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Composition analysis of liquid particles in the Arctic stratosphere

Author(s): C. Weisser | K. Mauersberger | J. Schreiner | N. Larsen | F. Cairo | A. Adriani | J. Ovarlez | T. Deshler

Author(s): Dwi Anita Suryandari | Nukman Moeloek | Mila Citrawati | Puji Sari | Yurnadi
Soft tissue sarcoma of the thigh: Need for angiography in the developing countries

Author(s): Adigun Ismaila | Rahman Ganiyu | Ogundipe Kolawole
Simulation of polar stratospheric clouds in the chemistry-climate-model EMAC via the submodel PSC

Author(s): O. Kirner | R. Ruhnke | J. Buchholz-Dietsch | P. Jöckel | C. Brühl | B. Steil
A Modified Modulation Recognition Method against Doppler Effects

Author(s): Yaqin Zhao | Song Chen | Hang Yu | Zhenguo Shi
Construct development: The Suicide Trigger Scale (STS-2), a measure of a hypothesized suicide trigger state

Author(s): Yaseen Zimri | Katz Curren | Johnson Matthew | Eisenberg Daniel | Cohen Lisa | Galynker Igor

Author(s): Claudia Facini dos Reis | Marcio Antonio Vilas Boas | Erivelto Mercante | Eliane Hermes | Marcelo Reisdorfer
A first generation bovine BAC-based physical map

Author(s): Schibler Laurent | Roig Anne | Mahé Marie-Françoise | Save Jean-Claude | Gautier Mathieu | Taourit Sead | Boichard Didier | Eggen André | Cribiu Edmond
Giant cell tumor of soft tissue: Cytological diagnosis of a case

Author(s): Asotra Sarita | Sharma Sudershan
Face perception in its neurobiological and social context

Author(s): Wânia C. de Souza, Maria Ângela G. Feitosa, Satoshi Eifuku, Ryoi Tamura and Taketoshi Ono
Satellite traces, range spread-F occurrence, and gravity wave propagation at the southern anomaly crest

Author(s): M. A. Cabrera | M. Pezzopane | E. Zuccheretti | R. G. Ezquer
3-D Finite Element Modelling of Water Jet Spot Welding

Author(s): M. Chizari | S.T.S. Al Hassani | L.M. Barrett | B. Wang
Change in student beliefs about attitudes toward science in grades 6-9

Author(s): Hakan AKCAY | Robert E. YAGER | Srini M. ISKANDER | Halil TURGUT

Author(s): NUNES, Albino Oliveira | SANTOS, Anne Gabriella Dias | ANJOS JÚNIOR, Romildo Henrique dos | BARBOZA, Marcelo Loer Bellini Monjardim
Il DataBase per AMS a un anno dal volo dello Space Shuttle STS-91

Author(s): Matteo Boschini | Laura Trombetta
Dual vulnerability of tau to calpains and caspase-3 proteolysis under neurotoxic and neurodegenerative conditions

Author(s): Ming Cheng Liu | Firas Kobeissy | Wenrong Zheng | Zhiqun Zhang | Ronald L Hayes | Kevin KW Wang
Physics training teachers: physics teaching, STS approach and controversial issues

Author(s): Luciano Fernandes Silva | Luiz Marcelo de Carvalho
Hospital-associated methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (HA-MRSA) in Italy

Author(s): Campanile Floriana | Bongiorno Dafne | Borbone Sonia | Stefani Stefania
Global optimal eBURST analysis of multilocus typing data using a graphic matroid approach

Author(s): Francisco Alexandre | Bugalho Miguel | Ramirez Mário | Carriço João
The Use of Positron Emission Tomography in Soft Tissue Sarcoma Patients under Therapy with Trabectedin

Author(s): Bernd Kasper | Thomas Schmitt | Patrick Wuchter | Antonia Dimitrakopoulou-Strauss | Anthony D. Ho | Gerlinde Egerer
Nitrous oxide distribution and its origin in the central and eastern South Pacific Subtropical Gyre

Author(s): J. Charpentier | L. Farias | N. Yoshida | N. Boontanon | P. Raimbault
Association of virulence plasmid and antibiotic resistance determinants with chromosomal multilocus genotypes in Mexican Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium strains

Author(s): Wiesner Magdalena | Zaidi Mussaret | Calva Edmundo | Fernández-Mora Marcos | Calva Juan | Silva Claudia
Extraintestinal pathogenic Escherichia coli O1:K1:H7/NM from human and avian origin: detection of clonal groups B2 ST95 and D ST59 with different host distribution

