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PVD in schistosomiasis task force

Author(s): Butrous Ghazwan | Morrell Nicholas
Rectal cancer associated with schistosomiasis : report of two cases and review of the literature.

Author(s): Al-Mashat F | Sibiany A | Radwi A | Bahadur Y | Al-Radi A | Meir H | Ahmed G
Case series of adenocarcinoma of the prostate associated with Schistosoma haematobium infection in Tanzania

Author(s): Mazigo Humphrey | Zinga Maria | Heukelbach Jorg | Rambau Peter
Oriental schistosomiasis with neurological complications: case report

Author(s): Li Yuesheng | Ross Allen | Hou Xunya | Lou Zhaoyang | McManus Donald
Schistosoma mansoni infection reduces the incidence of murine cerebral malaria

Author(s): Waknine-Grinberg Judith | Gold Daniel | Ohayon Ariel | Flescher Eliezer | Heyfets Alina | Doenhoff Michael | Schramm Gabriele | Haas Helmut | Golenser Jacob
Antimony Toxicity

Author(s): Shyam Sundar | Jaya Chakravarty
Epidemiology of viral hepatitis in Sudan

Author(s): Hatim MY Mudawi
A rare case of hematuria

Author(s): Andreia Mascarenhas | Isabel Castro
Disseminated peritoneal Schistosoma japonicum : A case report and review of the pathological manifestations of the helminth.

Author(s): Al-Waheeb Salah | Al-Murshed Maryam | Dashti Fareeda | Hira Parsotam | Al-Sarraf Lamia
Schistosomiasis vaccine discovery using immunomics

Author(s): Driguez Patrick | Doolan Denise | Loukas Alex | Felgner Philip | McManus Donald
Hepatic stellate cells and parasite-induced liver fibrosis

Author(s): Anthony Barrie | Allen Jeremy | Li Yuesheng | McManus Donald
Liver transplantation in Egypt from West to East

Author(s): Galal H El-Gazzaz | Azza H El-Elemi
Polymorphic microsatellites in the human bloodfluke, Schistosoma japonicum, identified using a genomic resource

Author(s): Xiao Ning | Remais Justin | Brindley Paul | Qiu Dongchuan | Spear Robert | Lei Yang | Blair David
Etiological and clinicopathologic characteristics of intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma in young patients

Author(s): Hua-Bang Zhou, Hui Wang, Dong-Xun Zhou, Hao Wang, Qing Wang, Shan-Shan Zou, He-Ping Hu
Analysis of the Knowledge Base and Evaluation of Risk Factors of Schistosomiasis in Rural Zambia

Author(s): Eiman Zargaran | Gavin Silwambe | Shree Baboo | Aaron Yarmoshuk
Modelling within Host Parasite Dynamics of Schistosomiasis

Author(s): Edward T. Chiyaka | Gesham Magombedze | Lawrence Mutimbu
Modeling Schistosomiasis and HIV/AIDS Codynamics

Author(s): S. Mushayabasa | C. P. Bhunu
Effect of praziquantel treatment of Schistosoma mansoni during pregnancy on intensity of infection and antibody responses to schistosome antigens: results of a randomised, placebo-controlled trial

Author(s): Tweyongyere Robert | Mawa Patrice | Emojong Nicholas | Mpairwe Harriet | Jones Frances | Duong Trinh | Dunne David | Vennervald Birgitte | Katunguka-Rwakishaya Eli | Elliott Alison
Developmental gene expression profiles of the human pathogen Schistosoma japonicum

Author(s): Gobert Geoffrey | Moertel Luke | Brindley Paul | McManus Donald
A Schistosoma japonicum chimeric protein with a novel adjuvant induced a polarized Th1 immune response and protection against liver egg burdens

Author(s): Xu Xindong | Zhang Dongmei | Sun Wei | Zhang Qingfeng | Zhang Jingjing | Xue Xiangyang | Shen Luhui | Pan Weiqing
The distribution of interstitial cells of Cajal in the ileum is not altered by infection with Schistosoma mansoni

