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Author(s): Mitsutoshi Kurosaka | Hisashi Naito | Yuji Ogura | Atsushi Kojima | Katsumasa Goto | Shizuo Katamoto
Adenovector GAD65 gene delivery into the rat trigeminal ganglion produces orofacial analgesia

Author(s): Vit Jean-Philippe | Ohara Peter | Sundberg Christopher | Rubi Blanca | Maechler Pierre | Liu Chunyan | Puntel Mariana | Lowenstein Pedro | Castro Maria | Jasmin Luc
Thermospheric density structures over the polar regions observed with CHAMP

Author(s): K. Schlegel | H. Lühr | J.-P. St.-Maurice | G. Crowley | C. Hackert
JAK/STAT signaling and human in vitro myogenesis

Author(s): Trenerry Marissa | Gatta Paul | Cameron-Smith David
Skeletal muscle stem cells

Author(s): Chen Jennifer | Goldhamer David
Giant Congenital Nevomelanocytic Nevus with Satellite Lesions, Vitiligo and Lipoma : a Rare Association

Author(s): Gulati Ram | Jain Devendra | Mehrania Kailash | Kuldeep Chitar | Mathur Dinesh
An observational study of the 7 September 2005 Barcelona tornado outbreak

Author(s): J. Bech | R. Pascual | T. Rigo | N. Pineda | J. M. López | J. Arús | M. Gayà
A repetitive probe for FISH analysis of bovine interphase nuclei

Author(s): Slimane Wafa | Vaiman Daniel | Godard Sophie | Vaiman Anne | Cribiu Edmond | Renard Jean-Paul
Maged1, a new regulator of skeletal myogenic differentiation and muscle regeneration

Author(s): Nguyen Tuan | Bertrand Mathieu | Sterpin Christiane | Achouri Younes | De Backer Olivier
Algorithm for the remote sensing of the Baltic ecosystem (DESAMBEM). Part 1: Mathematical apparatus

Author(s): Bogdan Woźniak | Adam Krężel | Mirosław Darecki | S/lawomir B. Woźniak | Roman Majchrowski | Miros/lawa Ostrowska | /Lukasz Kozłowski | Dariusz Ficek | Jerzy Olszewski | Jerzy Dera
Polysialylated-neural cell adhesion molecule (PSA-NCAM) in the human trigeminal ganglion and brainstem at prenatal and adult ages

Author(s): Quartu Marina | Serra Maria | Boi Marianna | Ibba Viviana | Melis Tiziana | Del Fiacco Marina
MicroRNA transcriptome profiles during swine skeletal muscle development

Author(s): McDaneld Tara | Smith Timothy | Doumit Matthew | Miles Jeremy | Coutinho Luiz | Sonstegard Tad | Matukumalli Lakshmi | Nonneman Dan | Wiedmann Ralph
Systematic identification of genes involved in divergent skeletal muscle growth rates of broiler and layer chickens

Author(s): Zheng Qi | Zhang Yong | Chen Ying | Yang Ning | Wang Xiu-Jie | Zhu Dahai
Polarimetric Emission of Rain Events: Simulation and Experimental Results at X-Band

Author(s): Nuria Duffo | Mercedes Vall llossera | Adriano Camps | Ignasi Corbella | Francesc Torres
Proinflammatory-activated trigeminal satellite cells promote neuronal sensitization: relevance for migraine pathology

Author(s): Capuano Alessandro | De Corato Alice | Lisi Lucia | Tringali Giuseppe | Navarra Pierluigi | Dello Russo Cinzia
A novel calibration approach of MODIS AOD data to predict PM2.5 concentrations

Author(s): H. J. Lee | Y. Liu | B. A. Coull | J. Schwartz | P. Koutrakis
Possible role of glial cells in the onset and progression of Lyme neuroborreliosis

Author(s): Ramesh Geeta | Borda Juan | Gill Amy | Ribka Erin | Morici Lisa | Mottram Peter | Martin Dale | Jacobs Mary | Didier Peter | Philipp Mario
C2C12 murine myoblasts as a model of skeletal muscle development: morpho-functional characterization

Author(s): S Burattini | P Ferri | M Battistelli | R Curci | F Luchetti | E Falcieri
Multi-instrument probing of the polar ionosphere under steady northward IMF

Author(s): S. E. Pryse | A. M. Smith | L. Kersley | I. K. Walker | C. N. Mitchell | J. Moen | R. W. Smith
Cellular automata model of magnetospheric-ionospheric coupling

Author(s): B. V. Kozelov | T. V. Kozelova
High-latitude plasma convection from Cluster EDI measurements: method and IMF-dependence