Author(s): Mora Azucena | López Cecilia | Dabhi Ghizlane | Blanco Miguel | Blanco Jesús | Alonso María | Herrera Alexandra | Mamani Rosalía | Bonacorsi Stéphane | Moulin-Schouleur Maryvonne | Blanco Jorge
A BAC-based physical map of the Hessian fly genome anchored to polytene chromosomes

Author(s): Aggarwal Rajat | Benatti Thiago | Gill Navdeep | Zhao Chaoyang | Chen Ming-Shun | Fellers John | Schemerhorn Brandon | Stuart Jeff
A Phase 1 Trial of pharmacologic interactions between transdermal selegiline and a 4-hour cocaine infusion

Author(s): Harris Debra | Everhart Thomas | Jacob Peyton | Lin Emil | Mendelson John | Jones Reese
Simulation of polar stratospheric clouds in the chemistry-climate-model EMAC via the submodel PSC

Author(s): O. Kirner | R. Ruhnke | J. Buchholz-Dietsch | P. Jöckel | C. Brühl | B. Steil
Multilocus sequence typing of Cronobacter sakazakii and Cronobacter malonaticus reveals stable clonal structures with clinical significance which do not correlate with biotypes

Author(s): Baldwin Adam | Loughlin Michael | Caubilla-Barron Juncal | Kucerova Eva | Manning Georgina | Dowson Christopher | Forsythe Stephen
Dose optimization of intra-operative high dose rate interstitial brachytherapy implants for soft tissue sarcoma

Author(s): Jamema Swamidas | Sharma Pramod | Sharma Dayananda | Laskar Siddhartha | Deshpande Deepak | Shrivastava Shyam
Elevated tumor and serum levels of the hypoxia-associated protein osteopontin are associated with prognosis for soft tissue sarcoma patients

Author(s): Bache Matthias | Kappler Matthias | Wichmann Henri | Rot Swetlana | Hahnel Antje | Greither Thomas | Said Harun | Kotzsch Matthias | Würl Peter | Taubert Helge | Vordermark Dirk
An efficient method for developing SNP markers based on EST data combined with high resolution melting (HRM) analysis

Author(s): Ujino-Ihara Tokuko | Taguchi Yuriko | Moriguchi Yoshinari | Tsumura Yoshihiko
Paniya Voices: A Participatory Poverty and Health Assessment among a marginalized South Indian tribal population

Author(s): Mohindra KS | Narayana D | Harikrishnadas CK | Anushreedha SS | Haddad Slim
The epidemiologic study on hearing standard threshold shift using audiometric data and noise level among workers of Isfehan metal industry

Author(s): Syamak Pourabdiyan | Mohsen Ghotbi | Hossein Ali Yousefi | Ehsanallah Habibi | Mohsen Zare
Prediction Equation for Calculating Fat Mass in Young Indian Adults

Author(s): Jaspal Singh Sandhu | Giniya Gupta | Shweta Shenoy
Prevalence of somatisation and psychologisation among patients visiting primary health care centres in the State of Qatar

Author(s): Abdulbari Bener | Suhaila Ghuloum | Ahmed A.K. Al-Mulla | Saleh Al-Marri | Mohammed S. Hashim | Isam-Eldin A. Elbagi
Molecular characterization of Staphylococcus aureus isolates causing skin and soft tissue infections (SSTIs)

Author(s): Yao Dan | Yu Fang-you | Qin Zhi-qiang | Chen Chun | He Su-su | Chen Zeng-qiang | Zhang Xue-qing | Wang Liang-xing
Bacterial Heat-Stable Enterotoxins: Translation of Pathogenic Peptides into Novel Targeted Diagnostics and Therapeutics

Author(s): Jieru E. Lin | Michael Valentino | Glen Marszalowicz | Michael S. Magee | Peng Li | Adam E. Snook | Brian A. Stoecker | Chang Chang | Scott A. Waldman
Multilocus sequence types of Finnish bovine Campylobacter jejuni isolates and their attribution to human infections

Author(s): de Haan Caroline | Kivistö Rauni | Hakkinen Marjaana | Corander Jukka | Hänninen Marja-Liisa
Effect of Various Chemicals on Vase Life and Quality of Cut Tuberose Flowers

