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Rehabilitation program for traumatic chronic cervical pain associated with unsteadiness: a single case study

Author(s): Lafond Danik | Champagne Annick | Cadieux Rosalie | Descarreaux Martin
Classical conditioned responses to absent tones

Author(s): Bangert Marc | Jürgens Uwe | Häusler Udo | Altenmüller Eckart
A Cognitive Approach to Multimodal Attention

Author(s): Raul Arrabales | Agapito Ledezma | Araceli Sanchis
Evidence for cognitive vestibular integration impairment in idiopathic scoliosis patients

Author(s): Simoneau Martin | Lamothe Vincent | Hutin Émilie | Mercier Pierre | Teasdale Normand | Blouin Jean
AVPR1a and SLC6A4 Gene Polymorphisms Are Associated with Creative Dance Performance.

Author(s): Bachner-Melman Rachel | Dina Christian | Zohar Ada H | Constantini Naama | Lerer Elad | Hoch Sarah | Sella Sarah | Nemanov Lubov | Gritsenko Inga | Lichtenberg Pesach | Granot Roni | Ebstein Richard P
Routine post-weaning handling of rats prevents isolation rearing-induced deficit in prepulse inhibition

Author(s): Rosa M.L.N.M. | Silva R.C.B. | Moura-de-Carvalho F.T. | Brandão M.L. | Guimarães F.S. | Del Bel E.A.
A biologically inspired neural network controller for ballistic arm movements

Author(s): Bernabucci Ivan | Conforto Silvia | Capozza Marco | Accornero Neri | Schmid Maurizio | D'Alessio Tommaso
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