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A survey of the domiciliary situation of urban and rural patients of a palliative care unit in south India

Author(s): Kandasamy Ramu | George Reena | Egbert Neha | Jeba Jenifer
MTHFR Gene variants C677T, A1298C and association with Down syndrome: A case-control study from South India

Author(s): Cyril Cyrus | Rai Padmalatha | Chandra N | Gopinath P | Satyamoorthy K
HIV Sero Prevalence Among Pregnant Women Residing Selected Slums Of Delhi

Author(s): Kant S | Patel M.S | Seth P | Booth B | Martin K
Haplotype diversity and linkage disequilibrium at the DRD2 locus among the tribes of western and southern regions of India

Author(s): Aggarwal Aastha | Gauniyal Mansi | Pattanayak Ipsa | Kshatriya Gautam
Quality of life after community-based rehabilitation for blind persons in a rural population of South India.

Author(s): Vijayakumar V | John Rajesh | Datta D | Thulasiraj Ravilla | Nirmalan Praveen
Sexual decision-making of immigrant East Indians: Risky or not?

Author(s): Neeti V Doshi | Nicole A Yoskowitz | Kelley D Urry
Evidence for lower CD4+ T cell and higher viral load in asymptomatic HIV-1 infected individuals of India: Implications for therapy initiation

Author(s): Kannangai R | Kandathil A | Ebenezer D | Nithyanandam G | Samuel P | Abraham O | Sudarsanam T | Pulimood S | Sridharan G
The Burden of Enteric Fever

Author(s): Atul Kothari, Amit Pruthi, Tulsi D. Chugh
Relationship between consanguinity and depression in a south Indian population

Author(s): Sathyanarayana Rao T | Prabhakar A | Jagannatha Rao K | Sambamurthy K | Asha M | Ram Dushad | Nanda Ananya
Caries prevalence and treatment needs of rural school children in Chidambaram Taluk, Tamil Nadu, South India

Author(s): Saravanan S | Kalyani V | Vijayarani M | Jayakodi P | Felix JWA | Arunmozhi P | Krishnan V | Sampath Kumar P
Free gingival graft in the treatment of class III gingival recession

Author(s): Remya V | Kishore Kumar K | Sudharsan Sabitha | Arun K
Rapid urbanization - Its impact on mental health: A South Asian perspective

Author(s): Trivedi Jitendra | Sareen Himanshu | Dhyani Mohan
Genetic variation in South Indian castes: evidence from Y-chromosome, mitochondrial, and autosomal polymorphisms

Author(s): Watkins WS | Thara R | Mowry BJ | Zhang Y | Witherspoon DJ | Tolpinrud W | Bamshad MJ | Tirupati S | Padmavati R | Smith H | Nancarrow D | Filippich C | Jorde LB
Safety and efficacy of Intacs in Indian eyes with keratoconus: An initial report

Author(s): Shetty Rohit | Narayana Kannan | Mathew Kurian | Anand D | Mhaske Prerna | Shetty Bhujang
A principal components approach to parent-to-newborn body composition associations in South India

Author(s): Veena Sargoor | Krishnaveni Ghattu | Wills Andrew | Hill Jacqueline | Fall Caroline
Perinatal outcomes in a South Asian setting with high rates of low birth weight

Author(s): George Kuryan | Prasad Jasmin | Singh Daisy | Minz Shanthidani | Albert David | Muliyil Jayaprakash | Joseph K | Jayaraman Jyothi | Kramer Michael
Analysis of the association between interleukin -1β (+3954) gene polymorphism and chronic periodontitis in a sample of the south Indian population

Author(s): Kaarthikeyan Gurumoorthy | Jayakumar Nadathur | Padmalatha Ogoti | Sheeja Varghese | Sankari Malaippan | Anandan Balakrisnan
Evolution of Hepatitis B Genotype D in the Middle East and South Asia

Author(s): Seyed Mohammad Jazayeri | William F.Carman
Determinants of glaucoma awareness and knowledge in urban Chennai

Author(s): Sathyamangalam Ramesh | Paul Pradeep | George Ronnie | Baskaran Mani | Hemamalini Arvind | Madan Raj | Augustian J | Prema Raju | Lingam Vijaya
Chronic growth faltering amongst a birth cohort of Indian children begins prior to weaning and is highly prevalent at three years of age

