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Un estranger m'ha revelat la meva estrangeria

Author(s): Artigall Valls, Jordi
Die Bibliothek der Medizinischen Hochschule Hannover / The Hannover Medical School library

Author(s): Felsch-Klotz, Annamarie | Felsch-Klotz, Annamarie | Möhlhenrich, Angelika | Möhlhenrich, Angelika | Schmidt-Rohland, Sigrid | Schmidt-Rohland, Sigrid | Weiss, Christiane | Weiss, Christiane
Los servicios de información y referencia en el contexto de la biblioteca universitaria actual

Author(s): Beumala, Angel | Mas, María Dolors | Ramón, Montserrat | Tornés, Montserrat
Assessment of academic libraries in Mazandran, Goleston and Babol Medical Universities

Author(s): Ehteram Sadat Ilali | Zohreh Taraghi | Hasan Siamian | Parvaneh Mahdian | Abdol Majid Abassi Raad | Reza Ali Mohammadpour | Khadijeh Mazaher

Author(s): Lindsay Glynn
Plans, Updates and Musings (Editorial)

Author(s): Lindsay Glynn
Reading habits of secondary school students in Serbia

Author(s): Krnjaić Zora | Stepanović Ivana | Pavlović-Babić Dragica
圖書館規劃 Library Planning

Author(s): Shiow-jyu Lu
Supporting interdisciplinary teaching and research with the Museum of Anthropology’s Online Artifact Database

Author(s): Stephen Whittington | Kyle Bryner | Beverlye Hancock | Tina Smith
Non - Book Organizing Status in TUMS Libraries of Hospitals and Schools

Author(s): F Azadeh | N Makani | M Gharib | AA Poor Mohammad
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