Author(s): Allah Bakhsh | Muhammad Arif Khan | C.M. Ayyub | Mubarak Ali Shah | M. Afzal
Variation and Transgressive Segregation in the Backcross Generations of Long Bean

Author(s): M. A. Rahman | M. S. Saad | O. Azizah | G. B. Saleh
Sciences education for connecting science, technology and the society

Author(s): Korolija Jasminka | Stanišić Jelena
Trabectedin for Metastatic Soft Tissue Sarcoma: A Retrospective Single Center Analysis

Author(s): Thomas Schmitt | Eva Keller | Sascha Dietrich | Patrick Wuchter | Anthony D. Ho | Gerlinde Egerer
The 2009–2010 Arctic polar stratospheric cloud season: a CALIPSO perspective

Author(s): M. C. Pitts | L. R. Poole | A. Dörnbrack | L. W. Thomason
Integrative mapping analysis of chicken microchromosome 16 organization

Author(s): Solinhac Romain | Leroux Sophie | Galkina Svetlana | Chazara Olympe | Feve Katia | Vignoles Florence | Morisson Mireille | Derjusheva Svetlana | Bed'hom Bertrand | Vignal Alain | Fillon Valérie | Pitel Frédérique
Assessment of Hearing Standard Threshold Shift based on Audiometric Findings in Steel Company Workers

Author(s): MS Attarchi | Z Sadeghi | F Dehghan | MM Sohrabi | S Mohammadi
Occurrence of potentially toxigenic mould species in fresh salads of different kinds of ready-for-use vegetables

Author(s): Kocić-Tanackov Sunčica D. | Dimić Gordana R. | Lević Jelena T. | Pejin Dušanka J. | Pejin Jelena D. | Jajić Igor M.
Analysis of Escherichia coli O157 clinical isolates by multilocus sequence typing

Author(s): Rajkhowa Swaraj | Scaria Joy | Garcia Daniel | Musser Kimberlee | Akey Bruce | Chang Yung-Fu
Subsidy of a transforming pedagogical practice: contribution of STS view

Author(s): Marcia Regina Carletto | Nilcéia Aparecida Maciel Pinheiro
The 2009–2010 Arctic polar stratospheric cloud season: a CALIPSO perspective

Author(s): M. C. Pitts | L. R. Poole | A. Dörnbrack | L. W. Thomason
Indirect selection of Cre1 gene in winter wheat populations

Author(s): Çalişkan M. | Uranbey S. | Nicol J. | Akar T. | Elekçioğlu H. | Kaya G.
Soil pro pert ies in sessile oak fore sts (Quercetum montanum typicum Čer. et Jov. 1953) in the are a of Fruška Gora

Author(s): Knežević Milan | Babić Violeta | Galić Zoran | Košanin Olivera
Do tropospheric clouds influence Polar Stratospheric cloud occurrence in the Arctic?

Author(s): P. Achtert | M. Karlsson Andersson | F. Khosrawi | J. Gumbel
Design Optimization of Deflection Caused After Release of Multilayer Structural Membrane of Symmetric Toggle Switch

Author(s): K. Maninder | Akshdeep Sharma | Deepak Bansal | Dinesh Kumar | S. Singh | K.J. Rangra
A Phase II Study of Docetaxel and Epirubicin in Advanced Adult Soft Tissue Sarcomas (STS)

Author(s): Haralabos P. Kalofonos | Charalabos Kourousis | Michalis V. Karamouzis | Gregoris Iconomou | Ekaterini Tsiata | Fotis Tzorzidis | Panagiotis Megas | Elias Lambiris | Vasilios Georgoulias
Powdery Mildew Resistance Genes in Wheat: Identification and Genetic Analysis

Author(s): Md. Ashraful Alam | Fei Xue | Changyou Wang | Wanquan Ji
Staphylococcus aureus eye infections in two Indian hospitals: emergence of ST772 as a major clone

Author(s): Nadig S | Velusamy N | Lalitha P | Kar S | Sharma S | Arakere G
A contribuição dos ‘olhares CTS’ para a teoria do design

Author(s): Suelen Christine Caviquiolo | Gilson Leandro Queluz
Can Body Mass Index (BMI) be used as a screening tool for Osteoporosis?

