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Electrospun Collagen: A Tissue Engineering Scaffold with Unique Functional Properties in a Wide Variety of Applications

Author(s): Balendu Shekhar Jha | Chantal E. Ayres | James R. Bowman | Todd A. Telemeco | Scott A. Sell | Gary L. Bowlin | David G. Simpson
Optimizing the Processing of Porous Melt-Derived Bioactive Glass Scaffolds

Author(s): Zoe Yunxie Wu | Robert G. Hill | Julian R. Jones
Synthesis and Antimalarial Activity of Novel Dihydro-Artemisinin Derivatives

Author(s): Yang Liu | Kunqiang Cui | Weiqiang Lu | Wei Luo | Jian Wang | Jin Huang | Chun Guo
Fabrication and Characterization of Strengthened BCP Scaffold Through Infiltration of PCL in the Frame

Author(s): Minsung Kim | Ih-Ho Park | Yang-Hee Kim | Ho-Yeon Song | Young-Ki Min | Byong-Taek Lee
Application of Imogolite, Almino-Silicate Nanotube, as Scaffold for the Mineralization of Osteoblasts

Author(s): Kosuke Ishikawa | Tsukasa Akasaka | Shigeaki Abe | Yasutaka Yawaka | Masaya Suzuki | Fumio Watari
Ectopic osteogenesis with immortalized human bone marrow stromal stem cells and heterologous bone

Author(s): Yong Teng | Yunyu Hu | Xusheng Li | Yucheng Guan | Junhao Gui
The MAP kinase ERK and its scaffold protein MP1 interact with the chromatin regulator Corto during Drosophila wing tissue development

Author(s): Mouchel-Vielh Emmanuèle | Rougeot Julien | Decoville Martine | Peronnet Frédérique
Structural analysis of heme proteins: implications for design and prediction

Author(s): Li Ting | Bonkovsky Herbert | Guo Jun-tao
Drug-Eluting Stents: Risks and Benefits

Author(s): Srikanth G | A. Varaprasad | N. Vijaykumar | B. Rajkapoor
Study on Adulterate Sodium Silica Apatite Cement Porous Scaffolds for Bone Defect Repair

Author(s): CAO Lie-Hui, YU Bao-Qing, WU Guo-Sheng, SU Jia-Can
Diameter of a Hollow Center in Cylindrical Hydroxyapatite Scaffold for Hard Tissue Formation

Author(s): N. Tsuji | M. Yoshikawa | H. Hayashi | H. Ohgushi
A Path to Soluble Molecularly Imprinted Polymers

Author(s): Abhilasha Verma | George M. Murray
HIC-5: A Mobile Molecular Scaffold Regulating the Anchorage Dependence of Cell Growth

Author(s): Motoko Shibanuma | Kazunori Mori | Kiyoshi Nose

Author(s): Garg Tarun | Bilandi Ajay | Kapoor Bhawna | Kumar Sunil | Joshi Ravi
Analysis of human collagen sequences

Author(s): Manisha Nassa | Pracheta Anand | Aditi Jain | Aastha Chhabra | Astha Jaiswal | Umang Malhotra | Vibha Rani*
Design, Synthesis and Anti-fibrosis Activity Study of N1-Substituted Phenylhydroquinolinone Derivatives

Author(s): Ling Wu | Bin Liu | Qianbin Li | Jun Chen | Lijian Tao | Gaoyun Hu
Preparation and Functional Assessment of Composite Chitosan-Nano-Hydroxyapatite Scaffolds for Bone Regeneration

Author(s): Benjamin T. Reves | Jessica A. Jennings | Joel D. Bumgardner | Warren O. Haggard
Enhancing Osteoconduction of PLLA-Based Nanocomposite Scaffolds for Bone Regeneration Using Different Biomimetic Signals to MSCs

Author(s): Gabriela Ciapetti | Donatella Granchi | Valentina Devescovi | Serena R. Baglio | Elisa Leonardi | Desirèe Martini | Maria Jesus Jurado | Beatriz Olalde | Ilaria Armentano | Josè M. Kenny | Frank X. Walboomers | Josè Inaki Alava | Nicola Baldini
A thermosensitive low molecular weight hydrogel as scaffold for tissue engineering

Author(s): S Ziane | S Schlaubitz | S Miraux | A Patwa | C Lalande | I Bilem | S Lepreux | B Rousseau | J-F Le Meins | L Latxague | P Barthélémy | O Chassande
Influence of Alginates on Tube Nerve Grafts of Different Elasticity - Preliminary in Vivo Study