Author(s): S. E. Haaland | G. Paschmann | M. Förster | J. M. Quinn | R. B. Torbert | C. E. McIlwain | H. Vaith | P. A. Puhl-Quinn | C. A. Kletzing
IMF dependence of high-latitude thermospheric wind pattern derived from CHAMP cross-track measurements

Author(s): M. Förster | S. Rentz | W. Köhler | H. Liu | S. E. Haaland
Ion-dispersion and rapid electron fluctuations in the cusp: a case study

Author(s): J. Lunde | S. C. Buchert | Y. Ogawa | M. Hirahara | K. Seki | Y. Ebihara | T. Sakanoi | K. Asamura | M. Okada | T. Raita | I. Häggström
Dynamics of muscle fibre growth during postnatal mouse development

Author(s): White Robert | Biérinx Anne-Sophie | Gnocchi Viola | Zammit Peter
KATP channel subunits in rat dorsal root ganglia: alterations by painful axotomy

Author(s): Zoga Vasiliki | Kawano Takashi | Liang Mei-Ying | Bienengraeber Martin | Weihrauch Dorothee | McCallum Bruce | Gemes Geza | Hogan Quinn | Sarantopoulos Constantine
Wireless Electrical Power Transmission

Author(s): Dhananjay E. Upasani | Sandip B. Shrote | Vrushali P. Wani
The aberrant asynchronous replication — characterizing lymphocytes of cancer patients — is erased following stem cell transplantation

Author(s): Nagler Arnon | Cytron Samuel | Mashevich Maya | Korenstein-Ilan Avital | Avivi Lydia
The production of fluorescent transgenic trout to study in vitro myogenic cell differentiation

Author(s): Gabillard Jean-Charles | Rallière Cécile | Sabin Nathalie | Rescan Pierre-Yves
Deficiency of the dual ubiquitin/SUMO ligase Topors results in genetic instability and an increased rate of malignancy in mice

Author(s): Marshall Henderson | Bhaumik Mantu | Aviv Hana | Moore Dirk | Yao Ming | Dutta Jayeeta | Rahim Hussein | Gounder Murugesan | Ganesan Shridar | Saleem Ahamed | Rubin Eric
Impaired Skeletal Muscle Repair after Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury in Mice

Author(s): A. Vignaud | C. Hourde | F. Medja | O. Agbulut | G. Butler-Browne | A. Ferry
Pre-mRNA Processing Is Partially Impaired in Satellite Cell Nuclei from Aged Muscles

Author(s): Manuela Malatesta | Federica Perdoni | Sylviane Muller | Carlo Pellicciari | Carlo Zancanaro
The ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme HR6B is required for maintenance of X chromosome silencing in mouse spermatocytes and spermatids

Author(s): Mulugeta Achame Eskeatnaf | Wassenaar Evelyne | Hoogerbrugge Jos | Sleddens-Linkels Esther | Ooms Marja | Sun Zu-Wen | van IJcken Wilfred | Grootegoed J Anton | Baarends Willy
Karyological Study of Four Species of Wheat Grass (Agropyron sp.)

Author(s): A. Asghari | Y. Agayev | S.A.A. Fathi
Satellite Cell Mitotic Activity of Broilers Fed Differing Levels of Lysine

Author(s): Simone Pophal | Paul E. Mozdziak | Sergio L. Vieira
Muscle Development in the Late Embryonic and Early Post-Hatch Poult

Author(s): D.T. Moore | P.R. Ferket | P.E. Mozdziak
Morphological Features of Normal Human Skeletal Muscle in Different Age Groups: A Histological and Ultrastructural Study

Author(s): Raesa A. Mohamed | Hoda M. El Aasar | Lobna A. Mohamed | Amal M. Abbas
Creating a Global Grid of Distributed Fossil Fuel CO2 Emissions from Nighttime Satellite Imagery

Author(s): Tilottama Ghosh | Christopher D. Elvidge | Paul C. Sutton | Kimberly E. Baugh | Daniel Ziskin | Benjamin T. Tuttle
Karyotype Analysis of several Ecotypes of Capsicum annuum L. in Iran

Author(s): Mahyar ROHAMI | Abdollah MOHAMMADI | Mahmood KHOSROSHAHLI | Hami AHMADI | Nafiseh DARANDEH
Temporomandibular joint inflammation activates glial and immune cells in both the trigeminal ganglia and in the spinal trigeminal nucleus

