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Weakly Distributive and Sectionally *Semilattice

Author(s): J.V. Rao | E.S.R.R. Kumar
P-completely Regular Semigroup

Author(s): Xiujuan Pan
A topological lattice on the set of multifunctions

Author(s): Basil K. Papadopoulos
The universal semilattice compactification of a semigroup

Author(s): H. R. Ebrahimi Vishki | M. A. Pourabdollah
Subdirect products of semirings

Author(s): P. Mukhopadhyay
𝒩-Fuzzy Ideals in Ordered Semigroups

Author(s): Asghar Khan | Young Bae Jun | Muhammad Shabir
On Fuzzy Ordered Abel-Grassmann's Groupoids

Author(s): Madad Khan | Faisal Faisal
On semilattices of groups whose arrows are epimorphisms

Author(s): M. El-Ghali M. Abdallah | L. N. Gab-Alla | Sayed K. M. Elagan
Some remarks on certain classes of semilattices

Author(s): P. V. Ramana Murty | M. Krishna Murty
Pre A*-Algebra as a Semilattice

Author(s): Y. Praroopa | J. Venkateswara Rao
A Study on the Conversion of a Semigroup to a Semilattice

Author(s): Bahman Tabatabaie | Seyed Mostafa Zebarjad
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