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Representation of Attended Versus Remembered Locations in Prefrontal Cortex

Author(s): Lebedev Mikhail A | Messinger Adam | Kralik Jerald D | Wise Steven P
Motor neuronopathy with dropped hands and downbeat nystagmus: A distinctive disorder? A case report

Author(s): Thakore Nimish | Pioro Erik | Rucker Janet | Leigh R John
Interocular yoking in human saccades examined by mutual information analysis

Author(s): Maruyama Masaki | Fenwick Peter | Ioannides Andreas
Inhibition of return, gap effect and saccadic reaction time to a visual target

Author(s): Guimarães-Silva S. | Gawryszewski L.G. | Portugal T.S. | Klausner-de-Oliveira L.
Saccadic movements using eye-tracking technology in individuals with autism spectrum disorders: pilot study

Author(s): Mercadante Marcos T. | Macedo Elizeu C. | Baptista Patrícia M. | Paula Cristiane S. | Schwartzman José S.
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