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SiRNA Scanner - A Fuzzy Logic Based Tool for Small Interference RNA Design

Author(s): Vijayakumar Saravanan | Piramanaygam Shanmughavel
Investigating paranormal phenomena: Functional brain imaging of telepathy

Author(s): Venkatasubramanian Ganesan | Jayakumar Peruvumba | Nagendra Hongasandra | Nagaraja Dindagur | Deeptha R | Gangadhar Bangalore
A Compact Vertical Scanner for Atomic Force Microscopes

Author(s): Jae Hong Park | Jaesool Shim | Dong-Yeon Lee
Improving Speed of the Signature Scanner using BMH Algorithm

Author(s): Sunita Kanaujiya | Dr. S.P.Tripathi | N.C.Sharma
Model-Based Analysis of Flow-Mediated Dilation and Intima-Media Thickness

Author(s): G. Bartoli | G. Menegaz | M. Lisi | G. Di Stolfo | S. Dragoni | T. Gori
Towards rockfall forecasting through observing deformations and listening to microseismic emissions

Author(s): D. Arosio | L. Longoni | M. Papini | M. Scaioni | L. Zanzi | M. Alba
Whole shaft visibility and mechanical performance for active MR catheters using copper-nitinol braided polymer tubes

Author(s): Kocaturk Ozgur | Saikus Christina | Guttman Michael | Faranesh Anthony | Ratnayaka Kanishka | Ozturk Cengizhan | McVeigh Elliot | Lederman Robert
Development of validated HPTLC method for quantification of Jatamansone in Jatamansi oil

Author(s): † Department of Pharmacognosy Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Pharmacy, Navi Mumbai
Correction of Inhomogeneous MR Images Using Multiscale Retinex

Author(s): Wen-Hung Chao | Chien-Wen Cho | Yen-Yu Shih | You-Yin Chen | Chen Chang
Meta-analysis of the diagnostic performance of stress perfusion cardiovascular magnetic resonance for detection of coronary artery disease

Author(s): Hamon Michèle | Fau Georges | Née Guillaume | Ehtisham Javed | Morello Rémy | Hamon Martial
Performance Evaluation of Triangulation Based Range Sensors

Author(s): Gabriele Guidi | Michele Russo | Grazia Magrassi | Monica Bordegoni
Determination of gallic acid in Phyllanthus emblica Linn. dried fruit powder by HPTLC

Author(s): Sawant Laxman | Pandita Nancy | Prabhakar Bala
White matter fractional anisotropy is related to processing speed in metabolic syndrome patients: a case-control study

Author(s): Segura Bàrbara | Jurado María | Freixenet Núria | Bargalló Núria | Junqué Carme | Arboix Adrià
Design, Development and Performance Optimization of a New Artificial Intelligent Controlled Multiple-beam Optical Scanning Module

Author(s): S.P. Koh | I.B. Aris | V.K. Ramachandaramurthy | S.M. Bashi | M.H. Marhaban
An approach to a pseudo real-time image processing engine for hyperspectral imaging

Author(s): Sahar Sabbaghi Mahmouei | Dr. Shattri Mansor | Abed Abedniya
Small field dose delivery evaluations using cone beam optical computed tomography-based polymer gel dosimetry

Author(s): Olding Timothy | Holmes Oliver | DeJean Paul | McAuley Kim | Nkongchu Ken | Santyr Giles | Schreiner L
Cardiovascular magnetic resonance in patients with pectus excavatum compared with normal controls

Author(s): Saleh Roya | Finn J Paul | Fenchel Michael | Moghadam Abbas | Krishnam Mayil | Abrazado Marlon | Ton Anthony | Habibi Reza | Fonkalsrud Eric | Cooper Christopher

Author(s): Dr. H. B. Kekre | Dr.Tanuja Sarode, | Ms.Kavita Raut
A Functional Neuroimaging Study of Sound Localization: Visual Cortex Activity Predicts Performance in Early-Blind Individuals

Author(s): Gougoux Frédéric | Zatorre Robert J | Lassonde Maryse | Voss Patrice | Lepore Franco
The CdTe detector module and its imaging performance.

Author(s): Mori I | Takayama T | Motomura N
Adaptation of radiation field analyser (RFA) as optical CT scanner for gel dosimetry

Author(s): Brindha S | Kumar Vinoth | Vasanth S | Paul B. Ravindran
In vitro hydrodynamic properties of the Miethke proGAV hydrocephalus shunt

Author(s): Allin David | Czosnyka Zofia | Czosnyka Marek | Richards Hugh | Pickard John
Novel design and controls for focused DNA microarrays: applications in quality assurance/control and normalization for the Health Canada ToxArray™

Author(s): Yauk Carole | Williams Andrew | Boucher Sherri | Berndt Lynn | Zhou Gu | Zheng Jenny | Rowan-Carroll Andrea | Dong Hongyan | Lambert Iain | Douglas George | Parfett Craig
fMRI-compatible rehabilitation hand device

Author(s): Khanicheh Azadeh | Muto Andrew | Triantafyllou Christina | Weinberg Brian | Astrakas Loukas | Tzika Aria | Mavroidis Constantinos
High performance thin layer chromatographic method for estimation of linezolid in tablets

Author(s): Patel S | Patel P | Patel N | Patel M | Bangoriya U
Virtual cystoscopy - a promising diagnostic technique

Author(s): Anand C | Sudhakar L | Sivasankaran G | Jayaganesh R | Ilangovan M | Muthulatha N | Rajamanickam M | Emmanuel R
Whole-body PET acceptance test in 2D and 3D using NEMA NU 2-2001 protocol

Author(s): Sharma Shamurailatpam | Prasad R | Shetye Bina | Rangarajan V | Deshpande D | Shrivastava S | Dinshaw K
Multidetector computed tomography angiography for assessment of in-stent restenosis: meta-analysis of diagnostic performance

Author(s): Vanhoenacker Piet | Decramer Isabel | Bladt Olivier | Sarno Giovanna | Van Hul Erik | Wijns William | Dwamena Ben
On the Feasibility of Interoperable Schemes in Hand Biometrics

Author(s): Aythami Morales | Ester González | Miguel A. Ferrer
GUC100 Multisensor Fingerprint Database for In-House (Semipublic) Performance Test

Author(s): Gafurov Davrondzhon | Bours Patrick | Yang Bian | Busch Christoph
A New Method for Measurement of Radio Frequency Inhomogeneity in MRI

Author(s): "M. A. Oghabian | N. Riahi Alam | S. Mehdipour "
Comparison of 6 PET Scanners, A Simulation Study

Author(s): Kourosh Ebrahimnezhad Gorji | Hossein Rajabi | Habib Zaidi | Ebrahim Hajizadeh | Ahmad Bitarafan Rajabi | Hamid Reza Ghiasi
Performance Comparison of Four Commercial GE Discovery PET/CT Scanners: A Monte Carlo Study Using GATE

Author(s): Parham Geramifar | Mohammad Reza Ay | Mojtaba Shamsaie Zafarghandi | George Loudos | Arman Rahmim
Assessment of the influence of crystal material and size on the sensitivity of dual head small animal PET scanner

Author(s): Nafise Ghazanfari | Mohammad Reza Ay | Saeed Sarkar | George Loudos
Single Voxel Proton Spectroscopy for Neurofeedback at 7 Tesla

Author(s): Yury Koush | Mark A. Elliott | Klaus Mathiak
Resonant Mode Reduction in Radiofrequency Volume Coils for Ultrahigh Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Author(s): Yong Pang | Zhentian Xie | Ye Li | Duan Xu | Daniel Vigneron | Xiaoliang Zhang
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