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Author(s): Merete Anderssen | Marit Westergaard
Assessment of Psychiatric Symptoms Using SCL-90-R among HIV/AIDS Individuals in Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran

Author(s): MR Hedayati-Moghaddam | I Eftekharzadeh Mashhadi | R Zibaee | AM Hosseinpoor | F Fathi-Moghaddam | H Bidkhori
Do patient characteristics predict outcome in the outpatient treatment of chronic tinnitus?

Author(s): Kröner-Herwig, Birgit | Zachriat, Claudia | Weigand, Doreen
Perceived self-competence and relationship experiences in inpatient psychotherapy: a pilot study

Author(s): Sammet, Isa | Häfner, Steffen | Leibing, Eric | Lüneburg, Tim | Schauenburg, Henning
Validity and reliability of a new, short symptom rating scale in patients with persistent atrial fibrillation

Author(s): Härdén Marie | Nyström Britta | Kulich Károly | Carlsson Jonas | Bengtson Ann | Edvardsson Nils

Stress Recovery during Exposure to Nature Sound and Environmental Noise

Author(s): Jesper J. Alvarsson | Stefan Wiens | Mats E. Nilsson
Relationship of Life Quality with Severity of Alcohol Related Problems in Male Alcohol Dependent Inpatients

Author(s): Cüneyt EVREN | Ercan DALBUDAK | Mine DURKAYA | Rabia ÇETİN | Bilge EVREN | Selime ÇELİK
Comparison of PET/CT with CT alone for target volume definition in radiation treatment in patients with lung cancer

Author(s): Hande BAŞ AYATA | Metin GÜDEN | Kezban BERBEROĞLU | Nadir KÜÇÜK | Cemile CEYLAN | Ayhan KILIÇ | Semih DOĞAN | Kayıhan ENGİN
Evaluation of Psychological Problems in Diabetic Patients

Author(s): Neamat pour S | Shahbazian HB | Gholam Pour A
Epidemiologi ved systemisk sklerose (sklerodermi)

Author(s): Jan Tore Gran | Øyvind Midtvedt
On Source Couple Logic (SCL) Layout

Author(s): Mohamed Azaga | Masuri Othman
Effect of Soil Amendments on Hydraulic Characteristics of Two Types of Soil

Author(s): M.A. AL-Samarrai | M.M. AL-Lami | H. Abdul-Majeed
The attitudes towards psychiatry residency in medical students who are preparing for the medical specialty examination

Author(s): Murat Emül | Mihriban Dalkıran | Sümeyye Uzunoğlu | Musa Tosun | Alaattin Duran | Ruhi Yavuz | Müfit Uğur
Influence of night shift work on psychologic state and quality of life in health workers

Author(s): Yavuz Selvi | Pınar Güzel Özdemir | Osman Özdemir | Adem Aydın | Lütfullah Beşiroğlu
The Short Call Ladder strategy and its application in trading and hedging

Author(s): Omer Faraj S. Amaitiek | Tomáš Bálint | Marcel Rešovský
In-patient, short-term group psychotherapy – a therapeutic option for Bundeswehr soldiers?

Author(s): Zimmermann, Peter | Kröger, Norbert | Willmund, Gerd | Ströhle, Andreas | Heinz, Andreas | Hahne, Hans Heiner
Funcionamiento psicosocial en esposas de emigrantes mexicanos a los Estados Unidos

Author(s): Margarita Maldonado | V. Nelly Salgado de Snyder
Protein-protein interaction as a predictor of subcellular location

Author(s): Shin Chang | Wong Simon | Davis Melissa | Ragan Mark
Suicide attempts and clinical severity of eating disorders:An exploratory study

Author(s): António Roma Torres | Bárbara C. Machado | Isabel Brandão | Paulo P. P. Machado | Sonia Gonçalves
Analysis of circulating hem-endothelial marker RNA levels in preterm infants

