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Java ME Clients for XML Web Services

Author(s): Paul POCATILU
A Hybrid Agent-based Classification Mechanism to Detect Denial of Service Attacks

Author(s): Cristian Iván Pinzón | Juan F. De Paz | Sara Rodríguez | Javier Bajo | Juan M. Corchado
Web Service Based Software Implemented Fault Injection

Author(s): Mohammod Shamim Hossain
eHealth: Towards a Healthcare Service-Oriented Boundary-Less Infrastructure

Author(s): Mircea RUSU | Gavril SAPLACAN | Gheorghe SEBESTYEN | Nicolae TODOR | Lorand KRUCZ | Cristian LELUTIU
PCI-SS: MISO dynamic nonlinear protein secondary structure prediction

Author(s): Green James | Korenberg Michael | Aboul-Magd Mohammed

Author(s): Félix Oscar Fernández Peña* , Steve Willmott**, Alejandro Rosete Suárez*
XMPP for cloud computing in bioinformatics supporting discovery and invocation of asynchronous web services

Author(s): Wagener Johannes | Spjuth Ola | Willighagen Egon | Wikberg Jarl
An Efficient WS-QoS Broker Based Architecture for Web Services Selection

Author(s): T.Rajendran | P.Balasubramanie | Resmi Cherian
Pattern Analysis and Signature Extraction for Intrusion Attacks on Web Services

Author(s): Urjita Thakar | Nirmal Dagdee | Sudarshan Varma
An Efficient Web Service Discovery Architecture

Author(s): Shrabani Mallick | D. S Kushwaha
A Solutions for Authentication of Web Service Users

Author(s): Seifedine Kadry | Khaled Smaili
Policy-driven and Content-based Web Services Security Gateway

Author(s): Zein Radwan | Camille Gaspard | Ayman Kayssi | Ali Chehab
Algorithm for Web Service Composition using Multi-Agents

Author(s): G. Vadivelou | E. IIavarasan | S. Prasanna
Problems with the Web Map Service Open GIS specification

Author(s): Jan Růžička | Michal Šeliga
maxdLoad2 and maxdBrowse: standards-compliant tools for microarray experimental annotation, data management and dissemination

Author(s): Hancock David | Wilson Michael | Velarde Giles | Morrison Norman | Hayes Andrew | Hulme Helen | Wood A Joseph | Nashar Karim | Kell Douglas | Brass Andy
The Ontology Lookup Service, a lightweight cross-platform tool for controlled vocabulary queries

Author(s): Côté Richard | Jones Philip | Apweiler Rolf | Hermjakob Henning
The Protein Identifier Cross-Referencing (PICR) service: reconciling protein identifiers across multiple source databases

Author(s): Côté Richard | Jones Philip | Martens Lennart | Kerrien Samuel | Reisinger Florian | Lin Quan | Leinonen Rasko | Apweiler Rolf | Hermjakob Henning
Research of Web Service Security Model Based on SOAP Information

Author(s): Shujun Pei | Deyun Chen | Yuyuan Chu | Qingfeng Xu | Shi Xi
Designing Application Framework using WSDL

Author(s): G M Tere | B T Jadhav
MAPI: towards the integrated exploitation of bioinformatics Web Services

Author(s): Ramirez Sergio | Karlsson Johan | Trelles Oswaldo
A Mediator-Based Approach for Process Mediation of Web Services

Author(s): Liyi Zhang | Si Zhou | Zhefeng Sun
The improvement of the semantic classification tool to a SOA to ensure a better tutoring

Author(s): Saadia Lgarch | Mohammed Khalidi Idrissi | Samir Bennani
KBWS: an EMBOSS associated package for accessing bioinformatics web services

Author(s): Oshita Kazuki | Arakawa Kazuharu | Tomita Masaru
Web Service Generation through Program Slicing

Author(s): Yingzhou Zhang | Wei Fu | Geng Yang | Lei Chen | Weifeng Zhang

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