Author(s): Krzysztof Marycz | Pawel Tabakow | Janusz Mierzwa | Zdzislaw Wozniak | Jadwiga Laska | Dariusz Szarek | Stanislaw Blazewicz | Wlodzimierz Jarmundowicz
Methods of N-acetylated chitosan scaffolds and its In-vitro biodegradation by lysozyme

Author(s): Seiichi Tokura | Hiroshi Tamura | Tetsuya Furuike | Thazin Han | Nitar Nwe
Gas-Foamed Scaffold Gradients for Combinatorial Screening in 3D

Author(s): Kaushik Chatterjee | Alison M. Kraigsley | Durgadas Bolikal | Joachim Kohn | Carl G. Simon
Heterocycles in Peptidomimetics and Pseudopeptides: Design and Synthesis

Author(s): Iole Cerminara | Lucia Chiummiento | Maria Funicello | Ambra Guarnaccio | Paolo Lupattelli
Biomimetic modification of synthetic hydrogels by incorporation of adhesive peptides and calcium phosphate nanoparticles: in vitro evaluation of cell behavior

Author(s): M Bongio | JJJP van den Beucken | MR Nejadnik | SCG Leeuwenburgh | LA Kinard | K Kasper | AG Mikos | JA Jansen
New N-aryl-4-(methysulfony)aminobenzenesulfonamides as Selective COX-2 inhibitors

Author(s): Seyed Adel Moallem | Farzin Hadizadeh | Isa Yavar
Discovery of Potential M2 Channel Inhibitors Based on the Amantadine Scaffold via Virtual Screening and Pharmacophore Modeling

Author(s): Linh Tran | Sy Bing Choi | Belal O. Al-Najjar | Muhammad Yusuf | Habibah A. Wahab | Ly Le
Preparation of poly(ethylene glycol)/polylactide hybrid fibrous scaffolds for bone tissue engineering

Author(s): Ni P | Fu S | Fan M | Guo G | Shi S | Peng J | Luo F | Qian Z
Approaches to Manipulating the Dimensionality and Physicochemical Properties of Common Cellular Scaffolds

Author(s): Saumendra Bajpai | Na Young Kim | Cynthia A. Reinhart-King
Biodegradable Polysaccharide Gels for Skin Scaffolds

Author(s): Stephen Juris | Anja Mueller | Brian Smith | Samantha Johnston | Robert Walker | Robert Kross
First Otoliths/Collagen/Bacterial Cellulose Nanocomposites as a Potential Scaffold for Bone Tissue Regeneration

Author(s): G.M Olyveira | Daisy Pereira Valido | L.M.M. Costa | Plácia Barreto Prata Gois | Lauro Xavier Filho | Pierre Basmaji
Tissue Engineered Osteogenesis in Bone Defects by Homologous Osteoblasts Loaded on Sterile Bioresorbable Coral Scaffold in Rabbits

Author(s): Arvind Tripathi | Pandruvada Subramanya Narayana Murthy | Govind Keshri | Man Mohan Singh
Cells Attachment Property of PVA Hydrogel Nanofibers Incorporating Hyaluronic Acid for Tissue Engineering

Author(s): Kyu-Oh Kim | Yaeko Akada | Wei Kai | Byoung-Suhk Kim | Ick-Soo Kim
AKAP12 and AKAP5 form higher-order hetero-oligomers

Author(s): Gao Shujuan | Wang Hsien-yu | Malbon Craig
Determination of the melon chloroplast and mitochondrial genome sequences reveals that the largest reported mitochondrial genome in plants contains a significant amount of DNA having a nuclear origin

Author(s): Rodríguez-Moreno Luis | González Víctor | Benjak Andrej | Martí M Carmen | Puigdomènech Pere | Aranda Miguel | Garcia-Mas Jordi
A Rooted Net of Life

Author(s): Williams David | Fournier Gregory | Lapierre Pascal | Swithers Kristen | Green Anna | Andam Cheryl | Gogarten J Peter
Amyloid beta protein-induced zinc sequestration leads to synaptic loss via dysregulation of the ProSAP2/Shank3 scaffold

Author(s): Grabrucker Andreas | Schmeisser Michael | Udvardi Patrick | Arons Magali | Schoen Michael | Woodling Nathaniel | Andreasson Katrin | Hof Patrick | Buxbaum Joseph | Garner Craig | Boeckers Tobias
The long noncoding RNA Six3OS acts in trans to regulate retinal development by modulating Six3 activity

Author(s): Rapicavoli Nicole | Poth Erin | Zhu Heng | Blackshaw Seth
Genome organization of epidemic Acinetobacter baumannii strains