Author(s): Shyama Chatterjee, Gunther Vrolix, Eric Van Marck & Jean-Marie Vanderwinden
Downregulation of MIP-1α/CCL3 with praziquantel treatment in Schistosoma haematobium and HIV-1 co-infected individuals in a rural community in Zimbabwe

Author(s): Zinyama-Gutsire RBL | Gomo E | Kallestrup P | Erikstrup C | Ullum H | Butterworth AE | Munyati S | Mduluza T
Activation-Induced T Helper Cell Death Contributes to Th1/Th2 Polarization following Murine Schistosoma japonicum Infection

Author(s): Xinyu Xu | Xiaoyun Wen | Ying Chi | Lei He | Sha Zhou | Xuefeng Wang | Jiaqing Zhao | Feng Liu | Chuan Su
Co-infections with Plasmodium falciparum, Schistosoma mansoni and intestinal helminths among schoolchildren in endemic areas of northwestern Tanzania

Author(s): Mazigo Humphrey | Waihenya Rebecca | Lwambo Nicholas | Mnyone Ladislaus | Mahande Aneth | Seni Jeremiah | Zinga Maria | Kapesa Anthony | Kweka Eliningaya | Mshana Stephen | Heukelbach Jorg | Mkoji Gerald
A salting out and resin procedure for extracting Schistosoma mansoni DNA from human urine samples

Author(s): Enk Martin | Oliveira e Silva Guilherme | Rodrigues Nilton
Thioredoxin and glutathione systems differ in parasitic and free-living platyhelminths

Author(s): Otero Lucía | Bonilla Mariana | Protasio Anna | Fernández Cecilia | Gladyshev Vadim | Salinas Gustavo
Schistosomiasis in patients in the Sultanate of Oman.

Author(s): Scrimgeour E | Ahmed A | Sallam J | Khoul R | Al-Dhahry S | Daar A | El-Khatim H | Idris M | Date A
The inhibitory effect against collagen-induced arthritis by Schistosoma japonicum infection is infection stage-dependent

Author(s): He YunKun | Li Jia | Zhuang WenJia | Yin Lan | Chen ChunXia | Li Jun | Chi FengLi | Bai YanShuang | Chen Xiao-Ping
Self-rated quality of life and school performance in relation to helminth infections: case study from Yunnan, People's Republic of China

Author(s): Ziegelbauer Kathrin | Steinmann Peter | Zhou Hui | Du Zun-Wei | Jiang Jin-Yong | Fürst Thomas | Jia Tie-Wu | Zhou Xiao-Nong | Utzinger Jürg
Epidemiology and control of intestinal schistosomiasis on the Sesse Islands, Uganda: integrating malacology and parasitology to tailor local treatment recommendations

Author(s): Standley Claire | Adriko Moses | Arinaitwe Moses | Atuhaire Aaron | Kazibwe Francis | Fenwick Alan | Kabatereine Narcis | Stothard J Russell
Immune Response on Mice Infected with Schistosoma mansoni and Treated with Myrrh

Author(s): Mohamed M. Abdel-Aziz | A.T. Abbas | K.A. Elbakry | E.A. Toson | M. El-Sherbiny
The role of parasites and fungi in secondary infertility

Author(s): Kranjčić-Zec Ivana F. | Džamić Aleksandar M. | Mitrović Sanja M. | Arsenijević-Arsić Valentina | Radonjić Ivana V.
Control of neglected tropical diseases needs a long-term commitment

Author(s): Zhang Yaobi | MacArthur Chad | Mubila Likezo | Baker Shawn
High prevalence of urinary schistosomiasis in two communities in South Darfur: implication for interventions