Author(s): Strauss Tzipora | Metsuyanim Sally | Pessach Itai | Shuchan-Eisen Irit | Kuint Jacob | Dekel Benjamin
Physical Carboxymethylscleroglucan/Calcium Ion Hydrogels as Modified Drug Delivery Systems in Topical Formulations

Author(s): Federica Corrente | Pietro Matricardi | Patrizia Paolicelli | Beatrice Tita | Federica Vitali | Maria Antonietta Casadei
Psychosocial and contextual correlates of opioid overdose risk among drug users in St. Petersburg, Russia

Author(s): Grau Lauretta | Green Traci | Torban Mikhail | Blinnikova Ksenia | Krupitsky Evgeny | Ilyuk Ruslan | Kozlov Andrei | Heimer Robert
Dietary intakes in infertile women a pilot study

Author(s): Colombo Ottavia | Pinelli Giovanna | Comelli Mario | Marchetti Pierpaolo | Sieri Sabina | Brighenti Furio | Nappi Rossella | Tagliabue Anna
Acquired Hearing Loss and Psychiatric Symptoms

Author(s): Aytül Gürsu HARİRİ | Gülcan ÖZER | Mehmet Emin CEYLAN
Treatment of drug addiction and psychopathology: A field study

Author(s): Manuel Isorna | Luis Fernandez-Rios | Antonio Souto
Consultation-liaison psychiatry in a general hospital

Author(s): M Maroufi | A Pedram | A Malekian | F Kianvash | M Maroufi | Z Gerivani

Author(s): Giuseppina Messina | Elisa Colombo | Elena Cassinerio | Claudia Cesaretti | Alessia Marcon | Laura Zanaboni | Marina Baldini | Maria Domenica Cappellini
Assessment of Mental Symptoms on Health School Students

Author(s): Asiye Kartal | Bengu Cetinkaya | Turkan Turan
CYPROS - Cybernetic Program Packages

Author(s): Arne Tyssø
Self-development groups reduce medical school stress: a controlled intervention study

Author(s): Holm Mari | Tyssen Reidar | Stordal Kirsten | Haver Brit
Anti-Annexin V Antibodies: Association with Vascular Involvement and Disease Outcome in Patients with Systemic Sclerosis

Author(s): Reem A. Habeeb | Howaida E. Mansour | Aya M. Abdeldayem | Rania A. Abo-shady | Iman A. Hassan | Nazek K. Saafan | Dalia G. Aly
Human parvovirus B19 nonstructural protein NS1 enhanced the expression of cleavage of 70 kDa U1-snRNP autoantigen

Author(s): Tzang Bor-Show | Chen Der-Yuan | Tsai Chun-Chou | Chiang Szu-Yi | Lin Tsung-Ming | Hsu Tsai-Ching
Left Supraclavicular Spindle Cell Lipoma

Author(s): Oladejo Olaleye | Bertram Fu | Ram Moorthy | Charles Lawson | Myles Black | David Mitchell
Genetic testing of newborns for type 1 diabetes susceptibility: a prospective cohort study on effects on maternal mental health

Author(s): Aas Kaja | Tambs Kristian | Kise Marit | Magnus Per | Rønningen Kjersti
Network analysis of human protein location

Author(s): Kumar Gaurav | Ranganathan Shoba
Factors related with relapse in male alcohol dependents: 12 months follow-up study

Author(s): Cüneyt Evren | Mine Durkaya | Ercan Dalbudak | Selime Çelik | Rabia Çetin | Duran Çakmak
Evaluation of Health Position in Retired Ahvazian Residents

Author(s): Kianpoor Ghahfarokhie F | Zandian Kh
Conscious Sedation and Emergency Department Length of Stay: A Comparison of Propofol, Ketamine, and Fentanyl/Versed

Author(s): Gorchynski, Julie | Wang, Scott | Anderson, Craig | Montano, Jara
Mental disorders and quality of life in COPD patients and their spouses

Author(s): Kerstin Kühl | Wolfgang Schürmann | Winfried Rief
Narcissistic rage: The Achilles’ heel of the patient with chronic physical illness

