisons

Author(s): Kun-Yang Chuang | Ying-Chih Chuang | Meng Ho | Yuh-Shan Ho
Estudio de la revista “Boletín de la Sociedad Española de Cerámica y Vidrio”

Author(s): Vázquez Valero, M. | Morillo Ariza, F. | Gómez Caridad, I.
A study of the spinal cord injured population of the Chios island of Greece

Author(s): Ioannis Koutsodontis | Maria Lavdaniti | Despina Sapountzi-Krepia | Georgios Giaglis | Spyros G. Fountoukis | Andreas Pavlakis | Maria Psychogiou | Ismini Serpanou | Markos Sgantzos
Evolución del impacto del Boletín de la Sociedad Española de Cerámica y Vidrio

Author(s): Sanz-Guerrero, O. | Cubero, P. | Rodríguez, M. A.
A study on the derivation of a mean velocity formula from Chiu's velocity formula and bottom shear stress

Author(s): T. H. Choo | I. J. Jeong | S. K. Chae | H. C. Yoon | H. S. Son
Design History and Advantages of a New Lever-Propelled Wheelchair Prototype

Author(s): Ahmad Rifai Sarraj | Raphael Massarelli
Disability and health-related rehabilitation in international disaster relief

Author(s): Jan D. Reinhardt | Jianan Li | James Gosney | Farooq A. Rathore | Andrew J. Haig | Michael Marx | Joel A. Delisa | On behalf of the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine's Sub-Committee on Rehabilitation Disaster Relief
Huge Biliary Stag Horn

Author(s): Abdol Hassan Talaiezadeh | Faramarz Beheshtifar
Study of Exon Deletion in the Dystrophin Gene in Individuals Being Diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy in Ahvaz

Author(s): Hamid Galehdari | Mohammad Pedram | AliAkbar Momen | GholamReza Mohammadian | Elham Taherian
Frequency of Pertussis Among Adults with Prolonged Cough

Author(s): Manijeh Jozpanahi | Ahmad Reza Mobaien | Afsaneh Karami | Samaneh Hamzelo
The Use Of A Proforma Improves The Assessment Of Spinal Cord Injury In Abuja, Nigeria

Author(s): Kawu Ahidjo A. | Kawu-ahidjo HO , Esenwah Vc
Corrigendum to "A distributed stream temperature model using high resolution temperature observations" published in Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 11, 1469–1480, 2007

Author(s): M. C. Westhoff | H. H. G. Savenije | W. M. J . Luxemburg | G. S. Stelling | N. C. van de Giesen | J. S. Selker | L. Pfister | S. Uhlenbrook
The 2-Transitive Transplantable Isospectral Drums

Author(s): Jeroen Schillewaert | Koen Thas
Processus de recherche d’aide de femmes atteintes du syndrome du côlon irritable

Author(s): Patricia Bourgault | Denise St-Cyr-Tribble | Ghislain Devroede | Serge Marchand
MK801 attenuates secondary injury in a mouse experimental compression model of spinal cord trauma

Author(s): Esposito Emanuela | Paterniti Irene | Mazzon Emanuela | Genovese Tiziana | Galuppo Maria | Meli Rosaria | Bramanti Placido | Cuzzocrea Salvatore
ESPECTRA: Searching the Bipolar Spectrum in Eating Disorder patients

Author(s): Campos Rodolfo | Angst Jules | Cordas Taki | Moreno Ricardo
Selective adenosine A2A receptor agonists and antagonists protect against spinal cord injury through peripheral and central effects

Author(s): Paterniti Irene | Melani Alessia | Cipriani Sara | Corti Francesca | Mello Tommaso | Mazzon Emanuela | Esposito Emanuela | Bramanti Placido | Cuzzocrea Salvatore | Pedata Felicita
Perceived discrimination is associated with severity of positive and depression/anxiety symptoms in immigrants with psychosis: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Berg Akiah | Melle Ingrid | Rossberg Jan | Romm Kristin | Larsson Sara | Lagerberg Trine | Andreassen Ole | Hauff Edvard
Classically and alternatively activated bone marrow derived macrophages differ in cytoskeletal functions and migration towards specific CNS cell types

Author(s): Vereyken Elly | Heijnen Priscilla | Baron Wia | de Vries Elga | Dijkstra Christine | Teunissen Charlotte
The Global Evidence Mapping Initiative: Scoping research in broad topic areas

Author(s): Bragge Peter | Clavisi Ornella | Turner Tari | Tavender Emma | Collie Alex | Gruen Russell
A fixed point of generalized T F -contraction mappings in cone metric spaces

Author(s): Khojasteh Farshid | Razani Abdolrahman | Moradi Sirous
Determination of Seroprevalence Rate of Toxocara canis in 6-15 years Aged Rural and Urban School Children in Ahvaz, Iran

Author(s): Alavi Seyed Mohammad | Hosseini Seyed Ataolah | Rahdar Mahmoud | Salmanzadeh Shokrolah | Nikkhoy Abdorasoul
Videonystagmographic Finding in Meniere's Patients

Author(s): Saki Nasser | Nikakhlagh Soheila | Sarafraz Mozaffar | Rezaei Morteza | Bayat Arash
Evaluation of Community Periodontal Index of Treatment Needs in Pregnant and Non Pregnant Women

Author(s): Golpasand Hagh Leila | Zakavi Faramarz | Teimouri Hossein
Medical Ethics in Cardiac Anesthesia

Author(s): Mansour Soltanzadeh
Nadi Yantra: a robust system design to capture the signals from the radial artery for assessment of the autonomic nervous system non-invasively

Author(s): A bhinav | Meghna Sareen | Mahendra Kumar | Jayashree Santhosh | Ashok Salhan | Sneh Anand
A retrospective view on the history of natural sciences in XX-XXI

Author(s): Vladislav Sergeyevich Olkhovsky
Design of the Control System about Central Signals in Electric Vehicle

Author(s): Qianqian Zhang | Yan Wang | Tianming Yin
Efficacy of rehabilitation robotics for walking training in neurological disorders: A review

Author(s): Candace Tefertiller, PT, DPT, ATP, NCS | Beth Pharo, PT | Nicholas Evans, MHSc | Patricia Winchester, PT, PhD
Emergency surgery of fulminant ulcerative colitis and toxic megacolon

Author(s): Natsikas B. | Semoglou Ch. | Mikrou J. | Trygonis K. | Dalainas B.
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