Author(s): Rehman Andrea | Gladstone Beryl | Verghese Valsan | Muliyil Jayaprakash | Jaffar Shabbar | Kang Gagandeep
Utility of QuantiFERON TB gold test in a south Indian patient population of ocular inflammation

Author(s): Babu Kalpana | Satish Vidya | Satish S | SubbaKrishna D | Abraham Mariamma | Murthy Krishna
Management of chronic allograft dysfunction by switch over to rapamycin

Author(s): Sundaram Varun | Abraham Georgi | Fathima Nusrath | Sundaram Vivek | Reddy Yogesh | Mathew Milly | Sathiah Vijaiaboobbathi
CTLA-4 A49G gene polymorphism is not associated with vitiligo in South Indian population

Author(s): Deeba Farha | Syed Rabbani | Quareen Jariya | Waheed M | Jamil Kaiser | Rao Hanmanth
Outcomes of cataract surgery in a rural and urban south Indian population

Author(s): Vijaya Lingam | George Ronnie | Rashima A | Raju Prema | Arvind Hemamalini | Baskaran Mani | Ve Ramesh
The Chennai glaucoma study: Prevalence and risk factors for glaucoma in cataract operated eyes in urban Chennai

Author(s): George Ronnie | Arvind Hemamalini | Baskaran M | Ramesh S | Raju Prema | Vijaya Lingam
Paniya Voices: A Participatory Poverty and Health Assessment among a marginalized South Indian tribal population

Author(s): Mohindra KS | Narayana D | Harikrishnadas CK | Anushreedha SS | Haddad Slim
FEV 6 as screening tool in spirometric diagnosis of obstructive airway disease

Author(s): Malolan P | Acharya Vishak | Unnikrishnan B
Geospatial analysis of HIV-Related social stigma: A study of tested females across mandals of Andhra Pradesh in India

Author(s): Kandwal Rashmi | Augustijn Ellen-Wien | Stein Alfred | Miscione Gianluca | Garg Pradeep | Garg Rahul

Author(s): K. Kousalya | S. Thirumurugu | D. C. Arumainayagam | R. Manavalan | Vasantha.J | C. Uma Maheswara Reddy
Incidence of morphological variants of mandibular lingula.

Author(s): Devi R | Arna N | Manjunath K | Balasubramanyam
Cytomorphometric analysis of the buccal mucosa of tobacco users.

Author(s): Einstein T | Sivapathasundharam B
Cutaneous Manifestations Of Neurofibromatosis Type 1 In South India

Author(s): Jeevankumar B | Mohan Thappa Devinder | Narasimhan R | Sahai Ajit
Gly460Trp polymorphism of the ADD1 gene and essential hypertension in an Indian population: A meta-analysis on hypertension risk

Author(s): Ramu P | Umamaheswaran G | Shewade D | Swaminathan R | Balachander J | Adithan C
Frequency of β-thalassemia trait and other hemoglobinopathies in northern and western India

Author(s): Madan Nishi | Sharma Satendra | Sood S | Colah Roshan | Bhatia H
Screening for depression in elderly Indian population

Author(s): Barua Ankur | Kar Nilamadhab

Author(s): X. William Proenza | George A. Maul
Antiganglioside Antibodies in Sub Types of Guillain-Barre Syndrome in an Indian Population

Author(s): A.K. Meena | A.D. Archana | G.C. Reddy | D. Ramakrishna | Pragna Rao
Tobacco Use and Cardiovascular Disease among American Indians: The Strong Heart Study

Author(s): June E. Eichner | Wenyu Wang | Ying Zhang | Elisa T. Lee | Thomas K. Welty
Indian psychiatry, research and Asian countries

Author(s): Trivedi J | Gupta Pawan | Saha Rahul

Author(s): Bharath M. Josiam | Sadiq M. Sohail | Prema A. Monteiro
Variable Origin of the Superior Laryngeal Artery and Its Clinical Significance

Author(s): Soubhagya R. Nayak1*, Ashwin Krishnamurthy2, Latha V. Prabhu2, Bhagath Kumar Potu3, Ishwar B. Bagoji4, Jiji PJ2 and Ganesh Kumar Chettiar2
Prevalence and risk factors for refractive errors in the South Indian adult population: The Andhra Pradesh Eye disease study

Author(s): Sannapaneni Krishnaiah | Marmamula Srinivas | Rohit C Khanna | Gullapalli N Rao

Author(s): B.V. Murlimanju | Narga Nair | Shakuntala Pai | Mangala Pai | Chethan P | Chandni Gupta
Variation and Clinical Significance of Extensor Pollicis Brevis: A Study in South Indian Cadavers

