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Dynamic Power Control for Wireless Backbone Mesh Networks: a Survey

Author(s): Thomas Otieno Olwal | Barend J Van Wyk | Ntsibane Ntlatlapa | Karim Djouani, | Patrick Siarry, | Yskandar Hamam
A Novel Method of Preparing a Nanometer-Scale Rod Array of Hydroxyapatite Crystals

Author(s): S. Hayakawa | Y. Li | Y. Shirosaki | A. Osaka | E. Fujii | K. Kawabata
InGaAs/GaAs Quantum Dots for 1.3 µm Applications

Author(s): U. W. Pohl, A. Schliwa. I. Kaiander, T. Germann, A. Strittmatter, and D. Dimberg
New-generation taxoid SB-T-1214 inhibits stem cell-related gene expression in 3D cancer spheroids induced by purified colon tumor-initiating cells

Author(s): Botchkina Galina | Zuniga Edison | Das Manisha | Wang Yuan | Wang Hichao | Zhu Shu | Savitt Anne | Rowehl Rebecca | Leyfman Yan | Ju Jingfang | Shroyer Kenneth | Ojima Iwao
Databases as policy instruments. About extending networks as evidence-based policy

Author(s): de Bont Antoinette | Stoevelaar Herman | Bal Roland
Self-organized criticality and urban development

Author(s): Michael Batty | Yichun Xie
Gottwald Melborune (0–1) test for chaos in a plasma

Author(s): D. R. Chowdhury | A. N. S. Iyengar | S. Lahiri
Crystal Growth of Thiol-Stabilized Gold Nanoparticles by Heat-Induced Coalescence

Author(s): Moon SookYoung | Tanaka Shun-ichiro | Sekino Tohru
Self-Organized Ni Nanocrystal Embedded in BaTiO3 Epitaxial Film

Author(s): Ge FF | Wang XM | Cao LH | Li J | Zhang HL | Wang HP | Dai Y | Wang HB | Shen J | Wu WD
Theoretical Investigations into Self-Organized Ordered Metallic Semi-Clusters Arrays on Metallic Substrate

Author(s): Wang Xiao-Chun | Zhao Han-Yue | Chen Nan-Xian | Zhang Yong
Submonolayer Quantum Dots for High Speed Surface Emitting Lasers

Author(s): Ledentsov NN | Bimberg D | Hopfer F | Mutig A | Shchukin VA | Savel’ev AV | Fiol G | Stock E | Eisele H | Dähne M | Gerthsen D | Fischer U | Litvinov D | Rosenauer A | Mikhrin SS | Kovsh AR | Zakharov ND | Werner P

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