Author(s): Villa Giovanni | Ceruti Stefania | Zanardelli Matteo | Magni Giulia | Jasmin Luc | Ohara Peter | Abbracchio Maria
The effects of low frequency electrical stimulation on satellite cell activity in rat skeletal muscle during hindlimb suspension

Author(s): Zhang Bao-Ting | Yeung Simon | Liu Yue | Wang Hong-Hui | Wan Yu-Min | Ling Shu-Kuan | Zhang Hong-Yu | Li Ying-Hui | Yeung Ella
Vessel-associated stem cells from skeletal muscle: From biology to future uses in cell therapy

Author(s): Cristina Sancricca | Massimiliano Mirabella | Carla Gliubizzi | Aldobrando Broccolini | Teresa Gidaro | Roberta Morosetti
KISS1 and KISS1R expression in the human and rat carotid body and superior cervical ganglion

Author(s): A. Porzionato | G. Fenu | M. Rucinski | V. Macchi | A. Montella | L. K. Malendowicz | R. De Caro
Inoculation of Lacazia loboi into the subcutaneous tissue of the hamster cheek pouch

Author(s): OPROMOLLA Diltor Vladimir Araujo | NOGUEIRA Maria Esther Salles
Aminoquinolone WR6026 as a feasible substitute for gentian violet in Chagas' disease prophylaxis in preserved blood for transfusional purposes

Author(s): Moraes-Souza Helio | Pianetti Gisele Marilia | Barretto Orlando César de Oliveira Pereira | Nonoyama Kimyo | Grolg M. | Chiari Egler
Experimental intoxication by the leaves of Melia azedarach (Meliaceae) in cattle

Author(s): Carmen Méndez Maria del | Aragão Marcos | Fabiana Elias | Riet-Correa Franklin | Juan Gimeno Eduardo
Detection of trisomy 12 by fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) in chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Author(s): Chauffaille Maria de Lourdes L.F. | Marques Eliana Azevedo | Oliveira Jose Salvador Rodrigues de | Rodrigues Maria Madalena | Figueiredo Maria Stella | Romeo Maura | Yamamoto Mihoko | Kerbauy José
Linking field-based ecological data with remotely sensed data using a geographic information system in two malaria endemic urban areas of Kenya

Author(s): Eisele Thomas | Keating Joseph | Swalm Chris | Mbogo Charles | Githeko Andrew | Regens James | Githure John | Andrews Linda | Beier John
Neuronal apoptosis in herpes simplex virus - 1 Encephalitis (HSE)

Author(s): Athmanathan S | Vydehi B | Sundaram C | Vemuganti G | Murthy J
Analyses of the differentiation potential of satellite cells from myoD-/-, mdx, and PMP22 C22 mice

Author(s): Schuierer Marion | Mann Christopher | Bildsoe Heidi | Huxley Clare | Hughes Simon
Muscle regeneration in dystrophin-deficient mdx mice studied by gene expression profiling

Author(s): Turk R | Sterrenburg E | de Meijer EJ | van Ommen G-JB | den Dunnen JT | 't Hoen PAC
Cell cycle and centromere FISH studies in premature centromere division

Author(s): Corona-Rivera Alfredo | Salamanca-Gomez Fabio | Bobadilla-Morales Lucina | Corona-Rivera Jorge | Palomino-Cueva Cesar | Garcia-Cobian Teresa | Corona-Rivera Enrique
Modelling study of the impact of deep convection on the utls air composition - Part I: Analysis of ozone precursors

Author(s): V. Marécal | E. D. Rivière | G. Held | S. Cautenet | S. Freitas
Activation of MAPK ERK in peripheral nerve after injury

Author(s): Agthong S | Kaewsema A | Tanomsridejchai N | Chentanez V
Nowcasting of convective cells over Italian Peninsula

Author(s): C. M. Medaglia | C. Adamo | M. Formenton | F. Piccolo
Changes in skeletal muscle gene expression following clenbuterol administration

Author(s): Spurlock Diane | McDaneld Tara | McIntyre Lauren

Author(s): Špela Sajko | Lucie Kubínová | Marko Kreft | Raja Dahmane | Anton Wernig | Ida Eržen
MyoD- and nerve-dependent maintenance of MyoD expression in mature muscle fibres acts through the DRR/PRR element

Author(s): Chargé Sophie | Brack Andrew | Bayol Stéphanie | Hughes Simon
Differentiation potential of the fetal rat liver-derived cells.

Author(s): Eugeniusz K Machaj | Iwona Grabowska | Agnieszka Gajkowska | Marzena Jastrzewska | Tomasz Oldak | Jerzy Moraczewski | Zygmunt Pojda
Contribution of stem cells to skeletal muscle regeneration.

