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Dynamic Application Model for Scheduling with Uncertainty on Reconfigurable Architectures

Author(s): Ismail Ktata | Fakhreddine Ghaffari | Bertrand Granado | Mohamed Abid
Single-machine Scheduling Problems with Learning Effects in Intermittent Batch Production

Author(s): YANG Ming-ming | ZHANG Shu-juan | HAN Xiang-ling
A Novel Approach for Providing Quality of Service in Multiservice IP Networks

Author(s): Mirjana Stojanović | Vladanka Aćimović-Raspopović
Operating Systems for Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey

Author(s): Muhammad Omer Farooq | Thomas Kunz
Quantitative analysis on the ecological impact of large-scale water transfer project on water resource area in a changing environment

Author(s): D. H. Yan | H. Wang | H. H. Li | G. Wang | T. L. Qin | D. Y. Wang | L. H. Wang
Aircraft Routing and Scheduling: a Case Study in an Airline Company

Author(s): Aslan Deniz Karaoglan | Demet Gonen | Emine Ucmus
An Efficient Dual Objective Grid Workflow Scheduling Algorithm

Author(s): D.I.George Amalarethinam | F.Kurus Malai Selvi
A goal programming technique for railroad passenger scheduling

Author(s): Masoud Yaghini | Alireza Alimohammadian | Samaneh Sharifi
A hybrid method to solve railroad passenger scheduling problem

Author(s): Masoud Yaghini | Alireza Alimohammadian | Samaneh Sharifi
Conceptual Knowledge Approach to Operational Risk Management (A Case Study)

Author(s): Ali Hadi Jebrin | Abdalla Jamil Abu-Salma
A Conceptual Design Model for High Performance Hotspot Network Infrastructure (GRID WLAN).

Author(s): Udeze Chidiebele. C | Okafor Kennedy .C | Prof. H. C Inyiama | Dr C. C. Okezie
Potential and Challenges in Use of Thermal Imaging for Humid Region Irrigation System Management

Author(s): Steven J. Thomson | Claudiane M. Ouellet-Plamondon | Sherri L. DeFauw | Yanbo Huang | Daniel K. Fisher | Patrick J. English
FrameWork for Job Scheduling in Grid Environment

Author(s): Deepti Malhotra | Devanand
User Profile Based Proportional Share Scheduling And Mac Protocol For Manets

Author(s): Hannah Monisha . J | Rhymend Uthariaraj .V
Quantitative Analysis of Programming Efficiency in Mixed Programming

Author(s): Wen Lin-Tao | Zhi Feng-Hu | Chang Xiong-Zhou
Performance Analysis of High Speed Data Networks Using Priority Discipline

Author(s): K. Bhatia | A. K. Pal | Anu Chaudhary
Scheduling of a computer integrated manufacturing system: A simulation study

Author(s): Nadia Bhuiyan | Gerard Gouw | Daryoosh Yazdi
Genetic and Improved Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithms for a 2-Stage Model of a Hub Covering Location Network

Author(s): Mehrdad Mohammadi | Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam | Ali Ghodratnama | Hamideh Rostami

Author(s): M. Nazimuzzaman | Himadri S. Saha | Md. Imdadul Islam | M. R. Amin
Performances Evaluation of Enhanced Basic Time Space Priority combined with an AQM

Author(s): Said El Kafhali | Mohamed Hanini | Abdelali El Bouchti | Abdelkrim Haqiq
Adaptive QoS provision for IEEE 802.16e BWA networks based on cross-layer design

Author(s): Zhang Hongtao | Wang Xiaoxiang | Qin ZB | Kuo GS | Bohnert Thomas
Reproducible LTE uplink performance analysis using precomputed interference signals

Author(s): Pauli Volker | Nisar Muhammad | Seidel Eiko
Performance Evaluation of Uplink Delay-Tolerant Packet Service in IEEE 802.16-Based Networks

Author(s): Saffer Zsolt | Andreev Sergey | Koucheryavy Yevgeni
A Scheduling Algorithm for Minimizing the Packet Error Probability in Clusterized TDMA Networks

Author(s): Toyserkani ArashT | Rydström Mats | Ström ErikG | Svensson Arne
On the Complexity of Scheduling in Wireless Networks

Author(s): Joo Changhee | Sharma Gaurav | Shroff NessB | Mazumdar RaviR
Using High-Level RTOS Models for HW/SW Embedded Architecture Exploration: Case Study on Mobile Robotic Vision

Author(s): Verdier François | Miramond Benoît | Maillard Mickaël | Huck Emmanuel | Lefebvre Thomas

A methodological approach for designing and sequencing product families in Reconfigurable Disassembly Systems

Author(s): Ignacio Eguia | Sebastian Lozano | Jesus Racero | Fernando Guerrero
Data Mining for Engineering Schools

Author(s): Chady El Moucary
Investigating transportation system in container terminals and developing a yard crane scheduling model

Author(s): Hassan Javanshir | Seyed Mohammad Taghi Fatemi Ghomi | Marjan Fatemi Ghomi
Forest Policy Scenario Analysis: Sensitivity of Songbird Community to Changes in Forest Cover Amount and Configuration