Author(s): Deribe Kebede | Eldaw Abdeljbar | Hadziabduli Samir | Kailie Emmanuel | Omer Mohamed | Mohammed Alam | Jamshed Tanole | Mohammed Elmonshawe | Mergani Ali | Ali Gafar | Babikir Khalid | Adem Abdulrahman | Hashim Farouq
Can incubators work in Africa? Acorn Technologies and the entrepreneur-centric model

Author(s): Chakma Justin | Masum Hassan | Singer Peter
The nature and combination of subunits used in epitope-based Schistosoma japonicum vaccine formulations affect their efficacy

Author(s): Wang Xuefeng | Zhang Lei | Chi Ying | Hoellwarth Jason | Zhou Sha | Wen Xiaoyun | He Lei | Liu Feng | Wu Calvin | Su Chuan
Does granulocyte-colony stimulating factor administration induce damage or repair response in schistosomiasis?

Author(s): Lobna Y Ghanem, Uta Dahmen, Olaf Dirsch, Mona MF Nosseir, Soheir S Mahmoud, Wafaa AF Mansour
Risk factors for hilar cholangiocarcinoma: A case-control study in China

Author(s): Wen-Ke Cai, Hui Sima, Ben-Dong Chen, Guang-Shun Yang
Effects of in vitro cultivated Calculus Bovis compound on pulmonary lesions in rabbits with schistosomiasis

Author(s): Tao Li, Zhen Yang, Hong-Jiao Cai, Li-Wei Song, Ke-Yu Lu, Zheng Zhou, Zai-De Wu
Agressive inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor of the liver with underlying schistosomiasis: A case report

Author(s): Vera Lucia Pannain, Juliana Vial Passos, Ariovaldo da Rocha Filho, Cristiane Villela-Nogueira, Adriana Caroli-Bottino
Rosiglitazone prevents murine hepatic fibrosis induced by Schistosoma japonicum

Author(s): Hui Chen, Yong-Wen He, Wen-Qi Liu, Jing-Hui Zhang
A 5-year longitudinal study of schistosomiasis transmission in Shian village, the Anning River Valley, Sichuan Province, the Peoples' Republic of China

Author(s): Zhu Rong | Gray Darren | Thrift Aaron | Williams Gail | Zhang Yi | Qiu Dong-Chuan | Zheng Feng | Li Yue-Sheng | Guo Jiagang | Zhu Hong-Qing | Wu Wei-Ping | Li Robert | McManus Donald
Urinary schistosomiasis among preschool-aged children in Sahelian rural communities in Mali

Author(s): Dabo Abdoulaye | Badawi Haroun | Bary Boubacar | Doumbo Ogobara
Confirmed local endemicity and putative high transmission of Schistosoma mansoni in the Sesse Islands, Lake Victoria, Uganda

Author(s): Standley Claire | Adriko Moses | Besigye Fred | Kabatereine Narcis | Stothard Russell
Proportion of Urinary Schistosomiasis among HIV-Infected Subjects in Benin City, Nigeria

Author(s): Akinbo Frederick Olusegun | Okaka Christopher Ehis | Omoregie Richard
Production of interferon-γ by natural killer cells and aging in chronic human schistosomiasis

Author(s): E. Speziali | J. Bethony | O. Martins-Filho | L. A. O. Fraga | D. S. Lemos | L. J. Souza | R. Correa-Oliveira | A. M. C. Faria
Concurrent systemic AA amyloidosis can discriminate primary sclerosing cholangitis from IgG4-associated cholangitis

Author(s): Takehiro Kato | Atsumasa Komori | Sung-Kwan Bae | Kiyoshi Migita | Masahiro Ito | Yasuhide Motoyoshi | Seigo Abiru | Hiromi Ishibashi
Use of Indicator Kriging to Investigate Schistosomiasis in Minas Gerais State, Brazil

Author(s): Ricardo J. P. S. Guimarães | Corina C. Freitas | Luciano V. Dutra | Carlos A. Felgueiras | Sandra C. Drummond | Sandra H. C. Tibiriçá | Guilherme Oliveira | Omar S. Carvalho