Author(s): Soubhagya R. Nayak | Muktyaz Hussein | Ashwin Krishnamurthy | Dil Islam Mansur | Latha V. Prabhu | Prima D’Souza | Bhagath K. Potu | Ganesh K. Chettiar
Epidemiology of hip fracture: Worldwide geographic variation

Author(s): Dhanwal Dinesh | Dennison Elaine | Harvey Nick | Cooper Cyrus
Incidence of cleft Lip and palate in the state of Andhra Pradesh, South India

Author(s): Reddy Srinivas | Reddy Rajgopal | Bronkhorst Ewald | Prasad Rajendra | Ettema Anke | Sailer Hermann | Bergé Stefaan
Association analysis of nine candidate gene polymorphisms in Indian patients with type 2 diabetic retinopathy

Author(s): Balasubbu Suganthalakshmi | Sundaresan Periasamy | Rajendran Anand | Ramasamy Kim | Govindarajan Gowthaman | Perumalsamy Namperumalsamy | Hejtmancik J Fielding

Author(s): Sonia Grubits | Martha Olivia Peña Ramos | José Ángel Vera Noriega | María Enriqueta Lunes Pérez | Gerardo Jesús Pérez Gómez
Socio-demographic factors of geriatric depression

Author(s): Barua Ankur | Ghosh M | Kar N | Basilio M
Sankara Nethralaya Diabetic Retinopathy Epidemiology and Molecular Genetic Study (SN--DREAMS III): Study design and research methodology

Author(s): Saumya Pal Swakshyar | Raman Rajiv | Ganesan Suganeswari | Sahu Chinmaya | Sharma Tarun
Recruitment of ethnic minority patients to a cardiac rehabilitation trial: The Birmingham Rehabilitation Uptake Maximisation (BRUM) study [ISRCTN72884263]

Author(s): Jolly Kate | Lip Gregory | Taylor Rod | Mant Jonathan | Lane Deirdre | Lee Kaeng | Stevens Andrew
Perceptions of Eye Diseases and Eye Care Needs of Children among Parents in Rural South India: The Kariapatti Pediatric Eye Evaluation Project (KEEP)

Author(s): Nirmalan Praveen | Sheeladevi Sethu | Tamilselvi Velayutham | Victor Arockia | Vijayalakshmi Perumalsamy | Rahmathullah Lakshmi
Use of traditional eye medicines by corneal ulcer patients presenting to a hospital in South India

Author(s): Prajna Venkatesh | Pillai Manju | Manimegalai T | Srinivasan M
Planimetric optic disc parameters in normal eyes: a population-based study in South India

Author(s): Sekhar G | Prasad Kalyani | Dandona Rakhi | John Rajesh | Dandona Lalit
Utilisation of community-based rehabilitation services for incurably blind persons in a rural population of southern India

Author(s): Vijayakumar Valaguru | Datta Dipankar | Karthika Arumugam | Thulasiraj Ravilla | Nirmalan Praveen
A pilot study on awareness of diabetic retinopathy among non-medical persons in South India. The challenge for eye care programmes in the region.

Author(s): Namperumalsamy Perumalsamy | Kim Ramasamy | Kaliaperumal Kumarasamy | Sekar Alagarsamy | Karthika Arumugam | Nirmalan Praveen
Prevalence of primary glaucoma in an urban South Indian population

Author(s): Jacob Aby | Thomas Ravi | Koshi Shaji | Braganza Andrew | Muliyil Jayaprakash
Axillary Arch (Of Langer): Incidence, Innervation, Importance

Author(s): Mangala M Pai | Rajanigandha | Latha V Prabhu | Prakash Shetty | Narayana K
In situ origin of deep rooting lineages of mitochondrial Macrohaplogroup 'M' in India

Author(s): Thangaraj Kumarasamy | Chaubey Gyaneshwer | Singh Vijay | Vanniarajan Ayyasamy | Thanseem Ismail | Reddy Alla | Singh Lalji
Laryngeal sequelae following prolonged intubation: A prospective study

Author(s): Rangachari V | Sundararajan I | Sumathi V | Kumar K
Is the HIV burden in India being overestimated?