Author(s): Thomas Hyphantis | Augustina Almyroudi | Vassiliki Paika | et al
Body image and quality of life in a Spanish population

Author(s): Ignacio Jáuregui Lobera | Patricia Bolaños Ríos
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy for Adolescents (DBT-A): a clinical Trial for Patients with suicidal and self-injurious Behavior and Borderline Symptoms with a one-year Follow-up

Author(s): Fleischhaker Christian | Böhme Renate | Sixt Barbara | Brück Christiane | Schneider Csilla | Schulz Eberhard
Paternal predictors of the mental health of children of Vietnamese refugees

Author(s): Vaage Aina | Thomsen Per | Rousseau Cécile | Wentzel-Larsen Tore | Ta Thong | Hauff Edvard
Body image quality of life in eating disorders

Author(s): Ignacio Jáuregui Lobera | Patricia Bolaños Ríos
Benefit of combination β-blocker and endoscopic treatment to prevent variceal rebleeding: A meta-analysis

Author(s): Natalie Funakoshi, Frédérique Ségalas-Largey, Yohan Duny, Frédéric Oberti, Jean-Christophe Valats, Michael Bismuth, Jean-Pierre Daurès, Pierre Blanc
Validation of a reduced Spanish version of the Index of Spouse Abuse

Author(s): Juan Carlos Sierra | Fredy S. Monge | Pablo Santos-Iglesias | María Paz Bermúdez | José María Salinas
Design and Interfacing of High speed model of FPGA using I2C protocol

Author(s): Arvind Sahu | Ravi Shankar Mishra | Puran Gour
Evaluación de simulación de incapacidad laboral permanente mediante el Sistema de Evaluación Global (SEG)

Author(s): Nazaret Martínez | María Jesús Orihuela | Mariana Abeledo
Comparison between endoscopic sclerotherapy and band ligation for hemostasis of acute variceal bleeding

Author(s): Gustavo Oliveira Luz | Fauze Maluf-Filho | Sérgio Eiji Matuguma | Fábio Yuji Hondo | Edson Ide | Jeane Martins Melo | Spencer Cheng | Paulo Sakai
Effects of Emotional Intelligence Factors Training on Enhancing Mental Health

Author(s): Ma’asoomeh Esmaeeli | Hassan Ahadi | Ali Delavar | Abdollah Shafei-abadi
Psychological Symptoms in Gastrointestinal Outpatients

Author(s): Maryam Hadipour | Nosratollah Pourafkary | Firouz Saramy
Mental Status of Geriatric Patients with Chronic Locomotor Diseases

Author(s): M. J. Hadianfard | H. Hadianfard
Evaluation of Psychiatric Disorders among Athletes who Abuse Anabolic Steroids

Author(s): A. R. Ghaffari Nejad | F. Pouya | M. R. Nakhai
Screening Mental Disorders in Pregnancy

Author(s): M. Mangoli | T. Ramezani | S. Mohammad Alizadeh
Prevalence of Depression and Anxiety among Patients in Internal and Surgical Wards

Author(s): T. Nazari | M. T. Yassemi | M. Doust-Mohammadi | K. Nematzadeh Mahani
Mental Health and Fasting in Ramadan

Author(s): Sh. Sardarpour Goudarzi | A. Sultani Zarandi
Quality of life and psychological outcome of donors after living donor liver transplantation

Author(s): Shu-Guang Jin | Bo Xiang | Lu-Nan Yan | Zhe-Yu Chen | Jia-Ying Yang | Ming-Qing Xu | Wen-Tao Wang
Badanie echokardiograficzne, EKG i 24-godzinna rejestracja EKG metodą Holtera z analizą zmienności rytmu zatokowego u chorych z twardziną układową

Author(s): Edyta Płońska | Lidia Ostanek | Andrzej Wojtarowicz | Piotr Szamlewski | Ida Hegedus | Krzysztof Filipiak | Maciej Lewandowski | Robert Kaliszczak | Beata Butkiewicz | Elżbieta Załuga
Multipurpose soft contact lens care in Japan