Author(s): Bhavnish Bucktowarsing | K.V Acharya
Privacy Negotiation in Socio-Technical Systems

Author(s): Dinesh Verma | Murthy Rallapalli
Privacy Negotiation in Socio-Technical Systems

Author(s): Dinesh Verma | Murthy Rallapalli
Scanning Tunnelling Spectroscopic Studies of Dirac Fermions in Graphene and Topological Insulators

Author(s): Yeh N.-C. | Teague M. L. | Wu R. T.-P. | Chu H. | Boyd D. A. | Bockrath M. W. | He L. | Xiu F.-X. | wang K.-L.
Gonadotropin and Testosterone hormone’s serum levels and partial deletions in the AZFc region in Iranian oligozoospermia infertile males

Author(s): Nasser Salsabili | Reza Mirfakhraei | Maryam Montazeri | Mitra Ataei | Paricheher Yaghmaei | Gholamreza Pourmand
Neoadjuvant chemoradiation compared to neoadjuvant radiation alone and surgery alone for Stage II and III soft tissue sarcoma of the extremities

Author(s): Curtis Kelly | Ashman Jonathan | Beauchamp Christopher | Schwartz Adam | Callister Matthew | Dueck Amylou | Gunderson Leonard | Fitch Tom
ACVR1 mutation and Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva in Chinese children

Author(s): Ho Assunta | Hui Joannie | Chan KH | Liu KL | Ng Bobby | Lo Ivan | Lam STS
On the Capacity of Certain Space-Time Coding Schemes

Author(s): Papadias Constantinos B | Foschini Gerard J
A novel splice variant of the stem cell marker LGR5/GPR49 is correlated with the risk of tumor-related death in soft-tissue sarcoma patients

Author(s): Rot Swetlana | Taubert Helge | Bache Matthias | Greither Thomas | Würl Peter | Eckert Alexander | Schubert Johannes | Vordermark Dirk | Kappler Matthias
Self-Timed Scheduling Analysis for Real-Time Applications

Author(s): Moreira Orlando M | Bekooij Marco JG
Análisis de varistores mediante STM y STS

Author(s): Castro, M. S. | Suárez, M. P. | Aldao, C. M.
Combined mRNA expression levels of members of the urokinase plasminogen activator (uPA) system correlate with disease-associated survival of soft-tissue sarcoma patients

Author(s): Kotzsch Matthias | Magdolen Viktor | Greither Thomas | Kappler Matthias | Bache Matthias | Lautenschläger Christine | Füssel Susanne | Eckert Alexander | Luther Thomas | Baretton Gustavo | Würl Peter | Taubert Helge
Bayesian semi-supervised classification of bacterial samples using MLST databases

Author(s): Cheng Lu | Connor Thomas | Aanensen David | Spratt Brian | Corander Jukka
Antimicrobial Pattern and Clonal Dissemination of Extended-Spectrum Beta-Lactamase Producing Klebsiella Spp Isolates

Author(s): Sobhan Ghafourian | Nourkhoda Sadeghifard | Zamberi bin Sekawi | Vasantha K. Neela | Mariana N. Shamsudin | Reza Mohebi | Mohammad Rahbar | Mohammad Raftari
Ethylene is involved in pistil fate by modulating the onset of ovule senescence and the GA-mediated fruit set in Arabidopsis

Author(s): Carbonell-Bejerano Pablo | Urbez Cristina | Granell Antonio | Carbonell Juan | Perez-Amador Miguel
Fibroblast growth factor 2 orchestrates angiogenic networking in non-GIST STS patients

Author(s): Kilvaer Thomas | Valkov Andrej | Sorbye Sveinung | Smeland Eivind | Bremnes Roy | Busund Lill-Tove | Donnem Tom
'The smoking toolkit study': a national study of smoking and smoking cessation in England

Author(s): Fidler Jennifer | Shahab Lion | West Oliver | Jarvis Martin | McEwen Andy | Stapleton John | Vangeli Eleni | West Robert
A putative nuclear growth factor-like globular nematode specific protein

Author(s): Ranil Samantha Dassanayake | Naduviladath Vishvanath Chandrasekharan | Witharanage Wasana Prasadini Rodrigo | Eric Hamilton Karunanayake | Ovitigala Vithanage Don Sisira Jagathpriya Weerasena
Before planting on the plum behaviour

Author(s): Mihail Iancu
Movimento Ciência, Tecnologia e Sociedade (CTS) sob a perspectiva da mobilização popular

Author(s): Fernando Barcellos Razuck | Renata Cardoso de Sá Ribeiro Razuck
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