Author(s): Robert S. Rempel | Jim Baker | Phil C. Elkie | Michael J. Gluck | Janet Jackson | Robert S. Kushneriuk | Tom Moore | Ajith H. Perera
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Deepak Garg
Scheduling Real-Time Embedded Systems Based on TCPNIA

Author(s): Nianhua Yang | Huiqun Yu | Hua Sun | Zhilin Qian
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Fei Yu | Chin-Chen Chang | Jian Shu | Guangxue Yue | Naiping Hu
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Feng Gao | Bin Wang | Deyun Yang | Junhu Zhang | Shifei Ding
Streaming Media Caching Model Based on Knapsack Problem

Author(s): Lei Shi | Zhanhong Wang | Yao Yao | Lin Wei
Grid Dependent Tasks Security Scheduling Model and DPSO Algorithm

Author(s): Hai Zhu | Yuping Wang | Zhanxin Ma | Hecheng Li
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Tianlong Gu | Shenghui Liu
Broadcasting Data Items with Time Constraints Based on On-Demand Multichannel in Ubiquitous Environments

Author(s): Ding-Jung Chiang | Chien-Liang Chen | Chi-Yi Lin | Timothy K. Shih
A Cross-Layer Resource Allocation Algorithm with Dynamic Buffer Allocation Mechanism

Author(s): Gang Chen | Xinrong Wu | Wenqiang Zhang | Xiang Zheng
A Study of Urgency Vehicle Routing Disruption Management Problem

Author(s): Xuping Wang | Xu Wu | Xiangpei Hu
Modeling and Simulation on Dynamic Allocation and Scheduling of Multi-resource problem

Author(s): Wenbin Hu | Zhengbing Hu | Yuheng Cheng | Hai Zhang | Wei Song
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Dan Zhang | Bale Reddy
Fair Scheduling for the Optimal Link of Ad hoc Network Based on Graph Theory

Author(s): Chaoyi Zhang | Jingfang Su | Jiansong Miao | Muqing Wu
A fuzzy model for processing and monitoring vital signs in ICU patients

Author(s): Leite Cicília | Sizilio Gláucia | Neto Adrião | Valentim Ricardo | Guerreiro Ana

A Discrete Event Simulation Framework for Utility Accrual Scheduling Algorithm in Uniprocessor Environment

Author(s): Idawaty Ahmad | Shamala Subramaniam | Mohamed Othman | Zuriati Zulkarnain
Automatic Queuing Model for Banking Applications

Author(s): Dr. Ahmed S. A. AL-Jumaily | Dr. Huda K. T. AL-Jobori
The F-G Generalized Convex and F quasi Convex Functions

Author(s): HUANG Jin-ying | ZHAO Yu | FANG Xiu-nan
Received Signal Strength Based Effective Call Scheduling in Wireless Mobile Network

Author(s): Biswajit Bhowmik | Piyali Sarkar | Pooja Shekhar | Nupur Thakur
Ambulance Deployment and Shift Scheduling: An Integrated Approach

Author(s): Hari K. Rajagopalan | Cem Saydam | Hubert Setzler | Elizabeth Sharer
Weighted Multi-Skill Resources Project Scheduling

Author(s): Fawaz S. Al-Anzi | Khaled Al-Zame | Ali Allahverdi
Test Effort Estimation Using Neural Network

Author(s): Chintala Abhishek | Veginati Pavan Kumar | Harish Vitta | Praveen Ranjan Srivastava
FEL-H Robust Control Real-Time Scheduling

Author(s): Bing Du | Chun Ruan
Economic Dispatch with Multiple Fuel Options Using CCF

Author(s): R. Anandhakumar | S. Subramanian
Literature Review of Single Machine Scheduling Problem with Uniform Parallel Machines

Author(s): Panneerselvam Senthilkumar | Sockalingam Narayanan

Author(s): Ben-Jeng Wang | Tzu-An Chiang | Fu-Chiang Hsu | Yung-Chieh Chien
Formal Visual Modeling of Real-Time Systems in e-Motions: Two Case Studies

Author(s): Francisco Durán | Peter Csaba Ölveczky | José E. Rivera
Study on Complex Products Job-shop Scheduling System Based on MES

Author(s): Xiang SU | Hong-xia SUN | Chun-guang LIAN | Xi-ma YUE
Study on Complex Products Job-shop Scheduling System Based on MES

Author(s): Xiang SU | Hong-xia SUN | Chun-guang LIAN | Xi-ma YUE
ParCop with New Capabilities and Efficient Scheduling Policies

Author(s): Nidal A. AL-DMOUR | Mohammad S. SARAIREH
Design and Analysis of Self-Adapted Task Scheduling Strategies in Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Wenzhong Guo | Naixue Xiong | Han-Chieh Chao | Sajid Hussain | Guolong Chen
Modeling of Multi-Level Capacitated Lot-Size Scheduling Problem

Author(s): Zuhaimy Ismail | Diyana A. Mahad | Tan S. Ching

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