Author(s): Jerzy Kawiak | Edyta Brzóska | Iwona Grabowska | Grazyna Hoser | Władysława Stremińska | Danuta Wasilewska | Eugeniusz Krzysztof Machaj | Zygmunt Pojda | Jerzy Moraczewski
Platelets augment respiratory burst in neutrophils activated by selected species of gram-positive or gram-negative bacteria.

Author(s): Jacek Miedzobrodzki | Tomasz Panz | Przemysław M Płonka | Katarzyna Zajac | Joanna Dracz | Kamila Pytel | Łukasz Mateuszuk | Stefan Chłopicki
Myogenic stem cells.

Author(s): Anna Burdzińska | Kamila Gala | Leszek Paczek
Oral alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma: a case report with immunohistochemical analysis

Author(s): Madhusudan Astekar | Rashmi Metgud | Priyanka Sharma | Gayatri Ramesh

Author(s): E. Korn; G. Schwanitz | M.P. Baur | P. Mehdipour | D.D. Farhud
Spatial and temporal variability of biophysical variables in Southwestern France from airborne L-band radiometry

Author(s): E. Zakharova | J.-C. Calvet | S. Lafont | C. Albergel | J.-P. Wigneron | M. Pardé | Y. Kerr | M. Zribi
Detection of open water dynamics with ENVISAT ASAR in support of land surface modelling at high latitudes

Author(s): A. Bartsch | A. M. Trofaier | G. Hayman | D. Sabel | S. Schlaffer | D. B. Clark | E. Blyth

Author(s): Zong-Yan Cai | Cheng-Chen Hsu | Mei-Chich Hsu | Mao-Shung Huang | Chao-Pin Yang | Wan-Chi Lin | Borcherng Su
Effect of heparan sulfate and gold nanoparticles on muscle development during embryogenesis

Author(s): Zielinska M | Sawosz E | Grodzik M | Wierzbicki M | Gromadka M | Hotowy A | Sawosz F | Lozicki A | Chwalibog A
Isolation of Human Adult Stem Cells from Muscle Biopsy for Future Treatment of Urinary Incontinence

Author(s): Farzaneh Sharifiaghdas | Maryam Taheri | Reza Moghadasali
CFTR mediates noradrenaline-induced ATP efflux from DRG neurons

Author(s): Kanno Takeshi | Nishizaki Tomoyuki
Cultured myoblasts from patients affected by myotonic dystrophy type 2 exhibit senescence-related features: ultrastructural evidence

Author(s): M. Malatesta | M. Giagnacovo | L.V. Renna | R. Cardani | G. Meola | C. Pellicciari
Detection of wetland dynamics with ENVISAT ASAR in support of methane modelling at high latitudes

Author(s): A. Bartsch | A. M. Trofaier | G. Hayman | D. Sabel | S. Schlaffer | D. Clark | E. Blyth
A novel calibration approach of MODIS AOD data to predict PM2.5 concentrations

Author(s): H. J. Lee | Y. Liu | B. A. Coull | J. Schwartz | P. Koutrakis
The heterogeneous ribonuclear protein C interacts with the hepatitis delta virus small antigen

Author(s): Casaca Ana | Fardilha Margarida | da Cruz e Silva Edgar | Cunha Celso
BMP signaling balances proliferation and differentiation of muscle satellite cell descendants

Author(s): Friedrichs Melanie | Wirsdöerfer Florian | Flohé Stefanie | Schneider Sabine | Wuelling Manuela | Vortkamp Andrea
Spatial and temporal CO2 exchanges measured by Eddy Correlation over a temperate intertidal flat and their relationships to net ecosystem production

Author(s): P. Polsenaere | E. Lamaud | V. Lafon | J.-M. Bonnefond | P. Bretel | B. Delille | J. Deborde | D. Loustau | G. Abril
Ikaros isoforms: The saga continues

Author(s): Zhanjun Li | Laura A Perez-Casellas | Aleksandar Savic | Chunhua Song | Sinisa Dovat
Lightning-based propagation of convective rain fields

Author(s): S. Dietrich | D. Casella | F. Di Paola | M. Formenton | A. Mugnai | P. Sanò
Primary malignant esophageal melanoma: Diagnostic and therapeutic manipulations of a Greek patient and review of the literature

Author(s): P. Cheracakis1, Aikaterini Parasi2, A. Karambelis3, Maria Tzouvala4, Maria Mylonaki1, | F. Georgopoulos1, A. Mastrangelis1, J.K. Triantafillidis1
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