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Querying OCLC Web Services for Name, Subject, and ISBN

Author(s): Ya’aqov Ziso | Ralph LeVan | Eric Lease Morgan
Significance of Web 2.0 in Digital Libraries

Author(s): Hanumat G. Sastry, | Prof. Lokanatha C. Reddy
INTEGRATOR: interactive graphical search of large protein interactomes over the Web

Author(s): Chang Aaron | McDermott Jason | Frazier Zachary | Guerquin Michal | Samudrala Ram
Análisis y descripción de una base de datos de Terapia Ocupacional: NARIC

Author(s): Casal Acción B | Manso Fernández M | Paz Fandiño S
Metadata Management for Integration and Analysis of Earth Observation Data

Author(s): Akira Takahashi | Masashi Tatedoko | Toshiyuki Shimizu | Hiroko Kinutani | Masatoshi Yoshikawa
A global optimization algorithm for protein surface alignment

Author(s): Bertolazzi Paola | Guerra Concettina | Liuzzi Giampaolo
A Portable Sensing System for Electronic Tongue Operations

Author(s): Karen Twomey | Andreas Truemper | Kilian Murphy
Ajax Mistakes

Author(s): Iulian ILIE NEMEDI
Design and implementation of cutting tools search system

Author(s): J.Y. Chen | H.S. Lu | B.Y. Lee | C.H. Chen
SSWAP: A Simple Semantic Web Architecture and Protocol for semantic web services

Author(s): Gessler Damian | Schiltz Gary | May Greg | Avraham Shulamit | Town Christopher | Grant David | Nelson Rex
A journey to Semantic Web query federation in the life sciences

Author(s): Cheung Kei-Hoi | Frost H Robert | Marshall M Scott | Prud'hommeaux Eric | Samwald Matthias | Zhao Jun | Paschke Adrian
Analysis of interactions between ribosomal proteins and RNA structural motifs

Author(s): Ciriello Giovanni | Gallina Claudio | Guerra Concettina
Efficient Selection and Integration of Hidden Web Database

Author(s): Xuefeng Xian | Pengpeng Zhao | Yuanfeng Yang | Jie Xin | Zhiming Cui
Analysis of Haptics Evolution from Web Search Engines’ Data

Author(s): Agnès Guerraz | Céline Loscos
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Mario Döller | Wo L. Chang | Jaime Delgado | Lionel Brunie
An Approach to Discover Dependencies between Service Operations

Author(s): Shuying Yan | Jing Wang | Chen Liu | Lei Liu
Evaluation of the physical and electrochemical properties of adobe reinforced and of its component materials

Author(s): Pérez, G. | Melo, R. | Rojas, H. | Castro, L. | Malavè, R. | Anzola, E. | López, G.
Querying Ontology using Keywords and Quantitative Restriction Phrases

Author(s): N. Hasany | A.B. Jantan | M.H.B. Selamat | M.I. Saripan
Two new ArrayTrack libraries for personalized biomedical research

Author(s): Xu Joshua | Wise Carolyn | Varma Vijayalakshmi | Fang Hong | Ning Baitang | Hong Huixiao | Tong Weida | Kaput Jim
Tesauros en acceso abierto en Internet. Un análisis cuantitativo

Author(s): Mochón Bezares, Gonzalo | Sorli Rojo, Angela
DMBase: An Integrated Genetic Information Resource for Diabetes Mellitus

Author(s): Sun Young Lee | Young-Kyu Park | Jaeheup Kim | Young Joo Kim
A Survey of Automatic Deep Web Classification Techniques

Author(s): Umara Noor | Zahid Rashid | Azhar Rauf
ESTIMA, a tool for EST management in a multi-project environment

Author(s): Kumar Charu | LeDuc Richard | Gong George | Roinishivili Levan | Lewin Harris | Liu Lei
Windows .NET Network Distributed Basic Local Alignment Search Toolkit (W.ND-BLAST)

Author(s): Dowd Scot | Zaragoza Joaquin | Rodriguez Javier | Oliver Melvin | Payton Paxton
maxdLoad2 and maxdBrowse: standards-compliant tools for microarray experimental annotation, data management and dissemination

Author(s): Hancock David | Wilson Michael | Velarde Giles | Morrison Norman | Hayes Andrew | Hulme Helen | Wood A Joseph | Nashar Karim | Kell Douglas | Brass Andy
Can electronic search engines optimize screening of search results in systematic reviews: an empirical study

Author(s): Sampson Margaret | Barrowman Nicholas | Moher David | Clifford Tammy | Platt Robert | Morrison Andra | Klassen Terry | Zhang Li
The Ontology Lookup Service, a lightweight cross-platform tool for controlled vocabulary queries