Author(s): Toshida H | Kadota Y | Suto C | Ohta T | Murakami A
Inpatient psychosomatic treatment of anxiety disorders: Comorbidities, predictors, and outcomes

Author(s): Manfred E. Beutel | Franz Bleichner | Friedrich von Heymann | Karin Tritt | Jochen Hardt
A Novel Architecture of I2C Slave using One-Hot Encoding Technique

Author(s): Devashree Mahato | Sulipta Das | Durga Prasad Dash
Epidemiology of Mental Disorders in High-School Students in Rafsanjan

Author(s): S. M. Hosseinifard | B. Birashk | M. K. Atefvahid
Causal Model in Emotional Intelligence, Schizotypy and Psychopathology

Author(s): Mansour Bayrami | Abbas Bakhshipour Roodsari | Fateme Hadavandkhani
The Role of Demographic and Psychological Variables in Predicting Violence in Victims of Spouse Abuse in Tehran

Author(s): Mohammad kazem Atef Vahid | Shahrbanoo Ghahari | Elham Zareidoost | Jafar Bolhari | Eisa Karimi-kismi
Retention rates and potential predictors in a longitudinal randomized control trial to prevent postpartum depression

Author(s): Ma. Asunción Lara | Claudia Navarro | Laura Navarrete | Huynh-Nhu Le
Investigation of psychiatric symptoms in nurses working in a hospital

Author(s): Gönül Özgür | Aysun Babacan Gümüş | Şifa Gürdağ
Development of IEC61850 Based Substation Engineering Tools with IEC61850 Schema Library

Author(s): Yong Hak Kim | Jeon Yeol Han | You Jin Lee | Yong Ho An | In Jun Song
Investigation of Electrical Transport in PECVD Grown a-SiCx:H Thin Film

Author(s): Orhan Özdemir | Kutsal Bozkurt | Kubilay Kutlu
Medical students and mental health by SCL-90-R

Author(s): Marzieh Nojomi | Banafsheh Gharayee
Psychological health and expectations of patients seeking cosmetic rhinoplasty

Author(s): Azizeh Afkham-Ebrahimi | Mansour Salehi | MirFarhad Ghalebandi | Alireza Kafian-Tafty
Group medical visits in the follow-up of women with a BRCA mutation: design of a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Visser Annemiek | Prins Judith | Hoogerbrugge Nicoline | van Laarhoven Hanneke
Psychopathological features of irritable bowel syndrome patients with and without functional dyspepsia: a cross sectional study

Author(s): Piacentino Daria | Cantarini Rosanna | Alfonsi Marianna | Badiali Danilo | Pallotta Nadia | Biondi Massimo | Corazziari Enrico
Psychological distress of patients suffering from restless legs syndrome: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Scholz Hanna | Benes Heike | Happe Svenja | Bengel Juergen | Kohnen Ralf | Hornyak Magdolna
Screening of prognostic factors using multiplex RT-PCR technique on different leukemic cell lines

Author(s): Ahani R | Derakhshandeh Peykar P | Raoofian R | Heidari M
Study of psychiatric disorders among fertile and infertile women and some predisposing factors

Author(s): Ahmad Ali Noorbala | Fatemeh Ramezanzadeh | Nasrin Abedinia | Seyyed Abbas Bagheri Yazdi | Mina Jafarabadi
The Effect of Counseling on Premenstrual Syndrome Related Symptoms

Author(s): Z Taghizadeh | M Shirmohammadi | M Mirmohammadali | M Arbabi | H Haghani
Prevalence Rates of Obsessive-Compulsive Symptoms and Psychiatric Comorbidity Among Adolescents in Iran

Author(s): Giti Shams | Elham Foroughi | Yaghoob Esmaili | Homayoon Amini | Narges Ebrahimkhani
The Effects of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Program in Iranian HIV/AIDS Patients: A Pilot Study

Author(s): Sara Jam | Amir Hossein Imani | Maryam Foroughi | SeyedAhmad SeyedAlinaghi | Hamid Emadi Koochak | Minoo Mohraz
Being a Wife of a Veteran with Psychiatric Problem or Chemical Warfare Exposure: A Preliminary Report from Iran

Author(s): S. Hossein Salimi | Esfandiar Azad-Marzabadi | Reza Karaminia | S. Mahmoud Mirzamani | S. Ali Hosseini-Sangtrashani
Premenstrual Syndrome and Psychiatric Co-morbidities.