Effect of praziquantel treatment of Schistosoma mansoni during pregnancy on immune responses to schistosome antigens among the offspring: results of a randomised, placebo-controlled trial

Author(s): Tweyongyere Robert | Mawa Patrice | Kihembo Macklyn | Jones Frances | Webb Emily | Cose Stephen | Dunne David | Vennervald Birgitte | Elliott Alison
Development of a rapid dipstick with latex immunochromatographic assay (DLIA) for diagnosis of schistosomiasis japonica

Author(s): Yu Li-Ling | Ding Jian-Zu | Wen Li-Yong | Lou Di | Yan Xiao-Lan | Lin Li-Jun | Lu Shao-Hong | Lin Dan-Dan | Zhou Xiao-Nong
Monitoring specific antibody responses against the hydrophilic domain of the 23 kDa membrane protein of Schistosoma japonicum for early detection of infection in sentinel mice

Author(s): Wang Jie | Yu Chuan-Xin | Yin Xu-Ren | Zhang Wei | Qian Chun-Yan | Song Li-Jun | Ke Xue-Dan | Xu Yong-Liang | He Wei | Cao Guo-Qun
A strategy for emergency treatment of Schistosoma japonicum-infested water

Author(s): Liang You-Sheng | Wang Wei | Xing Yun-Tian | Li Hong-Jun | Xu Yong-Liang | Shen Xue-Hui | Qu Guo-Li | Li You-Zi | Dai Jian-Rong
Studies on Schistosomiasis japonica and Saponins

Author(s): Edito Garcia | Benjamin Cabrera | Amorita Castillo
Urinary Schistosomiasis around Oyan Reservoir, Nigeria: Twenty Years after the First Outbreak

Author(s): OP Akinwale | MB Ajayi | DO Akande | PV Gyang | MA Adeleke | AK Adeneye | MO Adebayo | AA Dike
ANSWER: An unexpected finding of a pelvic x-ray.

Author(s): Kai Shing KOH | Vui Heng CHONG
Aktuelle Aspekte der Pulmonalen Hypertonie

Author(s): Renner MK | Lang I
Compensatory density feedback of Oncomelania hupensis populations in two different environmental settings in China

Author(s): Yang Guo-Jing | Zhou Xiao-Nong | Sun Le-Ping | Wu Feng | Zhong Bo | Qiu Dong-Chuan | Utzinger Jürg | Bradshaw Corey
The contribution of water contact behavior to the high Schistosoma mansoni Infection rates observed in the Senegal River Basin

Author(s): Sow Seydou | de Vlas Sake | Stelma Foekje | Vereecken Kim | Gryseels Bruno | Polman Katja
Integrated monitoring and evaluation and environmental risk factors for urogenital schistosomiasis and active trachoma in Burkina Faso before preventative chemotherapy using sentinel sites

Author(s): Koukounari Artemis | Touré Seydou | Donnelly Christl | Ouedraogo Amadou | Yoda Bernadette | Ky Cesaire | Kaboré Martin | Bosqué-Oliva Elisa | Basáñez María-Gloria | Fenwick Alan | Webster Joanne
Schistosomal myeloradiculopathy due to Schistosoma mansoni: Report on 17 cases from an endemic area

Author(s): Badr Hatem | Shaker Ashraf | Mansour Mohamed | Kasem Mohamed | Zaher Ahmad | Salama Hassan | Safwat Mohamed
Scrotal Swelling and Testicular Atrophy due to Schistosomiasis in a 9-Year-Old Boy: A Case Report

Author(s): Peter F. Rambau | Alphonce Chandika | Philipo L. Chalya | Kahima Jackson
Genital Schistosomiasis in European Women

Author(s): Xavier Catteau | Anass Fakhri | Valérie Albert | Brahima Doukoure | Jean-Christophe Noël
A Role for Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptors in the Immunopathology of Schistosomiasis?