Author(s): Di Nocera Pier | Rocco Francesco | Giannouli Maria | Triassi Maria | Zarrilli Raffaele
Heterologous protein display on the cell surface of lactic acid bacteria mediated by the s-layer protein

Author(s): Hu Shumin | Kong Jian | Sun Zhilan | Han Lanlan | Kong Wentao | Yang Pu
A Revised Replication Method for Bioceramic Scaffolds

Author(s): D. Bellucci | A. Sola | V. Cannillo
PI3K/mTOR-dependent signaling pathway as a possible regulator of processing bodies’ assembly

Author(s): Gudkova D. O. | Panasyuk G. G. | Nemazanyy I. O. | Filonenko V. V.
A Conjugated Aptamer-Gold Nanoparticle Fluorescent Probe for Highly Sensitive Detection of rHuEPO-α

Author(s): Jiefang Sun | Aitao Guo | Zhaoyang Zhang | Lei Guo | Jianwei Xie
PLLA-PEG-TCH-labeled bioactive molecule nanofibers for tissue engineering

Author(s): Chen J | Zhou B | Li Q | Ouyang J | Kong J | Zhong W | Xing MM
Biomimetic component coating on 3D scaffolds using high bioactivity of mesoporous bioactive ceramics

Author(s): Yun HS | Kim SH | Khang DW | Choi JI | Kim HH | Kang MJ
Magnetic scaffold for drug targeting: evaluation of cephalosporins controlled release profile

Author(s): Dan Eduard Mihaiescu | Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu | Paul Catalin Balaure | Diana Elena Mogosanu | Vanessa Traistaru
Hyaluronan and Fibrin Biomaterial as Scaffolds for Neuronal Differentiation of Adult Stem Cells Derived from Adipose Tissue and Skin

Author(s): Chiara Gardin | Vincenzo Vindigni | Eriberto Bressan | Letizia Ferroni | Elisa Nalesso | Alessandro Della Puppa | Domenico D’Avella | Diego Lops | Paolo Pinton | Barbara Zavan
How can cells sense the elasticity of a substrate? An analysis using a cell tensegrity model

Author(s): G De Santis | AB Lennon | F Boschetti | B Verhegghe | P Verdonck | PJ Prendergast
Fabrication and Biocompatibility of Electrospun Silk Biocomposites

Author(s): Kai Wei | Byoung-Suhk Kim | Ick-Soo Kim
Synthesis and characterization of porous biphasic calcium phosphate scaffold from different porogens for possible bone tissue engineering applications

Author(s): Amera A. | Abudalazez A.M.A. | Ismail Rashid A. | Razak Abd Hayati N. | Masudi Malik S. | Kasim Rizal S. | Ahmad Arifin Z.
Polyacylurethanes as Novel Degradable Cell Carrier Materials for Tissue Engineering

Author(s): Danijela Jovanovic | Frans V. Roukes | Andrea Löber | Gerwin E. Engels | Willem van Oeveren | Xavier J. Gallego van Seijen | Marja J.A. van Luyn | Martin C. Harmsen | Arend Jan Schouten
The Effect of Scaffolding Technique in Journal Writing among the Second Language Learners

Author(s): Veeramuthu A/L Veerappan | Wei Hui Suan | Tajularipin Sulaiman
One-pot synthesis of fluorinated quinazolin-4(3H)-ones

Author(s): Naser Montazeri* and Kurosh Rad-Moghadam
Preparation and Properties of Mesoporous Bioactive Glass ÷Demineralized Bone Composite Scaffolds

Author(s): XUE Shi-Zhuang, ZHU Hai-Lin, CHEN Jian-Yong, FENG Xin-Xing, CHANG Jiang
Lubricin is expressed in chondrocytes derived from osteoarthritic cartilage encapsulated in poly(ethylene glycol) diacrylate scaffold

Author(s): G. Musumeci | C. Loreto | M.L. Carnazza | F. Coppolino | V. Cardile | R. Leonardi
Toward an integrated route to the vernonia allenes and related sesquiterpenoids

Author(s): Da Xu | Michael A. Drahl | Lawrence J. Williams
Annelid Distal-less/Dlx duplications reveal varied post-duplication fates

Author(s): McDougall Carmel | Korchagina Natalia | Tobin Jonathan | Ferrier David
The effect of synthetic octacalcium phosphate in a collagen scaffold on the osteogenicity of mesenchymal stem cells

Author(s): T Kawai | T Anada | T Masuda | Y Honda | Y Sakai | Y Kato | S Kamakura | S Echigo | O Suzuki
Computational Approaches in Tissue Engineering

