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Primary dispersal of Cytisus multiflorus seeds

Author(s): Moreno Marcos, G. | Gómez Gutiérrez, J. M. | Fernández Santos, B.
Pérdidas de fruto y movilización de semillas en Olea europaea var. sylvestris Brot. (Oleaceae)

Author(s): Sánchez-Lafuente, Alfonso M. | Valera, Francisco | Rey, Pedro J. | Alcántara, Julio M.
¿Cómo gestionar una planta prácticamente inaccesible y en peligro de extinción?

Author(s): D. Goñi | D. Guzmán | J. Cosculluela | J. Guiral | J. Puente | M. Alcántara | M.B. García
Eco-geomorphology of banded vegetation patterns in arid and semi-arid regions

Author(s): P. M. Saco | G. R. Willgoose | G. R. Hancock
Development of SSR markers and analysis of diversity in Turkish populations of Brachypodium distachyon

Author(s): Vogel John | Tuna Metin | Budak Hikmet | Huo Naxin | Gu Yong | Steinwand Michael
Population genetics of the understory fishtail palm Chamaedorea ernesti-augusti in Belize: high genetic connectivity with local differentiation

Author(s): Cibrián-Jaramillo Angélica | Bacon Christine | Garwood Nancy | Bateman Richard | Thomas Meredith | Russell Steve | Bailey C Donovan | Hahn William | Bridgewater Samuel | DeSalle Rob
Diet of paca (Cuniculus paca) using indirect methods in an agricultural area in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest

Author(s): Rodrigo Zucaratto | Renata Carrara | Brena Karina Siqueira Franco
Stone formation in peach fruit exhibits spatial coordination of the lignin and flavonoid pathways and similarity to Arabidopsis dehiscence

Author(s): Dardick Christopher | Callahan Ann | Chiozzotto Remo | Schaffer Robert | Piagnani M Claudia | Scorza Ralph
Persistent Soil Seed Banks for Natural Rehabilitation of Dry Tropical Forests in Northern Ethiopia

Author(s): Reubens, B. | Heyn, M. | Gebrehiwot, K. | Hermy, M. | Muys, B.
Conservation genetics and phylogeography of endangered and endemic shrub Tetraena mongolica (Zygophyllaceae) in Inner Mongolia, China

Author(s): Ge Xue-Jun | Hwang Chi-Chuan | Liu Zin-Huang | Huang Chi-Chun | Huang Wei-Hsiang | Hung Kuo-Hsiang | Wang Wei-Kuang | Chiang Tzen-Yuh
Review of research on seed heteromorphism and its ecological significance

Author(s): WANG Lei | DONG Ming | HUANG Zhen-Ying
Síndromes de dispersão de espécies arbustivo-arbóreas em cerrado sensu stricto do Brasil Central e savanas amazônicas

Diet of Astyanax species (Teleostei, Characidae) in an Atlantic Forest River in Southern Brazil

Author(s): Vilella Fábio Silveira | Becker Fernando Gertum | Hartz Sandra Maria
The significance of Runcaria (Middle Devonian, Belgium) in the evolution of seed plants

Author(s): Gerrienne Philippe | Meyer-Berthaud Brigitte | Fairon-Demaret Muriel
Tissue-specific mRNA expression profiling in grape berry tissues

Author(s): Grimplet Jerome | Deluc Laurent | Tillett Richard | Wheatley Matthew | Schlauch Karen | Cramer Grant | Cushman John
Forty years of carabid beetle research in Europe – from taxonomy, biology, ecology and population studies to bioindication, habitat assessment and conservation

Author(s): Johan Kotze | Pietro Brandmayr | Achille Casale | Emmanuelle Dauffy-Richard | Wouter Dekoninck | Matti Koivula | Gabor Lovei | Dietrich Mossakowski | Jinze Noordijk | Wilfried Paarmann | Roberto Pizzoloto | Pavel Saska | Axel Schwerk | Jose Serrano | Jan Szyszko | Angela Palomares | Hans Turin | Stephen Venn | Rikjan Vermeulen | Tullia Zetto Brandmayr
Analysis and distributional patterns of the invasive flora in a protected mountain area - a case study of Medvednica Nature Park (Croatia)

Author(s): Nina Vuković | Anita Bernardić | Toni Nikolić | Vladimir Hršak | Miško Plazibat | Sven D. Jelaska
Seed dispersal by Tana River mangabeys in fragmented gallery forests

Author(s): Dennis O. Otieno | Geoffrey M. Wahungu | Duncan M. Kimuyu
Seed dispersal by Tana River mangabeys in fragmented gallery forests

Author(s): Dennis O. Otieno | Geoffrey M. Wahungu | Duncan M. Kimuyu
Genetic structure and seed-mediated dispersal rates of an endangered shrub in a fragmented landscape: a case study for Juniperus communis in northwestern Europe

Author(s): Vanden-Broeck An | Gruwez Robert | Cox Karen | Adriaenssens Sandy | Michalczyk Inga | Verheyen Kris
Exotic Seeds on the Feathers of Migratory Birds on a Stopover Island in Korea

Author(s): Chang-Yong Choi | Hyun-Young Nam | Hee-Young Chae
Division of labor of heteromorphic stamens in Melastoma malabathricum

Author(s): Guohui Lu | Wenhua Wu | Ruizhen Wang | Xinliang Li | Yingqiang Wang
Population distribution patterns and interspecific spatial associations in warm temperate secondary forests, Beijing

Author(s): Yan Zhu | Fan Bai | Haifeng Liu | Wenchao Li | Liang Li | Guangqi Li | Shunzhong Wang | Weiguo Sang
Variation in phylogenetic structure of forest communities along a human disturbance gradient in Gutianshan forest, China

Author(s): Kai Song | Xiangcheng Mi | Qi Jia | Haibao Ren | Dan Bebber | Keping Ma
Seedling distribution in a subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest plot in the Dinghu Mountain

Author(s): Yue Bin | Wanhui Ye | Honglin Cao | Zhongliang Huang | Juyu Lian
Genetic population structure of the alpine species Rhododendron pseudochrysanthum sensu lato (Ericaceae) inferred from chloroplast and nuclear DNA

Author(s): Huang Chi-Chun | Hung Kuo-Hsiang | Hwang Chi-Chuan | Huang Jao-Ching | Lin Hung-Du | Wang Wei-Kuang | Wu Pei-Yin | Hsu Tsai-Wen | Chiang Tzen-Yuh
The effect of fire on the dormancy break of annual legume seeds

Author(s): Fabio Gresta | Giovanni Avola | Rosalena Tuttobene | Andrea Onofri | Vincenzo Barrile | Antonia Cristaudo | Valerio Abbate
Mode of pollen spread in clonal seed orchard of Pinus koraiensis

Author(s): Fu-Juan Feng | Xin Sui | Min-Min Chen | Dan Zhao | Hi-Jie Han | Mai-He Li
The effect of fire on the dormancy break of three annual legume seeds

Author(s): Fabio Gresta | Giovanni Avola | Rosalena Tuttobene | Andrea Onofri | Vincenzo Barrile | Antonia Cristaudo | Valerio Abbate
Fruit and seed floras from exceptionally preserved biotas in the European Paleogene

Author(s): Collinson M | Manchester S R | Wilde V | Hayes P

Author(s): Viviane Grenha | Margarete V. Macedo | Alexandra S. Pires | Ricardo F. Monteiro
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