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Approximation in the sense of Kato for the transport problem

Author(s): Mohamed Amine Cherif | Hassan Emamirad
Notes on the Propagators of Evolution Equations

Author(s): Yu Lin | Ti-Jun Xiao | Jin Liang
On fractional calculus operator N^{i_1,i_2} and p-transformation

Author(s): Manju Purohit | C. L. Parihar | Madhu Tiwari
Module Approximate Amenability for Semigroup Algebras

Author(s): Taher Yazdanpanah | Hashem Najafi
On the approximation theorem of Wong-Zakai type for the Lasota operator

Author(s): Antoni Leon Dawidowicz | Krystyna Twardowska
P-completely Regular Semigroup

Author(s): Xiujuan Pan
Studio di una classe notevole di anelli dotata di inverso generalizzato

Author(s): Maria Scafati Tallini | Maurizio Iurlo
Well posedness for evolution inclusions

Author(s): K. Balachandran | A. Anguraj
A Family of Non-Gaussian Martingales with Gaussian Marginals

Author(s): Kais Hamza | Fima C. Klebaner
Fuzzy Ideals and Fuzzy Filters of Ordered Ternary Semigroups

Author(s): Ronnason Chinram | Sompob Saelee
Brandt Extensions and Primitive Topological Inverse Semigroups

Author(s): Tetyana Berezovski | Oleg Gutik | Kateryna Pavlyk
On Uniformly Generalized Lipschitzian Mappings

Author(s): M. Imdad | Ahmed H. Soliman
Almost automorphic solutions of neutral functional differential equations

Author(s): Gisele M. Mophou | Gaston M. N'Guerekata
Spectral analysis for a discontinuous second order elliptic operator

Author(s): Paolo Manselli | Francesco Ragnedda
Relazione d'ordine in un corpide

Author(s): Maria Scafati Tallini | Maurizio Iurlo
Corpidi e loro proprietà

Author(s): Maria Scafati Tallini | Maurizio Iurlo
A family of permutable completely regular semigroups

Author(s): Celestina Bonzini | Alessandra Cherubini
Decomposizione ed s-m rappresentazione di gruppi finiti

Author(s): Franco Migliorini | Jenö Szép
On Anti Fuzzy Ideals in Left Almost Semigroups

Author(s): Madad Khan | M. Faisal Iqbal | M. Nouman A. Khan
Loss of exponential stability for a thermoelastic system with memory

Author(s): Bruno Ferreira Alves | Waldemar Donizete Bastos | Carlos Alberto Raposo
Semigroup of EEG Signals during Epileptic Seizure

Author(s): F.A.M. Binjadhnan | T. Ahmad
Long-Term Damped Dynamics of the Extensible Suspension Bridge

Author(s): Ivana Bochicchio | Claudio Giorgi | Elena Vuk
On the Bochner subordination of exit laws

Author(s): Mohamed Hmissi | Wajdi Maaouia
A note on invariant measures

Author(s): Piotr Niemiec
Stability of coupled systems

Author(s): Farid Ammar Khodja | Assia Benabdallah | Djamel Teniou
Metric domains, holomorphic mappings and nonlinear semigroups

Author(s): Simeon Reich | David Shoikhet
On the Adjoint of a Strongly Continuous Semigroup

Author(s): Diómedes Bárcenas | Luis Gerardo Mármol
Sets with prescribed arithmetic densities

Author(s): Florian Luca | Carl Pomerance | Štefan Porubský
Computing holes in semi-groups and its applications to transportation problems

Author(s): Raymond Hemmecke | Akimichi Takemura | Ruriko Yoshida
Notes on the Propagators of Evolution Equations

Author(s): Lin Yu | Xiao Ti-Jun | Liang Jin
On Uniformly Generalized Lipschitzian Mappings

Author(s): Imdad M | Soliman AhmedH
Matrix transformations and generators of analytic semigroups

Author(s): de Malafosse Bruno | Medeghri Ahmed
A reconsideration of Hua's inequality

Author(s): Takagi Hiroyuki | Miura Takeshi | Kanzo Tadashi | Takahasi Sin-Ei
Nonlinear variational inequalities of semilinear parabolic type

Author(s): Jeong Jin-Mun | Park Jong-Yeoul
S-asymptotically periodic solutions for partial differential equations with finite delay

Author(s): William Dimbour | Gisele Mophou | Gaston M. N'Guerekata
Time Asymmetric Quantum Mechanics

Author(s): Arno R. Bohm | Manuel Gadella | Piotr Kielanowski
Compact decoupling for thermoviscoelasticity in irregular domains

Author(s): El Mustapha Ait Ben Hassi | Hammadi Bouslous | Lahcen Maniar
Green’s Symmetries in Finite Digraphs

Author(s): Allen D. Parks
On the KdV Equation with Hysteresis

Author(s): Marius-Florinel Ionescu | Ligia Munteanu | Veturia Chiroiu
A Study on the Conversion of a Semigroup to a Semilattice

Author(s): Bahman Tabatabaie | Seyed Mostafa Zebarjad
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