Author(s): Maryam Shirmohammadi | Mohammad Arbabi | Ziba Taghizadeh | Hamid Haghanni
Psychological Dimensions in Patients admitted in Imam Khomeini General Hospital in Tehran

Author(s): Ahmad Ali Noorbala | Mohammad Arbabi | Ali Reza Shalbafan
Effect of Cognitive Processing Therapy and Holographic Reprocessing on Reduction of Posttraumatic Cognitions in Students Exposed to Trauma

Author(s): Sajjad Basharpoor | Mohamad Narimani | Hossien Gamari-give | Abas Abolgasemi | Parviz molavi
Autoantibodies in Patients with Fasciolosis

Author(s): S Kaya | M Demirci | E Sesli Çetin | B Cicioğlu Aridoğan | M Şahin | M Korkmaz
Autoantibody Profile in Systemic Sclerosis

Author(s): Fatemeh Behmanesh | Reza Amin | Mohammad Khajedaluee | Marvin J Fritzler
The Effectiveness of a Group Counseling Program on the Mental Health of Parents of Hearing Impaired Children

Author(s): Dr. Mahshid Foroughan | Gita Movallali | Madjid Salimi | Saeed Asad-Malayeri
Substanzabhängigkeit und Aggressivität

Author(s): Schläfke D | Kupke F | Dette C

Author(s): Merete Anderssen | Marit Westergaard
Do methadone and buprenorphine have the same impact on psychopathological symptoms of heroin addicts?

Author(s): Maremmani Angelo | Rovai Luca | Pani Pier | Pacini Matteo | Lamanna Francesco | Rugani Fabio | Schiavi Elisa | Dell'Osso Liliana | Maremmani Icro
Defensive coping and health-related quality of life in chronic kidney disease: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Kaltsouda Anna | Skapinakis Petros | Damigos Dimitrios | Ikonomou Margarita | Kalaitzidis Rigas | Mavreas Venetsanos | Siamopoulos Kostas
Radioelectric brain stimulation in the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder with comorbid major depression in a psychiatric hospital: a pilot study

Author(s): Olivieri E | Vecchiato C | Ignaccolo N | Mannu P | Castagna A | Aravagli L | Fontani V | Rinaldi S.
Double Disaster: Mental Health Of Survivors of Wildfires and Earthquake in a Part of Greece

Author(s): Vicky Papanikolaou | Dimitrios Adamis | Robert C. Mellon | Gerasimos Prodromitis | John Kyriopoulos
Early Maladaptive Schemas and Schema Domains in Rapists

Author(s): Elahe Haghighat Manesh | Hamid Reza Agha Mohammadian Shaer Baf | Bahram Ali Ghanbari Hashem Abadi | Behrooz Mahram
The Prevalence of Behavioral and Mental Disorders among the Youth of Markazi Province

Author(s): Hamid Reza Jamilian | Jalil Fathabadi | Mohammad Reza Khansari
Source Couple Logic (SCL): Theory and Physical Design

Author(s): Mohamed Azaga | Masuri Othman
Correlation between psychological factors and the cerebellar volume of normal young adults

Author(s): Chung Soon-Cheol | Choi Mi-Hyun | Lee Su-Jeong | Choi Jin-Seung | Lee Beob-Yi | Moon Seok-Woo | Kim Hyun-Jun | Lee Bongsoo | Kim Hee-Tae | Tack Gye-Rae
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