Author(s): Barrie J. Anthony | Jeremy T. Allen | Yuesheng S. Li | Donald P. McManus
Microgeographical patterns of schistosomiasis and anthropometric indices of children in eko-ende south west, nigeria

Author(s): Hassan AO | Amoo AO J , Deji-Agboola A M , Adeleke MA , Muhibi MA , Hassan R O
Detection of the circulating antigen 14-3-3 protein of Schistosoma japonicum by time-resolved fluoroimmunoassay in rabbits

Author(s): Qian Chun-Yan | Huang Biao | Yu Chuan-Xin | Zhang Jue | Yin Xu-Ren | Wang Jie | Song Li-Jun | Zhang Wei | Ke Xue-Dan
Eukaryotic Protein Kinases (ePKs) of the Helminth Parasite Schistosoma mansoni

Author(s): Andrade Luiza | Nahum Laila | Avelar Lívia | Silva Larissa | Zerlotini Adhemar | Ruiz Jerônimo | Oliveira Guilherme
Improved mapping strategy to better inform policy on the control of schistosomiasis and soil-transmitted helminthiasis in Sierra Leone

Author(s): Hodges Mary | Dada Nsa | Wamsley Anna | Paye Jusufu | Nyorkor Emanuel | Sonnie Mustapha | Barnish Guy | Bockarie Moses | Zhang Yaobi
Performance of a dipstick dye immunoassay for rapid screening of Schistosoma japonicum infection in areas of low endemicity

Author(s): Xu Jing | Feng Ting | Lin Dan-Dan | Wang Qi-Zhi | Tang Li | Wu Xiao-Hua | Guo Jia-Gang | Peeling Rosanna | Zhou Xiao-Nong
Knowledge attitudes and practices of grade three primary schoolchildren in relation to schistosomiasis, soil transmitted helminthiasis and malaria in Zimbabwe

Author(s): Midzi Nicholas | Mtapuri-Zinyowera Sekesai | Mapingure Munyaradzi | Paul Noah | Sangweme Davison | Hlerema Gibson | Mutsaka Masceline | Tongogara Farisai | Makware Godfrey | Chadukura Vivian | Brouwer Kimberly | Mutapi Francisca | Kumar Nirbhay | Mduluza Takafira
Efficacy of integrated school based de-worming and prompt malaria treatment on helminths -Plasmodium falciparum co-infections: A 33 months follow up study

Author(s): Midzi Nicholas | Mtapuri-Zinyowera Sekesai | Sangweme Davison | Paul Noah | Makware Godfrey | Mapingure Munyaradzi | Brouwer Kimberly | Mudzori James | Hlerema Gibson | Chadukura Vivian | Mutapi Francisca | Kumar Nirbhay | Mduluza Takafira
Schistosoma-associated Salmonella resist antibiotics via specific fimbrial attachments to the flatworm

Author(s): Barnhill Alison | Novozhilova Ekaterina | Day Tim | Carlson Steve
Soil transmitted helminths and schistosoma mansoni infections among school children in zarima town, northwest Ethiopia

Author(s): Alemu Abebe | Atnafu Asmamaw | Addis Zelalem | Shiferaw Yitayal | Teklu Takele | Mathewos Biniam | Birhan Wubet | Gebretsadik Simon | Gelaw Baye
Multiple vaccinations with UV- attenuated cercariae in pig enhance protective immunity against Schistosoma japonicum infection as compared to single vaccination

Author(s): Lin Dandan | Tian Fang | Wu Haiwei | Gao Yanan | Wu Jingjiao | Zhang Donghui | Ji Minjun | McManus Donald | Driguez Patrick | Wu Guanling
Crohn’s disease and schistostomiasis: A rare coexistence

Author(s): N. Viazis | J. Vlachogiannakos | E. Komninou | K. Papaxoinis | D. Georgiadis | M. Rodias | M.E. Kopaka | D.G. Karamanolis
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