Author(s): M. K. Sah | J. Sadanand | K. Pramanik
Biocompatibility of the Composite Scaffold of Sol―Gel Bioactive Glass/Collagen

Author(s): HAN Xue, CHEN Xiao-Feng, MENG Yong-Chun, ZHOU Jia-An, LIN Cai, JIANG Xiao-Rui, ZHANG Xin-Xin
Quantitatively Controlled Fabrication of Uniaxially Aligned Nanofibrous Scaffold for Cell Adhesion

Author(s): Suk Hee Park | Jung Woo Hong | Jennifer Hyunjong Shin | Dong-Yol Yang
Impact of the Nature and Size of the Polymeric Backbone on the Ability of Heterobifunctional Ligands to Mediate Shiga Toxin and Serum Amyloid P Component Ternary Complex Formation

Author(s): Pavel I. Kitov | Eugenia Paszkiewicz | Joanna M. Sadowska | Zhicheng Deng | Marya Ahmed | Ravin Narain | Thomas P. Griener | George L. Mulvey | Glen D. Armstrong | David R. Bundle
The Effect of Synovial Fluid Enzymes on the Biodegradability of Collagen and Fibrin Clots

Author(s): Matthew Palmer | Elizabeth Stanford | Martha M. Murray
In vitro Evaluation of Natural Marine Sponge Collagen as a Scaffold for Bone Tissue Engineering

Author(s): Zhen Lin, Kellie L. Solomon, Xiaoling Zhang, Nathan J. Pavlos, Tamara Abel, Craig Willers, Kerong Dai, Jiake Xu, Qiujian Zheng, Minghao Zheng
Self-Assembly of Protein Monolayers Engineered for Improved Monoclonal Immunoglobulin G Binding

Author(s): Anton P. Le Brun | Deepan S. H. Shah | Dale Athey | Stephen A. Holt | Jeremy H. Lakey
Inflammatory Alterations of the Extracellular Matrix in the Tumor Microenvironment

Author(s): Junko Iijima | Kenjiro Konno | Naoki Itano
Synthesis and Antioxidant Activity of Some Novel 2-Substituted Analogues of Benzimidazoles

Author(s): Santosh S.Chhajed1 , Chandrashekhar D. Upasani*2
Keratin 23, a novel DPC4/Smad4 target gene which binds 14-3-3ε

Author(s): Liffers Sven-T | Maghnouj Abdelouahid | Munding Johanna | Jackstadt René | Herbrand Ulrike | Schulenborg Thomas | Marcus Katrin | Klein-Scory Susanne | Schmiegel Wolff | Schwarte-Waldhoff Irmgard | Meyer Helmut | Stühler Kai | Hahn Stephan
A supermatrix analysis of genomic, morphological, and paleontological data from crown Cetacea

Author(s): Geisler Jonathan | McGowen Michael | Yang Guang | Gatesy John
Modification of the loops in the ligand-binding site turns avidin into a steroid-binding protein

Author(s): Riihimäki Tiina | Hiltunen Soili | Rangl Martina | Nordlund Henri | Määttä Juha | Ebner Andreas | Hinterdorfer Peter | Kulomaa Markku | Takkinen Kristiina | Hytönen Vesa
Embryonic stem cells in scaffold-free three-dimensional cell culture: osteogenic differentiation and bone generation

Author(s): Handschel Jörg | Naujoks Christian | Depprich Rita | Lammers Lydia | Kübler Norbert | Meyer Ulrich | Wiesmann Hans-Peter
Combing and self-assembly phenomena in dry films of Taxol-stabilized microtubules

Author(s): Morin FabriceOlivier | Rose Franck | Martin Pascal | Tarhan Mehmet | Kawakatsu Hideki | Fujita Hiroyuki
Aggregate structure of hydroxyproline-rich glycoprotein (HRGP) and HRGP assisted dispersion of carbon nanotubes

Author(s): Wegenhart Ben | Tan Li | Held Michael | Kieliszewski Marcia | Chen Liwei
Sciatic nerve regeneration in rats by a promising electrospun collagen/poly(ε-caprolactone) nerve conduit with tailored degradation rate

Author(s): Yu Wenwen | Zhao Wen | Zhu Chao | Zhang Xiuli | Ye Dongxia | Zhang Wenjie | Zhou Yong | Jiang Xinquan | Zhang Zhiyuan
Biomaterials for the programming of cell growth in oral tissues: The possible role of APA

Author(s): Marco Salerno | Luca Giacomelli | Claudio Larosa
Microspheres Containing Cibacron Blue F3G-A and Incorporated Iron Oxide Nanoparticles as Biomarker Harvesting Platforms