Author(s): Dandona Lalit | Lakshmi Vemu | Kumar G Anil | Dandona Rakhi
Role of intrauterine Rubella infection in the causation of congenital deafness

Author(s): Reddy MVV | Bindu Hema | Reddy P | Rani Usha
Ancestral European roots of Helicobacter pylori in India

Author(s): Devi S Manjulata | Ahmed Irshad | Francalacci Paolo | Hussain M Abid | Akhter Yusuf | Alvi Ayesha | Sechi Leonardo | Mégraud Francis | Ahmed Niyaz
Association of dopamine receptor polymorphisms with schizophrenia and antipsychotic response in a South Indian population

Author(s): Vijayan Neetha | Bhaskaran Sujatha | Koshy Linda | Natarajan Chandrasekhar | Srinivas Lekshmy | Nair Chandrasekharan | Allencherry Priya | Banerjee Moinak
Human sex ratio at birth in South West Nigeria

Author(s): Azeez M | Akinboro A | Bakare A
Prevalence of oral lesions in relation to habits : Cross-sectional study in South India.

Author(s): Saraswathi T | Ranganathan K | Shanmugam S | Sowmya R | Narasimhan Prem | Gunaseelan R
Role of ranibizumab in management of macular degeneration

Author(s): Singh Rishi | Kaiser Peter
A study of hepatitis E outbreak in rural area of Western Maharashtra

Author(s): Gurav Y | Kakade S | Kakade R | Kadam Y | Durgawale P
Home leaving trajectories in Canada: exploring cultural and gendered dimensions

Author(s): Wister, Andrew V. | Mitchell, Barbara A. | Gee, Ellen M.
Polymorphisms of TNF-enhancer and gene for FcγRIIa correlate with the severity of falciparum malaria in the ethnically diverse Indian population

Author(s): Sinha Swapnil | Mishra Shrawan | Sharma Shweta | Patibandla Phani | Mallick Prashant | Sharma Surya | Mohanty Sanjib | Pati Sudhanshu | Mishra Saroj | Ramteke Bheshaj | Bhatt RM | Joshi Hema | Dash Aditya | Ahuja Ramesh | Awasthi Shally | Venkatesh Vimala | Habib Saman
Comparison of refractive errors and factors associated with spectacle use in a rural and urban South Indian population

Author(s): Prema Raju | George Ronnie | Sathyamangalam Ve Ramesh | Hemamalini Arvind | Baskaran Mani | Kumaramanickavel Govindaswamy | Catherine McCarty | Vijaya Lingam
Declining semen quality among south Indian infertile men: A retrospective study

Author(s): Adiga S | Jayaraman V | Kalthur G | Upadhya D | Kumar P
Familial Background of Complex Diseases in PCOS Probands of South Indian Population

Author(s): M.L.N. Deepika | K. Ranjith | V. Usha Rani | M. Ishaq | P. Jahan
Morphometry of Glenoid Cavity

Author(s): Mamatha T | Shakuntala R. Pai | Murlimanju BV | Sneha G. Kalthur | Mangala M. Pai | Brijesh Kumar
Molecular surveillance of dengue virus in Bahia State, Brazil

Author(s): Isolina A. Ciuffo | Juliana Braga Nunes | Antônio Tenório | Mitermayer G. Reis | Ronald E. Blanton | Cistina Domingo | Paulo R. S. Melo | Stênio Carvalho Santos | Luis Jesuino Andrade | Bruno Antônio Cerqueira
Morphological Analysis of the Human Internal Iliac Artery in South Indian Population

Author(s): Naveen NS | Murlimanju BV | Vishal Kumar | Jayanthi KS | Krishna Rao | Thejodhar Pulakunta
In search of the genetic footprints of Sumerians: a survey of Y-chromosome and mtDNA variation in the Marsh Arabs of Iraq

Author(s): Al-Zahery Nadia | Pala Maria | Battaglia Vincenza | Grugni Viola | Hamod Mohammed | Kashani Baharak | Olivieri Anna | Torroni Antonio | Santachiara-Benerecetti Augusta | Semino Ornella

Author(s): Shobha Pai | Sheila R Pai | A. Ashwin. | Nayanatara K. A. | Rekha D Kini
Morphometry Of Jugular Foramen Of Dry Adult Human Skulls Of South India.

Author(s): Ketu Chauhan | Rekha Lalwani | Gulzari Lal Nigam | Ashwin Krishnamurthy
Morphometry and Morphology of Hamate Hook and its Clinical Implications

Author(s): Brijesh KUMAR | Bukkambudhi V. MURLIMANJU | Arvind K. PANDEY | Sushma R. KOTIAN
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