Author(s): Côté Richard | Jones Philip | Apweiler Rolf | Hermjakob Henning
Los catalogos en linea de aceso publico en las bibliotecas argentinas concolecciones juridicas Online public access catalogs in argentine libraries with law collections

Author(s): Elsa Barber | Silvia Pisano | Sandra Romagnoli | Verónica Parsiale | Gabriela de Pedro | Carolina Gregui
JUICE: a data management system that facilitates the analysis of large volumes of information in an EST project workflow

Author(s): Latorre Mariano | Silva Herman | Saba Juan | Guziolowski Carito | Vizoso Paula | Martinez Veronica | Maldonado Jonathan | Morales Andrea | Caroca Rodrigo | Cambiazo Veronica | Campos-Vargas Reinaldo | Gonzalez Mauricio | Orellana Ariel | Retamales Julio | Meisel Lee
Model-driven user interfaces for bioinformatics data resources: regenerating the wheel as an alternative to reinventing it

Author(s): Garwood Kevin | Garwood Christopher | Hedeler Cornelia | Griffiths Tony | Swainston Neil | Oliver Stephen | Paton Norman
Identification of new members of hydrophobin family using primary structure analysis

Author(s): Yang Kuan | Deng Youping | Zhang Chaoyang | Elasri Mohamed
Utilization of the PICO framework to improve searching PubMed for clinical questions

Author(s): Schardt Connie | Adams Martha | Owens Thomas | Keitz Sheri | Fontelo Paul
Beyond OPAC 2.0: Library Catalog as Versatile Discovery Platform

Author(s): Tito Sierra | Joseph Ryan | Markus West
Userscripts for the Life Sciences

Author(s): Willighagen Egon | O'Boyle Noel | Gopalakrishnan Harini | Jiao Dazhi | Guha Rajarshi | Steinbeck Christoph | Wild David
SynechoNET: integrated protein-protein interaction database of a model cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803

Author(s): Kim Woo-Yeon | Kang Sungsoo | Kim Byoung-Chul | Oh Jeehyun | Cho Seongwoong | Bhak Jong | Choi Jong-Soon
SWS: accessing SRS sites contents through Web Services

Author(s): Romano Paolo | Marra Domenico
ALFRED: An Allele Frequency Database for Microevolutionary Studies

Author(s): Haseena Rajeevan | Kei-Hoi Cheung | Rohit Gadagkar | Shannon Stein | Usha Soundararajan | Judith R Kidd | Andrew J Pakstis | Perry L Miller | Kenneth K Kidd
A plant resource and experiment management system based on the Golm Plant Database as a basic tool for omics research

Author(s): Köhl Karin | Basler Georg | Lüdemann Alexander | Selbig Joachim | Walther Dirk
TreeGenes: A Forest Tree Genome Database

Author(s): Jill L. Wegrzyn | Jennifer M. Lee | Brandon R. Tearse | David B. Neale
MACD-Based Motion Detection Approach in Heterogeneous Networks

Author(s): Yung-Mu Chen | Tein-Yaw Chung | Ming-Yen Lai | Chih-Hung Hsu
A Natural Language Query Processor for Database Interface

Author(s): Mrs.Vidya Dhamdhere | Nijesh Hirpara | Kalpesh Surana | Karishma Gangwani | Chirayu Bootley

Author(s): Vanessa Massoni da Rocha
A framework for dynamic indexing from hidden web

Author(s): Hasan Mahmud | Moumie Soulemane | Mohammad Rafiuzzaman
MACD-Based Motion Detection Approach in Heterogeneous Networks

Author(s): Chen Yung-Mu | Chung Tein-Yaw | Lai Ming-Yen | Hsu Chih-Hung
Design of Hidden Web Search Engine

Author(s): Anuradha | A. K. Sharma
Diagnosis of Skin Diseases using Online Expert System

Author(s): Muhammad Zubair Asghar | Muhammad Junaid Asghar | Sheikh Muhammad Saqib | Bashir Ahmad | Shakeel Ahmad | Hussain Ahmad
The Roche Cancer Genome Database 2.0

Author(s): Küntzer Jan | Maisel Daniela | Lenhof Hans-Peter | Klostermann Stefan | Burtscher Helmut
RASOnD - A comprehensive resource and search tool for RAS superfamily oncogenes from various species

Author(s): Kulsum Umay | Singh Vishwadeep | Sharma Sujata | Srinivasan A | Singh Tej | Kaur Punit
Semantic inference using chemogenomics data for drug discovery

Author(s): Zhu Qian | Sun Yuyin | Challa Sashikiran | Ding Ying | Lajiness Michael | Wild David
Does the Size of Personalized Menus Affect User Performance?

Author(s): Khalid A. Omar | Dimitrios I. Rigas
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