Author(s): Alexis Patanarut | Elissa H. Williams | Emanuel Petricoin | Lance A. Liotta | Barney Bishop
Bioreactor for the reconstitution of a decellularized vascular matrix of biological origin

Author(s): Matthew G. Geeslin | Gabriel J. Caron | Stefan M. Kren | Ephraim M. Sparrow | David A. Hultman | Doris A. Taylor
Accelerated chondrogenesis in nanofiber polymeric scaffolds embedded with BMP-2 genetically engineered chondrocytes

Author(s): Robert T. Gorsline | Prasam Tangkawattana | John J. Lannutti | Mamoru Yamaguchi | Christopher C. Kaeding | Alicia L. Bertone
Dextran coating on and among fibers of polymer sponge scaffold for osteogenesis by bone marrow cells in vivo

Author(s): Masataka Yoshikawa | Norimasa Tsuji | Hideyuki Kakigi | Takayoshi Yabuuchi | Yasunori Shimomura | Hiroyuki Hayashi | Hajime Ohgushi
A method to fabricate small features on scaffolds for tissue engineering via selective laser sintering

Author(s): S. Lohfeld | M. A. Tyndyk | S. Cahill | N. Flaherty | V. Barron | P. E. McHugh
Biodegradable and bioactive porous polyurethanes scaffolds for bone tissue engineering

Author(s): Mei-Na Huang | Yuan-Liang Wang | Yan-Feng Luo
Poly (ε-caprolactone) nanofibrous ring surrounding a polyvinyl alcohol hydrogel for the development of a biocompatible two-part artificial cornea

Author(s): Bakhshandeh H | Soleimani M | Shah Hosseini S | Hashemi H | Shabani I | Shafiee A | Behesht Nejad AH | Erfan M | Dinarv | R | Atyabi F
Migration Capacity and Viability of Human Primary Osteoblasts in Synthetic Three-dimensional Bone Scaffolds Made of Tricalciumphosphate

Author(s): Anika Jonitz | Jan Wieding | Katrin Lochner | Matthias Cornelsen | Hermann Seitz | Doris Hansmann | Rainer Bader
Preparation, properties, and cell attachment/growth behavior of chitosan/acellular derm matrix composite materials

Author(s): Tao Lu | Rui xin Li | Yan Zhang | Yu xian Yan | Yong Guo | Jing Guan | Ji min Wu | Zhi hong LI | Bo Ning | Shu jie Huang | Xi zheng Zhang
Novel Engineered Human Fluorescent Osteoblasts for Scaffolds Bioassays

Author(s): Katia Campioni | Cristina Morelli | Antonio D. Agostino | Lorenzo Trevisiol | Pier Francesco Nocini | Marco Manfrini | Mauro Tognon
Preparation and Characterization of Homogeneous Hydroxyapatite/Chitosan Composite Scaffolds via In-Situ Hydration

Author(s): Hong Li | Chang-Ren Zhou | Min-Ying Zhu | Jin-Huan Tian | Jian-Hua Rong
An easy assembled fluorescent sensor for dicarboxylates and acidic amino acids

Author(s): Xiao-bo Zhou | Yuk-Wang Yip | Wing-Hong Chan | Albert W. M. Lee
Prediction of in vivo bone forming potency of bone marrow-derived human mesenchymal stem cells

Author(s): P Janicki | S Boeuf | E Steck | M Egermann | P Kasten | W Richter
Influence of chitosan nanofiber scaffold on porcine endogenous retroviral expression and infectivity in pig hepatocytes

Author(s): Bing Han | Xiao-Lei Shi | Jiang-Qiang Xiao | Yue Zhang | Xue-Hui Chu | Jin-Yang Gu | Jia-Jun Tan | Zhong-Ze Gu | Yi-Tao Ding
Multi-Composite Bioactive Osteogenic Sponges Featuring Mesenchymal Stem Cells, Platelet-Rich Plasma, Nanoporous Silicon Enclosures, and Peptide Amphiphiles for Rapid Bone Regeneration

Author(s): Matthew B. Murphy | Daniel Blashki | Rachel M. Buchanan | Dongmei Fan | Enrica De Rosa | Ramille N. Shah | Samuel I. Stupp | Bradley K. Weiner | Paul J. Simmons | Mauro Ferrari | Ennio Tasciotti
Building Scaffolds in the Field: The Benefits and Challenges of Teacher Candidate Peer Mentorship

Author(s): Arlene Grierson | Maria Cantalini-Williams | Taunya Wideman-Johnston | Stephan Tedesco

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